tagIncest/TabooSetting Out to Get Daddy

Setting Out to Get Daddy


She didn't mean to spy. She really didn't.

Eighteen year old Kitty Lowell was heading down the hallway to take a shower, wash away the sweat from cheerleading practice that had accumulated. The door to her parents' room was ajar, and Kitty went to walk in, to let her daddy know she'd be in the shower, and as soon as she opened the door, she stopped.

"Daddy?" she breathed, her eyes going wide at the sight that greeted her.

Her daddy was on the bed, his pants and underwear around his ankle, his hand wrapped around his cock.

Kitty was no virgin. She wasn't a slut, but she'd seen a few cocks in her day... and Daddy's dick was ginormous. It was throbbing in his hand, and when Kitty finally tore her gaze up to meet his, her daddy looked panicked, ashamed, a little angry.

"Kitty, please knock next time," he said quietly as he took his hand from around his cock and tried to shield himself.

Kitty nodded jerkily, walking backwards as she did. "I'm sorry, daddy," she whispered. "I just was going to tell you I was getting in the shower."

As she fled to the bathroom, one thought made itself clear in her brain: Daddy's cock had looked delicious.

That night, as Kitty got ready for bed in her pajama shorts and tank top, her daddy knocked on her door.

"Princess, can i come in?" he said at the jam, even though the door was fully open.

She twisted her hair up into a ponytail while nodding her head to accept him in.

"Baby, I'm sorry I was so mean earlier today," he apologized as he sat on the foot of her bed. She went to stand in front of him as he continued. "You just weren't supposed to see that, and Daddy was a little embarrassed."

For the first time in Kitty's life, she was looking at Daddy differently. Instead of her dad, she was seeing him as a man. And the more she thought about it, the more she saw him as a sexy man.

His hair, thankfully all there, was a dark brown color, he worked out regularly to stay in shape - and often took his daughter with him, so his body was almost faultless, his jaw was strong, his eyes were a deep blue... So Kitty's next words were completely heartfelt.

"Daddy, you have nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Thank you, baby cakes," he said, smiling. He stood up to go, hugging her gently before heading out the door. "Good night, baby."

"Night, Daddy," she called back.

And before she knew it, Kitty was sleeping. Sleeping and having... a dream? ... about Daddy...

He was in his room, just like he had been earlier that evening, with his hand wrapped around his magnificent daddy dick, pounding it hard, his face purely blissful, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Mmmmm, yeah, Kitty, work my cock," he'd breathe out.

Kitty was standing in the doorway, her hands in her panties, wearing nothing else, her bottom lip between her teeth as she rubbed her little clit, small whimpers climbing their way out of her throat.

Daddy looked up at her then, and this time, instead of being ashamed or scared or mad, all she saw in Daddy's eyes was love.

"Baby," he'd call out, "Come help Daddy."

She'd show no hesitation as she sauntered over to his bed, dropping to her knees, and taking his delicious dick into her little mouth.

Kitty was awakened by someone shaking her shoulders.

"Kitty, baby, wake up! What's wrong, precious?" Her father was looming over her as her eyes blinked open.

"Daddy?" she questioned, attempting to sit up, but then realized that underneath the covers, her hands were in her panties. Her very wet panties. And before she had been rudely awakened, her lips had been wrapped around Daddy's cock. "W-what are you doing in here?" she stuttered.

"You were calling my name out, sweetheart," he breathed, smoothing back the hair that had come loose from her ponytail. "I thought maybe you had had a nightmare."

Kitty blinked some more, clearing up the sensual fog that was still impairing her. "I guess it was, Daddy," she said, "I just don't remember it now. I'm okay now, though."

Her daddy frowned at her. "Are you sure, princess?"

She nodded bravely. "Of course, Daddy. Go back to bed."

He kissed her on her forehead. "Sleep better, pumpkin."

As her dad walked out, she realized he hadn't been wearing anything but his boxers... and his butt looked good enough to bite.

Kitty finally admitted that she wanted her daddy. She wanted him bad.

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