tagLoving WivesSetting Up Jackie

Setting Up Jackie

byJust Plain Bob©

Jackie was a stuck up bitch with an "I'm much better than you" demeanor. She looked down her nose at every one else in the family and I can honestly say that there wasn't anyone in the family that liked her with the possible exception of her husband Matt. I say possible because I'm not even sure he liked her after being married to her a while.

Matt, or Matthew as he preferred to be called, was my wife's brother. In a way he and Jackie deserved each other. Matt (I call him that because it pisses him off) is a smug, pompous asshole who thinks he is better that the rest of his family because he is the only one who went to college. He conveniently forgets that it was his parents whose scrimping and saving made it possible. Anyway, I disliked them both and avoided them as much as possible.

Believe it or not this posed a major hardship for me. As a confirmed cockhound and card carrying 'dirty old man' to deprive myself of being able to look at Jackie actually hurt. If you could overlook her personality the rest of her was stunning. Five foot seven inches tall and about one hundred and twenty pounds packed into a figure that was 36-22-34. Long black hair that fell to the middle of her back and legs to die for. She had the goods and she knew it and she always dressed to show it off. Blouses and dresses that showed plenty of upper boob and cleavage; hems always high enough to display her magnificent legs which she always emphasized by wearing high heels. I loved looking at her, but I just couldn't stand to be around her.

You can't always avoid the people that you want to. There are always family gatherings that you have to attend, be they weddings, funerals, birthday parties or anniversary parties. It was at one of these command performances that I finally got pissed off enough at Matt and Jackie to consider doing something to them. It was my wife's parents thirty-fifth wedding anniversary party and about two hours into it Jackie made some comment about the sad state of my in-laws furniture. It was a tacky comment to begin with, but what really pissed me off was the way Matt handled it. Instead of telling Jackie that they had spent all their money to get him a college education the asshole said:

"It's what they are comfortable with my dear and they are happy with it."

I got so mad that I almost went over and unloaded on the two of them, but my wife grabbed my arm and told me to let it go.

But I couldn't let it go and it ate at me until I promised myself that someday I would do something to those two snobs. Over time however I forgot about it until another one of those command performances. This time it was the wedding of my wife's cousin. My wife was in bed with the flu and so I went alone to represent our part of the family. Matt was out of town on business so Jackie came by herself. As usual she looked fantastic. I was sitting at a table sipping my drink when my wife's younger brother came over and sat down with me. He saw where I was looking and he said, "She sure is something, isn't she?"

I just nodded a yes.

"You don't like her anymore than I do, do you?"

I looked over at him and grinned, "You are pretty smart for someone your age."

He said, "What I would like to do is get her drunk, take her outside and fuck her and then just before cumming I'd pull out and shoot it all over her. Then I'd take a picture of her lying there, legs spread and with cum all over her and send it to Matt."

A light bulb went off over my head. "You think we could do it? I've got my digital camera in the car. We could take pictures of both of us doing her and crop out our faces. We could send Matt a whole album."

He laughed and said, "Why not? The poor dear is all alone since nobody likes her enough to sit with her. Let's join her and see if we can get her blitzed enough."

We worked out a plan. I would go over, make small talk and then ask her to dance. She would probably say yes if for no other reason than to get out on the dance floor where she could be admired. Then Jerry would join us and we would take turns dancing with her. While one of us had her on the dance floor the other would get her a fresh drink, always doubles or triples, and with any luck we could get her outside, fuck her on the back seat of her own car and take pictures of it. Then we could just go off and leave her there with the car door open and the dome light on so every one could see her.

Jackie greeted my approach with suspicion. Whatever else she might be, she wasn't dumb. "What no good reason brings you to this table?"

"Trying to make the best of a bad night. I'm alone and love to dance. You are alone and love to dance. I figure if we keep our hands where they belong and not on each other's throats we will be okay."

"You think, huh?"

On the dance floor she was a dream. She fit perfectly into my arms and she was a great dancer. We looked good together and we fit. If it was anyone else my wife might have reason to worry. We stayed on the floor until the band took a break and when we got back to the table Jerry was there with a fresh round of drinks.

"I wanted to cut in, but you two looked so good out there together I decided to wait and ask for the next set."

Jackie looked from Jerry to me and then back to Jerry, "All right you two, what's going on here."

Jerry threw up his hands and said, "For Christ's sake! What's wrong with trying to be nice." Jackie just looked at him. "Okay, okay. I just thought that maybe, just maybe you might be different when 'old stuffed shirt' wasn't around."

Jackie's face began to cloud over and fortunately the band started to play again and I drug her back out on the dance floor. For the next three hours Jerry and I fed her booze and danced with her. All of Jackie's drinks were doubles and triples, but I had long since switched from vodka tonics to plain tonic water with a twist of lime. As Jackie moved through the various stages of intoxication, from talkative, to silly, to woozy Jerry and I acted along with her. Finally we reached the point where I suggested that we go outside for some fresh air and I walked her out a side door into the parking lot with Jerry close behind.

We moved away from the building toward my car and I got my camera out and handed it to Jerry. As I steered Jackie toward her own car she tripped on something and I caught her. Then my mouth was on hers and my tongue was probing and she beat weakly on my chest. I ignored her and eventually she began to return the kiss. Then I turned her and passed her to Jerry who in turn gave her back to me. We kept that up for about five minutes and then I picked her up and carried her to her car. Jerry had her purse and he got her keys out and unlocked her car. I set her on her feet and kissed her again and her arms went around my neck and she pressed herself into me. Oh ho I thought, this is going to be easier than I thought. I dropped my hands to her tits and she didn't stop me. I pulled her skirt up to her waist and she didn't stop me. I unzipped and took out my cock and put her hand on it and she didn't stop me, and what's more, she didn't let go. To hell with the back seat - I pushed her back on the hood of the car, moved the crotch band of her panties to one side and she didn't try to stop me as I pushed my way into her. Jackie pulled her mouth off mine, "That's it, push it in, push it in, oh yes, like that, just like that."

Whoa I thought, why didn't I try this sooner.

When Jerry and I came up with the plan I expected her to be on the back seat with her head rolling from side to side, her brain fogged and not knowing what was going on. Instead, here she was on the hood of her car asking me to fuck her harder. Her mouth moved back to mine and her tongue snaked into my mouth and her legs locked around my waist and she moaned as I slammed into her. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the occasional flash as Jerry recorded the event for posterity. I felt my release coming and I thought "I hope you have your diaphragm in lady because here it comes" and I emptied myself into her hot snatch. She jerked her mouth away from mine:

"No, goddamn you, no!"

I thought she was pissed because I came in her, but I was wrong.

"No damn it, no! I'm almost there!"

I lifted her off the hood of the car and carried her to the back seat and laid her down. "Come on Jerry, hurry up. This bitch is hot and she needs it."

Jerry handed me the camera and climbed in between her legs. They came up and locked behind him and Jackie practically screamed at him, "Fuck me goddamn it, fuck me!"

Jerry fucked her hard for a good five minutes while I drove Jackie's car to a dark corner in the back of the parking lot. Then it was my turn again. Jackie couldn't get enough and Jerry and I fucked her a total of seven times before Jerry had to leave. I ended up having to drive Jackie home and she had her mouth on my cock all the way. I fucked her once more while parked in her garage and then I carried her into the house and got her a couple of more times in her bed before the two of us fell asleep. At six in the morning she was sucking my cock and trying to get me up again. I started to feel good about Jackie and made up my mind not to fuck over her. That good feeling lasted all of sixty seconds. When it became obvious to her that I was dead in the dick department she shoved me out of the bed and - her exact words - told me to get my worthless ass out of her house.

I plugged my digital camera into one of the USB ports on my computer and brought up the photos from the night before. I deleted every one in which Jerry and I could be recognized and then I printed the rest. Then, just in case Jackie opened all the mail, I sent the pictures to Matt at his office. A week went by and then one day Matt showed up at my office. He tossed the envelope that I'd sent him down on the desk in front of me and said:

"Thanks, but I don't need them. I like mine better."

He tossed a second envelope down on the desk. I opened it and found it full of photos of me and Jerry fucking Jackie while we took pictures of it.

"My private detective took those. My business trip was a set up so I could catch the cheating bitch. If you hadn't sent me yours it would have ended there as far as you were concerned. But you did send me yours and I know why you did it. It wasn't to show me that Jackie was cheating on me; it was because you wanted to burn her and then rub my nose in it. Well sport, that works both ways. I sent a copy of my photos to my sister. Have a nice time when you get home tonight" and he turned and left.

My wife kicked my ass out, sued for divorce and got almost everything. Matt tossed Jackie out and she didn't get much of anything either. About a month after the smoke cleared my doorbell rang and when I opened the door I found Jackie standing there. She pushed past me into my apartment and took a look around:

"God, what a dump, but I guess it will have to do." She turned to face me, still standing at the door, and said, "Close it, you're letting all the flies out."

Her attitude was starting to piss me off. Granted that the apartment wasn't a mansion, but it wasn't near as bad as she was insinuating.

"To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

"I thought you would never ask. I'm your new roommate."

The look on my face said it - "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Hey" she said, "It was because of you that Matthew threw me out so I decided that it was up to you to keep a roof over my head."

I was just about to say, "Over my dead body" when she pulled her sweater over her head and stepped out of her skirt. She struck a pose and said, "It is still every bit as good as it was the last time you wanted it. You really want me to leave?"

She had a point there and I had an erection, but I couldn't help but ask "Why me?"

Jackie grinned at me, "Because you are an asshole and for some strange reason I am attracted to assholes. You want to show me where the bedroom is?"

I never would have believed it, not in a thousand years, but as I led her toward the bedroom I was thinking, "Damn. This just might work out."

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5!!! Good story

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