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Settling In


Lisa paused to run a damp hand across an even damper brow, pushing back an errant strand of medium length dark brown hair that had fallen into her face. It was early fall and the temperature was only hovering in the upper sixties, but you wouldn't have known it to look at her. Her white cotton T-shirt was moist with perspiration and even the navy sweatpants she wore had a certain clinginess to them that spoke of her exertions. Her "housework" clothes, as she called them, were certainly earning their name.

Of course, this was no typical housework day. Lisa glared at her husband in mock ferocity as he came through the door with another two boxes balanced precariously in his hands.

"Some way to spend a Saturday," she groused half-seriously as she stretched the sore muscles in her petite legs and arms. She could feel every one individually and briefly thought about trying to count them. On second thought, she reconsidered, it was just too much work.

John looked at Lisa and shrugged helplessly. Married six years, he still thought of her as his bride. Perhaps it was because her natural good looks didn't seem to have aged much in the years since the wedding, even though she was closer now to 35 than she was to 30. Then again, it could also be the condition she kept herself in as well.

Due to careful eating, regular exercise, and fortunate genetics, her lithe frame was as trim as the day they had met, from her slender, toned legs to the firm 34B breasts that upon her diminutive frame seemed bigger than their measurement alone implied. But as slender and athletic as she was, and even at a mere 5'2" tall, no one would ever think of the determined brunette as 'small'.

"It'll all turn out for the best," he tried to reassure her as he had so many times before. And of course they had been over it again and again, debating the pros and cons before undertaking this move. After all, picking up in California and moving all the way across the country to the suburbs surrounding Baltimore, Maryland had been a huge decision. But as it turned out, the opportunity was simply too good to walk away from. John's new position as the vice president of operations for a regional bank brought a significant pay increase, and at the same time, their cost of living would go well down from the astronomical prices of their native San Francisco.

Lisa had in fact decided to take a few months off before starting a serious job hunt of her own. For years she had been highly successful in corporate equipment leasing and the burnout rate was quite high. A little time off would give her the chance to settle in and get to know the area better.

She looked around the hollow shell of their new home - the first time they had ever owned - fruitlessly searching for some piece of furniture to rest her weary body upon. As good as John's job was, one of the biggest stumbling blocks they had needed to overcome was that it did not cover relocation costs. In fact, he had barely made the cut because the company had really been looking for a local candidate. It was only their last minute decision to do the move themselves that had clinched the deal. Professional movers had quoted them nearly ten thousand dollars for the cross-country move.

Finally, she slid down to the floor and leaned her back against a less-than-comfortable wall. Withdrawing a pack of cigarettes and lighter from her purse, she put one between her lips and touched a flame to the tip until it glowed orange. Closing her eyes, she took a long drag and let some of the tension escape with her rich exhale.

John watched in silence for a few moments as his wife relaxed and smoked, then finally shook off his temporary reverie. Back to work, he admonished himself and headed back to the truck they had rented for the move.


It was much later that night before they finally felt somewhat entrenched in the new setting. Although the work was far from complete, they had at least managed to set up the bed and find sheets for it, as well as towels and a shower curtain. Lisa was yawning and looking at her left hand in frustration as John emerged from the bathroom rubbing a towel roughly over his head.

"What's wrong, babe?" he asked upon seeing her expression.

"It's my ring," she groused, pointing to her engagement ring. "The fucking stone is loose - I probably snagged the posts on something unpacking. I'm afraid it will fall out."

Though not particularly large, since John had proposed to her while still a junior loan officer so long ago, her diamond was a respectable three-quarter carat stone that would be a major shame to lose. John took a look and saw that she was indeed correct. There was a perceptible wobble in the gem's setting.

"Look, why don't you take it off for now, for safe keeping. You can find a jeweler to fix it on Monday, okay?"

She nodded and pulled it off, setting it in a glass beside the bed. Than, yawning again, she turned off the light and slid under the covers. "I'm awfully tired," she whispered in the dark.

"Me too," he agreed quietly.

Suddenly she felt his hand creeping up her thigh and bumping into her arm that was simultaneously slinking under the covers past his stomach.

"Very, very sleepy," she whispered, turning her head towards his face.

"Exhausted," he echoed as his index finger found the slick outer perimeter of her vaginal lips. She gasped softly as he dipped it inside of her and smeared her viscous juices around her clit before rubbing it gently. About that time her creeping hand located the hard cock that was now tenting the blankets above them.

She stretched her neck towards his face and felt their lips connect, tongues probing insistently into one another's mouths. Their breathing quickened as he diddled her pussy and she stroked his dick with a tightly clenched fist. They masturbated each other for several breathless minutes before he finally spoke.

"You want to just do it like this...?" he ventured.

"Fuck no," she said throatily. In a smooth motion, she swung one leg over his hips and rolled her body on top of his. With the rich stream of cunt fluids now coating her entire pubic region, it was no effort at all for her to angle herself and let his cock fill her up. She sat up, casting aside the blankets, and pulling her nightshirt over her shoulders so that her husband could put his hands on her pert naked breasts.

Soon their mingled moans were echoing from the walls of their new bedroom as they fucked, spreading the scent of their sex to fill the air. John knew every inch of his wife's body and expertly played her nipples to bring her to a pair of intense orgasms as she rocked up and down on his erect shaft. Finally, as she leaned in and dangled her breasts in his face, a feat that took a good deal of angling and head tilting given their difference in height, John felt his testicles swell with impending eruption.

Lisa concentrated intently on the pulses of John's prick as it spewed foamy white semen deep into her cunt. For some reason the simple feeling of a man coming inside of her had always driven her wild although she could never explain it. John didn't know that one prerequisite of sex for most of her old boyfriends had been to provide a clean bill of health so that they could immediately dispense with condoms, since she had first begun using birth control pills. The effect was no different tonight, and at the first splash of her husband's warm ejaculate, she felt her twat clench up in the familiar sensations of a powerful climax.


Lisa was on a mission. She took a moment at the stoplight to glance at the map on the seat next to her and took a pull from her cigarette, blowing the smoke out through the car window. The suburb they had moved to was a nice middle class neighborhood and didn't seem to have much of a commercial district. Now she was in what appeared to be one of those towns where retail gathered like a flock of vultures along the roadside. Still, she didn't trust mall jewelers as far as she could throw them, so the next best bet was driving around until she saw a place that didn't look too seedy.

Eventually she spotted a standalone storefront that was tastefully lettered and had a well-maintained exterior. She swung the car, a practical, navy Honda Accord, into the parking lot and parked near the front door, noting that there was only one other car in the lot. She took a quick glance at herself in the rear view mirror to assess her appearance - she was wearing a simple but attractive outfit that consisted of a basic, flowing white blouse, open at the neck, and a knee length tan skirt with low heels.

After touching up her mocha lipstick, she decided that everything looked to be in place and opened her car door. Taking a long last drag from her cigarette, she dropped it beneath a heel and headed for the entrance of the store.

As she stepped inside, she noted immediately that the air conditioning was several degrees cooler than the low seventies air outside, and felt her nipples tighten and press against her thin demi-bra firmly. She took a self-conscious look at her chest and noted the obvious bumps through her top and chided herself silently for not wearing a more concealing bra before going out.

Almost immediately, a dark-skinned man appeared from a back room and grinned at her with a gleaming set of white teeth. Must be a chime on the door that rings in the back, she thought to herself idly as she sized him up for a moment. He was extremely attractive, she decided instantly, dressed in a very well tailored suit and immaculately groomed. She couldn't quite decide if he was black or South American, since his features seemed to be somewhere in between them and she decided he must have been of mixed heritage.

"Welcome to my store," he greeted her in a richly timbered voice that sent an involuntary shiver down her spine. "I am Carlo. How may I be of service?"

Lisa found herself momentarily at a loss for words. Not only did Carlo's appearance and demeanor give off a powerful, sophisticated sex appeal, but also she instantly felt his gaze upon her like a hot floodlight, tingling her nerve endings. He was discreet and polite about it, but she distinctly felt his eyes flicker from her face to her chest, ass, legs, and then the space between her legs, before resting upon her face again as a slight approving smile formed on his lips. It happened so quickly that she could hardly be certain that she had seen anything, yet she felt as foolishly giddy as a teenage girl.

Finally she found her voice and spoke, striding confidently towards him. If she couldn't feel like a woman inside, she could at least act like one on the outside, she told herself firmly. "Good morning. I think I damaged my engagement ring the other day when my husband and I were moving boxes." She reached into her purse and withdrew a small box inside which the ring lay. She also would have sworn a brief shadow crossed his face when she mentioned her husband, and another tingle of excitement stirred within her.

"Please, show it to me," he urged her, reaching beneath the counter to bring forth a white mat and drawing a jeweler's loupe from a breast pocket. He held forth a hand and waited for her to set the ring in his palm, allowing his fingers to briefly touch hers.

He held up the ring and studied it for a moment, examining the condition of the white gold prongs as well as the general quality of the stone itself. Lisa noted him purse his lips as he perused the diamond, but he said nothing. Finally, he looked up at her. Handing her the loupe, he held forth the ring and pointed to one prong, indicating that she should look.

"Here - you see?" he said softly. Lisa shook her head slightly, missing the objective. "Come closer," he urged her. She leaned over the glass counter until her nose was only a few inches from his hand. Finally she got the angle right and was able to discern a line crossing one of the prongs.

"Oh..." she murmured in recognition. Then a flush of warmth went through her as she caught his gaze rise and she felt her blouse hanging loosely from her chest. He's looking down my top, she thought in shock.

"It is cracked, you see? This is why the stone is loose. I can fix this for you, but I will need to replace the entire head of the band where it is set here," he explained, pointing to the joint. "Wait one moment - let me check my materials in the back." Without further ado, he disappeared through a door behind the counter.

Lisa felt slightly feverish and became aware of a surprising moistness in her panties. She had been faithful to her husband since the day they had met, even to the point of breaking things off with another suitor after their first date. But something about Carlo excited her. Perhaps it was simply the inherent pleasure of having a sexy man very obviously find her desirable. Whatever the reason, she surprised herself by releasing the top button of her blouse. She rationalized that it was just a little harmless flirting and that even though the creamy tops of her breasts and the lacy edge of her bra were now partially visible, it was still less revealing than what many women wore on the street every day. Still, a part of her felt guilty almost immediately and she was on the verge of redoing the button when he emerged and blocked the opportunity.

"Yes, I can have this done for you by Wednesday? Is this good for you?"

She nodded. "That will be wonderful." Relief flowed instantly through her veins, as having the ring damaged had been quite a concern for her.

"You would like to view my selection while you are here today?" he inquired. "Perhaps to try on a piece or two?" She noted with an inner smile that he seemed to be having a harder time keeping his eyes from her chest now. Her womanly instincts took over and she easily slipped into the role of seductress - all in good fun and games, she reminded herself.

She spent several minutes moving from display case to display case, admiring the jewelry. Carlo had a fabulous selection, and all of the pieces were tasteful and artistic. At each stop she made sure to bend over, for a closer look of course, letting her breasts dangle into the cups of her bra, and knowing that he could see the flesh. She also let him hang no less than three different necklaces upon her, their gemstones falling lightly between her cleavage.

After several minutes of these games, she found herself suddenly aware that she could see through the back of the glass cases and noted the unmistakable outline of his cock straining within his dress pants. She wondered immediately how he could ever have confined such a magnificent prick in anything but baggy jeans; even concealed as it was, his cock was clearly far above average size, far larger than anything she had ever personally seen. She finally became aware of a long silence that had developed as she not so subtly checked out his dick while he feasted his eyes upon her body. She licked her lips nervously and decided to call it an experience and get moving.

"Great, so, um, I'll be in Wednesday morning for the ring then," she announced. His smile spoke volumes as she turned and hurried out.

"Christ," she swore as she sat down in her car and lit a cigarette. She blew out a stream of smoke in a rush, and then took another hard drag, feeling a faint trickle of dampness escape her saturated panties and stain her tan skirt. "What the fuck was that?"


For the entire drive home, Lisa found it difficult to think of anything but her encounter with the handsome jeweler. She finally had to admit to herself that she was extremely aroused, and quite attracted to him. Since her husband would be at work all afternoon, and she was supposed to continue unpacking and working on settling their belongings in the new home, she thought she would try to take her mind off of it with some good, honest work. However, after ten minutes of aimless shuffling, she decided there was only one box that interested her at the moment.

Fortunately, since they had labeled every box by the room it belonged in, finding the stash of "bedroom" boxes was easy, and the one she sought was fairly small. Inside was their stash of sexual aids: adult videos, toys, and even a pair of fuzzy handcuffs that had once long ago been a gag gift. But what she wanted at that moment was a nice thick vibrator nicknamed "the rabbit".

Lisa lay down on the bed and pulled off her skirt and panties. The aroma of her aroused crotch filled the air rapidly. She didn't bother with easing into things, instead simply turning the vibrator to its highest speed setting, moistening it by wiping her hand through her pubic region and stroking it a few times, and then pushing it fully inside of herself. This model had both internal vibrations as well as a clit stimulator, and soon she was approaching the first of a series of powerful orgasms. Unsurprisingly, she let her fantasies run wild and they all involved lying under the perspiring body of Carlo as he drilled that massive cock up into her. She came over and over again, finally easing into a quiet, restful sleep while her pussy dried in the cool morning air.


Over the next two days, John was on the receiving end of some hot sex from his inexplicably aroused wife. Not that he complained to her at all, but Lisa could tell he was a little surprised at what had gotten into her. The house was starting to take shape as well, and she no longer felt like they were entirely living from a box.

Wednesday morning came all too soon, or not soon enough, depending on what mood Lisa was in. Regardless, she found herself watching the clock from 7:30am on, waiting for the time when the jewelry store would open. In the interim, she busied herself with a shower and with styling her hair.

She dressed somewhat more provocatively this time as well, not entirely by accident. This time, instead of a plain tan skirt and low heels, she chose a tight black skirt that finished above her knees, along with three-inch strappy heels. She went back and forth with her top, finally settling on a light blue cotton camisole. After hesitating briefly, she went back and removed her bra as well, letting her perfect breasts hang loose under the top. She finished off with a creamy red lipstick that was appropriate for daytime wear, but still quite sexy.

Ready at last, she set out for the jewelry store once again. Unlike the first time, when she was searching for an appropriate store, this time the drive seemed to take only moments. She found herself parking the car almost before she realized it, having been daydreaming as she drove. Lisa decided to wait in the car for a few minutes to relax before going inside. Already she could feel her pussy beginning to tingle with a hint of excitement, and she had not even seen him yet.

She reached into her purse and took out her cigarettes. She lit one and leaned her seat back slightly, checking herself in the mirror as smoke curled slowly from her fingertips. The features she saw reflected back at her were extremely attractive, and she felt reassured in her appearance. Finally she felt ready to go inside and face Carlo. She took a last drag from her cigarette and watched her reflection in profile as she exhaled, blowing herself a kiss.

Carlo must have been aware of her car in the parking lot, as he was patiently waiting for her inside the store when she opened the door. As before, the temperature was cool and sent a shiver through her body while stiffening her nipples. Carlo approached her, a broad smile on his face. He took her by the hand and greeted her, touching her upper arm with his other hand.

"Mrs. Reynolds, how wonderful it is to see you again!" he addressed her warmly. Lisa was slightly embarrassed and more than a bit uncomfortable at having this man whom she found so desirable address her by her married name.

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