tagGay MaleSettling In Ch. 01

Settling In Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is the very first piece of writing I've done for this website, so I'm sure it's not perfect in the slightest. The story takes place between two main characters and involves gay romance, sex, and drama all within a college setting. I have written a lot of it already, so I hope you all enjoy. Please feel free to give feedback so I can start adapting to what I know the readers of this story like and dislike. Happy New Year!

Chapter One: New Beginnings

The roar of the U-Haul we rented finally came to a stop, and my dad took the keys out of the ignition and turned to give me a reassuring smile. I bit at the bottom of my lip, and stepped out of the truck and onto the wet pavement of the crowded dorm parking lot. Students of all ages rushed around me, tearful faces and ecstatic faces mixed in between.

I quickly pulled a hoodie over my now wet t-shirt as I began to feel dashes of water land on my skin. Rain in September wasn't exactly uncommon for Washington, but it didn't change the fact that I hated it. The campus was in Pullman, so it was about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from our home in Seattle. I hated being so far away from the city I've come to love and call home, but at least it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to head home for holidays.

I couldn't help but feel the nerves and butterflies in my stomach as I started helping my dad and little sister Ellie, move my stuff out of the giant truck and into a cart designated for incoming freshmen. Thankfully, my room was on the first level, and I'd be sharing it with a twenty-year-old named Greyson. He was a year older than I, from a small town outside of Dallas, and he was here on a football scholarship.

We had exchanged a couple of awkward text messages after getting assigned over the summer, and he seemed nice, but I quickly came to realize after curiously scrolling through his social media, we didn't have anything in common. I spent my weekends painting impressionism and watching horror films on Netflix, and he most likely spent his with a six pack of beer, making out with some hot sorority girl.

Although even I couldn't help but admit it, Greyson was -- to put it candidly, extremely hot.

He had short, curly brown hair, sun-tanned skin, and retained an ample amount of ruggedness that brought out his strong, manly features. He looked to be several inches above six feet, and the football uniform he wore in some of his pictures was tight on his massive, toned and corn-fed body. He had a short cut beard, and his green eyes really helped to bring out a very nice, inviting smile.

The differences between us physically were pretty far apart. I mean, I still ran occasionally, but I'm far from a jock. I've only had one real boyfriend my entire life, and he was an asshole a vast majority of the time.

Although he did compliment my appearance from time to time. To my 'tight, plump ass', which was a result of my early high school years on the track team. Or my short blonde hair, which he said 'felt so soft and looked so nice in the sunlight'. Those things made me roll my eyes now, but he always seemed to know how to win me over for the night with his words.

One time he even went as far to say I had the 'brightest, most gorgeous blue eyes he'd ever seen on a guy', which looking back on it, probably meant nothing. Especially when you take it into consideration that I was on my knees, eyes locked with his, and swallowing a mouthful of his cum for the first time, mere seconds before he proclaimed it.

I'm sure he would have said anything for more of that.

Speaking of my new roommate, my cheeks were probably flushed a bright pink as I thought back to the night I thought my college life was over before it even started.

Two Months Earlier.

I tapped through his pictures, while my right hand explored the contents of my briefs, stumbling upon workout pictures of him, sweaty and shirtless. It was in the worst heat of the summer, and I was on my back, practically naked, with a crack in my window, which let in a strong Seattle breeze. I pulled down my sweat soaked briefs and began to stroke my seven-inch self to Greyson's Instagram feed.

I let go of a moan, and felt a glob of precum dare to ooze out of me as I swiped to the next photo. His arms were above his head, and he was obviously in the middle of doing some sort of pull up. Soft hairs were covering his chest and traveling down his stomach, where the trail of fur eventually disappeared into whatever his large, tight bulge was packing in those light grey sweatpants.

"Oh...my... Fuck!" I let out a final exhale as I dropped my phone on the bed, my left hand reaching for my balls. I desperately pulled and tugged at my throbbing nuts, while my right hand was squeezing out as much of the hot, sticky cum as it could. I realized my slim stomach was quickly covered in the contents of my orgasm, but I didn't care.

The thought of Greyson was enough to send shockwaves throughout my already pulsing body. In the mindset I was in, I reached down, wiping up my mess, and brought my hand up to my mouth, slowly sucking off the sweet liquid that dripped down each of my fingers.

Damn. I was lusting for him. Hard.

In the moments of my new found courage, I double tapped the photo that just sent me erupting a few moments before. It was almost three weeks old, and he had posted several since then -- so for good measure, I liked a couple more recent, not caring about my daring actions.

Or at least, I thought I didn't.

However, I woke up the next morning with my stomach doing somersaults at the thought of him picking up his phone and seeing the notifications from me. The weird, probably gay, roommate he's never met -- already liking his shirtless workout selfies in the middle of the night. I felt like the biggest creep, and silently prayed he got plenty of more 'likes' that drowned mine out of his timeline.

I fetched myself some Cheerios, and as soon as I sat down on the kitchen table, the phone vibrated next to my bowl and I groaned, apprehensive to reach for what was probably my impending doom.

It took me about five seconds to tap away at my password and open the message after recognizing his number from the quick conversations we exchanged earlier that summer.

"Hm. What a very interesting thing to wake up to."

The text from Greyson didn't do anything for my anxiety, and I'm pretty sure I felt even more unsure if I could hold down my cereal from coming up while reading his message over and over. I turned off my phone, and threw it towards the couch behind me, ready to start sulking in embarrassment.

In the coming months, I didn't bother to bring it up or reply, and he seemed to forget about it too.

At least, I seriously hoped so.


I was taken out of my short lived memory by my dad and sixteen-year-old sister, who seemed to sport a new hair color every other week. Her locks were a dark, muted violet on this gloomy Saturday, and they were chopped in a cut that dropped just past her shoulders.

We reached the room I'd now call home for the next few years, and I excitedly swiped the card that unlocked the door, opening it to find an empty room with white walls and twin sized beds in fairly good shape. There were two windows, which seemed to let in a lot of pretty good natural light, and I figured that would help with my artwork. We unpacked a little, soaking up our time together before eventually there was nothing left in any of the brown cardboard boxes.

"Gotta' say kid, it just won't be the same without you around the house. Your smile lights up our day, and not hearing your laugh or seeing your new art will be really tough. Oh, and we can't forget your loud, obnoxious snoring either, but who wouldn't miss that?"

I nudged his shoulder with my hand, shaking my head and smiling. His deep voice matched his exterior -- although he was nothing to be intimidated by. He was the gentlest giant I knew. The relationship between myself and my dad -- Joe, has always been a great one. We were always close growing up, especially after mom left -- fishing trips, teaching me how to ride a bike, and giving me a shoulder to cry on when I'd come home from school sophomore year, sporting a black eye, and telling him about the first time I was called a faggot.

I'll never forget the look he gave me that day, a mixture of hurt and anger -- he told me he was going to do what he thought was best, which was enrolling me in boxing classes the very next day. He figured if he couldn't physically defend me against a high school bully himself, he was going to make sure I at least knew how.

"Proud of you Noah." He pulled me into one of his infamous bear hugs, and I held tight.

He was the best dad I could have asked for, and when I confirmed the family rumors and came out to him last summer, he told me he would continue to support and love me no matter what and that's exactly what he did. My sister joined at the side, forming a group hug as our typically light hearted, humorous family dared to get sentimental.

I rolled my eyes at my usually cynical teenage sister, who's eyes were even starting to gloss with tears. Pulling her in the hug tighter, I let out a small chuckle. "Oh please Ellie, you're finally getting my room. What's to be sad about?"

"Sad? Noah please. These are obviously tears of joy." We all shared a genuine laugh before saying our final goodbyes, and I watched as they took a final walk, shoulder to shoulder, down the crowded college hallway.

I was in need of a nice hot shower, but took a few minutes to lay out a few clothes on my bed and hang a couple of my paintings on my wall. I didn't know if Greyson would mind that I claimed my side of the room without discussing it first, but my stuff had to go somewhere. Grabbing a towel and some bathroom essentials, I quickly tapped a thank-you-love-you text to my dad and Ellie before heading in the shower.

I exhaled in satisfaction after stepping out of the shower. The scorching hot water beads rolled down my body as I wrapped the blue towel around my waist. I had unpacked a few things in the bathroom, happy to also now be claiming the left sink as my own.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I nearly gasped, gripping the fabric tighter to my hip. My gaze met two green eyes, and I quickly observed the giant standing in front of me. He was several inches taller than me, and wore a long sleeve black polo shirt and slim fitting blue jeans that did everything to hold and accentuate his ass in just the right places. He was dropping the last of his boxes on his bed directly across from me, and stopped to extend a large hand.

"What's up man?! You must be the roommate. Nice to finally meet you, Noah!"

He shook my hand hard and firm, before bringing me into a casual hug, the intoxicating smell of his cologne causing me to stir under my towel. His voice was deep and smooth, and the slight southern accent was subtle but very effective. I shifted my weight on my feet, and gave him a shy smile before I nodded my head.

"Good to meet you too Greyson. Need help with unpacking your stuff?"

"I'm actually almost done, but I appreciate that. Place actually isn't half bad. By the way, everyone just calls me Grey. It's easier, and you get used to it real fast." He returned my smile with a warm grin, and I felt my stomach flutter.

I really liked his nickname, and felt it fit him much more than Greyson all the more I thought about it. I saw him look towards my towel and then to the pile of clothes I left on my bed. I felt my cheeks redden. He let out a nonchalant laugh, before he turned his back to me and raised his hands up to his shoulders as if he had just been arrested.

"Go ahead man. I won't look, scouts honor."

I followed with a nervous chuckle, before turning my back, dropping my towel, and quickly pulling a black pair of briefs over my now nude body. The air was cold and I'm momentarily thankful for it causing my package to stay down. Reaching for the clothes on my bed, I grabbed an olive green hoodie and a faded pair of dark Levy's.

When I finally flipped around, he was sitting next to a box on his bed, his head still turned, aimlessly fumbling through his stuff. I gasped when my eyes met his in the reflection of a small mirror placed in the back of the box.

Was that there the entire time?

He gave me a mischievous smile, as if answering my own question.

"Now that -- is a nice ass."

He gave me an intense look in the mirror, and for a second I don't know what to say. I'm not smiling, but I'm not exactly horrified either. He breaks his stance, biting his lip before breaking out in laughter.

"Scouts honor remember? C'mon, I'd never break that."

"Oh, ha-ha. Very funny." I nervously let the sentence out of my lips, trying to play it off cool like I knew he wasn't serious the entire time.

However, the truth of the matter was, I was actually kind of hoping he was.

We spent the next hour or so randomly exchanging tidbits of information about each other. I quickly found out that Grey grew up in the same town his entire life -- and was the single child of two parents. He told me about his trips to the city every month, his football games, and crazy stories about some guy nicknamed "Rad Brad" who pulled off a senior prank involving balloons, the bathrooms at his high school, and a bunch of mayonnaise. I didn't ask for an elaboration. The conversation was light, we laughed, and we shared stories, but the topic eventually dwelled into awkward territory.

"So, do you have a girl at home?" He looked up from the clothes he was putting in his drawer, a serious expression on his face.

I stuttered, thinking of the right answer. He seemed nice, but I wasn't an idiot, and I knew that football players from small towns in Texas probably weren't the most open minded people.

I wasn't ready to come out to him, but I also didn't want to completely lie. So I figured I'd play it safe.

"No girlfriend at home. What about you Grey?" My eyes searched his face for an answer, and he furrowed his brows before giving me a light nod.

"There was a situation at home. But we kind of ended things before I came out here, ya know? The dreaded long-distance-isn't-going-to-work-no-matter-how-hard-we-try talk." He looked away, and I could tell it was a path he didn't want to cross in our first convo. Before I could say anything though, there was a loud thud on our door, and Grey was reaching to answer it.

We were greeted by a group of guys who were inviting incoming freshmen to a bonfire party down by the lake later that night. Grey apparently already met a few of them earlier, and introduced me with a big grin and with a firm hand on my shoulder. They all were mostly on his football team, so they towered over me, but overall seemed extremely friendly. He told them we'd be there, and they went on about their way.

"Well, it's only six and honestly Noah, I'm starved. That party won't be for a couple more hours. What do you say we go grab a bite of grub to kill some time?" He pulled his shirt up, placing a hand on his exposed abs, as if to show me exactly how hungry he was.

I smiled, ignoring the tight feeling I now had in the bulge of my jeans. Standing on my feet, I joined him as we walked outside of the dorm.

"Sure Grey, that sounds great."

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