tagInterracial LoveSeven Days Ch. 05

Seven Days Ch. 05


"Wait, Nic...I--," was all that could escape from Victoria's lips before Nic wrapped his hand around her mouth to quiet her.

"Sshh," he whispered in her ear, as he pressed his solid erection between her curvy, chocolate ass cheeks. Victoria was on her knees at the edge of the bed while Nic stood behind her with his feet planted on the carpet. Her soft, smooth back to his hard, sturdy chest.

Nic held one hand over her mouth while the other reached from behind to explore her full breast. He roughly pinched and pulled her sensitive nipples. He heard her whimper from the pressure he was applying to the dark chocolate buds. And then another slow, sexy moan came from deep within her throat, as he continued to slide his thick cock further and further into her tight asshole.

"You like that, Victoria?" he teased as he held her body tightly pressed to his, moving inch by inch into her toned, plump rear. He heard what he thought was a muffled 'yes'. When he was firmly buried into her, he slowly pulled out drawing an even longer moan from Victoria.

"Damn, Victoria. You're so tight, baby," he groaned out, trying to control himself from the snug fit.

Victoria couldn't think straight. Actually, she couldn't think at all. He felt so fucking good inside of her. She wanted so badly to stroke her clit. Just once, but he had told her she couldn't. He had said it was his clit, and only he could touch it. So even though her fingers itched to do so, she resisted.

Soon his hand covering her mouth lowered to her neck and he began to lightly squeeze. Victoria never thought she would ever enjoy someone choking her during sex, but it turned her on so bad. And apparently it turned Nic on too. He was teaching her so much about her likes and limits...and she was quickly realizing...at least with him, she had no limits. His hand tightened around her throat again, while he pulled out and pushed back in with more force. Aargh, he was killing her!

After a few more minutes of fucking slowly, Nic was ready to pound the hell out of her tight ass. He quickly pushed her further onto the bed so he could crawl behind her. He pressed her back down until she was sturdy on her hands and knees.

"Spread your legs," he growled at her. Victoria promptly obeyed. Nic stared in awe at her body from behind. His manhood was still buried inside her ass, and seeing her legs spread so far apart from behind lit him on fire. Her small little waist that flared out to beautiful wide hips and a perfect ass...was causing his balls to tighten already. 'Fuck,' he thought to himself.

Nic roughly jerked her hands out from under her. He quickly pinned her face to the mattress by holding one hand tightly around her neck, while his other hand locked her tiny wrists behind her back. This was the perfect position, Nic thought with an evil grin on his face. She would have to take whatever he gave her. And give it...he did.

Victoria squealed, half in pleasure, half in pain at Nic's powerful, unrelenting thrusts. And he was thrusting so hard that her body was moving up and down, rubbing her tender nipples against the mattress. He was being so rough, which she should be used to by now, but he always had a way of surprising her. He felt so deep inside her, all gentleness gone, as he continued to violently force his hard length inside her. Her ass would be raw tomorrow. For sure.

"Nic," Victoria gasped from underneath her hair, as he continued to hold her face pressed against the mattress. "Can you pl-please, you know, help m-me out," she said with her voice vibrating from his force.

"What was that, Victoria? Speak up."

"Can you, he-help me out?"

"Help you do what?" Nic said squeezing her wrists.

"Can yo-you touch me do-down there?" she whispered, feeling herself grow shy from begging him.

"Touch what, Victoria? Say it," he commanded.

"Please rub my cl-clit for me," Victoria said, desperate and pleading. A part of her felt ashamed and her face felt on fire. But another part of her became even more wet from him forcing her to say it, while she was in such a submissive position.

"Will you come for me if I do?" Nic asked, stilling himself within her. She nodded her head.

Victoria felt his hand leave her neck and whack the hell out of her ass. "Aah!" she screeched.

"Are you going to speak up or am I going to have to read more fucking sign language?" he growled out.

"Yes,"' she weakly croaked out, then cleared her throat. "Yes!"

Finally, Nic released her wrists and reached underneath to stroke her hard clit and pull her hair. Victoria lost it. She started to come, while her body involuntarily jerked for several seconds. She could feel herself leaking onto the sheets. Her mouth was half open and she couldn't close it, yet no words were coming out. The feeling was too overwhelming. The muscles in her legs were starting to feel sore as she continued to hold her legs wide for him as he pummeled her tender ass.

Now that she had gotten her release, Nic braced his hands on the bed by her sides and fucked her even harder. This girl was driving him crazy. She wanted him? Well, she was damn sure going to get him until she was aching all over. Just the feel of her body underneath him in this position sent him into a animalistic state of mind. He wanted to come inside her. To mark her.

He halted himself deep within her as he tilted his head back and shouted, "Ughn, shit!! Goddamn it...aah, fucking hell." He slowly continued to drive in and out of her until not a drop was left.

Victoria closed her eyes. She was already so sleepy and her entire body felt heavy. His dick might as well have been a shot of Nyquil, because he continued to wear her out until her body begged for sleep.

Nic laid down on top of her back. He couldn't move at the moment. Damn this girl knew how to set something off inside of him. He wasn't sure what it was, but she definitely held the key. That scared him a little. His body had this constant need to be buried inside her. And not just his dick, but he wanted to be beside her. Have her wrapped tightly in his arms. He wanted to...to kiss her again...and again, and again.

He eventually pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back. She was already half asleep, but still staring at him through the small slits of her eyelids. He pulled her body closer to him and started kissing her. He could never get enough of this. He was gently pecking, sucking on her bottom lip and then forcing his tongue in her mouth. Then once he was done worshipping the inside of her mouth, he'd repeat.

"Nic," Victoria lazily laughed, "You're going to give me a bruise on my lips if you don't stop!"

"I don't want to stop," Nic admitted, as he pressed his lips against hers again and slid his tongue inside her warm, sweet mouth.

Victoria soon quit resisting his kissing attack, as she quickly fell asleep. Once it looked as though she were out for the count, Nic stared at her. He lightly rubbed his index finger over her full, luscious lips. He smiled as he traced his name over them. That's right, those were his beautiful lips. At least for a few more days.

Nic leaned against the headboard and thought about his life. If...by chance Victoria stayed in it, what kind of girlfriend would she be? How would she fit into his lifestyle? Would she accept the things he did? She was too good of a person to turn a blind eye forever. Amber had loved it, but then again, she had a cruel streak in her. Victoria didn't. He looked down at her. Victoria had an innocence that Nic wanted to protect. He had done his best in the beginning to destroy that, but now, he wanted to protect it. There was no innocence left in him, and her being in his life, somewhat made up for that. She still believed there was good in all people, even someone like himself. She just didn't know all the people he had hurt. The lives he had ruined...or taken. No, she had no clue how ruthless he could be. And he hoped she would never have to know.

Another thought popped into his head. He wondered what kind of mother she would be. She would probably be—what the fuck? What was he thinking? In the three years he'd been married to Amber, never once did he ever think of kids with her. The idea never crossed his mind. That's why it was such a shock when Amber had mentioned it during dinner on some random night. He had almost choked on his food. There was NO WAY in the world he would purposely ever impregnate her. If she wanted kids, who was he to deny her, but they wouldn't be from his sperm. Not a chance. But then why did that thought cross his mind with Victoria?

Nic tried to quickly shake the idea from his head. Besides, in his line of work...the more loved ones you have around, the more heartache you might find. People who hate you don't strike at you, they strike at the ones you love. Luckily, Nic had only had that problem once—with his mother, and he solved it. Anyone that knew him figured it would have been a waste of time going after Amber. He didn't want anything to happen to her, but he damn sure didn't love her. He didn't even like her. But Victoria, he...cared, admired...those weren't strong enough, but he was nowhere near ready to admit the other word. That four letter word...no. That wasn't it. No matter how amazing the past few days had been, it would all end soon, and he would go back to his life. He thought of Victoria going back to her life. Possibly finding a boyfriend. Nic's jaw tightened at the thought.


The next morning, Victoria woke up and found Nic asleep and leaning against the headboard like he had sat up all night. She had never woken up before him. Usually, he was either fiddling around in the living room or gone. But this morning...she had beaten him. She smiled as she stared at his face. His perfect nose and lips, and thin black eyelashes that somehow made his bright blue eyes stand out even more when they were open. She rose up and quickly pecked him on the lips. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at her.

Victoria was feeling rather...playful. She decided to do something she had never done before. Ever. She slid her hand down Nic's body until she found what she was looking for. She looked him in the face as she slowly lowered her face to his groin. She noticed his lips gradually part as she took him into her mouth. He immediately started growing to attention, and in no time was hard as a rock.

She began to lick his shaft, while moving further down to his balls. She gently sucked on them and then traveled back up to the tip of his cock before covering it with her mouth again.

"Holy shit," Nic whispered as he watched her move her sexy mouth up and down over his rod. Goddamn, it was a beautiful sight. She accidentally gagged herself and he felt heat rush through him. So she was new at this...which made him feel even better that she was inexperienced. Had she gone down on him like a pro, he would have questioned her only having that one boyfriend. But her warm mouth and big doe eyes were causing his balls to tighten. He tried to pull her up, but she refused. Well, fuck...who was he to deny what she wanted. He gripped the sheets and lifted his hips off the bed pushing himself further into her mouth as he came. And she never backed away. She continued to suck on him until he had to gently push her away.

Victoria swallowed the pearly salty mixture and licked her lips as she stared him in the face. She never thought she would ever do something, so...as her mom would put it, "slutty". But she liked it. No, she loved it, and judging by the look on his face, he did too. In a weird, twisted way...she would miss being with him. If anything, he taught her things about her body that she didn't know existed. But that's not all of why she would miss this. Actually, there was something she would miss more than the sex, but she refused to think of it.

"Good morning, Nic," she said as she straddled his lap.

"Good morning, Victoria," he whispered back as he kissed her.

After they finally drug themselves from the bedroom, into the shower, and into clean clothes, it was already late in the afternoon.

"Do you like Italian?" Nic asked, as he grabbed his jacket and keys.

Victoria tucked her bottom lip into her mouth and smiled. "I thought that would have been obvious," she said, grinning at him.

Nic walked up to her and kissed her for the hundredth time since their shower the night before. "Mmm," he moaned as he pulled away from her. "I'm going to cook for you tonight."

Victoria smiled. "You can cook?" she asked, surprised.

Nic arched an eyebrow. "I'm Italian, what the fuck? Of course I can."

Victoria laughed and locked her arms around his neck to deliver another kiss.

"So—mmm---be ready---by---eight, mmm...damn, Victoria," Nic said, as she continued to kiss him through his words. "Okay, wear something sexy and I'll see you in a few hours, okay?"

Victoria nodded and Nic gently gripped her hair and pulled her neck back and kissed her hard and deep, his tongue exploring her mouth. He almost had it memorized. He quickly pulled away from her and exited his loft. He had to get out of there before he stripped her down and made love to her again. Make love? That word usually didn't come in his mind oft—ever.

In the lobby of his building, Nic smiled at Sam, "Good morning, Sam."

"Good morning, Mr. Andretti. Nice day, huh?"

"The best," Nic returned. In his car, Nic grabbed his cell phone to call his house, but the battery was dead. Fuck. And he had no charger in this car, because he rarely used it. He would just have to wait until he got home. But for some reason, now that he was away from Victoria and the powerful spell she cast on him, he felt as though he were forgetting something. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. What the fuck was nagging at him? It was probably nothing, so Nic tried to ignore it.

When he arrived at his house, he walked inside and saw Jimmy sitting on the couch eating a sandwich. "Good morning, Jimmy." Jimmy was about to take a bite into his sandwich, when Nic greeted him. He held it there for a few seconds, before he lowered it. "Um, good morning to you too, Nic."

Before Jimmy could say anything further, Nic hopped up the stairs, entered his office and closed the door. He sighed as he thought of Victoria. He wished she had come with him. He should have just kept her by his side today, since he'd be back over there in a few hours anyway. But they never could have any peace at his house. Too many fucking people always around. He walked over to his desk to check his messages.

"Hello, Nic."

Nic swung around to find Eddie sitting casually on the couch. What the fuck? Why the hell was he in his office?

"Eddie, what the fuck are you—," then it hit him like a ton of bricks. Eddie's expression and reason for being in his office. The nagging feeling he had in the car. No, no, no. Now Nic remembered...the Russians.

"Fuck!!!!" he shouted. Goddamn it! How the hell could he forget the most important meeting? That wasn't him...he didn't make mistakes like that! Shit!!

Eddie sat calmly on the couch with his briefcase open. "Yes, the Russians. Want to know the update?"

Nic really didn't. He could only imagine. He had wanted that fucking deal with Anzor and he had just blown it. Not Eddie, or Jimmy or anyone else that worked for him. Just him. It was his fault.

Nic sighed and leaned against his desk.

Eddie pushed his glasses further onto his face. "They waited for an hour, and when you looked to be a no-show, Anzor said they were meeting with Sonny instead."

"Shit," Nic mumbled to himself. How in the hell could he forget a meeting like that? THE most important one to date. They literally had flown all the way from Russia to meet with him. And in the underground crime world, first impressions are usually all you get. No second chances. It was one thing to be late...which he never was. But to not show up at all...out of the question. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Eddie cleared his throat. "Can I say something, Nic?" Nic nodded. "Look, we're friends, so I'm saying this with the utmost respect for you. I think you're an incredible businessman and that's one of the reasons I left my comfy legit job to come work for you. You always have your shit together...and I've admired that over the past couple of years. But, for the past few weeks, you haven't really been paying close attention to the business. I mean, I have documents that you haven't sat down to read because you've been spending most of your time with Vict—at your loft. Things are slipping, and they have been for a while now. I tried calling you several times last night, practically begging Anzor to stay, but he was pretty pissed that he wasted his time. He's like you...only Russian."

Nic sat there thinking about what Eddie had just said. Nic also had a lot of respect for him. Unlike Jimmy, Eddie kept in business mode all the time. No family, no friends...just numbers and business. Most people never sacrificed relationships to excel and become the best at something, at any cost. But Eddie had...and for most of his life, so had Nic. Until Victoria. Nic felt like a fool.

"I mean, please correct me if I'm wrong Nic," Eddie continued, "but I thought this deal with her was strictly sex. Nothing more. I mean, is she your girlfriend now?"

Nic cut his eyes toward Eddie and narrowed them. "No, she's not." Nic knew right then what he had to do. He needed to cut this bullshit and get his business back on track. He had worked ten damn years getting what his father had left off the ground and really making something of it, and he almost destroyed part of that in a few days all because of Victoria. She wasn't his girlfriend...she was...just a girl. She didn't matter. What was important was that he didn't let down the people who had worked for him and been loyal to him over the years. They depended on him to keep it together and make the right decisions. Not some girl who was only supposed to have been in his life for seven days.

Yeah, it was time for the old Nic Andretti to step the fuck up.

"Get me Anzor's contact information," Nic commanded as he went to sit behind his desk.

"Nic, they said that was it. They're going with Sonny now," Eddie said.

"That's not what I asked you," Nic stated cooly. "Do your job."

Eddie sighed and handed him Anzor's number.


Victoria was so excited about her date tonight with Nic. She was beaming from ear to ear. Mr. Big Bad Mob Boss was going to cook her an authentic Italian meal. Just the thought of him maneuvering around the kitchen made her laugh. Nic didn't seem like the domestic kind. But she believed it was the thought that counted so when he got there, she would let him off the hook, and cook something for him instead. Her little surprise. Her mother was an amazing cook, and had taught her some tricks of the trade. She couldn't wait to show them off.

Victoria browsed through her now full closet, and slipped into a cute, short dark pink dress with loose straps and sexy heels. She figured Nic would like what she was wearing. Hell, dinner might not get cooked tonight she thought with a smile.

Around seven forty-five, she grabbed a bottle of champagne, opened it and started celebrating their mini break-through from the night before. She sipped the glass and sat down on the couch.

Around eight fifteen, Victoria had still not heard from Nic. He was usually very punctual...so being even fifteen minutes late wasn't like him. She grabbed the phone and dialed his cell. It rang a few times and then went to voicemail. She left him a quick message and then poured herself another glass of champagne.

Around nine and still no Nic, Victoria called his cell again. No answer. She then looked in her purse and found his house number that he had written down for her. She dialed it.

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