tagSci-Fi & FantasySeven Days: Day 01

Seven Days: Day 01



Shannon was in heaven. She was rocking back and forth, screaming, "Oh, oh, Aaron, yes, yes, YES!" He just kept on pounding into her tight pussy, his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. They had been fucking for nearly 20 minutes, and Aaron had still managed to keep himself from cumming. Shannon was cumming constantly, Aaron's rock-hard cock setting her off like a string of firecrackers. Aaron knew he couldn't last much longer, and he made sure Shannon was well aware.

"I'm gonna cum, baby, you ready for it?"

"Ohhh, oh, yes, please cum in me! Now!"

Two explosions went off at the same time. Aaron's cock unleashed a goopy geyser of sperm into Shannon's hungry pussy as the bow of the ship was engulfed in an inexplicable inferno. The ship rocked back and forth, and Aaron was thrown from his position on top of Shannon.

"What the hell," he cried.

There was another massive explosion, and this one blew the door off of their finely decorated cabin room. Aaron, noticing that it was headed straight for Shannon, who was curled up on the bed in fear, acted fast. He leapt in front of the flying door and it caught him straight in the chest. Shannon screamed as blood spurted from Aaron's mouth. He summoned the last of his strength to heave himself onto the bed and whisper, "Shannon, baby, you have to get out of here....GO!"

Not knowing of anything she could do, Shannon ran from the room, leaving her newlywed husband dying on their shared honeymoon bed. Most of the ship was already destroyed, and steam was billowing along with the smoke from the burning ship. She ran as fast as she could and was about to jump over the railing when a third explosion, much bigger than the other two, went off in their cabin. She could only utter one word as she was flung into the water by the rush of air and fiery debris; "Aaron!"

DAY ONE: Discovery

Shannon awoke about four hours later, washed up on a white sandy beach. Her clothing was torn to shreds, as the explosion had flung her onto a patch of rocks near the shore. It was clear that she was lucky to be alive. She sat up and coughed up some seawater. She stood up and tried to get her bearings, but it became evidently clear that she had no idea where she was. She decided it would be best to find some wood to make a fire and wait for a rescue ship. She knew she was alone on the tiny island, so she removed the tattered remnants of her clothing and walked towards the dense jungle that covered the island center.

After about an hour of wandering around the island, Shannon realized that she was very hungry. She hadn't eaten since last night, when Aaron had fixed her a delicious meal of pineapple rings held on his erect dick. Shannon's eye's filled with tears as she remembered what Aaron had done, how he had sacrificed himself to get her off the ship alive. She sat on a stump and wept for a while, remembering all the wonderful times that she and Aaron had shared. His memory seemed to give her strength, however, and she stoop up. She wasn't going to fall into despair. It would be an insult to Aaron's memory not to survive this. Besides, who would tell everyone how heroically he had died if she didn't? As far as she knew, she was the only one who had made it off of the ship alive, and she was certainly the only one who witnessed Aaron save her.

After looking for about ten minutes, she saw a small grove of trees. Pineapple, bananas, and coconuts seemed to coat the trunks. She rooted around in the underbrush until she found a stick thick enough to knock down some coconuts and pineapples. She enjoyed her lunch, or at least it seemed like lunchtime from the sun's high position in the sky, and wandered back to the beach. She collected some large logs and dry twigs and rubbed them together furiously until she had a large fire blazing. As it got darker, Shannon wondered if she would ever get rescued. As the sun was setting, she heard a rhythmic thumping coming from the part of the island that she had just left. Ecstatic at the possibility of a village or town, or even one other person, she followed the noise past the grove of trees and into a large clearing.

Tents were arranged in a circle around a large bonfire set up in the center of the clearing. A group of people were stomping and dancing around the fire. She noticed immediately that they were all men. And not only that, they were huge. None of them were wearing any clothing and their cocks were flopping around as they danced. The smallest of them had to be at least 9", and he was flaccid. She gasped as her eyes came upon the man who was probably the chief. His cock had to be at least 15 inches! It wasn't long before she realized that her pussy was soaked. Shannon had a very active libido, and Aaron had fucked her at least twice a day since their first time in high school. As her juices ran down her legs, one of the men noticed her. He jumped up and down, pointing at her. The other dancers turned and stared. The eyes of at least thirty males, each with a dick larger than she'd ever seen, were on her, sizing up her luscious 36DD breasts and glistening shaved pussy.

The chief stood up and came over to her. He held out his hand, as if to shake hers. Before she could react, his had shot to her pussy and he began to finger her. She had already been on the verge of cumming, and within a minute she screamed and squirted her juices all over the ground and on the Chief's hand. He brought his now soaked hand up to his mouth and licked off the juices. He seemed to like the taste as he made a point of licking all of it off of his hand. Shannon then heard a voice, although she didn't see the man's lips move.

"What is your name, female?"

Not sure if the chief was actually talking or if she was just imagining things, she meekly replied, "Shannon Ducart."

"Please, there is no need to speak. We can see and hear what is in your head, Shannon. That is how we communicate."

Shannon was amazed. These people had psychic powers!

"I wouldn't exactly call it a 'power,' it is merely how we communicate," he mused.

Shannon then realized that the chief, as well as all the other men, could pick out her thoughts rather easily.

"We are glad that you have come to us, Shannon."

"Why's that," she thought.

"We are in dire need of a female, it has been a long time since any of us have tasted a woman's juices, smelled a woman's scent, or mated."

"You want to mate? With me?"

"Of course. That is the role of a female, is it not? To gain pleasure from pleasuring a male?"

"Well, I suppose so, but-"

"Then we shall mate with you."

"All of you? Now?" Now Shannon was frightened. This was turning into a sex film gone bad, very bad.

"Maybe not all now, but eventually, all of us will mate with you. Is there a problem?"

Shannon then realized that she was in cock heaven. All the men were erect now and her pussy began to heat up as she imagined their cocks inside her.

"You want it as much as we do, I can tell."

Shannon merely nodded.

"Good, good. Let the mating begin!"

He walked over to her and fingered her pussy again. It felt wonderful to finally have someone who knew what she wanted. She was cumming again within minutes, and this time the Chief lowered his mouth to her pussy to catch her cum in his mouth. He stood up and told her to get down on her hands and knees. She obeyed, noticing that his cock was nearly 18" long. He positioned the head at the entrance to her fuck hole and rubbed it up and down her moist, puffy lips. Then, without warning, he rammed his entire length into her. The pain of the large intruder was quickly replaced by pleasure as his rough cock rubbed against her clit.

The Chief fucked Shannon for around 20 minutes, and then asked her to stand up. She obeyed, and he picked her up by the shoulders and slid her downwards onto his shaft. She screamed with another orgasm as he began to bounce her up and down on his fuck stick. This went on for another 20 minutes, and finally, the chief came. He spewed what felt like gallons of cum into Shannon's hungry cunt. It was obvious to Shannon that these men never masturbated, because he was cumming for at least 5 minutes before he set her on the ground. He pulled his cock out and let the final spurts splatter on her breasts and stomach. She passed out, exhausted from the rigorous fucking she had received.

"Let her rest," said the Chief to the other still-horny men, "She has much to do tomorrow."

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