tagSci-Fi & FantasySeven Days: Day 02

Seven Days: Day 02


8:00 AM

Shannon awoke, still groggy from the previous night. The men of the village had carried her to a tent and laid her on a bedroll for the night. It was reasonably comfortable, more so at least than the hard ground, and she slept peacefully. Before she could close her eyes to go back to sleep, the Chief walked into her tent. She gaped at him, as he was sprouting enormous morning wood. He knelt next to her, his huge cock inches from her mouth.

"Good morning, Shannon. I see you slept well."

"Yes, thank you. So, what's on the agenda for today?"

"Today we will train you. It is Tuesday, correct? The grand mating will take place on Saturday, so you have four days to prepare, and we will help as much as possible."

"What is this Grand Mating?"

"Why, that is when all the men will mate with you in succession. From smallest to largest. Ending with me, of course."

"Of course. So.... What kind of training am I going to do?"

"Well, today will be endurance training. We are going to test and see how many of us you can mate with before you are rendered unconscious from either pleasure or exhaustion."

"Sounds fun. And you look like you could use a little help with that monster between your legs."

"If you would be so kind..."

Shannon needed no more encouragement than that. She took the chief's cock head into her mouth and began sucking. He moaned and thrust some of his cock into her mouth. He was so thick that she could only take in 7 inches, even deep-throating. She pumped the remaining length with her hands, and he loved it. She had him cumming in a matter of minutes. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and squirted his skeet all over her face and chest. She squealed as the warm liquid hit her tits. She hadn't realized how wet she was. She spread her legs open and the chief aimed his cock head at her warm, wet cunt. He sprayed his cum all over her hot pussy, and she screamed as the feeling gave her the first orgasm of the day. But there were plenty more to come.

"Oops," said the chief, "look at the mess I made. I had better clean that up." He proceeded to lick all of his own cum off of her face, tits and pussy. He paid extra attention to the cum splattered around her clit, and she was cumming again in less than a minute. He kept licking her pussy even after all the cum was gone, and she kept cumming. Five minutes later, he raised his head from in between her thighs. His face was covered in her juices, and she was still cumming. He helped her to her feet and let her steady herself. She wanted something to clean her pussy, as it was soaking wet.

"No point in cleaning it if it's just going to get dirty right away, my dear."

"Right," Shannon replied. "So, where to?"

"The village square. They're having breakfast. You must be starving."

9:00 AM

Shannon hadn't really been thinking about food, as she was surrounded by cocks on every side. But now that he mentioned it, she realized she was starving. After all, she hadn't eaten since lunch the previous day. Breakfast was a simple affair for the tribe: A layout of fruits and some vegetables, coconut milk and some type of meat she couldn't quite identify. It was all delicious, however, and she ate ravenously. Halfway through the meal, she felt something licking her inner thighs. Surprised, she looked down to see the youngest man of the village, who looked no older than ten by human standards, moving his head closer to her shaved twat. She also saw that although he was so young, he was still hung. His dick had to be at least 8 inches.

"Aah, it seems Dani has found your scent. Let him lick, he's never seen a woman before." Shannon opened her legs to allow the young man better access to her privates. He took the invitation with gusto and began slobbering all over her twat. She was in heaven. She lay down on the bench and raised her legs, giving him total access to her glistening crotch. After he had her cumming, he jumped onto the bench and put his cocktip to her lips. Before he entered her, he looked at the chief in an inquisitive way, as if asking for permission. The chief nodded, and he plunged his entire cock into her. He was rather inexperienced, but he just kept pounding away until his immature cock began to squirt. He pulled out and let his cum spray all over her body. Even though he was young, there was still enough cum to give her a good coating. He followed the chief's example at licked all of his own cum off of Shannon's body. Then he wandered off.

Shannon was ecstatic. She had just received one of the best fucks of her life, and he had the smallest cock in the whole village! She was going to have fun here....

7:00 PM

Shannon stumbled back to her tent. She was covered in cum and sweat, totally exhausted. And she hadn't even fucked ¼ of the men there. Her pussy was red and raw, and still cumming. She felt like she would never stop cumming. She was closely followed by Harin, one of the younger men of the tribe. His dick was shorter than most, only about 10 inches, but it was as thick as Shannon's wrist. She wanted his cock bad, so she had told him to wait until training was over and she'd give him a special treat. She knelt in front of him and took his enormous tip into her mouth. It barely fit! She sucked and licked at the head and massaged his length. One hand was rubbing his cock; one was massaging his hairy sack. He liked this a lot, and he was soon cumming in her hot mouth. He tried to pull out as the others had always done, but she wanted to taste his cum. She kept a firm grip on his cock and it exploded in her mouth, filling it in one squirt. It was delicious. It tasted like everything that Shannon loved to eat. She swallowed the first mouthful right before he shot a second load. She swallowed that one as well. After about 4 or 5 more squirts, he was done.

She released his now limp cock from her mouth. Then she got down on her hands and knees and told him to fuck her. His cock started to get hard again as he rubbed the tip up and down between her pussy lips. When he was back to his full 10" length, he pushed it into her. She groaned, loving the feeling of being filled by a nice hard cock. As he had already cum, he was able to fuck Shannon for over an hour before he came again. By this time she was sobbing in ecstasy, loving every minute of this amazing fuck. He exploded inside her, spraying her walls with his hot love juice. She screamed as she had a massive orgasm. She thought that since he had already come twice he would be spent, but he kept his cock firmly planted in her pussy until it was hard again. Then he slip his cock up her crack and rested it at the entrance to her ass. She gasped. She had never been fucked in the ass before.

Before she could tell him to stop, he began to slowly push his meat into her virgin ass. She groaned, this new sensation was amazing. She began to cum again. He slowly moved his cock in and out in small increments to let her adjust to the size. She loved it, and within 20 minutes she was pounding back against each thrust, begging him to give it to her harder. The sensations of a virgin ass were incredible to Harin, and he came again. This was his third cum in less than two hours, so there wasn't much. The feeling of hot cum against her insides gave Shannon the most powerful orgasm she had yet experienced, and she collapsed onto her bedroll. He slowly pulled his now totally spent cock out of her ass and left the tent. Shannon lay there for a while, exhausted but happy. Sleep overtook her as she imagined what tomorrow would hold in store for her.

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