tagLesbian SexSeven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven


We were all sitting in a circle in the upstairs bedroom, waiting as the hat got passed around. My friends Katy and Kitty were sitting to themselves giggling their heads off; it had been there idea that we play this evil game. I shot them a scowl which only made them laugh more. As I turned away irritated, my eyes couldn't help but linger on the figure of my friend Cat; my mood automatically brightening. To me she was beautiful with dark red brown eyes that reminded me of melted chocolate and smooth skin that was almost the same color. Her luscious full lips made me wish I could just reach over and kiss her as I tangled my fingers in her soft dreads.

I hadn't realized I had been staring until I noticed her staring back, she smiled warmly at me and I blushed and turned away quickly. I hadn't told Cat my feelings for her yet; we had only recently begun to be good friends what with late nights watching anime in the common room together and playing video games. The first time we had ever met we had almost come to blows we've come a long way since then. Then again it might have been the fact that she was such a difficult stubborn woman that caught my heart.

Finally the hat came my way and I shut my eyes hoping like hell I would pick the name of someone who wasn't already drunk off their rocker. I pulled the slip of paper out and unfolded it automatically my heart stopped. Cat. My mouth popped open and I felt my face burn red, I was going to be locked in a closet for 7 minutes alone with my crush. I had no idea what I was going to do or even what to say. As I struggled internally I felt the slip of paper get yanked out of my hands. My friend Lola had reached down and snatched it from my fingers, she grinned lopsidedly she had already become intoxicated after one drink.

"Ooohhhh the big bad wolf and the Bengal tiger get to be locked in a closet together this should be interesting!" she slurred.

Everyone in our group had a nickname mine was the big bad wolf for my bright yellow eyes and sharp teeth, whereas Cat was called the Bengal tiger for her ferocious attitude. I scowled up at Lola and yanked the paper out of her hand slipping it into my pocket for safe keeping.

"So what?" I bit back, "It isn't like anything's going to happen!"

I couldn't help but blush as I looked over at Cat she was grinning at me a mischievous look in her eye.

"You want to bet wolf?" she taunted winking at me.

Just the mere teasing was making me wet but I knew better she did this all of the time. Taunting me and toying and then when I thought I couldn't take it anymore she would pull back and act all innocent like nothing ever happened. Frustration didn't even begin to describe how I felt. At that moment I was determined to end this game once and for all! Lola giggled and stumbled back to her seat hanging on her latest boy toy.

"Ok save it for heaven you two!" she giggled

"It's time to start the game!"

Lola picked up the hat that had the other half of the group's names in it and reached inside fumbling around for the little slip of paper that would read the name of the first doomed couple. My heart started pounding wildly as I waited impatiently waiting for the name. What if it's Cat and I? I thought; What do I do? What do I say?!

"Renn." Lola announced happily.

My heart plummeted as Renn got up and gestured for his new boyfriend to rise. Obviously a set up... I thought to myself as they slipped into the closet Renn's face a mask of mischief. Besides Cat, Renn was one of my best friends. He was always throwing these wild parties where literally anything could happen and normally did. Due to my cautious nature, more often than not I was the only one left sober and making sure no one did anything they would regret.

But not this time, this time I was going to get what I wanted. Renn and his boyfriend David had been in the closet for a minute now but no one could hear anything. Normally, Renn is very flamboyant in his attempts to show off his prospective mates so this sudden silence was new. Suddenly we heard a muffled thump and the sound of a bell. We all looked around at each other questioningly as for the next several minutes the sound of the bell peeled happily in the closet.

Finally, the door opened as the alarm went off saying the 7 minutes were up, Renn walked out a big smile on his face. We heard a muffled groan and Jennifer pulled the door open further. Insider the closet was a naked David with a jacket covering his obvious erection, his hands were tied together and his mouth gagged. As he rolled over we could see a butt plug placed inside David appropriately; the end of it a bunny tail. Renn just grinned triumphantly and licked his lips as I and everyone else stared at him open mouthed.

"He made it to easy." Renn purred, "I just gave him what he was too afraid to ask for."

Katy was giggling and freaking out trying to figure out a way to get David out without touching him.

"God Dammit Renn! What am I supposed to do now?" she whined pulling her hand away when David moaned at the slightest touch.

I snorted and broke out in loud peals of laughter saying, "Renn, I'm afraid to ask why you have ball gags and rope in your closet."

He chuckled at me and I heard Cat laugh she looked at me with that mischievous glare again and purred, "Its ok I'm pretty sure he left enough in there for us to use."

A ferocious blush spread across my face as I stammered to comment back. Cat just giggled and made a whipped signal with her hand which made me blush more.

"Alright let's see which one of us is a uke when the time comes pussy cat!" I growled and turned away.

She stuck her tongue out at me and left it at that as Renn got up to help the flustered Jessica get David out of the closet. He left the bondage gear in place as he pulled him up and out of the closet. The jacket that had allowed David to keep his modesty fluttered to the floor and once again the sound of a bell was heard only this time the reason behind the noise could be seen. Tied tight around David's balls with a red string was a pair of bells. I don't think there was a single person in the room who wasn't left uncomfortable at that point.

"Damn Renn," I coughed trying to find somewhere else in the room to look. "Went all out didn't you?"

Renn just grinned and pulled David towards the door carefully guiding him.

"It's ok," he answered as they had finally cleared all of the people, "he knew what he was getting himself into when he agreed to date me. I would not have done this if he hadn't agreed."

I just nodded and feeling a little better knowing that at least David had agreed to the humiliation, even if he might not have known exactly what was going to be done to him. With that Renn closed the door leading away his helpless toy no one needing to ask where they were going and what they planned to do. Once Lola's fit of laughter had died down she reached once again into the hat for a name. The rest of the game went by pretty uneventful and definitely not as flashy as Renn's performance.

The next two to be called in was my friends Jennifer and Tom. Jennifer was pretty chill she hadn't been to particularly interested in playing being that she had a boyfriend back home. Tom was known for his unending sarcasm and had been labeled the asshole in the group the only reason he decided to join us was because Katy promised him more vodka. Their entire seven minutes together had been spent sitting on opposite ends of the closet and discussing the weather, which from the outside of the closet was actually pretty funny. The couple after them was Katy and Kitty. Their turn only lasted for three minutes due to the fact that Kitty tried to attack Katy with a left over piece of rope she had found in the closet and Katy had made a break for it running straight out of the house. I wasn't very interested in what happened with everyone else after that my mind wandering to what I knew was my upcoming confession.

I had no idea what I was going to do or what to say but I wanted it to be perfect. I watched Cat from the short distance as she laughed and played with everyone else and it was like the rest of the world faded away. I knew it was much too early to feel this serious but I knew that I loved her. To me she was perfect in every way strong, playful, and kind, and at the same time rough and kind of arrogant she walked into the room like she owned it and knew no one could tell her otherwise. I bit my lip and looked down while she was my idea of perfect I had no idea if she even liked me that way. Of course she teased and suggested but that didn't really mean anything. Did it? I shook my head rapidly and took a deep breath. I had to put the deeper meanings behind for the moment and focus on the task head.

Watching Cat once again I wondered what type of girl she would really like. I was normally very quiet and kept to myself most of the time, until someone came along that could crack open my shell then I was very loyal and a bit of a comedian. I knew I could be myself with Cat but I wanted to leave an impression. As Lola and her poor victim finally came stumbling out of the closet I got a bright idea. I would turn Cat's usual games back on her. Instead of being the usual blushing maiden that she tended to turn me into I would become the suave and secure prince. I grinned to myself, This will definitely work! Lola sat down wobbling and giggling reaching for the hat clumsily. "Ok last couple of the night!" She slurred. She pulled the paper from the hat and I closed my eyes.


I opened my eyes to see everyone looking at me and I stood up looking at Cat holding my hand out to her.

"Looks like you get your wish beautiful." I purred grinning and winking.

I could've danced when I saw a huge blush spread over her face. Hesitantly, she took my hand and I guided her through the small crowd into the tiny closet. I sat on the left side and she sat on the right. Smiling I looked over to her ready to make a random comment about our predicament but fell silent when I saw her face. She was blushing and looking at me shyly. I had never seen Cat like this it made my heart squeeze tight and my breath catch, in that one moment she was the most adorable thing I had ever seen.

"W-we don't have to do anything if you don't want to..." she stammered shyly hiding her face in her legs quickly.

Getting on my hands and knees I crawled over to her closing what little space was between us and slowly reached out and brushed her cheek. She jumped and snapped her head back up her chocolate eyes peering into my bright gold ones my whole body felt warm and I smiled goofily at her making her laugh a little.

"That depends on you. What do you want to do?"

I caressed her cheek and she blushed more I could feel how warm she was with my fingertips. My heart started pounding so hard I swore you could hear it in the dark. She stared into my eyes and I back into hers and I could see the fear and hope flashing by in them I could tell in that moment that the only thing she wanted was for me to accept her. I leaned forward slowly looking at her lips and then her eyes letting her know my intentions. Her hand rose shakily and touched my face making me sigh softly my skin tingling. So close, our faces were mere centimeters from each other my hand brushing behind her ear to curl in her hair. So soft like lamb's wool. Just as my lips were about to brush hers the door flung open and I heard Lola scream with excitement.


I don't know what came over me but in that moment I growled and grabbed the door slamming it shut and breaking the knob so that the door couldn't be reopened. I looked back at Cat and she was panting excited I could tell her mood matched my own. With another growl I pounced on her my fingers brushing in her hair pulling her head back as I kissed her hungrily on the lips. My other arm wrapping around her waist pulling her to me tight, her own wrapping around my neck as she moaned in pleasure like a drowning man finding salvation at last.

Pulling her on my lap my hands snaked under her shirt caressing and rubbing her back my nails sinking in slightly as I scratched down to her ass. Her hands were in my hair pulling and massaging my scalp our mouths locked together tongues battling for dominance. I sucked on hers hard squeezing her ass and she moaned again louder making me groan in hunger. Quickly I laid her down on the floor straddling her kissing up and down her neck my hands sliding up her sides feeling her bra. Watching her carefully her flushed and panting face turned towards me and she nodded.

"Oh god please!" she whimpered and I didn't need much more permission than that.

I shredded the clasp holding her bra in place and ripped her shirt in half. Biting her throat hard and pulling. Her nails scratched down my back from under my shirt making me moan in pleasure biting harder a small amount of blood dripping past my teeth. Letting go I licked the mark and nuzzled her ear nipping; my hands caressing her stomach softly.

"Mine." I whispered gruffly clawing her stomach.

"Oh baby yes!" she whimpered pulling me to her.

Grinning I straddled her waist loving how her wide hips felt nestled between my legs, pulling away slightly so that I could lift up and see her glorious breasts. My pussy automatically became drenched when I saw the two beautiful round firm breasts under me. My hands cupped them gently and she shivered. They were more than twice what my hands could handle, considering I had very small hands, and were as soft as silk the nipples a cute shade of milky chocolate that made my mouth water. I rubbed them slowly at first squeezing, her back arched and she sighed happily her nipples growing harder as my thumbs brushed over them gently.

I looked into her begging eyes and answered that unspoken plea with a low growl my mouth diving to her nipple sucking it hard making her whole body jerk against my own her hands pulling my hair. My other hand was busy pinching and pulling the other nipple as I sucked and nibbled the one in my mouth eagerly. I was beginning to think I must have some wolf in me, because in that moment all I wanted to do was devour every last inch of the beautiful goddess beneath me. I was pulling her nipple with my teeth shaking my head gently when a loud bang sounded from the door.


Renn angrily from the other side, he jiggled the handle trying to get it open and I groaned in frustration. Cat's hands caressed my cheek and tried to pull me back to her as she whimpered writhing seductively.

"Please baby; please don't stop!"

I whined watching her beg and growled as another round of banging came from the door.

"You can have your closet back when we are done and I'll pay for any damages! NOW GO AWAY!!!"

I really hated being disrespectful towards my friend but at the moment the fire burning between my lover and I was more important. I lifted off my shirt and bra and threw them to the other side of the closet. Before I could turn around fully Cat lifted off the ground and latched onto one of my breasts squeezing and flicking my nipple with her tongue making me cry out and drowning out the sound of any more yelling and banging. Reaching between us I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans pulling them off just enough for her to kick them off the rest of the way. My hands slid to her hips and she sucked and pulled my nipples going back and forth between the two my breath getting heavier.

Massaging her hips I reached lower and smacked her ass making her yelp. Giggling I did it again and then pushed her back to the floor mid jump.

"Oh baby!" she cried out struggling.

"Hush," I whispered as I kissed between her breasts and slowly down her stomach.

She arched and moaned watching me, "But baby..." she whined.

I shook my head, "No, my love you have no idea how long I have wanted to do this. Just relax and let me pleasure you."

Nodding weakly she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as I kissed her soft smooth mound. My hands caressed down her outer thighs and slipped between her knees pushing forward. Her legs parted like melting ice cream and her scent hit my nose making my mouth water. She smelled so good like sweet poached fruit and crisp champagne, I had to taste her. I reached out with my tongue and lapped at the damp spot on her panties slowly her taste making my nails dig into her soft thighs and a moan escape my lips.

"Mm Yes!" I heard her whisper as her hips bucked forward slightly. I clamped my teeth down on the cloth and pulled up meaning to slip them off but tearing them instead. Cat saw this and laughed quietly taking them from my teeth and placing them beside us. I blushed and smiled shyly nestling back between her legs and nuzzled her already soaked pussy. Her fingers curled in my hair once more and I used two fingers to spread open her lips. Her pussy was a beautiful shade of rose pink; her outer and inner lips puffy and begging for attention as they glistened with pussy juice. Her clit was peeking out of its hood twitching and engorged wanting to be sucked.

A huge smiled broke out on my face and my heart raced I was going to have a field day make this gorgeous girl cum until she couldn't cum any more. My tongue swiped over her outer folds and her whole body quivered making me grin. I kept up the assault slowly working my way to the inside the whole time Cat kept panting and moaning pulling my hair urging me on that much more. By time I reached the middle my mouth was coated in her juices, my tongue swiped over here entrance and her whole body jerked.

"OH GOD QUINN! Please tongue fuck me!" she cried pulling my face deeper into her pussy where I obliged her.

I pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go and swirled it around, she rode my face like a mad woman bucking and screaming pulling my hair so hard it hurt. I could feel that she was getting close, her pussy squeezing around my tongue as she continually panted my name. I watched her carefully holding her legs down waiting until her pussy had gotten its tightest before I pressed the tip of my tongue to her g-spot hard. Cat cam screaming and arching violently off the floor, holding me to her pussy her cum spilling into my waiting mouth where I drunk down every last drop.

Her body finally settled back to the floor, where she laid panting and looking down at me I smiled and flicked her throbbing clit making her jerk once again. I licked her clit pulling it into my mouth and sucking gently causing Cat to moan once again. My fingers massaged her trembling entrance and pushed in gently my fingers could feel her maidens head and I blushed. That explained her shyness earlier. I decided to be gentle as I wiggled my fingers in her pussy letting her get used to them. She squirmed and moaned whimpering obviously enjoying the feeling. My tongue flicked over her clit quickly as I pulled my fingers back and waited to the count of three the thrust them in harder breaking her seal.

She screamed my name and a tear rolled down her cheek. Letting go of her clit I leaned up keeping my fingers in her and licked the tear off her face and kissed her gently.

"It's ok baby I'm here" I murmured nuzzling her ear.

"Oh Quinn..." she breathed and hugged me tight and I continued to thrust into her.

She whimpered and moaned with every thrust, her arousal slowly building back up. I held her tight and watched her beautiful face adoring every look as she writhed in pleasure. I licked and sucked her ear whispering.

"I love you Cat, I will always be here with you I promise."

Tears glistened in her eyes as she smiled and held me tighter my fingers massaging her g-spot slowly bringing her to the very edge.

"I love you too Quinn," she cried happily, "I love you so much!"

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