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Seven of Nine Does Seven of Nine


"Seven, I called you to my quarters because we've been presented with a unique opportunity. Voyager is approaching the fringe of a super string which has created a time anomaly. Although we can't use it to get back to the earth of our own time, Tuvok has calculated that we can go back to 2001. As you know the Olympics in this sector is about to begin and we've been trounced at holo-baseball for years. We think we can transport the Yankees, a team that won 212 championships, here for a few days; that is, if they'll agree to play for us. This is not part of your official duties, but will you take the assignment of convincing them to come?"

"Of course Captain, but why me? I am not familiar with the game or that period of earth's history."

"Seven, you know that the universal age of space exploration was followed by the age of scientific endeavor. Before 2100 on earth, mankind's history was concerned with mostly one thing, sex. These are men; you're an attractive woman. I think you can make them see 'reason'."

"Understood Captain."

"Oh and Seven, don't tell them that Rivera blows it in the bottom of the ninth of the World Series in 2001."

"Of course Captain."

After Voyager's insertion into earth's orbit, the ship was cloaked and Seven was transported to the ladies room of the Doubles Club in which the Yankees were celebrating their latest victory. It was located in the Hilton hotel. Her appearance caused a stir, not because of the remnants of Borg technology that adorned her face and hand, but because they were looking at the most spectacular body extant on the earth of that time. Her huge blue eyes, creamy skin and full lips didn't hurt either.

The data banks had told her all she needed to know and she recognized the team members immediately. One by one she spoke to them with her sweet lips and tongue tantalizing their ears with darting touches as she whispered. In short order they all assembled in a penthouse suite.

"Gentlemen, we need your expertise." She explained the situation. "As an inducement…" Seven unfastened the unforgiving body suit with a touch and stood naked before them. Her boobs stood impossibly high and the shock was that they were natural. Her waist was impossibly small and it accentuated the hips that framed a pink and perfect pussy. Her ass could make a grown man cry.

Almost to a man they thought, "This is a nut case"; but nine hard bats were ready to step up to the plate. Resistance was futile.

"Mr. Martinez" Seven said, "You are the first baseman therefore you may throw the first pitch. Designate a hole and proceed."

Tino wasn't quite sure but he figured she was asking him where he wanted to do her. He pointed to the pouty bee stung lips. Seven bent at the waist and took out his lumber. As it disappeared deep down Seven of Nine's throat, Tino opened his eyes and in an unusual display of verbosity said, "Whoa." (You know who's in line to play Tino in the movie version)

The sight of that ass in that position was too much for Soriano. He approached, held her hips and prepared to enter. Seven's mouth slid off Tino and she firmly addressed the second baseman. "I know you're used to being the pivot man but there will be no 'double plays' here. Please await your turn; you are up next." He sheepishly pulled back as Seven concluded Tino's turn at bat.

Soriano chose the nether entrance and it was one, two, three and out. "Mr. Brosius, you are up," said Seven - and he was. She gave an appreciative glance and added "That is quite a 'Louisville Slugger.'

Scott chose 'missionary' but was anything but reverend in the way his hard individuated strokes singled up her middle. He filled her and fit her like a glove. The team heard their first human-Borg orgasm. (Something like two wolves coming in harmony)

Peanuts and beer were passed around and Jeter approached the mound. His taste buds were tingling and he added Seven's exotic juices to his palette. He was later heard to say it was a cross between pineapple and clam. As his tongue pleasured from her ass to her pussy his fingers rolled her nipples and traced her lips and ears with a teasing touch. As far as Seven was concerned, he was four for four and in the running for M.V.P.

Chuck Knoblauch waddled up after Jeter scored and Seven looked down from her imperious height. "Mr. Knoblauchead, I have seen you attempt to throw a ball. B'Adeana's five year old is more accurate. I am sorry but there will be no 'pussy' as you call it, for you tonight.

"The battery comes next" Seven announced.

Andy Pettitte came to the mound. Due to the peculiarity of his pitching motion, the big lefty's dick was also a 'lefty'. Seven angled her head to meet its gaze. "You've got quite a curve Mr. Pettitte." He could only give her an 'aw shucks' look as he turned crimson.

His battery mate came to his assistance and was satisfied just to watch and give the signals. Pettitte peered in and Posada flashed one finger toggled to the left: an inside hard one. Andy regained his confidence and gave Seven the hard one inside. Posada showed three and petite came in with a punishing splitter. Seven, like many who've faced the pounding pitcher, was off balance. After teasing her with a couple of balls outside, Pettitte came home with the money shot. The wolves howled and the crowd cheered.

Seven bounced up and said, "Mr. O'Neill, I am interested in seeing if your intensity on the field extends into other areas. Paul extended deeply into other areas and showed the staying power of a hall of famer. His anxiously awaiting teammates began yelling and cheering, "Come on Paul…come on…come on." It seemed he would be up forever. Seven threw him a tricky curve and he finally popped out. Even though he did, Seven pronounced him 'good competitor.'

The center fielder, true to his calling headed straight for Seven's. He was having trouble settling into the box and indeed was called for two fouls when banged into the wrong area. Seven told him, "One more and you're out."

Bernie is at his most dangerous oh and two and snatched victory on his last swing. He went deep into the gap and Seven was unprepared. He's quicker than he looks and he shot around the mound for an inside the parker.

When they were done a few of the Yankees were admiring seven's strength and her ability to take on all of them so effortlessly. "How do you do it, the panting Bernie Williams asked?"

"I just take it one guy at a time, try not to beat myself and give 110%"

Seven suited up and said, "Are you gentlemen ready to go to the ship?"

They looked at each other, winked and laughed, "Sure."

They heard the beep of her communicator before she said, "Ten to beam up."

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