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Seven of Nine's First Orgasm


Captain's Personal Log, star date 35674.2: The last few weeks on Voyager have been calm and uneventful, giving the crew time to relax and unwind after several challenging adventures in this sector of the Delta Quadrant. I am concerned about Seven of Nine, however—lately she seems agitated, forgetful, and disorganized, not at all her usual efficient self. Still, her performance remains acceptable and I don't plan to broach the subject with her unless she comes to me.


The door to Captain Kathryn Janeway's personal quarters chimed. Janeway set down her padd and pushed back the covers on her bed with a sigh. She tied a peach-colored robe around her waist, ran her hands through her long red hair, and responded, "Come!"

The door hissed open. Seven of Nine, the woman she'd rescued from the Borg and tried to integrate into her crew for the past few years, stepped into Janeway's cabin. "Captain, I--" She took in the sight of Janeway's short silk robe and the open covers on her bed. "Excuse me, Captain. I didn't mean to interrupt you. I'll return in--"

"That's all right, Seven," Janeway said before she could leave. "Come in. What's the matter?"

Seven wore her usual uniform, a gray suit that fit every curve in her slender, flexible body. The Borg implants in her face shone brightly in the cabin's soft light. She held herself rigid, although Janeway saw her eyes flicker up and down her legs.

"Well, Seven?"

She looked uncomfortable as she spoke. "It is a personal matter of some urgency, Captain. Recently I have become—distracted. Unable to focus on my tasks. My thoughts and attention tend to drift to topics that I am unable to ignore. I believe it is compromising my performance, and it—it is not something I wish to discuss with the Doctor."

Janeway nodded. Voyager's holographic doctor had access to a huge database of medical procedures, but his bedside manner could be brusque. "What sort of thoughts?"

Seven of Nine took a deep breath. "I have never experienced an orgasm."

An eyebrow rose on Janeway's face. In a way, she'd been expecting this at some point. For most of her life, Seven of Nine had been a drone whose personal needs were completely ignored by the Borg collective. Now that she was free to explore her individuality, her own body's reactions had to sometimes be confusing.

Still, it was surprising to think that she'd never experimented sexually. Any number of men and women on Voyager would have been happy to oblige her. And stranded in the Delta Quadrant as they were, a certain degree of fraternization had to be tolerated.

"Well, if you're asking my advice, I know of several crew members who would be, er, qualified to help you." She reached for her padd. "Ensign Lewis, for example, or Tom Paris—although B'Elanna might object. On the other hand, she might join in." She smiled. "Although I'm not sure a Klingon would be my choice for a first time."

"Frankly, Captain, I was hoping . . ." Seven hesitated. "I would prefer my first experience to be with another female. I find them more—sympathetic."

Janeway nodded. "I understand perfectly. It should be possible--"

"I was hoping my initial experience could be with you," Seven blurted.

Both her eyebrows rose. "Really?"

Seven said nothing. Janeway realized she'd never seen her show embarrassment before.

She cleared her throat. "Well, that's very flattering. I, uh . . ." She shrugged. "What can I say?"

"The distracting thoughts I mentioned before—I believe they're called fantasies—have involved members of the crew, but they have predominantly featured you. If this is inappropriate, I apologize. But you have always encouraged me to come to you with any questions about human behavior."

"I'm glad you did." Janeway smiled and set down her padd. "Relax, Seven."

"If you wish me to leave--"

"Take off your uniform," Janeway ordered.

For a moment Seven showed no reaction. Then her lips began to curl in the beginning of a smile.

"Yes, Captain," she said.

Janeway watched as Seven slipped out of her suit. She knew how closely members of the Voyager crew paid attention to every move she made in the tight fabric, and how much they would have liked to see the sight of her stripping down to her bare skin. As Captain, Janeway could have instructed the computer to zoom in on Seven in the nude, but that would have been inappropriate. Still, she'd thought about it more than once.

Her uniform on the deck of the cabin, Seven quickly unfastened the functional and very utilitarian bra she wore, and slid her plain black panties down her long legs. Then she stood in front of Janeway as if presenting her naked body for inspection.

Her breasts were bigger than Janeway had expected, and her nipples were already stiff. Her skin was pale, and she kept her pussy bare. Her muscular legs looked as if they could run a marathon and then squeeze the life out of anyone who got between them.

"Am I—attractive?" Seven asked.

"Seven, you're beautiful." Janeway sat on the edge of her bed. "Turn around and sit down here."

Seven obediently followed the captain's instructions and positioned herself between Janeway's legs on the bed. She leaned back as Janeway began to massage her shoulders.

"You're so tense," Janeway murmured. "Relax. Your muscles are like bands of titanium. Just relax, Seven."

"Yes, Captain." Seven felt Janeway's hands rub her neck and arms, and experienced an unfamiliar tingle of pleasure between her legs. Then the captain kissed the back of her neck softly, and Seven shivered.

"Is this good?" Janeway slid her hands around Seven's body and gently began squeezing her tits. "Do you like it?"

"It is . . . pleasant." Seven swallowed. "Very pleasant."

Janeway kissed her ear as she caressed her breasts, pleased by how firm they were and how her nipples responded to her touch. Her own pussy was getting warm. Janeway had her own needs, but as captain of the ship she had to exercise discreet restraint. It had been months since she'd had any sex, and suddenly her body felt as if she was in danger of burning up from lust.

An involuntary moan escaped from Seven's lips. Janeway felt her officer's shoulders tremble with excitement. She let her hands trail down Seven's body to her legs, stroking her bare thighs and pressing her robe against Seven's back.

"Captain, this is—very erotic," Seven whispered. "I feel—some urgency, however . . ."

"Ssh," Janeway replied. "Patience. It doesn't do to rush things."

"I will endeavor to retrain my—oh! Yes! Right there!"

Janeway had slipped a finger inside Seven's slit. It seemed to erupt with juices before before she touched the woman's clit. Seven pushed herself back against the captain, gasping. Janeway smiled.

Then Seven tried to regain control of herself. "That is—that is—extremely pleasurable, captain."

"You like that, Seven?"

She nodded. "Affirmative."

"Then I think you'll like this . . ."

Slowly but firmly, Janeway slid two fingers inside Seven's pussy, and with her other hand she began a circular motion with her fingers around the former Borg's clit. Seven gasped again, and her body began squirming between Janeway's legs.

"Oh, oh, oh . . ." Seven threw her head back, burying Janeway's face in her blonde hair. "Queen of Borg, hive master three, two, one, zero, zero, zero, submit, submit!"

Janeway felt Seven's first orgasm rocket through her body. Her skin was suddenly drenched with sweat and every muscle seemed to tense and then release as the pleasure flooded inside her. After a moment Janeway simply held Seven tight in her arms as she shook, moaning controllably until she quivered softly in the aftershock.

"So, Seven," Janeway chuckled. "How was your first orgasm?"

"Very . . . pleasurable. Extremely pleasant." She held Janeway's hands around her stomach.

"You've never masturbated?"

"I researched the techniques, but they seemed as if they would be unsatisfying. This was vastly superior, I think." She squeezed Janeway's arm.

They were silent for a moment. Seven stared up at the stars through the window over Janeway's bed. Then she asked, "Captain?"

"Yes, Seven?"

"Would it be appropriate to . . . reciprocate?"

She'd been waiting—and hoping—for this. "Yes, Seven, that would be more than appropriate, I think."

Seven stood up on wobbling legs and turned to watch as Janeway untied her robe. Underneath she wore only a pair of pink panties, and Seven's eyes widened at the sight of her tits as she shrugged the robe from her shoulders.

"Captain, your breasts are magnificent." Seven stared.

Janeway smiled. "Thank you. I try to stay in shape."

"May I touch them?"

She nodded. "You can do anything you want. You don't have to ask in here."

Janeway stood up, and Seven reached out to place her hands on Janeway's firm, mature tits. "They're very firm."

"You can squeeze them," Janeway told her. "I like that."

"May I . . ." She stopped, remembering not to ask for permission. Leaning forward and bending down, she took one of the captain's nipples between her lips.

"Oh, yes," Janeway breathed. "That's perfect, Seven, that's just . . ." Her voice trailed off as Seven began to softly suck at her nipple.

Seven ran her hands up and down Janeway's body. The captain did work out regularly, and it showed in the tautness of her muscles and the firmness of her ass. Seven squeezed her butt, eliciting a gasp of surprise and pleasure from the captain.

Janeway stroked Seven's neck and shoulders, her body trembling with desire and lust. She tried to focus on keeping her legs straight when she felt Seven's fingers at her pussy, but in a moment she didn't trust herself to stay standing. She staggered backward toward the bed, and Seven caught her as she dropped to the mattress.

Janeway lay down on the sheets, and Seven deftly pulled her panties down. She gazed at the tuft of red hair on Janeway's pussy for a moment, and then she began stroking Janeway's thighs. "Now I will bring you to orgasm."

Janeway nodded, her neck trembling. "Please."

"Fortunately, my research into human sexual techniques has given me the knowledge I need. And your obvious arousal should make up for any deficiencies in my technique--"

"Seven," Janeway snapped impatiently. "Just shut up and lick me!"

She smiled. "As you command, captain."

Kneeling on the bed, Seven bent down and thrust her tongue inside Janeway's pussy. It was a little abrupt, but Janeway was so aroused that she wouldn't have wanted to wait very long for some direct contact anyway. She wrapped her fingers in Seven's blonde hair and pushed her hips upward, moaning as Seven's tongue swirled over her clut.

The stars rushed by above her as Seven devoted herself with her usual machinelike efficiency to the task at hand, stimulating the captain's pussy to the heights of human ecstasy. "Very good, Seven," she whispered. "Very very good . . ."

Seven slid a hand under Janeway to clutch the captain's ass. Janeway yelped and squirmed, but the finger probing her gave a different edge to the experience. Seven licked, sucked, and blew across her pussy, tickling the clit with her other hand.

Janeway kicked at the bed. She squeezed her own tits, panting hard. She looked down across her nude body and saw Seven peeking up at her. She smiled.

Seven pushed two fingers inside her slit and looked up. "Are you about to experience an orgasm, Captain?"

"It's called cumming, Seven!" Janeway rasped. "Cumming, cumming, yes I'm cumming! Oh!"

Her body throbbed. Seven didn't let up as Janeway thrashed in the sheets, pounding the mattress with her fists. "Seven, oh Seven, oh yes Seven . . ."

Finally she had to gently push Seven away. "That's enough. For now."

"Was that adequate, Captain?" She pushed a lock of hair from her face. "I am prepared to make another attempt if--"

"That was fine. That was wonderful. That was . . ." Janeway lifted herself up on an elbow. "Oh. There you are."

Seven turned to see Ensign Lewis standing next in the captain's cabin. He was a tall black man who worked in Engineering.

He was completely naked, his Starfleet uniform on the floor next to hers.

"Ensign, Seven of Nine has expressed interest in human sexuality, and she wanted some experience with orgasms." She licked her lips. "I offered my services, but I thought it might also be useful for her to investigate orgasms from a male perspective. If you'd be so kind."

Lewis grinned. "Certainly. Ma'am."

"How did you--" Seven looked at Janeway.

She pointed to her padd. "I sent him a message. Although, Ensign, I would appreciate in the future if you'd knock."

"I did, Captain." Lewis jerked his thumb toward the cabin door. "Several times. I distinctly heard you say, 'Come in.'"

She laughed. "Cumming," she said. "That's what I was saying. And doing, for that matter. Well, anyway, Seven, what do you say?"

She looked at Lewis's thick, rigid cock. "You have a large penis."

He shifted on his bare feet. "Thank you."

Seven frowned. "It was intended as an observation, not praise for a personal physical characteristic."

Janeway chuckled. "Human males place a certain amount of unnecessary emphasis on the size of their genitalia, Seven. Unless you're worried about its size and your, uh . . .?"

"I am sure I can accommodate him." Seven said confidently. She licked her lower lip. "Please penetrate my vagina with your penis, Ensign."

Lewis hesitated and glanced at the Captain.

"Seven?" Janeway sat up. "A word of advice—try something a little more colloquial."

She thought for a moment. "Fuck me with your big cock, you horny stud?"

Lewis grinned, and his cock seemed to lengthen. "Yes, ma'am."

Seven sat on the bed and lay back, her legs wide. "This is the preferred position, is it not?"

"You could be a little more imaginative," Janeway said.

She rolled over and planted her feet on the deck, elbow on the bed. "Doggy position. This offers several advantages, according to the videos I have researched—oh!"

Lewis had rammed his cock straight into Seven's pussy. Janeway sat back to watch as he began thrusting vigorously and Seven started pushing her ass back toward him to drive his cock in deeper.

Ensign Lewis was one of a few crew members Janeway summoned on occasion when she needed some relief from the stress of command. She preferred crewmen and women who weren't part of the bridge crew; giving orders to Chakotay or Paris after screaming in orgasm with them would have been awkward. Lewis was discreet, energetic—and he had that big cock.

"Is this—mmm—pleasurable, Ensign?" Seven asked, panting with each thrust. "I wish to provide you with maximum enjoyment, and you are—I must say—oh yeah—quite skilled at this method of intercourse as well."

"Excellent. Ma'am," Lewis grunted. "You're doing fine."

"Then please . . . continue with your coital maneuvers."

"A little less formal, Seven," Janeway advised.

"Fuck me you animal," Seven responded. "Ahhh!"

Janeway had just cum herself, but the scene on her bed had her softly stroking her pussy again. Seven's face was red, and Lewis's prick was a blur as he slid in and out of her body. She stretched her neck to look back at him with an encouraging nod, then leaned down and gave out a loud cry of pleasure that made Janeway's nipples tingle.

Lewis slapped her ass, then dug his fingers into her skin. He glanced at Janeway, and she smiled, and then he gave his full attention to giving Seven every hard inch of his cock. Janeway knew he could go a long time before cumming. She hoped Seven was ready.

"Ah-ah-ah!" Seven pushed herself up and again looked over her shoulder. "Ensign? Ensign!"

He slowed. "Yes, ma'am? Something wrong? I shouldn't have slapped you, should I?"

"No, I rather, uh, enjoyed that. But I wish to be on top. Would that be acceptable? I mean—" Again she paused to think of the right words. "I want to ride your cock, you sex machine."

Lewis laughed. Seven seemed puzzled by his reaction, but he quickly pulled out and then dropped onto the bed, his prick pointing up toward the stars. "Please make yourself comfortable, ma'am."

"I believe I shall." With a smile, Seven swung a long leg over Lewi's waist and then, hands on his chest, lowered herself slowly down onto his cock until it filled her pussy and only his balls were visible beneath her ass. "Oh yes," Seven murmured. "I will enjoy this. Once I find the correct rhythm. Is this . . ."

She began rocking back and forth, and Lewis's quiet moans of approval apparently told her that she was instinctively doing it right. Seven picked up her pace, breathing steadily, juices running down her thighs.

"This is—surprisingly enjoyable," Seven murmured. "I like the . . . ohhh . . . sensation of control and the . . . erect penis inside me—hard cock—in my pussy—fucking me—fuck me—oh yes, Ensign, fuck me hard!"

Lewis jerked his hips forcefully, and reached up to take Seven's bouncing tits in his strong hands. She leaned down to give him a better grip, her legs flexed for maximum penetration as she drove his cock up inside her.

"Is this—suitable, Ensign?" she gasped. "The proper speed and urgency?"

"Oh fuck yes," Lewis responded. "I mean—yes, ma'am."

"I think we may dispense with the usual protocols," Seven told him as she swayed over him. "Fuck me. Just—continue to fuck me."

"Fuck yes!" Lewis squeezed her tits. "Seven of fucking Nine . . . I'll make you cum seven times, or nine times, whatever you want . . . oh yeah . . . assimilate my cock . . . resistance is fucking futile . . ."

Janeway hid a smile as she watched her two officers on the bed. Seven was definitely learning about human sexuality. And Lewis was giving her a powerful lesson in the powers of the male organ.

"Lewis—Ensign," Seven reared back, her tits shaking. "Will you ejaculate soon?"

"Yes ma'am." He rubbed his hands up and down Seven's sweaty hips. "Any second now. Get ready--"

"Wait!' Seven ordered. "I wish to see your semen as you spurt! I wish to taste your human cum! Let me—let me . . ." She writhed on top of Lewis's body, hands over her head. "Achieving orgasm again! Fuck the Borg! Fuck the Borg! Fuck . . ."

Her eyes glared wide, and she gazed at Janeway with something that in any other human would have been unmistakable love. Maybe, Janeway though, she was finally throwing off all her Borg programming and conditioning. This could be a good thing for everyone. And, she had to admit privately, it was very arousing to watch. Her own pussy was throbbing and hot.

Seven flung herself off of Lewis's hips and bent down to take his cock in her mouth. Lewis groaned again and let his sperm erupt, pumping it down Seven's throat as she stroked his cock to prompt more and more of it from his balls.

"Take it, Seven!" Lewis shouted. "Take it, take all of it, all my cum you gorgeous fucking Borg . . . seven . . . seven . . ."

Janeway leaned back, cumming again as Lewis spurted his load in Seven's mouth. Her cabin seemed to spin around her, as if the gravity controls had gone offline. Soon enough, though, her orgasm eased, and she sat up again, panting with satisfaction. And Seven was still drinking the cum from Lewis's cock.

"Enjoy that, Seven," she ordered. "Lick it up. Swallow it all . . ." She gazed up at the racing stars overhead. Her Borg officer would soon learn that nothing was better than a good human orgasm.

Seven wiped her face. "I do not think human sperm flying up into my face will damage my Borg implants," she said, running her hands over Lewis's muscular legs. "But do you think I should consult the Doctor?"

"No, Seven." Janeway winked at Lewis. "Unless—I assume the Doctor has talked about precautions?"

"I will not get pregnant unless I wish to." Seven looked down at Lewis's still pulsing cock. "Perhaps in the future."

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