Seven Sins


I was wearing the shortest skirt I could possibly find in my closet, and I was glad. It hit right below where my thong ended and when I danced I was sure that everyone could see more than they usually could. Perhaps that's why there was a throng of men around me, grinding on me. I was getting extremely sweaty and damp, but the throbbing music that thudded around me wouldn't let me stop dancing.

Eventually, I was too exhausted to keep grinding against them. They were all hard, watching me with huge, eager eyes that shone in the dark. I stepped back and leaned against the wall, my palms pressed against it. A young man stepped forward and smiled at me. I discovered that he had an incredibly soft mouth as he leaned forward and kissed me, just once, on the lips. He closed his eyes, and then suddenly his mouth was everywhere--littering soft kisses across my cheekbones and down my neck. I arched my back to let him land these kisses across my breasts, down my thighs, and finally one sweet kiss on my clit. For some reason, the innocence of these soft pecks made me so aroused that it was all I could do not to rip off my clothes on the dance floor.

I wondered if anyone had noticed this and discovered that it wasn't possible--there were a wall of dancing people around us, all the same men that had been grinding against me before. They were the only ones that knew what was happening, and every single one was hard, their hardness pressing eagerly against their tight jeans. I smiled to myself as I realized that this was a line of people waiting for me--including the one who had just kissed me, seven in all. Seven sins.

Number One stepped back in line and began to dance, shaking a little as he did so. I lowered my eyes as Number Two stepped forward, a smile stretched out across his features. Leaning back and closing my eyes, I almost wouldn't have noticed the hands if they weren't so cold and eager on my skin. Someone was kneeling below me, their fingers traveling up my thighs. A shudder rippled through me as their thumbs looped underneath my underwear and carefully tore it off. He stuffed the pieces in my skirt pocket and suddenly his mouth was against my clit. His lips moved around it, and the waves of pleasure whipped through me, thick and heated. His tongue poked out and my hands were in his hair, pushing him closer, closer. Finally it was too much and I screamed out loud--luckily, my voice was lost in the music. I felt myself come all over his mouth, and he wiped it off shakily with the back of his hand.

Meanwhile, the music pounded in my ears, and everyone else danced, oblivious. Number Three came toward me with a hard on so obvious that I caught my breath and dug my fingernails into the wall behind me, leaving ten crescent-shaped marks in the paint that would later be painted over. He began to lick me all over, and I purred deeply against him. The fact that his tongue was everywhere but my mouth was almost driving me insane, and I gripped his back and pulled him closer. His tongue glided across my jaw, and I shivered. Finally he dropped down and his tongue travelled up my legs, up my thighs, and stopped just at my clit. I was shaking, trembling as he gave it one coarse lick, but that was enough. I screamed again, and he pinned me against the wall as I thrashed against his mouth. I may have been exhausted somewhere, in a different universe, but in this universe I was only eager for more.

Number Four was classically horny, I could see that. He didn't need his mouth anywhere but on my mouth. He tipped his head to the side and kissed me deeply, both hands travelling up my sides and finally down to my ass so he could grind himself against me. I felt him shudder as he came so violently that his jeans were dampened. He groaned softly as he did so, gripping the soft flesh of my upper arms and thrusting just once more. I was mesmerized by him, and his thighs against me forced whimpers from between my lips. I thrust myself into his leg and slowly came, a heated orgasm that built up slowly and sweetly.

My breath came fast as Number Five stepped up. His legs were shaking, and he glanced around to see who was watching as he put both hands on my waist, cocked his head to one side, and slowly leaned in. His mouth pressed tight against mine, stealing all my breath, and he pushed me against the wall, hands all over me, but not in an unpleasant way. They flickered down my shoulders, across my arms, over my breasts, and swept down my hips. Finally he cupped his fingers around my ass and pulled me closer, his lips and tongue more passionate on mine now. He groaned softly, then a little louder as I felt him harden against me. Just as I felt like I was about to orgasm, my heart rate building until I was blind and deaf, he stepped away. My pupils even hurt from the pressure, and I brought my hand down between my legs anxiously. I couldn't let the pleasure escape--the Sins tightened into a circle around me so that no one could possibly see me and I masturbated, the groans building until I let out a yelp of extreme pleasure. Panting, I glanced up to see all the Sins staring, renewly hard.

Number Six tripped over his own feet, he was so eager to step up to the plate. the music pounded in my ears, and I leaned against the wall, nearly exhausted. But I still had two more Sins to go, and Six and Seven both looked ridiculously excited. Number Six stepped up and pressed his mouth over mine, and just as Number Five, his hands fluttered over my skin. But the touch was heated, eager, and I pressed myself into him until our flesh was one line. His hands both came down between my legs and rubbed upward, once. I cried out, and my fingers clenched around his lower back and ass. He thrust his fingers against my naked clit and this time the yelp escaped in a hiss through my teeth. Faster and faster came the pressure, until finally I thrust against him and cried out. He groaned, too, as both my hands came around his hardness and I pressed once. We leaned against each other panting and sweating. I glanced up to see my last Sin--Number Seven.

His muscles pushed against the thin membrane of a white T-Shirt, and a shudder rippled through me as I saw how hard he was. He was confident, but not irritatingly so; his swagger brought a ripple of arousal throughout me, and I shuddered in anticipation. His hands came down to unzip his jeans and free his hard cock from his boxers--it sprung up, and I swallowed. Then he loped forward and moaned softly as he pressed his mouth against mine. I groaned into him and both hands rubbed torturously up and down my waist and breasts. He fingered my hard nipples and brought down his lips to lick at them through the thin fabric of my shirt. I pressed my hands against the wall and whimpered, crying out as he finally hiked up my skirt. He shoved his cock into me, and I screamed loud enough that the Sins had to push in closer to keep everyone from seeing. He thrust upward and moaned. "Don't stop," I whispered, and he grunted in response, pushing into me faster and faster. I felt the orgasm rushing into us like a train. "Oh...oh my god...fuck me harder..." the words poured from me like the babble of music around us, and he responded with moans and both hands on my hips, riding me like I was a pony at a carnival. "Oh....oh! oh! ohhhh!" I cried out, and slid a little bit down the wall. My fingers crawled up the heated smooth plane of his stomach, and when I finally reached my climax, my fingernails dug into him. He let out a groaning sigh and slid out of me. But he wasn't done yet, of course. "Can I fuck you in the ass?" he asked, almost shyly. I turned around in response, and he lifted my skirt.

"Harder," I told him through my teeth. "Faster. Harder. Make me scream loud enough to stop the music." His fingers came around my front to rub at my clit, both palms stroking it as though it were a fretful beast. He pushed into me, hard, and I cried out, both hands pressed like prayers against the wall. He thrust again, and again, gathering speed with both his hands and his thrusts--one hand fluttered against my clit, the other massaged my breasts, while his hardened manhood thrust deep into me. I cried out and screamed; spots blotted out half my vision. He was moaning behind me. "Oh.......oh my god.....I'll never stop..." Finally, we both reached our climax, and I came all over his fingers, which he licked off. He leaned forward to kiss me and I tasted myself on his lips. His mouth over mine, he paused to whispered daintily in my ear: "See you in hell, ma'am."

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