tagSci-Fi & FantasySeven Sisters

Seven Sisters


The shrill drumming of a woodpecker's beak against hollow wood rang out from the forest canopy above. Danielle peered up curiously at the noise through the trees as she traipsed along the winding trail.

She and her sisters had been hiking for almost an hour, in search of a suitable clearing to make camp. She was the middle child of seven, all of them female. Her mother often told them that their father didn't want to stop until he'd had a son.

He must have gotten fed up with their lack of success on that front. Dani's Dad ended up walking out on the family when she was only 6, less than a year after her youngest sister was born. After that, their mother raised them on her own, deciding never again to bring another man into their lives to disappoint them.

The girls walked single file on the narrow path. They'd come out here to camp hundreds of times before, but it had been several years since their last trip. They were grown women now, and it had been a long time since the seven of them had been in the same place at once - even longer since they'd had a few days to spend with just each other. They walked in order from oldest to youngest, just as they had when they were girls.

Danielle's eldest sister Ash led the way, as she always had. She was 27 now, and still the tallest of her sisters. Her short, dark hair was gelled to look wild and unkempt, but it only made her look even prettier. She had tan skin, and always carried herself with confidence - even now, as she was having trouble remembering exactly where to find their old campsite...

Ash was the most adventurous of Danielle's sisters. She'd spent the last year and a half abroad, backpacking across several countries by herself. She was fiercely independent, and a bit of a tomboy, but also a natural leader when it came to her sisters.

Behind Ash came Bonnie, age 26. She wore her chestnut hair in a loose ponytail. It was a shade lighter than Ash's, with blonde highlights streaking through it. Bonnie was the most boisterous of the girls, quick to laugh aloud and always with an outrageous story to share. Even now she was talking animatedly, prattling on about how much fun they were going to have once they reached camp. Her big, hazel eyes gleamed as she spoke.

Dani grinned as she listened to Bo's enthused rambling. It had been too long since she'd gotten to listen to her big sister's stories.

Bo loved being the centre of attention, and so she'd become a performer, moving to New York to follow her dream of entrancing an audience on stage. She'd had some success in it, playing some large parts in a few successful plays, but still hadn't quite "made it" yet in the big city.

After Bonnie trudged Crystal, the princess. She was 24, just a year older than Danielle. Her long, auburn hair swung behind her back, almost reaching the swell of her backside. Dani could tell by the way she walked her sister was struggling. Her breath was shallow as she tried to keep pace with the others, her ample chest swaying in the tight tank top attempting to conceal it.

Crystal had grown into a woman more familiar with being looked after and spoiled than with hiking through the muck. She lived in Los Angeles now, where she worked as a model. Her most significant gig had been a prominent role in a popular rap video, which she never let anyone forget about. She always had a long line of suitors calling on her, and seemed to go through boyfriends too fast for Dani to keep track.

Danielle was much happier to get back to nature than her pampered sister. She grinned as she took in the beauty of her surroundings. She was 23, and had just finished college. Forever a book worm, Dani loved to learn and explore. She journaled as they walked, stopping to note every time they passed a new kind of lichen or beetle.

Danielle was a scholar, but also an artist. As often as she took notes, she would also stop to sketch. Art had been her chosen field in college, in fact. Her mother had worried about the practicality of it, but Dani was pragmatic, and already had several career prospects lined up.

Those could wait, however. For now, she was happy to enjoy a week in the woods with her sisters.

Behind Dani, Elliot cursed and muttered as she made her way through the leaves and twigs. The 21 year old staggered slightly as she walked. She wore large, dark sunglasses to shield her eyes from the unforgiving glare of the sun as she nursed a hangover from the night before.

Elliot was still very much a college girl, and had partied a little too hard and long on the eve of their camping trip. Dani had warned her Ash would have them up at the crack of dawn, but Elliot wasn't the kind of girl to listen to sound advice. She tucked her unkempt hair behind her ear. It hung past her shoulders, dyed black and stinking of hairspray.

Next in line was Frankie, age 19. Frankie giggled to herself every time Elliot stumbled and swore in front of her. She was a mischievous girl, and enjoyed teasing and torturing her big sisters at every opportunity. Her light brown hair was tied in two cute braids ending with long ribbons at each of her shoulders.

Her big, dark eyes always glinted playfully, and she loved to come up with games to entertain herself with. As they walked, she would balance herself on fallen logs, or skip rocks along the lake stretching out to their right, laughing as Elliot looked back at her with a judgmental scowl.

Finally, Gilly brought up the rear. She was 18, and the youngest of the flock. Shy and quiet, she didn't bring much attention to herself, and so the back of the group suited her just fine. Her dark hair hung in a long ponytail down her back, and she walked carefully, not wanting to dirty her clean, white sneakers.

Gilly had just graduated high school, and was apprehensive about striking out on her own. She was happy to spend the week with her sisters, sharing a tent with them as they gossiped and argued around her, reminding her of the comfort of childhood. Dani often looked out for her youngest sister, and worried about her while she was away at college.

"Can we... stop... for a minute?" Crystal panted as she fanned herself with one hand. "I could use a... a break."

"Again?" Ash sighed, exasperated. "We stopped twenty minutes a-" The older girl stopped mid sentence when she turned, seeing the state of her well endowed sister. Crystal's tank top was stained with sweat, and she looked as if she were on the verge of collapse.

"Fine." she conceded reluctantly, her eyes rolling. "Five minutes."

Crystal flopped down onto a fallen tree, grateful to get off her aching feet. She hadn't worn proper hiking shoes, insisting on her new, cute sandals, and the soles of her feet were screaming with pain.

Bonnie sat next to her, offered her a sip of water, and immediately began to talk her ear off. "Oh, Crys! Did I tell you about my last audition yet? I walk in, and this guy hands me a bloody axe and a chicken suit and says 'Put this on...'"

Behind Danielle, Elliot dug around in her pack, pulling out a carton of cigarettes.

"Oh, come on, Elliot! Do you have to do that now?" Dani groaned. A chorus of protests from the others joined her own.

Elliot ignored them. None of her sisters approved of her smoking, but she was a defiant girl. Just as she was about to light up, though, her cigarette was unexpectedly plucked from her lips.

"Hey!" she shouted, spinning around to face her thieving little sister.

Frankie cackled impishly as she pranced away, Elliot's smoke dangling from her fingers. Elliot gave chase, and Frankie led her in circles around Gilly, who stood frozen in fear. After a few laps, Frankie bolted in the direction they had been heading, maneuvering deftly between the rest of her sisters with Elliot in hot pursuit.

"Give it back, you little shit!" Elliot called out, as they both disappeared around a bend in the trail.

Dani heard a loud squeal, then Frankie called out - "Guys! Come quick!"

She followed the girl's voice along with the rest of her sisters, down the path and out into a large clearing. It was surrounded by trees with the lake on one side. Frankie and Elliot were standing in the middle. Elliot had reclaimed her cigarette and was lighting it, and Frankie was looking around wondrously at the pristine scenery they'd stumbled into.

"Right, I think this is a fine place to make camp." Ash decided, matter of factly. She eased her pack off her shoulders and casually let it fall to the ground.


By nightfall, the girls had set everything up. One large tent sat in the middle of the field, and they'd constructed a fire pit in front of it. They sat on rocks arranged around the fire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows while Bonnie told a scary story.

"...Suddenly, they heard a twig snap from somewhere beyond the dark trees, like someone had taken a step toward them..." she recited in a ghostly voice.

Gilly was shivering, curled up in Danielle's arms. Dani stroked her younger sister's hair soothingly, attempting to keep the girl calm. Her efforts were hindered, however, each time Frankie decided to grab Gilly by the shoulders and shout "Boo!"

"Frankie, cut it out." Ash warned from her seat by the fire. "Otherwise, I'll make you stay up with her when she can't sleep."

Frankie only laughed, and wiggled her fingers teasingly at her little sis.

Crystal sat next to Bonnie, ignoring her story and focusing on how dirty her sandals had gotten during the hike. "These were my favourite..." she mumbled, though no one was listening.

Elliot stood away from the fire, leaning against one of the trees on the edge of the clearing. She took a long drag from her cigarette, snorting and shaking her head at how childish her sisters were being.

Bonnie continued with her story. "The girls shivered by the fire, until Stephanie could feel the smelly, rasping breath of the killer on the back of her neck!"

"Excuse me, Deary..."

Elliot jumped at the sound of the old woman's voice, stumbling forward and dropping her cigarette in the dew covered grass.

She had appeared from the trees behind Elliot, as silent as a ghost. She was hunched over, wearing a loose, ragged tunic and a large shall draped around her. Her long, wrinkled fingers bore a wide assortment of large, colourful rings. "Oh, goodness! I'm so sorry, Child. I didn't mean to frighten you."

"I... I wasn't scared! You just startled me... that's all."

Frankie snorted from the campfire. "As if!" By now everyone else had noticed the stranger too.

"Would you like to come sit by the fire, Miss?" Danielle asked, standing to offer the old woman her seat.

"Oh, bless you, Child. You're too kind." She approached slowly, hunched over a crude walking stick, and settled herself on Dani's rock with a grateful sigh. "I must have gotten turned around in the trees. It's cloudy tonight... Can't see the moon worth a lick." she said as she warmed her hands on the fire.

"Can we get you anything?" Ash offered. "Food or water?"

"Oh, no, Dear. Thank you, though. Just a moment's rest to reorient myself. Do any of you happen to know which direction the river is in?"

Ash stood and looked around the clearing. "Um..."

"It's that way!" Dani interjected, pointing north, beyond their tent. "Just a ten minute walk." After they'd set up camp, she had taken the opportunity to explore the area a bit, earlier that day.

"Ah. Then that's the direction I'm meant to go." The old woman struggled back to her feet. Danielle and Bo each took an arm to help her.

"Are you sure you want to be off already? You didn't rest long." Bonnie offered.

"That's quite alright, Child. I must be off. But before I go, I must give my thanks to you lovely girls." The old crone reached into her sleeve, pulling out a small bag of powder. She took a handful and threw the contents into the fire. The flames jumped, turning a shade pinker. Gilly leaped back in reaction.

"On this night, I have received a kindness, well and true!" the woman chanted, facing the sky. She lifted her arms as she spoke. "May the Gods of the forest smile upon these precious children, and take them as their own. Give them all the gifts of pleasure deserving of the fairer sex, but hoarded by the wicked!"

Crystal and Elliot shared a bewildered look. The rest of the girls seemed just as confused.

"Thank you again, young ones. I must bid you goodbye." the stranger said, giving them each a warm, toothless smile. She shuffled away, hobbling around their tent and through the dark curtain of trees beyond. In an instant, it was as if she'd never been there.

"Well, that was... fucked up." Elliot muttered.

Dani was about to chide her sister for her comment, but the firelight caught her eye, and she found herself unable to look away. Slowly, she sat down, gazing silently into the flames.

"Elliot, don't be so... rude..." she heard Ash remark, before she too took her seat, falling silent as well.

One by one, the sisters sat, staring into the fire, none of them breathing a word.

It felt as if they'd remained there for hours, and then suddenly, Dani felt exhausted, her eyelids growing heavy. She stood slowly, and walked toward the tent. All around her, her sisters were doing the same.

Once inside, Dani stripped down to her underwear and curled up inside her sleeping bag. She heard the others murmuring weary goodnights to one another, and soon slipped into unconsciousness.


Danielle's sleep grew restless as she began to have a series of vivid, sexually explicit dreams. In her subconscious, it seemed as if she were reliving every sexual experience she'd ever had. The dreams began with her being felt up awkwardly by her first boyfriend in junior high, and progressed gradually through the list of every deadbeat she had ever let fuck her, one by one.

In the dreams, each tryst was uncomfortable and disappointing, much as it had been in reality. She came to dread each new encounter, and wanted desperately for it all to be over.

Then, suddenly, she was with a lover she didn't recognize. Right away, this one felt different. Instead of being repulsed, she felt herself becoming aroused. As they moved together, her excitement grew, until she was thrusting eagerly into her mysterious partner.

She realized, then, that she wasn't the one being fucked this time, she was the one doing the fucking. She pumped her hips, impaling her faceless lover over and over again.

'This feels incredible!' she thought to herself, as she fucked the willing stranger. The other person's face was obscured in darkness, but she found herself longing to see it - to kiss the mysterious person who was bringing her such pleasure.

Reaching for the stranger's neck, she pulled her into the light, and was shocked to find herself looking down into her own whimpering, sweat soaked face. She was fucking herself, and suddenly, she could feel her pleasure and arousal double. She could feel herself fucking and being fucked, and her vision grew blurry as ecstasy quickly washed over her...

Dani's eyes flickered open gradually as she slowly began to wake. It took her a moment to remember where she was - in the tent with the rest of her sisters. She could still feel the arousal her dream had caused. She lay on her side, her face felt flushed, and her body was sweating beneath her sleeping bag.

She could feel a tightness in her panties that she didn't recognize, but it made her tremble with desire. She pressed herself harder against the material as it strained against something hot and throbbing between her legs.

Her mind still felt foggy with sleep, and confusion soon combined with her arousal. She reached beneath the covers and into her underwear, wrapping her delicate fingers around a warm, rigid shaft of flesh.

The touch made her hips jolt, and she let out a quiet moan. Her brow crinkled, and she flung off the flap of her sleeping bag, looking down at her sensitive crotch.

Even through the darkness of the tent, it was clear to Dani immediately what was sticking out from between her thighs. She gaped as she looked down upon a hard, massive cock clutched tightly in her hand.

Dani let out a surprised yelp, pulling her panties down to get a better view. She moved her hand beneath her new appendage, and found her pussy still where it had always been, blocked from view now by her massive penis, and soaking wet with arousal.

'What the hell is happening?' she thought, as her hand returned to her throbbing cock. The pussy cream on her fingertips made her grip slippery, and she shuddered as she stroked them along the pulsing shaft.

Fully awake now, Dani started to become more aware of her surroundings. She could hear her sisters moving in the darkness. There was a squeal of surprise somewhere behind her, and hushed murmurs she couldn't make out.

She heard a voice in front of her, somewhere close in the darkness. "Oh God, Frankie... What are you doing to me? Don't stop..."

Dani sucked in her breath. Was that Gilly's voice she'd just heard? Her baby sister sounded as aroused as Danielle felt!

Whispered moans were beginning to rise all around her, now. She began to pump her cock faster, without even realizing she was doing it. And then, she felt someone's arm encircling her waist, and a warm hand resting on her bare stomach.

Dani shivered, but rolled back into the embrace, moaning quietly.

"Do you have one too?" she heard someone whisper, just behind her ear. She was so aroused now, she couldn't speak, and so she nodded vigorously.

The body behind her drew closer, and she felt naked flesh press into her own. Soft breasts flattened against her back, but something harder and hotter was rubbing insistently between her moistening thighs.

"I... I can't help myself, Dani... I... I'm sorry..." the voice whispered, then hot, desperate lips were kissing furiously at the nape of her neck.

Dani groaned, and pushed herself back, reaching behind her to embrace the stranger in the dark. She tilted her head back, and saw her sister's face, pink with arousal, staring down at her.

"El-elliot..?" she stammered, her voice low and throaty despite herself. Her younger sibling bit her lip, looking ashamed, but continued to press herself insistently between Dani's legs, coaxing them apart.

"Elliot! Wh-what are you doing? We... we c-c-can't!!"

Without responding, Elliot lowered her face, taking Dani's lips in a hungry kiss. Dani was stunned, but couldn't help returning Elliot's embrace, moaning as their mouths opened and their tongues shot out in search of each other.

Dani's thighs spread willingly, sticky with pussy cream, and she felt Elliot's searing shaft slice against her slick pussy, making them both grunt with pleasure.

Elliot slid her hand up Dani's body, under her shirt to cup a naked breast in her palm, and positioned her cock clumsily against the older girl's cunt. They pulled their lips apart, gasping for air, and looking into one another's faces, searching for any hint of apprehension.

Elliot must not have seen any in Dani's face, because she plunged forward, stabbing her hard cock deep into her sister's gooey snatch. Dani threw her head back, letting out a wail of ecstasy as she felt herself being stretched around the massive shaft.

At first, she was afraid her cry would wake the rest of her sisters, but then she realized the tent was now alive with their moans of pleasure as well.

With her eyes adjusting to the darkness, she could see in front of her, now. Frankie was laying on top of Gilly, and the two younger girls were making out furiously. Their hands worked busily between them, and muffled whimpers frequently escaped their fastened lips.

She could hear the others, too, though they were behind Elliot, and out of sight for the moment. She wanted to see them as well, but her sister now had her wrapped tightly in her arms, her hips rutting wildly as she fucked Dani from behind.

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