tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSeventh Heaven Birthday Party Ch. 02

Seventh Heaven Birthday Party Ch. 02


I've had numerous requests for Part 2, so finally here it is!

Ruthie was laughing and splashing around in the pool. Everyone was naked and she was in sensory sexual overload. It was like she was at a smorgasbord and the way everyone was looking at her, she was the main course.

Matt, Kevin and Carlos surrounded her and the closer they got, she felt their stiff cocks brushing up against her. Matt reached out and picked Ruthie up in her strong arms and planted her on the edge of the pool.

Her long dark brown hair was draped across her large full breasts and brushed her full thighs.

Matt slid in-between her thighs and reaching up draped them over his shoulders.

She giggled and bracing her arms behind her, threw her head back, closed her eyes and just took in the expert cunt lapping her oldest brother was inflicting on her pussy.

Carlos hopped out of the pool and flopped down next to Ruthie and leaned in and gave her a full open-mouthed kiss. He attacked her neck and slid down to her full firm tits and began sucking on her small capped tits. He loved her huge nipples that popped out from the tiny aureoles.

Kevin slipped out and knelt down beside her. Combing her long hair from her face, he turned her head and gently traced her full bee-stung lips with her fingers. Her lips were freshly painted with a bright red lip-gloss. Her lips parted and she sucked his finger into her mouth. Withdrawing his finger he knelt up and poised his thick cock at the entrance to her mouth. Just like his finger, he traced her lips with his cock and she opened her mouth once again and sucked his cock into her mouth.

Even though she was inexperienced in sucking cock, she took to it like a duck to water. Her breathing was labored, but she tried to get it under control. Her head bobbed back and for the and she was breathing through her nose as her saliva was gripping off Kevin's cock and landed on her large firm tit.

Ruthie pulled off Kevin's cock when she felt Matt's tongue capture her clit and flick it back and forth. Throwing her head back she came all over her brother's tongue.

Carlos loved sucking on her tits, but didn't like having all of her saliva landing on his head as she resumed sucking on Kevin's cock. Standing up he dove back into the pool and coming up for air found Sarah and Rose standing before him.

Rose let out a moan; "Mmmm Look Sarah what we have to share, seeing your husband is busy with his baby sister, what do you think?"

Sarah looked over at Matt, his head still buried between Ruthie's thighs. She placed her hands flat on his chest, running them up and down his well-muscled body; "You're right Rose, I've always loved them tall, dark and handsome." Her hands slipped down and cupped his stiff cock; "Oh yes Rose, I think he'll be just what you and I are looking for. Both Matt and Simon are so fucking big, just like their father is, I think it will be nice to try a cock in our pussies that will be a little finesse instead of fucking a bull!"

Rose giggled as she threw her arms around Carlos' neck; "I think you're right Sarah, maybe we can relax and fuck back instead of just lying there and holding on for dear life!" She leaned in and closed her full lips on Carlos' lips and they opened and met her tongue.

The kiss grew more heated as Sarah closed the distance and wrapping her arms around him from behind, pressing her extremely firm tits against his back and reaching down, grasped his cock in her hands and pumped it up and down. Her lips attacked the nape of his neck and he moaned loudly into Rose's mouth.

Martin snuck in behind Annie and wrapping his arms about her lush body, ran his stick cock up and down her ass crack.

Annie let out a gasp and braced her hands on the edge of the pool and lifting one leg, wiggled back and impaled her extremely wet pussy on Martin's stiff cock. She turned her head to the side and catching Martin's mouth with her own, they swapped spit and tongues dueled back and forth.

Martin swept her long curly wet blonde hair from her neck, breaking the kiss; he attacked her neck as he started pumping his extremely thick cock in and out of her tight pussy.

Annie now leaned over, bracing both hands on the edge of the pool and pushed back, giving and taking all Martin could give!

His hands wrapped around her and captured her huge swaying tits floating on the top of the water.

Eric followed Mary and Sandy out of the pool. Mary toweled off her long dark auburn hair. She threw her long hair over her shoulder and took a seat on one of the lounge chairs. She looked up and she had to shade her eyes from the sun to see who was standing beside the lounger. She smiled when she saw it was her dad; "Well dad after our little bet together in the car, I thought we were getting together. I was in Ruthie's room and looking down by the pool I saw you seducing Sarah there, what happened?"

He chuckled; "Yes I know, I sort of made a deal with Matt. I told him I'd seduce Sarah so he could have free reign with the rest of you ladies. He promised to cool it unless she broke the deal, well you saw what happened. I'm here now to pick up where we left off, what do you think?"

She looked at the pool and saw Rose and Sarah ravishing her husband. Looking back at Eric smiled up at him; "What the hell, bring that big cock over here dad. God knows I love Carlos and his big cock, but it can't compare with yours, Matt's and Simon's!"

Eric took a step forward and she gripped his cock, her fingers wrapped around his cock, they barely met, but she had large hands and spiting on her hand began to stroke his cock.

She leaned over ran her tongue around his huge cockhead. Her silky lips wrapped around his head and placing her hand on Eric's ass, pulled him closer to her. Inch by inch her lips enveloped his cock and it disappeared into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and with all of the practice she's had with Eric, Matt and Simon, she relaxed her throat muscles and Eric's long cock entered her throat and after a minute or so she had her nose buried in his belly. Her lips looked like a large fish as her lip strained to take more and more of his shaft in her mouth.

Mary's eyes shot wide open and she let out a loud groan around Eric's cock. Sandy who was watching the other, daughter going at it, couldn't sit still any longer. She climbed onto the lounge chair and buried her head between Mary's sleek thighs. She instantly found Mary's wet slit and ran her tongue up and down it. Uncovering her ripe red clit, she sucked it between her lips and flicked it back and forth, side to side and Mary was already close to cumming from Sandy's expert mouth.

Mary let go of Eric's ass and dug her fingers into Sandy's dripping blonde locks. She slowed her sucking and concentrated on the mouth eating her quaking cunt. She humped her hips uncontrollably and slightly pulled off Eric's cock and leaning back on the lounger, Eric followed her.

Eric slipped from her mouth and he threw his one leg over the chair and straddling the lounger scooted higher and once again fed Mary his cock. Her mouth opened and accepted his cock. He reached down and began playing with her tits that swayed back and forth as she shook, closer and closer she came to cumming. Her eyes rolled back in her head and sucking harder on Eric's cock moaned as she came all over Sandy's expert tongue.

Eric looked back and saw the tight firm ass of Sandy's wiggling back and forth as her head was still buried between Mary's thighs. Pulling out of Mary's mouth, he stepped from the longer and moved back behind Sandy. Gripping her hips he lined his cock up with her gorgeous ass and finding her dripping cunt, shoved forward and she let out a blood curdling scream.

Her tight pussy was suddenly impaled on Eric's cock. Holding her steady, he slid in deeper and deeper.

Mary stroked her wet blonde locks and caressed her face; it was masked in lust and pain as she took the enormous cock into her tight, tiny body.

Eric was beside himself as he pumped faster and faster. He was buried in her cunt, which was foaming around his cock as she came once and was already racing towards another explosive orgasm.

Sandy was moaning constantly as she once again attacked Mary's cunt. It was a swamp from her juices and Sandy's saliva,

Eric was sweating all over the place as he raced towards another orgasm. Gripping her hips he thrust hard into her one more time and started empting his balls in her tight, tiny pussy.

She screamed as she felt him fill her and she sucked hard on Mary's clit, bring her to another crashing orgasm.

Eric stood up, still buried deep in Sandy's cunt. They were both covered in sweat and cum. Leaning down he caught her by the back of her knees and lifting her, still buried in her and jumped into the pool.

Sandy let out a laughing scream and surfaced laughing and slapping at him.

Mary jumped in to join the two and the three of them were laughing and splashing about. The three of them slowly got out of the pool and they took a seat on the loungers and watched the others sucking and fucking in the pool.

While all of this was going on Simon pulled Lucy out of the pool and the two of them snuck up to the garage apartment. Luckily when Lucy jumped into the pool earlier, she was able to keep her hair dry seeing she had it pinned up.

Even though they were now both adults and both married, they entered the apartment laughing and giggling like school kids.

Simon grabbed Lucy by the waist and tossed her playfully into the bed. Her gorgeous long silky blonde hair came tumbling down. It was draped down across her tight body. After having her child, her breasts grew larger and luckily for her, they stayed firm and high on her chest.

Lucy was laying on her back staring up at her younger brother. She raised her hand up and lovingly swept a stray lock of hair from his forehead. Running her hand behind his head she drew him down to her. Their lips met in a soft loving kiss. As the kiss grew, their lips parted her tongue darted in and out of his mouth and she retreated.

Simon now increased the kiss and began tongue-fucking her mouth like he wanted to do to her extremely wet pussy that was grinding up against his hairy thigh. He broke the kiss and planted tiny kisses on her forehead, nose, chin and lips again. Pulling back he gently swept her hair from her face; "My god you are gorgeous Lucy, I could get lost in those gorgeous blue eyes of yours. Your face looks so perfect, you are the epitome of the girl next door and Kevin has to be the luckiest guy in the world. I'm the second luckiest guy in the world!"

Lucy has a quizzical look on her face; "So tell me Simon, why are you the second luckiest guy in the world?"

He had a sly smile on his face and again planting a soft kiss on her full lips said; "Well while everyone else is down by the pool, I'm the only one up here with you, getting ready to make slow sweet love to!"

She broke out in a huge smile and as she was about to speak, he cut her off with a kiss that made her toes curl. When he broke the kiss they were both out of breath and he moved to her long graceful neck and she let out a long coo when his tongue slipped out and ran it down her neck to the tops of her large firm tits.

Lucy arched her back when Simon closed his lips over her fat puckered nipples. He caught one between his teeth and holding it there lightly, his tongue flicked at it back and forth, back and forth and Lucy groaned and ran her slim fingers though his shaggy hair.

Simon moved to her other nipple and Lucy anticipated what was coming and crushed his head to her swelling breast. While he was sucking on her second nipple, his hand snuck down and covered her dripping pussy.

Lucy hissed out and couldn't decide what she wanted to arch against Simon, her tits or her pussy. Her pussy won out as she wiggled her hips and arched her back driving her pussy against his fingers.

Simon parted her tight-lipped cuntlips and wiggling his fingers, he slowly slipped into her heated pussy.

"Oh my god Simon, I think I'm the luckiest woman on earth right now and I'm jealous of Rose, she gets this treatment all the time. Oh fuck Simon, you're playing my body perfectly and although Kevin is a very food lover, I can't wait to get one of those huge Camden cocks in my pussy. Please, please Simon, fuck me now!"

Simon shook his head no as he slipped lower and planted kisses on her extremely flat belly. He took a deep breath and could smell her sex seeping from between her legs. He was about to lock his mouth on her pussy and Lucy tugged at his hair; "No, no Simon, if you want to lick my pussy, I want to suck that gorgeous cock of yours at the same time!"

Simon started laughing; "Oh, oh, please, please Lucy you're twisting my arm!"

She started giggling and slapped him playfully on the shoulder; "Alright smarty pants, you want me on top or the bottom?"

She let out a screech as Simon gripped her body and he rolled over onto his back. Lucy was lying on top of him and she scurried around and gripped his cock as she lowered her dripping pussy to his mouth.

Lucy let her hot breath bathe Simon's cock, her lips got closer and closer to his straining cock. Just as her lips came in contact with his cock, she jerked off it suddenly because Simon's long tongue stabbed into Lucy's tight lipped pussy.

When he entered her slit, it was like opening a spigot on a faucet. Her thick, hot creamy cum came gushing onto his tongue and coating his lips. He gripped her tight ass and caressed it. Coating a finger Simon rubbed it around and around her puckered hole. He eased it in and stopped when he felt the hot wet mouth of Lucy's envelope his cock.

His ears nearly popped when he felt the insane sucking Lucy was putting on his cock. Her cheeks were concaved as she sucked on his cock.

With a loud pop she came off his cock and let out a loud groan. Simon's tongue reentered her pussy and his lips sucked nearly as hard as she did, drawing her thick cream from her hole. She ran her lips and tongue up and down his huge shaft as if playing a harmonica. She had it completely coated in her saliva and then opening her mouth as wide as she could she vigorously began fucking her mouth and throat with his shaft. She gagged and made a swooshing and gagging sound as the thickest saliva in the back of her throat coated his cockhead and slid down his shaft, dripping onto his balls and slipping between his tight ass cheeks.

For the next ten minutes Lucy and Simon performed oral sex on each other. Lucy lost count on how many times she came, but Simon seeing he already came twice with Ruthie and concentrating on pleasuring Lucy was able to keep from cumming.

Totally drained Lucy pulled his saliva drenched cock from her mouth and slid her swamp-like cunt from Simon's slime-covered face.

She spun around and kissed Simon, licking her own juices from his face and kissing him again, fed him her own juices. She wiggled her hips and her weeping cunt came in contact with his cock.

Simon shifted his hips under her as if his cock was a heat-seeking missile and her cunt was the target, it slipped between her tight folds and when she moved slightly to the left, his large cockhead penetrated her pussy and she threw her head back and slowly settled down upon his thighs.

Simon let out a load moan; "Oh fuck Lucy, we've done this hundreds of times and every time we fuck, I can't believe just hot tight and incredibly hot your pussy is. I just want to lie here and enjoy how your hot, tight pussy clutches and squeezes my cock, but I can't do that. I have to move, I have to feel how my cock slides in and out of your slick, tight pussy. Hold on Lucy, we're about to fuck each other into tomorrow!"

She let out a laugh and a sigh as she felt Simon begin to move. Slowly at first, he pulled back with a long slide downward and then pushed back, just as slowly sending his huge cock back into her, all the way down to his root. Once there he ground his hips against her stiff clit and she ground back just as hard.

She placed her hands on Simon's chest and pinched his nipples and her long slinky blonde hair floated over his upper torso turning him on even more.

His eyes locked on her gorgeous blue eyes and drifted to her angelic face, her beautiful full firm tits and her tiny tight pussy as it swallowed up his huge cock. He couldn't believe how this tiny, girl next door could possibly take all twelve inches in her cunt, but time and time again she did and always came back for more.

Lucy's mouth was hanging open as she came closer to cumming again; every nerve in her body was amplified as she concentrated on Simon's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She fell against him and her tits were against his face.

He sucked on her perfect nipples and with her ass off his thighs and up in the air, it gave him room and he now began thrusting his hips and groin up and down as fast as he could. The entire tiny apartment was filled with the sound of their heavy breathing and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

Taking a real deep breath and letting it out really slow she came all over his cock and rolled off of him. It was too late as Simon stared cumming at the same time. His cock started shooting like a fire-hose that was dropped on the ground. Its first squirt shot out and shot across her slim thigh and landed on her tight tiny ass. The next shot hit her on the belly and landed on her sweat covered tits as he rolled over onto her back.

Simon on weak knees got up and hovered over her sand the next three volleys hit her firm tits and landed on neck and some even landed on her angelic face.

She licked at it and fell back basking in the afterglow of her brother's incredible lovemaking!

Simon fell next to her and snuggling against her, nibbled at her shoulder and neck.

Carlos was lying on a blanket as he guided the slim firm body of Rose's up and down on his cock. Her long wet hair was flying all about as she came closer and closer to cumming.

Carlos was holding off as long as possible. He wanted to make her cum before shooting his potent cum in her tight pussy. Reaching up he palmed her firm tits and tugging at them, forced her to bend down and feed him her tight morsels. He pumped into her deeper and faster and she let out a loud moan and started cumming all over his cock.

Carlos let out a long groan and looked up at Sarah who was lying on a lounge chair driving two fingers in and out of her foaming, sticky pussy! He lost it and pumped his heavy load into Simon's bride.

Not far from them Kevin was on the edge of one of the lounge chairs, his hands were gently combing his fingers through the long curly locks of his sister-in-law, Ruthie.

She was on her knees and was being taken from both ends. She was running her full swollen bee-stung lips up and down Kevin's cock, taking his entire length into her throat, her tiny hand pumped up and down and he was nearly ready.

Matt, her oldest brother was behind the petite brunette. He held her hips firmly in his grasp as he pounded her pussy from behind. Their sweat covered bodies slapped hard against each other. He could not believe his youngest sister; nearly a virgin was taking his entire cock onto her tiny body.

Ruthie had cum so many times already from Matt's tongue, already came twice from his cock and another was quickly approaching. Her cum was running down her legs and as Kevin came in her mouth, she collapsed against him.

Matt let out a loud growl and started cumming in her pussy, shooting off like a rocket, his cum overflowed in her cunt and began squirting out of the sides of her swollen and well-fucked pussy.

Eric slid out of Mary and stood before the entire Camden clan; "Your attention please, I would like to thank all of you who came from near and far today to celebrate the youngest Camden female's eighteenth birthday. She is now officially a Camden female adult and over the next several weeks I hope all of you help induct her in the ways of our family. I have to go now, find Lucy and the two of us need to work on this week's sermon, it should be easy, it's love they neighbor!"

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