Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 02


Standing alongside the bed were Kevin, Ben and Ruthie, all naked and watching in awe as Lee shot his cum all over their wife, sister-in-law and sister.

As Lee finished the three of them began to applaud and Lee collapsed to the bed beside Lucy as she smiled up at the three admirers, totally spent and finally satisfied.

Once Lee and Lucy recovered and regained some of their composure, Lee took Ruthie by the hand and led her to the other bedroom while Kevin and Ben joined the sedated Lucy on the bed before them.

Ruthie was hotter than a firecracker from watching the black detective she had admired for many years. She pushed him to the bed where Kevin and Ben just finished fucking her earlier. She climbed up onto the bed and gripped his semi-stiff, cum coated cock in her tiny hand. Lowering her incredibly thick, full lips, she enveloped his cock in her mouth and she loved the taste of her sister and Lee's cum covering his cock. Her tongue whipped around and around the thick shaft; up and down she went until she had every drop of their creamy mixture in her mouth and down her throat. Popping her mouth off his cock she looked up at him with those gorgeous large dark eyes and smiled; "Now that I cleaned all of Lucy and your cum from this gorgeous cock, let me see if I can get it as messy as Lucy did!"

Lee let out a loud groan and his large hands wound around her thick dark curly locks and threw his head back as he felt her hot, wet mouth envelope his now stiff cock.

In the other room Ben was between her thighs as he sucked the remnants of Lee's cum form her pussy and now proceeded to suck he newly formed cum from her pussy as he licked, sucked and tongue-fucked her tight, wet hole.

Up above Kevin cradled his bride's head in his hands as he fucked her mouth with her cock, it had a slightly bitter taste as he had just shot his load in Ruthie's tight ass. She suddenly recognized the taste and it turned her on even more as she swallowed her husband's cock down her throat. She moaned wildly as she felt Ben captured her clit and felt his fingers enter her pussy and ass at the same time.

Lucy's hips humped up and down as she felt Ben's fingers slip into her pussy and ass. She sucked harder on Kevin's cock and ripping her mouth off of Kevin's cock she groaned out; "Enough, enough of fingers and oral sex. I want these cocks in me and I want them now!"

Kevin climbed up onto the bed and rolled Lucy over and on top of him. Gripping her tight ass cheeks he guided her dripping pussy atop his saliva covered cock.

Lucy through her head back, her long silky blonde hair cascaded over her trim back and she let out a loud guttural moan as she slid her tight pussy down upon Kevin's stiff cock. She started rolling her hips back and forth, rubbing her stiff clit against him. She rose up slightly allowing him to pump in and out of her as fast as he could.

Ben climbed up behind her and reaching up gathered her hair in one fist and holding it like a ponytail pulled back and connected with her tight ass. Wiggling and shoving as hard he could finally wedged his cock past the outer ring of her ass. He felt her tighten and when she relaxed slightly, he shoved forward and slid halfway into her ass.

Kevin loved DP, just like Ben and he just did to Ruthie. He loved how the two of them worked in tandem, as Ben pulled back, he pushed forward. When he pulled back, Ben pushed further in. Back and forth, back and forth the two brothers played her like a fine instrument.

Lucy threw her head back and started cumming covering Kevin's cock with her thick rich cream. She paused long enough to allow Ben to pick up the pace and he could not stop.

Ben gripped Lucy's tiny trim hips and felt Lucy's asshole tighten around hos cock. He bit his lower lip and started pounding her ass harder and harder. The faster he went, the deeper he went and when he felt her cumming all over his brother's cock, he lost in and started emptying his cum filled balls deep in her ass.

Lucy screamed out when she felt Ben filling her ass; "Oh fuck Ben, I love how your cum fills my ass, I needed this so fucking bad!" She leaned down and closed her mouth over Kevin's, her tongue darted out and entering his mouth, she pulled back; "Now you Kevin, fill my cunt with your hot cum and let me die gloriously happy!"

Kevin, always loving a challenge began pumping up and down into her foaming pussy. Leaning in he captured one of her large nipples and sucking it in-between his lips, sucked hard and as he felt her cumming again, he lost it and started filling her womb with his cum. The three of them fell to the bed in a mass of sweating, panting bodies.

In the other room Ruthie had her head buried in the pillow, she was groaning loudly into it as Detective Michaels was pounding away at her pussy like a man possessed.

The room was filled with the sound of his skin slapping against her full, tight ass. He slapped it occasionally as he heard her let out another yelp and he plowed into her pussy even faster and deeper. He felt her cumming around his cock and when he slipped a finger into her asshole, it intensified her orgasm even more.

Pulling out of her, his cock was completely covered in her cum. He rolled her over onto her back and gripping her legs pushed them back till her knees where beside her ears. Her pussy was exposed and pointing straight at the ceiling.

Lee rose up and was poised above her dripping cunt. Gripping his thick black cock he slowly lowered his cock into her pussy. He loved watching his black cock disappear into her pink and white pussy.

Swallowing up his cock, she bit down on her lower lip and squeezed her own tits. Her eyes focused on his cock and letting out a loud groan started cumming yet again.

When Lee felt her pussy tighten around his cock he couldn't hold off any longer. Looking down at the gorgeous teenager beneath him he smiled weakly and he quickly pulled his cock from her pussy, it made an obscene sound and he started shooting his heavy load all over her belly, tits and face. When he was finished he smiled down at his handy work. Her body was covered in his thick white spunk and he could not believe how gorgeous she looked.

Ruthie smiled up at him, she scooped up a large glob of cum from her cheek and staring up at Lee licked it clean; "Mmmmm doesn't taste like chocolate! Detective Michaels, we're having a 25th anniversary party in a couple of weeks at my parent's house, I'd love to invite you, I'm sure you'll have a great time!"

He laughed; "Ruthie, please call me Lee and I'd love to come and cum. Lucy already invited me, but it was nice for you to invite me too, just give me a jingle when it is and I'd love to be there.

Coming up next Annie and T-bone, Eric with Jane and Margaret and the anniversary party.

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