tagGroup SexSeverely Testing Her Limits Pt. 03

Severely Testing Her Limits Pt. 03


After pushing the elevator button at O Industries, stepping in and taking a moment to nod pleasantly at the other people filing in around her, Krystal wondered again how in hell she'd ever landed a job, a very well-paying job – she reminded herself – that focused solely on sexual gratification, specifically what got people off the hardest and the best.

Working as a virtual human test dummy, she had no idea what waited in store for her today. It could be anything, she winced – eeesh – literally anything. And seeing as she'd foolishly ticked off every last box on her application form, indicating she'd be up for it all, she knew she could count on more than a few erotic surprises.

Alighting from the elevator, she spotted handsome Dr. Anderson walking down the hallway and they exchanged smiles as he walked her to one of the test rooms. "Recovered okay from your last session, I hope?" he asked her as they stepped inside.

Although she nodded that she had, the last time she'd been here, her legs had almost failed her after she'd been strapped into an experimental new sex swing and taken tag-team style by a pair of insanely well hung studs, who'd worked her into an orgasm so incredibly powerful, she wondered how she hadn't been carried out on a stretcher. In fact, she had still been shaking like a junkie in need of a fix by the time she'd finally made her way home that night. And it had felt like days before her poor overworked pussy and butthole had stopped quivering. Sheesh, what a crazy job.

Putting a hand on her shoulder as she took a seat, the doctor said, "I don't think I can tell you enough, how much we appreciate your willingness to try whatever we ask of you, Krystal. So many test subjects claim they're willing to try it all, but until you, I don't think anyone has ever been as game."

She managed a smile. Great. So she was the best little test monkey they had. No wonder they did so many crazy, kinky, outlandish things to her.

After searching through a few drawers in one of the small storage units, he pulled out an odd looking little apparatus and said, "Have you ever experimented with having your clitoris stimulated, Krystal?"

She thought back, wondering if her own fingers counted, quickly deciding probably not. "No, except for when you used that vibrator on me the first time I came here." And lordy, had she ever come hard that time, like a freaking tornado had torn through her, leaving her flattened.

Nodding as he straightened the straps out in his hands, he warned her, "Well, I think you'll find this a little more... uh, taxing, might be the best word, I guess."

Taxing her pussy, huh. Now that was a pretty novel concept. She wondered if the idea had occurred to Uncle Sam yet. Every person with a snatch would have to pay a special levy for the privilege. But she had a feeling that also wasn't what he meant.

Since she'd already changed out of her street clothes into the usual paper robe she was always asked to wear, holding the device in his hand, he asked, "Can I ask you to take that off, so I can fit you with this now?"

Nodding compliantly, she shrugged out of the robe, long past feeling shy around him, since he'd seen everything she owned, from her vagina to her asshole, well maybe except for her tonsils. "Will it hurt?" she asked, eyeing the pink elastic harness that held what looked like a small plastic electronic device attached to it with a few wires.

He shook his head. "It shouldn't, but as always, if you get too uncomfortable, you just let me know and I'll turn it off."

"So, you'll be controlling it?"

Smiling, he nodded his head. "Yes. In normal situations your sexual partner would be the one in control. This little device is very popular in the BDSM community where a Dom might mete out whatever he thinks is fair to his sub."

The little hairs on the back of her neck stood on end the moment he said that, hoping she'd never have a Dom of her own to contend with, since the weirdness in this place was plenty kinky enough for her. "Okay..." she finally agreed.

He helped her step into it then, pulling the straps snugly around her waist, asking her to spread her legs so that he could affix the little device against her clit. Once he'd run his fingers along the top of her pussy to be sure it was firmly affixed, with that done, he nodded his satisfaction. "Now, once I turn this on, it should give your clitoris a stimulating tingling sensation that can range anywhere from a slight tingle to a more shocking zap, I guess is the only way to describe it. And I'd like it if we could try to go through all the levels and see how you feel about each one."

Not too sure how she felt about having her pussy zapped like a freaking mosquito in a bug zapper, she still nodded her consent, and said, "Sure, let's give it a try."

Then she frowned realizing that her pussy was already dripping wet at just the idea of being stimulated. And the thought of possibly dying from an electrocuted snatch ran through her head. And wouldn't that be an interesting obituary notice: Girl dies from fatal pussy shocking. But what a way to go, an orgasm so electrically charged that she'd actually conk out and go tits up.

Drawing her attention back to the task at hand, he said, "Okay, here goes," turning the dial on the controller. "So, how does that feel? Pleasurable?"

Oh, fuck, yeah. Getting into to it, she actually rolled her eyes. Already she could easily detect her heart beating a little faster as her pussy began to quiver and gently hum. It felt incredibly good, and so kinky and erotic to know that someone else was in control of producing this amazing feeling. Finally she told him, "Actually, it uh, feels pretty nice."

He nodded and jotted it down on the note pad on his clip board. "Now, how about when I turn it up?" He carefully watched her face, as her eyes flew open just a little wider.

Oh, fuck me. She could feel her cunt now pulsing like a delectable second heartbeat. "Hmmm," she murmured, "Oh, yeah, that feels really good."

Nodding, he took another note, before he said, "And this," cranking it up just a little more.

"Fuck," she blurted out loud before she could even stop herself. Although it was just this side of painful, it still felt so crazy fucking good. A machine specifically designed to give orgasms, and yet they still didn't know how to stop bread from growing moldy. What a world. "Oh, wow," she moaned, trying to find the words as her legs began to shake. "That feels sooo crazy good."

After a quick jot again, he cranked it up even higher, "And would you say this still feels good?"

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," she shrieked, her cunt and poor clit were pulsing so hard, she wondered if it they'd leap right off her. "Oooh, ooh, ah," she cried out, trying to hold it together, scrunching her hands up tight at her sides. "I don't know. This is hitting me really hard. It's like an orgasm on steroids. Fuuuuck!!"

He chuckled as he wrote his notes this time and said, "Just one more, okay? And you may want to lie down for this."

Despite her legs still shaking after that last zapping he'd subjected her to, she didn't argue as she slid onto her back on the plastic covered bed, wondering just how bad it was going to get if he suggested she lay down. And when he cranked it up to the max this time, she opened up her mouth and started singing soprano, which she'd never done in her life, the thing was making her entire pussy tingle so damn fucking hard. Like a lightning bolt had struck her right between the legs, and just wouldn't let go. Frantically waving her arms around she blurted, "No, I'm sorry, I can't. It's just too much. My entire fucking cunt feels like it's being electrocuted and fried to shit."

Nodding his head, grinning, he quickly turned it off, patting her knee as he jotted down her last few comments. "Well, you did great, Krystal. And if you wouldn't mind, I'll need you to keep that in place for now."

Her pussy still pulsing hard enough that she swore she could feel it in her throat, and possibly even behind her eyeballs, she numbly nodded her head, trying her best to actually breathe again. "Sure."

He handed her a bottle of water, eyeing her carefully. "You okay?"

Slightly gasping, fighting to catch her breath, after nearly emptying the bottle in one gulp, she managed to get out, "I think so." Although if asked, her pussy probably would disagree after the nearly fatal erotically charged torture it had just been put through.

Once her breathing seemed to be returning to normal, he reached into the drawer again, pulling out another clear plastic bag with two little round discs inside. "Now, I have some nipple stimulators that perform similarly. And I'd like for you to try them independently and then with the clitoral stimulation to see how you find it, if you'd be okay with that."

Oh fuck, now her pussy and tits were both going to have the shit shocked out of them. How damn crazy was this job? Some women might hate working at a dead boring computer job, mindlessly typing all day, but at least they went home with their pussies and boobs intact, still able to breathe.

Dr. Anderson then reached for her hands to help her into a sitting position. Giving her a smile, he said, "I want you to know, you're doing really good today, Krystal." She'd have to take his word for it, because right now, she wondered if the grim reaper was leafing through the big book he kept, eyeing her name, knowing her junk was on the chopping block, with what the good doctor had in store for her next.

Then he was affixing the two nipple covers to her nipples, making her very aware of the warmth of his hands. Adjusting them till they were sufficiently covered, he told her, "Now, this should feel good, at least at first."

Yeah, then he'd fry her tits off, she got it. "Okay, go for it," she said, hoping he was at least being honest about the good part. Then he was turning a button on another little remote. And holy smokes, she nodded her head, beginning to smile, it felt pretty damn nice. Like someone was sucking her tits just right. "Oh, yeah," she said, "that feels really good."

Nodding, he took note. Then he was cranking it up again. "And this? Still feel good?"

This time the tingling went all the way through her breasts, seeming to radiate along her spine straight to her pussy. But damn, it felt good, too. Stronger, but still pretty amazing. "Yeah, that's good. I like it. And I can feel the hum of it down below, too."

Nodding, he took down all her comments. Then he picked up the controller again.

Okay. She winced. Hello zapper, good-bye boobies. And this time it did sting, and the last and final time even more. So having completed the tit-torture portion of the program he said, "Now, we're going to leave those in place for what we'll be doing next."

"Next?" Fuck, how much more did he think she could take? Her poor little snatch and overstimulated boobs were already throbbing pretty damn hard as it was.

Reaching for the remotes, he explained, "Used correctly, set at the right stimulation level, these two can provide a pretty powerful orgasm."

Okay, now he had her attention. "Did you just say they could give me an even better orgasm?"

"Extremely powerful orgasm," he corrected.

Fuck, where do I sign up? Go ahead and work my junk till it screams, doc. "Oh, okay, I'd be up for trying that." Oh, god, would she ever.

"Okay, good. Now you may want to stay on your back on the bed, just in case."

Wow. So now he was talking – a full-fledged electrically induced, debilitating orgasm. "Ready," she told him, then clutching the plastic sheet between her fingers, she anxiously waited for the fireworks to begin.

Watching her carefully, he seemed to be judging her reaction as he slowly began to turn up both controls at once. Her mouth falling open, chest heaving as she began to pant, he asked, "Feel good?"

Oh, fucking hell, yeah, wow, that felt good. Like being eaten out and having her tits sucked by the most talented oral expert ever. "Yeah," she breathed out, as the delicious little tingle ran through her sex and her delightfully happy knockers.

"Okay, let's try it a little stronger then."

And once he cranked it up again, her hips shifted upward and her breasts really began to heave and she blurted out, "Oh, fuck yeah. Oh, wow. Yes, please." She could feel her pussy was dripping wet, overcome by the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced coursing rapidly through her veins, filling her body with a sensation she couldn't even begin to describe that had her clutching her thighs together to try and contain it. And god her tits had never felt so amazing. And then fuck, if he didn't crank those freaking little dials up one more time. And with that, she was completely fried. Her body quaking, breasts rising and falling so hard as she fought to breathe, her brain spinning, and her cunt aching with its release, she threw open her mouth, with her head mindlessly tossing back and forth on the bed, and yelled, "Oh, yes, fuck me, yes! Holy shit, shit, shit, yes! Motherfucking, cocksucker, yes!!"

His wide eyes registering his surprise at her outburst, he slowly began to turn the dials back down. And as he did, she gradually felt lucidity beginning to return. "You okay after that, Krystal?" he asked her, pressing a steadying hand on her forearm.

Testing the movement in her fingers and toes, looking down at herself to try and see if anything was smoking or even on fire or if she'd lost all control and actually pissed herself a little, relieved that she hadn't, she said, "Yeah, I think I'm good." So fucking good. "By the way, are those things for sale, and can I maybe buy one off you?" she asked him, giving him an awkward hopeful little smile.

Chuckling, he said, "No, sorry, but these are still just in the testing stage."

Damn, figures. Finally the perfect way to get off on her own, and it had to be just out of reach.

"Now," he said, helping her into a sitting position again. "Remember at the start of this how I mentioned the Dom and sub culture?"

She nodded, looking confused. "Yes..."

"Well, we're having a group test session tonight and we've been lucky enough to find a very experienced Dom willing to participate, and I've suggested that you'd be the perfect sub for the purposes of this demonstration."

She blinked her eyes, not sure she'd heard him right. "Did you just say I'd be acting as a submissive?"

He nodded. "Yes. And I think you'd be perfect. But don't worry, it'll all be monitored. He might be trying a flogger or whip on you, and of course these two devices you're wearing now, but you should be fine. And I have a feeling you might even enjoy it."

Krystal blinked again. Crap, now she was going to be worked over by an experienced Dominant well-versed in BDSM, and she'd barely managed to get through the first volume of Fifty Shades of Grey without falling asleep. So what the hell did someone as inexperienced as she was know about being someone's submissive?

Still, she obligingly tugged on her flimsy paper gown and followed the good doctor down the hallway to the big conference room that had been converted to a demonstration room for the evening.

Once they got inside the room, a big, tall imposing man, fully clad in black leather, with thick dark hair and striking pale silver eyes approached them, eyeing her appreciatively. Dr. Anderson making the introductions, "Krystal, this is Master Damien, and you'll be working with him, tonight. Krystal, Master Damien. And Krystal is one of our best test subjects."

Damien held out his big hand and said, "A pleasure to meet you, Krystal." Then he winked. "And don't worry. I'll go easy on you." Small mercies, she supposed. At least she knew she wouldn't be made to suffer – at least she hoped.

Standing on the lit stage area, she watched as the room began to fill, noticing that everyone had on street clothes, all except for her, clad in just the paper gown. Then Doctor Anderson turned on the microphone and thanked everyone for coming. And after introducing Master Damien and his new assistant Krystal, he let the Dom take over.

Then Damien quickly began to explain the assembly how the Dom/sub culture was meant to work; that everything done should be safe, sane and consensual - which he told them were the bedrock ethics of the practice. Then he further went on to explain that he himself had never worked with a sub against her will, and liked to feel assured that both parties left feeling satisfied after a play session.

Turning to Krystal then, he asked her to remove her robe. Explaining as she stood beside him, that if she really were his submissive partner, she would be on her knees with her head bowed, awaiting his instructions. But seeing as this was just a demo, it wouldn't be necessary for her to be on her knees now.

Unsure how she felt about being the only one naked in the room, Krystal sought out Dr. Anderson in the crowd, and when she spotted him sitting in the front row off to her left, when he nodded his encouragement, with a shrug of her shoulders, she complied. And seeing her standing naked, wearing just the two little electronic devices on her pussy and breasts, Damien murmured close to her ear, "Such a beauty," even reaching out to finger a few locks of her long dark hair. No idea what to say to that, or how to react, she just stood still, and nervously waited to see what would be expected of her.

Standing numbly looking out at the crowd, she spotted the two well hung fellow testers she'd worked with earlier in the week, Otis and Rick, who'd given her such a thorough work out on the sex swing that she'd felt it in both her pussy and ass for days afterward. The pair of them giving her encouraging little smiles and waves, she nodded back. Well, at least there were a few friendly faces in the crowd.

Drawing her attention back to where she was, Master Damien then turned to her and asked, "Have you ever been spanked before Krystal?"

After clearing her suddenly dry throat, she told him, "Yes, once or twice as a kid – although my parents were never really much into corporal punishment."

He chuckled, his eyes twinkling with amusement, as he said to the room at large, "Well, in the BDSM community, corporal punishment is pretty much something that happens as a rule. But keep in mind, it can be used to induce pleasure, or as a means of punishment, which some people obviously get off on, both ways."

He took a seat then on a padded black bench and patted his knee. "If you would come over and spread yourself across my legs now, Krystal, I can demonstrate."

Although Krystal's feet didn't want to cooperate at first, preferring to keep her right where she stood, she finally got herself moving and went over to him and did as he asked. Spreading herself face down, over his lap, with her long hair dangling to the floor, her breasts crushed to the side of his thigh, and her bare ass fully exposed to the entire room, she felt pretty vulnerable lying over his hard thighs with a room full of people waiting to see her get spanked.

But the first thing he did, surprisingly, was gently rub his hand over her bare backside, sort of warming it up and getting her used to the feel of him touching her with gentle little circles of his broad palm. And she had to admit it felt pretty nice, sort of soothing. Probably would have liked it even more though, without the audience.

Then he raised his hand and when it came back down with a sharp light smack across her right buttock, she went, "Oh!" surprised how it felt to be spanked as a full grown woman.

He chuckled then told the assembly, "Right now, all I'm giving Krystal is a warm-up spanking. Some Doms like to keep it at this level so that their sub only gets aroused for what they have planned next, but others like to really work their sub's ass till it's nice and red. I won't be leaving any marks today, but seeing you've left your mark on your sub's bare flesh can also be pretty gratifying and even arousing for a Dom. He leaned down then and whispered in her ear, "You still okay?"

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