tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Academy For Young Ladies Ch. 02

Sex Academy For Young Ladies Ch. 02


The following story has been compiled from the diaries kept by a teacher at the Rotenberg Academy For Young Ladies in Paris. As explained in the previous story, the school was founded by Professor Alphonse Rotenberg in 1891 to instruct the daughters of rich and titled families in the finer arts of sex. It was widely accepted that if a girl was extremely proficient in sexual activities, she stood a much better chance of making a successful marriage to a wealthy man.


As before, we will go back in time to visit the academy as it was then.

The girls in Signor Bellini's classroom are watching the black man from Senegal showing them how to fuck. He had been recruited by Professor Rotenberg who had seen him exhibiting his enormous penis at a fairground sideshow in Marseilles. One of the pupils, Miss Heidi Schwartzenegger, the daughter of a prominent Swiss banker, is lying on the couch completely naked, except for her white stockings and ankle boots. Bellini tells her to open her legs wide and lift her knees up and back until they touch her breasts. Everyone can see her pretty little pussy and soft, dark pubic hair. Her puckered brown anus looks so inviting. Mr. Bongo has an erection and his huge cock is dripping with precum at the anticipation of screwing this delicious young cunt.

"Get your cock up her Mr. Bongo and show the ladies how they should fuck," Bellini told him. "Heidi, remember what you have been taught, move with him and get the maximum penetration. Use your hands to stimulate him." Bongo knelt on the couch and inserted his big cockhead into her juicy snatch. Then he slowly pushed his hard black cock into her. The girls watched fascinated as the ebony rod slid deep into the young girl's cunt. Heidi put her arms around the negro and worked her hands between his buttocks, pushing her fingers into his anus. Bongo groaned with pleasure at the sensation she was giving him.

While this was going on, Bellini moved behind the students. He stood behind Nelly Fontenoy, a lovely young blonde Belgian girl who was bending over her desk, her eyes riveted on the African who was fucking Heidi. He had always been attracted to this beautiful girl and had often masturbated in his room while he dreamed of abusing her. He had seen her sucking cocks and being fucked during the sex lessons but he had never touched her. The school rules forbid teachers to have sex with the students. They were allowed to punish the girls by caning or spanking, but nothing more. Only the principal, Professor Rotenberg had the right to do anything he desired, and this was only permitted during punishment sessions for disobedient young ladies.

Bellini looked at her bending over in her short white skirt and he started to get an erection. God, how he wanted to fuck her. He moved closer until his pants were touching Nelly's behind. She didn't move and so he moved even closer, pushing his erection against her. He was sweating now and his heart was beating fast; how far did he dare to go? He was so aroused that he recklessly moved his cock up and down against her. She turned her head in surprise and then gave him a smile and pushed her ass hard back against him.

Bellini couldn't believe it. She didn't mind what he was doing and it seemed like she was enjoying it. He put a hand under her skirt and caressed her thighs. Then, growing bolder, he moved his hand up until it was on her buttocks. Again, she pushed back on him and he started to fondle her ass, running his hand up and down the crack. Nelly opened her legs and he slid his hand between them, feeling the softness of her pussy through her silky panties. Now he was going completely wild and threw caution to the wind. He unbuttoned his fly and took out his throbbing cock.

Nelly was getting wet. She knew that Signor Bellini liked her and she had fantasized about having sex with him. It amused her to feel him touching her private parts, and it made her extremely horny, knowing that it was forbidden. The consequences would be severe if they were caught. But everybody was intently watching the nigger fucking Miss Schwartzenegger and so she decided to let him have his way with her. She felt him pull her panties to one side and gasped as he inserted a finger into her pussy. He withdrew it and caressed her clitoris, making her pussy juice start to run.

Bellini's dick was throbbing and at this stage he didn't care if anyone noticed what he was doing. He spat on his fingers and lubricated his penis. He raised Nelly's skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties halfway down her thighs. She put her hands behind her and held her buttocks wide apart. 'This is it,' he thought to himself, 'I'm going to fuck her.'

He pushed his cock between her ass cheeks and felt it entering a hole which he thought was her pussy. But he was a little too high and he was in fact penetrating her anus. Nelly didn't mind this, she had been sodomized during the sex education lessons on more than one occasion. She felt his hard prick going deeper into her and she squeezed her sphincter tightly on it. Bellini started to move slowly back and forth, gripping her hips as he fucked her ass. He was going to come, the delicious sensation of her wet orifice gripping his penis and the thrill of the dangerous situation he was in made him ejaculate huge loads of hot creamy cum deep into Nelly's bowels. He was in heaven.

Then suddenly, a loud voice behind him bellowed, "Bellini, what the hell do you think you're doing? Can I believe what I'm seeing? Have you taken leave of your senses man?"

Signor Bellini jumped at the sound of the headmaster's voice. He had been caught! He withdrew his cock from Nelly's ass and tried to put it back in his trousers. But he fumbled with the fly buttons and stood transfixed with his cock hanging out and rapidly becoming limp. Long strands of sperm dripped from the head and fell onto the floor. The girls watched with bated breath. What had happened? Why was their teacher standing there with a very red face and his cock exposed? Some of them laughed. Mr. Bongo got up off the couch. He had just finished fucking Heidi and she also stood up, sperm running down her inner thighs.

"Excuse me sir," Bellini gasped, "I was adjusting my trousers and something seems to have gone wrong."

"Adjusting your trousers? Then why is your member dripping with cum and why is it brown on the head?" He looked at Nelly who was pulling up her panties. "Bend over that chair young lady," he ordered her.

She did as he asked and Professor Rotenberg knelt down behind her. He raised her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees before holding her buttocks wide apart. "I was going to give you all a random bottom inspection," he said, "but that will have to wait. This is the only bottom that needs inspecting at the moment." He looked at her gaping anus and saw that it was covered in sperm. "Just as I thought, he's been in your ass," he hissed. "Bellini, go to my office immediately. And you madam, report to me in the punishment room at five thirty sharp." Then he abruptly turned and left the classroom. Nelly was crying and very afraid. She was going to be punished by Rotenberg and she had heard the horrific stories from other girls who had been punished.

Another master came to take over the class. This was Mr. Francois, a young and handsome Frenchman whom all the girls adored. "Settle down ladies," he told them. "I'm taking over from Signor Bellini who is leaving the academy immediately. What have you been doing this afternoon." Several girls put their hands up. "Michelle?" he asked one of them.

Please sir, we've been watching the nigger man fuck Heidi Schwartzenegger," she told him. He felt his cock stir in his pants. He loved hearing the young women use crude and vulgar language as they had been taught. Rotenberger was right, he thought, men do like hearing girls talk like common whores. "But we didn't see the end sir," she went on. "Professor Rotenberg came in and caught Signor Bellini with his prick up Nelly Fontenoy's ass." All the girls roared with laughter except Nelly. She got up from her desk and ran crying from the room.

"Well, maybe we should see the rest now," he said. "Mr Bongo, would you please continue what you were doing before the interruption."

Heidi spoke up. "He did finish sir, my pussy is full of his cum and he shot such a lot in me I doubt if he could do it again for the moment."

"Very well then," Francois said, "we can do something else. Who knows anything about lesbianism?" He heard some of the girls gasp. This was a very taboo subject which nobody spoke about. "There's nothing wrong with two girls making love together," he told them. "And men like to watch. It's quite likely that one day your future husband will come home with another lady and want you to have sex together. He will also, almost certainly, bring another man with him one day and want you to fuck with both of them. That is called a threesome."

"I would prefer to try that sir," said one of the girls.

"Maybe tomorrow," Francois said, "There isn't another man available today and, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to participate." That was such a pity, he thought, all these delectable young females and I can't touch them. "Let's see, now. Who would like to try?" His eyes roamed over the nine girls seated in front of him. "Michelle, how about you? And Anna perhaps? Come out her."

The two girls went to the front of the class and Mr Francois told them to undress. They were both daughters of prominent European bankers. When they were naked he stood them both close together. "Put your arms around each other," he told them. "Feel how nice it is when two girls are pressed together with nothing on. So soft and warm. Run your hands over her body, feel her smooth bottom. Put your hand on her chest Michelle. Feel her tits, pinch her nipples. Can you feel them getting hard? Now Anna, put your hand between Michelle's legs and stroke her pussy. Feel how it's getting wet. Push your fingers inside. Can you feel her clitoris? Rub it gently."

The other girls watched intently as Anna caressed Michelle's cunt. They had never done this before and it surprised them to discover how nice it was. "Now lie down on the couch both of you," Francois said. They did as he asked, lying on their sides, face to face. "Let's see you kissing," he said, and use your tongues like you have been taught to do with a man. You other girls, stand around the couch and watch." Michelle was enjoying this, her pussy was very wet and she loved the sensation she felt as Anna's fingers penetrated her vagina. She pushed her cunt hard against the other girl's hand, forcing her fingers deeper into her juicy hole. She put an arm around her partner and caressed her firm buttocks, inserting her hand into the crack and touching her anus.

Anna gasped with pleasure as she felt Michelle's finger slowly going into her asshole. She kissed her passionately, using her tongue as she had learned during the sex classes, licking Michelle's lips and inserting her wet tongue into her open mouth. "Now Michelle, move down and suck her pussy. Anna, open your legs and put them on her shoulders. Michelle lay between the soft, warm thighs with her mouth on Anna's cunt. She held the damp pussy lips open and all the girls could see into the pink hole. She sucked the lips into her mouth, then flitted her tongue across the little clitoris which was starting to grow longer. She pushed her tongue as deep as she could into Anna's snatch, sucking in her juice which was running freely. Both girls were rapidly approaching orgasm and Mr Francois told them to stop. "I've got something special for you ladies, he told them. "You can finish your experience with this." He opened his bag and took out a polished ivory phallus. It was about eight inches long and had leather straps attached to it. "Stand up Anna and let me show you how to put this on. It's called a strap-on."

All the girls looked at the strange object. "It looks like a real cock sir," one of them said.

"But not as big as Mr Bongo's," another one said and everyone laughed. "I'd rather have his big black prick up me."

Francois laughed too. "You'll get that chance tomorrow Princess," he said. Bongo understood what he had said and looked at Princess Helena in anticipation. She was small but she had a beautiful bottom and large tits. She looked at the negro and ran her tongue over her full lips before whispering loudly to him,

"Don't fuck any more today Mr Bongo, save all your hot creamy cum for me tomorrow!"

Mr Francois took the strap-on and attached it to Anna, putting the leather straps round her waist and between her legs. He put some oil on the phallus. Now she was standing in front of the class completely naked with a large ivory prick sticking out in front of her. It was an extremely erotic sight and Francois had an erection, as did Bongo. His massive dick popped out of his bathrobe and he hurriedly replaced it.

"Lie down on your back Michelle and open your legs wide," he told her. "Now you get on top of her Anna and put the prick into her cunt. Fuck her just as if you were a man."

Nobody had ever seen two women fucking each other before. It was a shocking and highly erotic spectacle. They all watched closely, seeing the big ivory cock sliding into Michelle's pussy. "Now fuck her," Francois said. He had his hand in his pocket and was holding his hard erection. How he wanted to rip his clothes off and join these two sexy bitches. He would have to go and masturbate soon.

Anna was humping Michelle now, pushing the false dick in and out. Michelle's pussy juice was running down between her ass cheeks and making a big wet stain on the couch. Francois stood behind them and watched Anna's delicious ass going up and down. He could see her pussy between her legs and he would have loved to have got down behind her and sucked it. His cock was really throbbing now. He looked round at the girls and saw that nobody was looking at him, they were all completely absorbed in watching the amazing action going on before them. He moved behind them and quietly got his cock out. Just a few strokes and he was going to cum. He took out his handkerchief and ejaculated into it. As he was putting his penis back into his pants he heard a whisper in his ear. "Wouldn't you prefer me to do that for you sir?" He turned his head and saw that it was Princess Helena. He had often noticed how she looked at him, gazing into his eyes for longer than was necessary and giving him seductive little smiles. He had always thought how wonderful it would be to have sex with her. He had seen her performing with some of the men who came from outside the school to assist in the lessons and he had envied them terribly.

"Of course I would Princess," he whispered. "Come to my study tonight after supper." His cock was getting hard again. My God, he thought to himself, am I going to fuck her? He jumped when Michelle gave a loud cry and thrust her pelvis up hard against Anna. She had come. "Excellent ladies," he told them, "did you enjoy that?" Michelle said that it had been a fantastic experience and she wouldn't hesitate to try it again.

"I enjoyed it too sir," Anna said, "but I haven't come and I feel so horny." Francois looked at Mr Bongo.

"Would you please oblige her Bongo," he told the black man. "Take off the strap-on Anna. How would you like Mr Bongo to fuck you? In your cunt?"

"Yes please sir," she replied and knelt on the couch with her ass in the air. Bongo stood behind her and spat on his fingers. He lubricated his huge erect dick and thrust it up her in one quick movement. Anna cried out as the massive organ penetrated her pussy and slammed into her cervix. He fucked her roughly, holding her hips and pounding her. The watching girls could hear his balls slapping against her thighs with each brutal stroke. Anna climaxed and Bongo pulled his prick out, spraying her back and ass with his thick white sperm. He went to the other side of the couch and lifted Anna's head before plunging his cum-covered cock into her mouth for her to suck clean.

"Thank you Mr Bongo, that will be all for today," Mr Francois told the nigger who put on his bathrobe and left the classroom. "I'll see all you girls in here tomorrow afternoon. I'll try and get another man to come here so that you can see how a threesome is performed. You may leave now."

Francois went to see Professor Rotenberg and told him of his idea to show the young ladies a threesome. "If you can't find anyone to come in sir, I'm quite willing to do it myself."

"Certainly not, Mr Francois," Rotenberg retorted. "You know the rules here, no master may have sexual relations with the students. If I make an exception for you, every man in the academy will be clamouring to fuck the girls. I will arrange for someone to come and assist you tomorrow."

Francois was crestfallen. He had hoped that he would have been permitted to hump some of the lovely girls the next day, but then he brightened. Princess Helena was coming to his study after supper!

At five thirty Nelly Fontenoy knocked on the door of the punishment room. School rules specified that girls who were going to be punished must wear a bathrobe with nothing on underneath. Rotenberg opened it and asked her to come inside. She had never been here before and looked around in apprehension. She saw the chains and straps that other girls had told her about. And the table with various instruments spread out on it. "Young lady," Rotenberg said, "you are guilty of a very serious offence. It is completely against the regulations of the school to have sexual relations with a staff member. You allowed Signor Bellini to fuck you in the ass during class this afternoon. He has been dismissed. What have you got to say for yourself before I administer your punishment?"

"I'm so sorry sir, but it wasn't my fault, he pulled my panties down and stuck his prick up me before I knew what was going on," Nelly said. "If I had known what he was going to do I would never have consented."

Rotenberg put his face close to hers and said, "Then why did you let him finish? Why didn't you push him away? I'll tell you why, madam. It was because you enjoyed it. You liked having his hard cock up your ass, shooting his cum into your bowels. Don't make any more excuses, I am going to punish you severely."

Nelly began to cry as Rotenberg led her towards a contraption which looked like a wooden saw horse with a padded top. He removed her bathrobe and admired her naked body. She was only eighteen years old and quite small, around 5'3", with medium sized breasts. She had a lovely, firm ass with beautifully shaped buttocks. It wasn't surprising that Bellini had wanted to sodomize her, he thought. He felt his cock growing very hard as he visualized how he was going to stick it up her ass before her punishment was over.

At the base of each leg of the saw horse there was a leather strap. Nelly was pushed down on the horse and her wrists and ankles were firmly attached with the straps. Rotenberg stepped back behind her and admired the erotic scene. Her ass was high in the air, supported by the padded top. Her legs were wide apart and her pussy and asshole were clearly visible. It was so exciting he felt an urge to fuck her ass immediately but he would have to administer the punishment first. He took off his bathrobe and stood in front of the unfortunate young girl, letting her see his erection.

He took a cane from the table and went behind her. "Miss Fontenoy, I am now going to thrash you." He raised the thin bamboo cane and then brought it down hard, hitting Nelly's buttocks with a loud crack. She cried out in pain as he repeatedly brought the cane slashing down on her ass cheeks. After ten strokes he stopped and looked at the damage he had caused to her pretty bottom. Ugly red wheals stood out on her milky white skin. They were going to be very painful for the next day or two.

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