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"Fuck her now Mr. Bongo," he said, "Get on top of her and stick your prick up her cunt."

He looked round at the other girls. They were all intent on watching the lewd performance going on in front of them. Some were licking their lips and one or two actually had their hands inside their panties and were fingering themselves. He turned back to see Bongo inserting his massive member into Caroline's juicy snatch. It was so wet that his cock slipped in easily and half the shaft slid up before it touched her womb and couldn't go any further. He started to fuck her, moving slowly back and forth. Caroline was panting and pushing her pelvis forward to meet his oncoming thrusts. She clawed at his back, wrapping her legs around his and then, to the amazement of the watching ladies, she pulled his head down and kissed him full on the mouth, giving him her soft, wet tongue and sucking his fat lips.

Bongo responded by fucking her harder and faster, pounding his cock in and out of her dripping pussy until she came. She cried out as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through her body. "Get off her Bongo," Bellini said, pulling him by the shoulders. "I want you to show the ladies how to come on her face and in her mouth."

The sweating black man withdrew his cock which was dripping with Caroline's juice. Bellini made her sit on the edge of the couch and lift her head up. Bongo stood before her and held his throbbing member in front of her face. "Suck it Caroline", her teacher said, "taste your pussy juice on his prick."

She held his cock and ran her tongue over the head, tasting her sweet juice and his salty precum which was dripping out. She licked up and down the hard ebony shaft and then took the cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Bongo rolled his eyes, it felt so good. His balls were ready to empty his sperm. He pulled his cock out of Caroline's mouth and held her by the hair. He pushed her head back and stroked his cock until he suddenly shot long ropes of cum all over her face and into her blonde hair. She opened her mouth and put out her tongue to catch the hot sperm. Wad after wad came shooting out of the huge black prick until her face was covered in it. He pushed his slimy cock into her mouth and she sucked it again, tasting his cum and swallowing it.

When he had finished ejaculating, Bongo stepped back and the audience gazed at Caroline's cum-covered face. Sperm was slowly running down her cheeks and dripping off onto her tits. "Don't waste any," Bellini told her," scoop it all up and swallow it." She did as he said, using her fingers to push the cum into her mouth. "That was perfect Miss Rhodes," he told her. "You may go and wash yourself." Now he had to go to his room and masturbate. He was so aroused he couldn't contain himself any longer, this was the best exhibition he had ever seen at the school. The negro was absolutely perfect for his lessons.

At six o'clock Annabella Pilkington nervously knocked on the door of the punishment room. She was wearing only her bathrobe, as specified in the school regulations. The door was opened by Professor Rotenberg who told her to come in. He was also wearing a bathrobe. It was the first time she had been in here and she looked around nervously. There was a couch and a wooden contraption like a saw horse. Chains and cords hung from the walls. On a low table she saw a cane and some other implements she didn't recognize. "You know why you're here young lady. You broke one of our most important rules and so you will be punished. I'm sure that after this evening you will never break that rule again. Kindly remove your bathrobe."

Annabella took it off and stood before the headmaster completely naked. He looked at her body in unconcealed admiration. She had very large breasts which tended to hang a little. Her ass was small with firm, perfectly round buttocks. He took her hand and led her to a spot under a wooden beam which ran across the width of the room. She looked up and saw two chains hanging down from it with leather straps on the ends. "Raise your arms," he told her and proceeded to attach the straps to her wrists. There were similar straps on the floor, about four feet apart. He spread her legs wide apart and secured her ankles. She was now a prisoner and unable to move.

The professor stood back and admired the scene. Annabella looked amazingly beautiful. Her arms were stretched high up above her head, lifting her breasts. Her long black hair tumbled over her shoulders and she looked at him pleadingly with fear in her eyes. He let his gaze roam lower, seeing her pink pussy lips pouting between her soft, dark pubic hair. Her legs were long and muscular and perfectly shaped. He moved behind her and looked at her pretty ass. 'That is the cause of your punishment my dear', he thought to himself. 'I'm going to make it suffer!'

He put his arms around her and felt her breasts, squeezing and weighing them in his hands. They were so soft. He ran his hand over her buttocks, forcing it between them and touching her asshole. He heard her gasp as he touched it. He took off his bathrobe and stood in front of her. She was surprised to see him naked. He had an average size cock and it was thick and very hard. He stood looking at her, stroking his cock and thinking about what he would do to her. The cane first, he decided.

He took a supple willow cane from the table and stroked the tip over Annabella's breasts. Then he moved behind her and gave her three hard strokes on her buttocks. She cried out in pain and that encouraged him to give her three more strokes, putting all his strength into the blows. She heard the cane swish through the air before striking her with a sharp crack. She twisted and writhed but there was no escape. Her ass was on fire, each blow felt like a knife stabbing into her ass cheeks. She was sobbing, "Please stop sir, it hurts so much. I swear I will keep my ass clean in future. Please let me go."

Rotenberg simply laughed at her. "The punishment is only just beginning madam, you are going to remember this for the rest of your life!" He put the cane between her legs and struck upwards, whipping her pussy. It hurt her and repeated the movement a few times, trying to hit her clitoris.

He put the cane aside and pulled down two cords which passed through a ring attached to the ceiling beam. At one end of each cord was a crocodile clip. He clipped one onto each of Annabella's nipples. She yelled as the teeth on the clips bit into her. He then took the other ends of the cords which passed through the ring on the beam and attached them to a lead ingot weighing five pounds. He adjusted the cords until the ingot he was holding was level with his face. Then he slowly released his grip on it and it sank towards the floor, pulling the cords attached to Annabel's nipples. She screamed in agony as her nipples began to stretch. Her tits were pulled up at the same time, making them appear even larger. Her nipples were normally large, about half an inch long. Now, they were being pulled by the heavy weight until they were at least two inches long.

Tears poured down the poor girl's face and Rotenberg watched fascinated as her nipples were extended until it seemed as if they would be torn off. He picked up the cane again and slashed it down savagely several times on her breasts. She screamed again and begged him to stop the torture. The crocodile clips were making her nipples bleed and he saw little rivulets of blood running down her tits. He picked up the weight and considered dropping it, but realized that this was going too far and could cause the girl serious injury. He released it from the cords and removed the clips from her nipples. Annabella was sobbing uncontrollably. But he wasn't finished yet.

Through her tears Miss Pilkington saw him take a rubber tube attached to a canvas bag. She knew that it was an enema because she had had one once before in hospital. He filled the bag with water and hung it from a hook on the beam. She felt him inserting the tube into her anus and he said, "This is my special treatment for girls with dirty asses. When you've had this once, you won't want it a second time."

He opened a valve on the tube and she felt the cold water rushing into her. It was a big bag and she was soon in great discomfort. She looked down and could see her belly swelling as her intestines were filled with water. More and more went into her until she was in severe pain. Her belly felt like it would explode and she had a desperate need to empty her bowels. "Please sir, I can't take any more, I can't stand the pain, let me go please, please, please!"

Professor Rotenberg decided that she had had enough. "Do you want to go now, madam?" he asked her. "Have you learned your lesson? Will you keep your bottom clean in future?"

"I promise I will, sir," she gasped, 'I won't ever forget to wash my ass again."

Rotenberg released the straps on her wrists and ankles. She sank to her knees and held her swollen belly. "Can I go to the toilet now, please sir? I can't hold it any more."

He stood before her and looked down at the beautiful young girl he had hurt and humiliated. His cock was as hard as a rock and precum was dripping off the head. "You can go when you've sucked my cock Miss Pilkington and not before."

"But sir, I really can't control myself, I have to go to the toilet," she sobbed.

"Suck me first," he ordered, holding his prick in front of her mouth.

She took hold of his cock and put it into her mouth, moving her head up and down and licking the shaft as she had learned in Signor Bellini's class. Her bowels were making ominous rumblings and she knew that if he didn't come soon she was going to make a dirty mess on the floor. Rotenberg was so turned on that he soon ejaculated, shooting a big load of sticky sperm into her mouth. She swallowed it as she had been taught and scrambled to her feet. She grabbed her bathrobe, put it on and ran out of the room towards the nearest toilet. The headmaster wiped his brow. That had been a really excellent punishment session. He hoped that the next one would not be too far away. He had some other implements he wanted to use.

We will leave the academy now. There is much more information about what went on there in the famous diaries and we will have another look at them soon.

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