Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 07


And yet frustratingly Tom still didn't fuck me. Not a real fuck-fuck. Not the mind blowing hard sweaty bang I was so desperate for. Instead he made delicious love to me, with me, driving deeply but leisurely inside me, and we moved together as one. Obviously very experienced in the art of sex, he drew one of his legs up beneath himself and this subtly changed the angle at which he entered me, cleverly forcing his huge cock on to my sensitive g-spot. I groaned with approval when he pulled my arms from around his neck, gathered them in one hand and pressed them hard above my head into the soft pillow as very slowly he started to push into me with more passion, and I willingly thrusted back at him, meeting him stroke for stroke. That response turns on most men I have known, but I also do that because I happen to like to fuck too! We paused when we heard a noise outside and he chose the moment to suck on my engorged nipples. I wondered for a brief moment if we had a voyeur, not of course that I cared one iota!

"Mmm," I groaned, "bite them."

Holding my breast firmly he took a firm nipple gently between his lips and slowly drew forward, grazing it with his teeth until it plopped out of his mouth. He repeated it with the other nipple and switched back and forth chewing a little harder each time as I resumed my movement on his cock.

We heard the noise again and grinned at each other when we identified it as a female orgasmic groan. I rightly guessed it came from Sophie, her hut was next door to ours. Idly I wondered if there were four of them in their bed, or just she and her borrowed lover Mike.

I returned my attention to the cock in my bed and decided it was time for some hard sex. I had had enough of making love, I wanted more. Pushing Tom off my body, I turned over on to my hands and knees and presented my ass for him. I smiled to myself wondering which hole he would choose, I was so fucking horny I knew I would even go anal for the first time. But, with a little relief, it was not to be and without further ado he guided his hard cock back into my pussy from behind. In this position my muscles were much tighter and Tom felt fatter than ever. I grabbed the headboard, kneeling up on the pillows, my hands gripping the heavy wooden frame, and he pulled me back forcefully on to his cock, causing me to gasp out loud. He sensed my urgency and we began to move much faster than before, his pounding deep into my pussy meeting my eager thrusts back towards him. By now we were both oozing so much love juice that they combined to drip down over his balls on to the bed cover below. For an instant we both paused and giggled at the erotic sight.

"I wonder if the other two are doing this?" panted Tom.

"Never mind them Tom," I rammed back against him, "Fuck me please, fuck that hard cock into my wet cunt. I want to cum."

I was aware that I had shouted those rude words, loud enough for Sophie to hear. Suddenly I wanted to hear her groan again, to share in the joint sex that was being shared between the two huts. I thought I heard her moaned reply, and despite wanting Tom for myself, I imagined the four of us all in one bed, all orgasming together. Delightful! Very Cosmo!

Our sweating bodies moving together, accompanied by our panting and moaning, was the only sound from us as we moved faster and faster in total unison, the sweat pouring off us both. I reached back and stroked his balls lightly as I leaned forward into the pillow, my head turned trying to watch him between my thighs as he shafted me from behind, his cock glistening with our juices each time he retracted. Sensing his need to cum, I squeezed tight my vaginal muscles around him as he pumped relentlessly in and out of me. Not wanting me to miss out in his ultimate moment he reached around in search of my clit, triggering my climax to coincide with his own.

Gasping out loud, he thrust into me one last time and, unable to survive the pleasure we were exerting on each other, I felt his cock swell to an enormous size and explode violently inside of me, I do so love that moment of ultimate intimacy. He discharged his hot cream deep into my pussy as I rocked back against him enjoying my own climax and cooing with pleasure. I was aware that I had screeched out loud, wondering if that would spur them on next door.

Tom's knees almost collapsed as he slowed down, enjoying the feeling of the steaming hot wetness he had just delivered inside my trembling body. As our panting slowed, he pulled out from me and rested back on his haunches, breathless, both of us watching the erotic sight of his cum seeping out between my lips on to the bedsheet.

"Fuck," he gasped, searching for air.

"It certainly was," I agreed, placing my hand under his slippery dick, catching the remaining dribble and placing it on my lips, sampling for the first time his salty seed.

Our bodies bathed in sweat, we both lay down facing each other and, when most men would now fall asleep, he lifted my leg to reinsert his cock, amazingly he was still rock hard. He muttered something about containing our remaining love juices, but I knew in my heart he wanted to fuck some more, and who was I to object! Sophie was right, there are men like this! We kissed tenderly as we stickily held each other closely, and he moved once again gently inside me, his cock squelching deliciously inside my spunky pussy.

"That was amazing Tom," I gasped as he plundered me once again, "That was really up there, I just knew you would be good."

"I can honestly say that was the best ever for me," he panted. Of course he would have said that!

"I just hope you are on the pill," he added as an afterthought, his cock for a moment motionless inside me, "That was about ten million sperm I just put in there."

I grinned, "Mmm, I counted each one, your sperm are lovely." With that I dipped my finger into a moist blob on the sheet and lewdly put it to my tongue, at the sight of which I felt him pulse inside me.

"I'm on heat Tom, if I wasn't on the pill we would have just started the most beautiful baby!"

"I know it's a bit late, we didn't think about a condom did we?"

I grinned at him cheekily, "I did! This isn't the occasion for condoms Tom. Not with sex like this!"

The feeling of his fat cock sitting warmly inside my soaking pussy while we talked was indescribable, and although I was feeling a tad sore I started to move imperceptibly on his length.

"I must say that it felt fabulous to really let go freely inside a pussy instead of into a boring old rubber."

"Well I'm okay about it because Les told me that you both got tested before the holiday, and Rich and I have always played safe with other lovers. Not that I have been with anyone else since Jim died, only him." This moment didn't seem right to tell Tom who Richard really was, that could come later.

Kissing him on the nose, I wriggled on his cock, desperate to keep him firmly inside me, hinting at further lovemaking. I wasn't to be disappointed.

"I had been waiting so long to do it naked I thought tonight would be appropriate and I'm so glad we did. Anyway I don't see how you would get one to fit this fat thing," I laughed, squeezing tightly against the organ in question.

"It does give Durex a problem," he joked, kissing me back on the lips, forcing them open, searching again for my tongue, his cock also moving, eager for more.

Kissing passionately we started to fuck again, facing each other, side by side. Our combined love juices slurped loudly inside my pussy, making us both laugh. Despite hearing more erotic sounds of lovemaking from the next cabin, our own sex this time around was far less urgent, more of a deep loving expression of our new friendship as we continued to kiss and slowly fuck. Our bodies trembled and moved together as one as we listened to the lovemaking of Sophie and Mike, both of us aware that this was the start of something very special between us. I fingered my clit and he increased his pace as he sensed the approach of my orgasm, and when I cried out and started to shudder and wriggle more firmly on his cock, he released yet more cream into my warm pussy.

With tears of passion and gratitude we fell asleep wrapped together, naked and hot to the touch outside, wet and satisfied within.

In the night I was aware that I had moaned in my sleep as I felt his hard shaft prodding at my entrance. I raised my leg slightly and he slipped easily inside my pussy, pushing slowly and purposefully into the warm wetness that resided there from a few hours ago. Once fully inside me he lay still as if waiting for permission while enjoying the heat and moisture within. As he softly caressed my nipples, he was clearly thrilled to feel me move my hips back against him, inviting more.

Ever so slowly we made love, spooned together, side-by-side. He lifted my leg over his thigh as our hips worked together in unison and gradually the intensity of our desire urged us to fuck a little faster. Until now I had remained silent, but I couldn't resist asking him to do what I know he already wanted. For the moment I wanted to be the boss.

"Fuck me Tom, fuck my pussy with your big fat cock, give me some more cum."

He attempted to rub my clit as I started to slam back against him and all to soon another orgasm overtook me and, as I lay there trembling with passion, he managed to rustle up a little more semen to join that already inside my welcoming pussy. Very quickly we fell asleep again, but not before I softly whispered in his ear, "I like how you fuck, Tom."

He turned, softly tonguing my own ear, "I like the way I fuck too!"

I pinched him on the leg, "My pussy is most grateful darling. She will want more, you know that don't you?"

"You have no choice you dirty bitch." This time he bit my ear.

It was a long time since I had enjoyed sex so much as this, and he clearly enjoyed me talking dirty. To me, a raunchy conversation is an essential ingredient for exciting sex.

This was only our first night together, what the future held the mind only boggled.

Sorry to stop there, but I have to go to work sometime! In the next part my friend Sophie and I have a long discussion about swinging and bisexuality. Back soon! Sue x

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