tagIncest/TabooSex and a Single Girl Ch. 09

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 09


Continuing the story of my holiday in the Caribbean. My brother and I had 'exchanged' partners for the night with Tom and Lesilia, and this very morning I had received an exciting offer from my old friend Sophie. I could hardly wait for more, lots more. But first, unfortunately, Richard and I had a duty call to make, to a very interesting relative.

Alas no Tom in this chapter, but Richard gets some unexpected pleasure of the sexual kind, while I, understandably, declined!

Chapter 9: Uncle Perv of Bequia

The ferry, aptly named DevilCat was fast and violent and at twelve we arrived on the picturesque island of Bequia, shaken but thirsty or, as my brother put it, shaken but not stirred! This remote picturesque island is the resort of the insanely rich, and if you possess billions you are required to own a villa here.

Richard's Uncle Norman was not a billionaire by any means but he had been in sugar and was now partly retired. Richard had already briefed him that he was still unwed, but he seemed equally pleased to greet me instead, and indeed spent most of the afternoon talking to my breasts. We had never met before and Richard had painted a pretty dismal picture of his father's younger brother. For some reason they didn't really get on, I think there was some bad blood in a previous generation, and inevitably a woman was involved in their private war. I found Norman to be the opposite, he was in his early forties, very attractive and debonair, the perfect host and the complete Casanova. If I had arrived alone I had little doubt which room I would have been invited into to at a very early stage!

The expansive single storey house sprawled over the surface of a hill with views to all points of the compass, the blue Caribbean to the west, the grey Atlantic rollers to the east, and the numerous rocky islands known as the Grenadines to the north and south.

The vast kitchen alone was twice as large as my little Surrey home, and in one corner of it almost unnoticed he introduced Elena, his new Russian wife. The tiny slip of a girl was busying herself at the stove in an oversized pink apron. With curly brunette hair down to her waist she looked barely out of her teens and spoke little English.

"At least she knows all the bedroom words," laughed Norman, "And soon the cooking will get better when Elena learns some English recipes!" He reached around me making her squeal as he pinched her bum. "I wonder what she's burning for us today?"

"How did you meet her?" I asked, chewing on some strange nut as we all migrated out on to a shaded patio clutching a glass of bubbly.

Norman grinned, "Found her on the Internet back in March, married her in May."

Richard put on one of his shocked looks, "Just like that, without seeing her first?"

"Of course not, I checked her out first, flew to some horrid place called Kaliningrad. Her picture didn't do her credit though. Look, I'll show you."

From his wallet he produced a creased advert with a photo of a rather plain girl and the inscription 'Elena, 23, seeking American or English husband in exchange for total love. Ref: Elena DK441.'

"I suppose the 'total' bit was what did the trick?" I raised my brows with a smile.

"Exactly," he grinned. Elena was smiling but hardly spoke, probably due to the language barrier, but I could see why Norman was smitten. I suspected that under that large apron there lurked the type of body that most men lust after.

He turned his back on her and whispered, "Actually she wasn't originally my first choice, I interviewed three others."

"So what attracted you to Elena then?" I asked, holding out my glass for a refill.

"She was the best in the sack," he laughed, dropping the Veuve Clicquot back into the ice with a loud clang.

I looked aghast, "You mean you slept with them all first?"

"Bloody right I did! I was paying the agency a fortune, I wanted to be sure. I think I got my money's worth though!"

"What about the ones you turned down?" asked Richard.

"Oh, I gave them a good tip," laughed Norman, "Plus their fee of course!"

Richard seemed a little embarrassed by the subject and accepted Elena's request to show him the new vegetable garden she had started to create, fortunately he had picked up a smattering of Russian from his time spent in various Baltic ports.

Norman called me over to a telescope mounted at the corner of the patio, and focussed it on the neighbouring island.

"Look through there Susan, that's Mustique, where Princess Margaret used to live."

A whole chunk of rocky mass filled the screen, all I could see was a blur. He leaned against my back and adjusted the sight. I chilled at the contact, assuming the apparatus had been intentionally left out of focus.

"Look to the right, see the four tall palms all together?" I nodded even though I couldn't see them, I wanted to get this over with. "The house behind is where Mick Jagger lives, sometimes when the wind is right you can just about hear some music." I really like the Stones, I saw them at Twickenham last year and that Ronnie Wood is a star!

I tactfully moved away and, with relief, we moved back to the table and I asked the question that had been plaguing me for the last few days.

"Norman, can I ask you something?"

Condescendingly he took my hand, "Of course you may my dear, any secret of mine is yours, as is any of yours, mine."

I quickly pulled away, suddenly feeling nauseous, I was beginning to see why Richard disliked the guy. I took a big gulp of my drink and continued.

"Assuming you know very well what goes on at Young Island, why did you book Rich and his fiancée in there?"

"Ah ha, so you do know about the place, I did wonder."

"I could hardly miss it. I don't think Rich has cottoned on fully though."

"Susan, if you had met Richard's father you would know why. George was a bloody bore, never made any decisions of his own, and he was totally hopeless with the ladies. No wonder two wives left him. Like father, like son, they are peas in a pod those two."

From high above the sprawling gardens we watched as Elena took Richard's hand, leading him toward her little plot.

"What does this have to do with Richard's wedding?"

Norman turned back to me, "I never had a son of my own Susan, just two daughters who fled to Europe as soon as they could, so I sort of took Richard under my wing, although we are thousands of miles apart. I could see him becoming more and more like his father and was amazed to hear he had actually got a girl to agree to marry him. So I gave them the honeymoon."

I laughed, "You are not the only one who was surprised! I'm afraid I didn't give it much mileage."

"Me neither. I met her once and could see she was easily out of his league. Perhaps you can now see why I suggested Young Island, I thought if they came out to a place like that they might mix it with some fun people, he would let his hair down and they might just have a bit of a chance. Instead he brought you!"

I wondered what his reaction would be if knew Richard had already let his hair down in a hammock, with me!

Another thought occurred to me. "Did you used to go there at all Norman?"

"What? Young Island?"


He laughed loudly, "Oh yes, I went there a lot, usually with Judy, my ex. She was nowhere as keen as me, that's why we eventually broke up. But for a while we did have a good time and met lots of nice people. Strange coincidence you being here though, the last woman I slept with on that island was also called Susan."

"Everyone calls me Sue now, Norman."

Elena was pointing out some new planting, still gripping Richard's hand, and clearly in animated conversation with him. For a fleeting moment they looked the perfect couple, even though there was at least a foot height in difference between them.

"They seem to be getting along well Susan, sorry Sue, normally she backs away from most of my friends."

If all his friends are anything like him, I thought, I am not at all surprised. He obviously thought it appropriate to touch my hand again too. Maybe it was the champagne, because this time I didn't remove it but patted it condescendingly with my other hand.

"Maybe because Tom knows a little Russian."

Even though I suspected the course on which this conversation was heading, he still caught me unawares, and laughed boisterously. "He's certainly getting on with my little Russian! Do you think he might like to know her a little bit better?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, a little too innocently to be convincing.

The couple below us laughed as Elena pointed out something to him, her arm now around Richard's waist. Norman turned and spoke quietly, as if to himself, his eyes boring into mine. Subconsciously I knew what was coming.

"He can fuck her if he wants, I won't mind."

After the way he had been leering at my breasts all afternoon, and a hint of an erection in his jeans, his suggestion didn't surprise me at all. Instantly I cottoned on. It was patently obvious he wanted to have sex with me and had set my brother up with his young wife in advance, hoping that would trigger things off.

Trying not to look too disgusted I slowly withdrew my hand and backed away. "Sorry Norman, I think I can see what's going on here and I'm truly flattered by what you have in mind, but we have already met some people back at the island. And you are after all my uncle."

He held up his hands apologetically, "Sorry Sue. I didn't meant to embarrass you, it's just that I know that sometimes she yearns the attention of a younger guy and I thought that after Clare's departure Richard might be the perfect person for the job, and a little dicky bird told me you hadn't met anyone since your soldier fellow died. I just thought, you know."

He genuinely looked embarrassed and I patted his arm, "It's okay, I understand."

"And for the record, we are not related, you are only my step-niece."

"Norman, I really am happy with my sex life at present, and Richard has something going on too."

I sat down on one of the patio chairs as he poured me another drink and I questioned him again before he could reply.

"So why don't you and Elena go to Young Island? From what I've seen so far I'm sure you will get what you want there."

He shook his head, his eyes saddened, "I've been banned."

"Banned? Why?"

"It was all a bit unfair really, I was there alone, there was a sort of beach orgy and I started to make out with a woman whose husband didn't realise what the island was all about. He created merry hell, we ended up in a fight, I was made the scapegoat and got kicked out."

"But you now have Elena, surely you can go there as a couple?"

"Yes we can, and I guess the real reason for not going is that if I take her there I might lose her to some younger guy, just like what happened with my ex. It's a slender chord that keeps us together, the security for her, the sex for me."

I smiled, now a little more relaxed that the air was cleared, and of course discussing my favourite subject.

"I think you will find that true of most relationships, Norman!"

Suddenly he stood up and took my hand again, "Come inside, there's something I want to show you."

Oh my God I thought, I noticed he still had a hard-on, now he wants to show it to me! I immediately wondered if Elena had been briefed to seduce Richard and keep him in the garden. I remembered how easy it was to do that.

Very quickly I breathed a sigh of relief. He kept his cock in his pants and instead pulled out something else, his laptop. It opened almost immediately on what was clearly his favourite site 'www.iisa.com.'

"That's International Island Swingers Association (name changed, so don't Google it!), and look, there's Young Island."

There were several other locations listed, all small islands, mainly in the Pacific and a couple in the Mediterranean, but clearly Young Island was a popular favourite in the Western Hemisphere. Several photographs showed naked couples cavorting in the pool, in the hammocks (so we weren't the first!) and of course in the chalets, and not at all restricted to pairs, or gender! I was getting turned on, but just a wee bit puzzled.

"We've been there for while now but seen none of this."

"Oh these are specially prearranged parties. See this page? The next one is August 19th. Pity, you will be gone by then."

"Yes, it might have been fun, although I can't see Richard in a group like that."

He closed the computer and laughed, "Nor me! So you said you have met a couple?"

"Yes, both from London."

"Swapped with them?"

I laughed at his bluntness. "I wouldn't call it swapped Norman, remember Richard is after all my brother."

"Stepbrother," he corrected. "So therefore anything goes, if you get my drift." He winked.

I pretended to ignore the implication. If only he knew!

"We met them on the beach last week, they were just friends and coincidentally she too was making use of a spare ticket. None of us were aware of the swinging scene. But somehow we all just clicked anyway."

"And fucked of course?"

An instant blush gave away my answer, "We might have made love, yes."

"All in one bed job then. Way to go!"

This time it was my turn to put up my hands, "No Norman, sorry to disappoint you. Can you really see Richard in a scene like that?"

He shook his head, now the pressure was off I was beginning to like the guy. But not sexually, no way Jose!

"I am willing to bet that you would like to though?'

"Not telling," I tried not to laugh at the situation. Fortunately, our conversation came to a halt as the other two returned. "Please don't repeat any of this to Richard will you?"

"Of course not Sue, our secret. I trust you will say nothing to him either?" I didn't have time to reply.

Elena sat down with a big grin and Richard was trying to disguise a distinctly smug expression. I was about to question him when Norman disappeared briefly, but my brother beat me to it.

"So Norman didn't try it on with you then?" So I really had been set up, I wondered what had gone on in the garden with his uncle's pretty little wife.

"No" I lied, "He was the perfect gentleman."

True to his word, Norman's conversation switched to more mundane matters and, as the air still didn't clear between the two men we soon drifted into dinner, unburt as it happened and, before we knew it, it was time for bed. Richard, bless him, did tell his uncle that we had arranged for the very first ferry as he had an important meeting back on Young Island. Norman and I secretly winked at each other. "Ah, the affairs of the heart," he whispered in passing. More the affairs of the genitals in my case, I chuckled to myself.

Of course, being brother and sister, we were given separate rooms, and I masturbated myself to sleep thinking of Tom. And Sophie. And Paul! All of a sudden I now had a choice of subjects! While dwelling on the horny Sophie, I was fully aware that the next time she tried to seduce me she would meet with little resistance, finally admitting to myself that I was now absolutely ready to experience the sexual attention of another woman. At that moment, as I drifted out of an intense orgasm into a satisfied sleep, I would have been shocked if I knew how soon that was about to happen! And it wasn't to be with my best friend either.

Over a very early coffee the next morning, the sun having barely risen, I quietly shared with Rich that today could be a very special one for both of us. We couldn't wait to get back to Young Island and to our new friends. I wondered if, within the next 24 hours that we had arranged to spend with each other's partner, Rich and Les would actually get it on this time. I hoped so, because I had definite plans for Tom, and those were once again centred precisely on a certain part of his anatomy! It was about to be a very special day for both of us.

As Norman waved us goodbye and the DevilCat raced us northwards back to our new lovers, I questioned Richard about his guilty appearance yesterday afternoon.

Richard looked down at the water rushing by, his eyes focused anywhere but on my face, "Don't know what you're talking about Sis."

"Come on Rich, When you came up from the garden, you and your uncle's wife looked as guilty as hell."

He turned to face me, that sheepish look I knew so well, "Will you promise not to tell Les?"

"Rich, surely you know me well enough by now? Look at all the secret things we did together."

"Yes, but you still told Helen."

"And did you really mind her knowing? It obviously raised your standing with her and, from what she told me, she obviously still fancies you."

He grinned, "Did she say that?"

I nodded.

"Okay, just her, and tell no-one else?"

"I promise not tell anyone new." I refrained from informing him that I had already shared with Sophie less than 24 hours ago! "Now tell me what happened with Elena in that garden. You fucked her didn't you?"

Adamantly, he shook his head, "No Sue I didn't, but I think it was planned to happen if you had got it on with my uncle."

I froze at that prospect and took his arm, "Let's get out of the wind Rich, I don't want to shout." We climbed into the deserted cabin, the bar wasn't open yet, even though we were in the Caribbean and the sun was up. When we had settled into our seats I continued.

"So I was right then, he set you up with her so he could fuck me?"

"Something like that, only the signal didn't come."

"What signal?"

"Sue, please believe me, I wasn't aware of all this until Elena told me afterwards, I was just enjoying her attention. If I had known what was going on I wouldn't have gone along with it, trust me."

Believing him I smiled, "Go on."

"Apparently if you got pally with him, he was to close the patio door."

"And then what?"

"Then Elena would to take me to bed."

"But it didn't happen did it? I spoilt your fun by refusing to fuck your uncle, how weird is this guy?"

"You're right, it didn't happen and if you must know I was pretty disgusted when I found out later."

"You didn't look too upset about it when you both returned."

He remained silent.

"So you did fuck her then?"

"No Sue, honestly I didn't, although I know we would have if we had more time." He paused. "She gave me a blowjob instead."

I burst out laughing, "So that's all?"

My brother looked relieved at my indifference. "What do you mean, that's all? You don't mind then?"

"Why the fuck should I mind? You are free to stick your cock in anyone you like, Rich. I am only sorry that you didn't get your end away that's all. She was obviously up for it."

"She was. It's just that I don't want Les to know."

"Well I certainly have no intention of telling her. Anyway, you haven't even had sex with her yet have you?"

"Umm, no. All in good time I think."

"Not even a blow job? I know she has the hots for that cock of yours." I gave him a surreptitious squeeze. He was rock hard and I hadn't even noticed it, I must be slipping!

He wriggled under my touch, but didn't remove my hand. "No, but we have touched each other."

I sighed deeply. God, my brother could be so infuriating at times!

"So what's the big deal then about getting a blowjob from someone else? Tell you what, if it had been down there in the garden and I was a man I would definitely have fucked her. And I would certainly have done it with Les too by now."

"Well, I am not you, Sis."

"Well, all I can say is, pull your finger out Rich, and get your cock in. She is waiting for you to make that move."

His eyes lit up, "Really?"

"Of course, dumbhead. What does she have to do? Lie naked with her legs apart with a sign 'Please fuck my cunt' painted on her belly?"

"You're so crude sometimes Sue."

"Listen to me, and I'll tell you what's crude. I so much don't want you to lose this one this time.

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