tagIncest/TabooSex and a Single Girl Ch. 11

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 11


Hi! Short chapter this one. Trying to run out one a day but ran out of time, also I didn't want to break in the middle of something important, and you can imagine what that might be!

Chapter 11: The lovemaking gets serious!

Distant sounds of clattering plates brought me back to consciousness, I was suddenly ravenous after the day's exertions. I wasn't sure which had been the most exhausting, the long walk followed by the mind-blowing sharing of secrets and that delicious blowjob and masturbation on the cliff top, or the urgent afternoon delight two hours ago on this very bed. Despite my tiredness, the sight of his cock, half-coiled in his groin like a sleeping reptile, tempted me to jump him his bones yet again. Sensing my attention he opened his eyes and smiled, his stirring snake quickly interpreting my thoughts.

I grinned, "I think that can wait Tom, I'm bloody famished, let's clean up and get some grub." This time we showered separately!

Les and Rich were at the bar sitting hand in hand as though they had been lovers forever, so we decided not to disturb them and instead headed into Kingstown for some food. On our return a couple of hours later they had only moved as far as the very restaurant table at which it had all started two nights ago. Beyond my own situation I was thrilled that perhaps at last my brother had found his match. His ex fiancée Clare certainly didn't hold a candle to his new partner-elect, ex-pro or no ex-pro. Avoiding their attention we skirted around the building and through the bushes towards the beach. Even though we had been on the sand earlier, I had so far foregone my daily swim in favour of sensual satisfaction.

"Fancy a skinny-dip Tom?"

Bless him, this man was, by now, getting used to my outlandish requests, but he still looked hesitant, eying the beach for anyone who might take umbrage at two nude forms cavorting in the warm sea.

Ignoring him, I was naked in no time and Tom, seeing no one immediately in sight, hastily joined me by shedding his clothes and dashing after me into the water, one hand self-consciously covering his balls. We swam, we hugged and we kissed, and we got hornier by the minute. Just like that famous film Here to Eternity, Tom started to make love to me in the surf, the waves breaking over us as he penetrated me for the second time that day. But it wasn't to last, another couple approached from the far end of the beach and, as much as we were tempted throw caution to the winds and return naked into the sea, we hastened back up the sand, gathering up our clothing on the way. We dried ourselves as best we could with our tee shirts and were more or less decent by the time the couple passed by, both of them arm in arm and grinning like Cheshire cats. Curiously they were both dressed in black, he in jeans and tee shirt and sporting a wide-brimmed leather hat, his partner in a bikini bottom and halter-top. She looked as though she could possibly be his daughter. I say possibly because as you will have gathered by now, anything seems to go on this island.

"Evening mate," he spoke to Tom with a strong Australian accent, "Sorry if we disturbed you."

"No problem," we both replied in unison and, giggling, we headed back off the beach.

Tom was still sporting an inviting erection as we prepared for the dash through reception. I looked around and then grabbed it telling him that up until now we had made love, tonight I wanted to fuck, any position, every position. I told him I wanted dirty filthy animal sex, his nostrils flared with the thought!

But I had one slight misgiving, "Tom, we have both cum lots today already, think you can manage any more?"

"Try me," he grinned, and we rushed back to our room, our intent patently obvious to any onlookers.

However, this lovely man wouldn't give me what I thought I wanted, instead he did what he knew was best for me, with his tongue and his fingers. Already highly charged it didn't take me long to approach a climax and, remembering my earlier words, he promptly started the process that I hoped was the start of things to come. With his tongue probing as far as it could inside my pussy, he thrilled me by sliding a non-too-gentle finger into my private little hole.

"Fuck that's nice." I managed to gasp into the pillow.

Then without any warning, to him or barely even to myself, I heaved my hips into the air and climaxed like never before, his finger and tongue both slipping out as I nearly knocked him to the floor.

And still he didn't fuck me. He turned me over on to my knees, spread my lips wide and slid his delicious tongue inside me again and fucked me with it like a little cock. While I kneeled there on all fours he furiously attacked my g-spot, my clitty and my asshole with fingers and tongue, giving me no respite, I didn't know whether to cum or cry. Peering between my legs I could see his cock all erect and angry and knew it was time and screamed at him to fuck me, and at last, without further persuasion he plunged into my pussy in one lovely long sweet stroke. I was in seventh heaven as he doggie-fucked me, almost completely removing his cock each time and pausing before slamming into me again. My pussy was now getting used to his thickness.

For the first time in years I felt totally complete with this sexy man deep inside my willing body. With great joy I thrusted my hips back at him as we fucked in unison, our sweating bodies meeting stroke-for-stroke, no-one had made love to me so completely before and, if I had my way, I knew there was more to come, more of my body for this man to do at his will. I smiled to myself thinking how much my brother had to learn. I hoped he was receiving some similar education right now in Les's cabin.

Tom's cock was quite a handful, it's girth giving me more pleasure than any so-called long ones had ever done (sorry Richard), and for the first time in my life I was about to orgasm without any contact on my clitty. I cried out as I came, and fell exhausted flat on the bed, under his thrusting body. Not satisfied, he pulled out, forcefully turned me over, kneeled between my raised legs and rammed into me again. Both giddy with the excruciating pleasure of our mighty fuck, Tom continued to plunge in and out, in and out, and I pinched my nipples to heighten the intensity until he couldn't hold back any more and he too came for the umpteenth time that day. Understandably he didn't seem to make much liquid but his own intense pleasure was undeniable.

Seeing my fingers exploring my clit, he realised I was close to yet another orgasm and, pushing my hand aside, removed his cock and pressed his face into my pussy. As his cum seeped out of me this lovely man made me climax again, and then, as he had on the cliff, presented a very spunky mouth to mine. I trembled violently as we kissed deeply. I decided there and then that I wanted more of this guy, lots more, and in places yet unexplored. The reader might guess where!

We must have laid still for over an hour, our bodies smelling of sweat and semen. Both exhausted, we managed to stagger into the shower together, and before we fell into a contented sleep we managed another short walk to the beach and took a romantic look at the stars. He turned his face to me in the moonlight.

"I love you Sue."

As we kissed I thought to myself, 'Wow, men usually say that before they cum!'

I smiled up at him, "I love you too, you special man."

He replied with a glint in his eye, "Just think, if you hadn't been bonking your brother the other night, we might never have met." He nodded toward our chalets, "Thank you Rich!"

I followed his glance, "I wonder if they've had sex yet?"

"The way Les attacked me the first night, and the look on her face earlier, I can't see him holding out much longer!"

We laughed, kissed again, and went to bed. Naked, and in love. Or so I thought. Things were about to change!

Next morning at breakfast I got a wink and a nod from Les. It had happened! I felt so relieved and happy for my brother. I silently prayed that this one would last. I wasn't to know then that within a year she would deliver his first baby son, a brother for her own illegitimate daughter. Tom and I never got that far but boy, did we enjoy some practice! As for Richard on that sunny Caribbean morning, he looked as though he had eaten the last cream cake on the plate.

It came as no surprise to anyone when we all agreed to spend another 24 hours with each other's partner. I think we all knew that this was no longer a holiday fling, and this wasn't just about sex. Something serious was happening here, something that would continue once we all got back home. As far as Tom and I were concerned, part of me was hesitant about a committed relationship forming, but I sure as eggs wanted the sex to continue! It had been a long time since I had experienced the certainty of waking up with a horny man lying next to me every morning, his prodding cock asking the question.

I can't remember what the other two did that day, I think they simply lazed on the beach, but I was sure they would be regularly revelling in the new-found lust they had discovered in the night. Tom wanted one final go at finding his duck, and if he failed in that mission he remarked that he could always fall back on a sexy two-legged bird called Sue.

"You can fall back on me anytime you like darling," I replied, and the others laughed.

A tip from a fisherman informed Tom that the nest might be found coincidentally near the cove of the Pirates set, so we hired a car and ventured off along the hilly west coast of St Vincent.

Before we departed I caught a moment alone with Les. There was no sign of Sophie or Paul, I wondered whose bed they might be in today?

"I assume from that look, you two got it on at last?"

She pulled me over to the deserted bar where we couldn't be overheard.

"You were right about him being a little inexperienced, but that's what I like about him, it somehow reminds me of the old days, if you know what I mean?"

I caught her gist exactly, she didn't need to elaborate.

"And you were right, that cock is a monster! And I thought I had seen a few. If I had been in your shoes I think I might just have stayed with the incest thing, fuck what anyone thinks."

I smiled at the memory of his absurd length filling my body, "If it hadn't been for that night in the hammocks I think I might have persuaded Richard to go with my thinking, but then that would have been both our losses."

"Well, I'm grateful the way it's worked out. I really like your brother, despite his slowness in the bedroom. But you know that can be a good thing? Sometimes, back you-know-when, I didn't like a guy to know all the tricks, that would somehow take away the little pleasure I did get. In fact, the few times I had sex with Tom, he was just the opposite, just a bit too knowledgeable, too perfect a lover. You know what I mean?""

"Yes I do, and it doesn't bother me a bit, I love it when a man knows what he's doing and takes control. And boy, did he do that last night!"

Les laughed with me, " Richard knows a few new tricks already, I will start work on the other two hundred tonight! Funnily enough he did do something even I hadn't had done before and, before you ask, that's a secret!"

Raising my eyes to the sky, I found that hard to believe and took her arm, looking around to make sure we were still alone.

"Les, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, I assume to do with sex?"

I nodded, a little embarrassed at what I was going to ask, "Have you ever had anal sex?"

"God, yes. But I didn't get round to doing it with Tom, if that's what you want to know."

"No it's not that. I haven't done it yet, I just want to know what it feels like. Surely it must hurt?"

She nodded, "It does a bit the first couple of times, until you get used to it. You have to be well lubricated, and do use Vaseline, not KY because that gets all sticky. You'll find the sensation is quite different from normal sex though. If I'm in the mood I find it a helluva turn on, sometimes better than pussy sex."

"In what way Les?"

I was now very interested, feeling a tingle down below. I made a mental note to buy some Vaseline from the hotel shop. Suddenly I had this urge to ask Tom to cancel his trip and take me back to bed and embark on a different type of expedition, into unknown territory!

"Well, first of all you can sometimes have an anal orgasm, and it's nothing to do with your clit. I don't know how it happens, and as long as it does I don't really care. Sometimes it just doesn't, but when it does it's fucking amazing." She wriggled on her stool as if recollecting that particular pleasure, then looked at me seriously. "I don't have to remind you to go to the loo first, and have a good wash. I mean a really good wash, inside. Also until you get used to it you have to ignore the feeling that his cock will feel like a shit going the wrong way!"

We both grimaced and then laughed out loud.

"So have you two talked about it then?"

"Not really, just the inference. He licked me there last night, and shoved a finger up, which I liked very much. And I think it helped to make me cum."

"Oh yes, the finger bit is always nice Sue, but he's got a fat cock, you might have a problem there to start with. You might want to experiment with a vibrator first, you can borrow mine if you want, I don't think I will need it now for a while!"

"Thank you Les, that's very kind, but I did take the precaution of bringing my own."

I smiled at my new friend and, kissing her cheek, wondered if we might ever become lovers. She clearly sensed my thoughts and tactfully moved away.

"That's okay then. But before he does anything rash, and men can be like that with a hint of anal sex, talk about it first. You might regret it afterwards if you don't. I've been there." She frowned at the memory of a painful past experience.

"Thanks. We haven't discussed it properly yet, but I feel it's something he wants to do, and I think I am ready for anything he wants the way I feel at the moment."

She took my hand and gave me another of her serious looks, "Right, rule number one. Don't do it just for him, not like I did, more than once."

"Yeah, but you got paid for it!"

"Yep. £100 an inch!"

"Wow, you must be loaded!"

"All went on my little girl. And yes, I was expensive, but boy was I good!"

We laughed and set off in search of our partners for the day.

In the next chapter, more secrets are divulged, this time by Tom!

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