tagIncest/TabooSex and a Single Girl Ch. 13

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 13


By now Tom and I had shared with each other just about everything of our past. And as the sex was just getting better and better, it seemed more and more people wanted to share it with us!

Chapter 13: The Australians

Later, in the bar, when Richard and Les returned from dinner in Kingstown, we all discussed arrangements for meeting up again back in the UK. I wondered if she and Tom would have sex again after me and my brother left for home tomorrow. But Rich surprised us both when he suggested that, after checking with Virgin, he and Tom could swap tickets. That way the new couples could stay together. It did mean that Rich's stay would be three days longer, but Tom's would be cut short by the same three.

"You okay with that Tom," I asked him, my arm around his waist.

"As long as I am with you I don't care," was his sugary answer.

I was secretly pleased because it meant he wouldn't be fucking Les again in the three days they would have been sharing a bed again. But what was I thinking? We had just agreed not to go monogamous!

"In which case," Rich grinned at Tom, "Tomorrow morning after breakfast you and I both need to go to the airport to sort it out and, seeing I benefit the most, I'll pay the airline fees."

"Right," I pulled a surprised Tom out of his chair, "You and I have a date with a hammock." I turned to Les, "You guys coming? A touch of deja-vu?"

Her eyes told me that she would love to join us and re-enact the night we all first met, but I knew in my heart that she wouldn't get Rich to agree.

"Bloody hell," Tom muttered as we headed to the beach, "I'm not sure if I can keep up with you, you randy bitch."

"I'm making up for two years Tom, you will have to like it or lump it! Or go back to Les?"

Hand in hand we reached the sand, I was ready to re-live that horny first night.

I led Tom to the furthest hammock and, lifting up my yellow halter-top he hungrily chewed on my nipples. I was sat with legs blatantly open facing the sea, on show was a thong Tom hadn't yet seen, a violent fluorescent red. On seeing the moist strip down the centre he quickly covered it with his mouth.

Instantly realising his intentions, I lifted my legs over his shoulders and he started to lick the insides of my thighs. He told me to keep an eye open for passers-by, especially in the unlikely event that any of our friends decided to join the fun. Now that Sophie and Paul were here we actually had a choice! But disappointingly, no one came, none that we expected anyway.

Very gently he flicked the point of his tongue over the sensitive flesh where my thighs met my groin, his nostrils clearly intoxicated with the odour of my sex. Easing aside the gusset to expose only half of my pussy, he ran a wet tongue up the length of one vaginal lip, and then back down again, returning to my groin. Repeating the process with the other lip, I started to shake and he softly pressed his tongue to the moist centre of my tiny panties, tasting through the thin material the desire I was building up for the eventual entry of his very rampant cock. No problem down there!

"Lift," he whispered. I raised my bum off the hammock for him to ease my panties down over my legs, and he cast them aside.

"Lovely pussy," he sighed, gazing longingly at my scented peach. "I want her."

"Have her," I groaned, "She is all yours."

With that he lowered his face to my sweet cunny, his tongue passing from between his lips into the soaking wet haven of my own, probing, tasting, licking and finally sucking. Holding my lips apart he set to work on my clitoris, his fingers working in time deep inside me with little fucking movements.

I cried out, "Oh fuck Tom, eat me, eat my pussy!"

He needed no persuasion to engulf me with his mouth and as my juices flowed freely on to his lips, he attacked my clitoris with his tongue, flicking it rapidly in time with his stroking of my g-spot. When he sensed I was close to losing control, he eased his other hand underneath me and slid a large finger into my asshole and rapidly fucked me there too. I groaned with delirious delight.

"Bloody hell Tom, I think I'm going to want more than your finger in there, it feels so nice." If he had offered his cock there at that moment I knew I would willingly have taken it in.

Covering my mouth to suppress a scream, my body convulsed and went rigid. My thighs closed against his ears, my pussy and asshole clamped tight on his fingers. I stayed frozen for several moments, holding my breath to restrain the scream I so wanted to emit, then, as I breathed out in a long sigh I relaxed, a stream of pussy cum flowing into his mouth. Holding the sweet liquid on his tongue, he moved up my body to kiss me.

"I believe this is yours."

I eagerly opened my mouth and he let my cunny juice flow on to my tongue, and we kissed hungrily, both of us totally lost in our moment of lust.

"Fuck me Tom." His eyes widened at the words every man likes to hear. I could see in his pants his cock was very agreeable to my request.

We were in the perfect position for such a manoeuvre, his erection already pressing hard into my groin, my legs wide apart ready to receive him. All that was needed was for him to unzip his pants. He slid into me as easy as a knife into butter and for the second time that day he slowly started to make love to me. But slow was not what I wanted.

I hissed, bucking my hips invitingly forward, "Fuck me hard, fuck my wet pussy. Shoot your hot spunk into my wet cunt you horny fucker." I was getting sluttier by the minute, and of course he was loving it.

As he increased his pace we found it difficult to control the hammock, which was swinging wildly with every plunge into me, and I think he was seriously contemplating lifting me fully into the bed. I was beginning to get a little worried that he might not have the stamina to perform what I had in mind for later when the decision was made for us. We heard soft footsteps in the sand.

"Quick." he whispered," Someone's coming." I just did, I smiled to myself.

We scrambled into the hammock together. I covered my breasts and he managed to pull his pants up over his bum and laid on top of me, hiding our genitals from view.

I looked up at him hopefully, "Maybe it's Sophie and Paul?"

I was so keen that we all have sex together, and wondered if they had seen us leave for the beach.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't them, it was in fact the same couple who had caught us screwing in the surf last night. I wondered if they had seen anything tonight too, possibly secretly watching us in the dark, nothing would surprise me in this place.

"Sorry to disturb you again folks, we really didn't realise you were here."

Was this a coincidence, I wondered, or were they following us, wanting more than just a passing chat?

They were both dressed identically to the previous night except that a pleated mini skirt replaced the young girl's bikini bottom, black of course. She was barefooted, he was in sandals. In a gentlemanly manner he bowed slightly, and removed that ridiculous hat. Now I could see him more clearly. He was tall, sandy haired, brash and I took an instant dislike to him. His companion was the opposite, a tiny unassuming gothic-like creature with pixie-cut black hair, her bikini top barely concealing a nearly non-existent pair of breasts. Her eyes were an electric blue, (Tom said they were green) and she was easily half his age and could easily have been mistaken for a boy. I wondered with amusement if the skirt hid anything else! There was no father-daughter likeness that I could perceive.

"That's okay," Tom replied, the couple had stopped as if indeed wanting to chat, "We were leaving anyway."

I whispered in his ear, "No we were not darling, we were fucking!"

The Aussie grinned when he spotted my panties lying on the sand, "I guess we are down here for the same reason as you guys, so please don't leave on our behalf."

Tom told me later that he wondered if they would climb into the next hammock and have sex in full view of us, just like we all did on that wonderful first night with Rich and Les, but the couple moved off down the beach, no doubt more for their own privacy rather than respecting ours.

Tom was still hard and manoeuvring to get back inside me but I could hear new voices coming from another direction and, deciding we couldn't cope with any further interruptions, we reluctantly got dressed. As it happened, the new passers-by were elderly and never gave us a single glance. I wondered what their reaction would have been to a couple half their age fucking gaily in a swinging hammock! The moment was spoilt and I needed a drink.

Back at the bar, Les and Rich were nowhere to be seen. A newly arrived Canadian couple I had met yesterday insisted upon buying me a drink while Tom drifted like a magnet to the plasma TV to watch some cricket. They were interesting people and even though my pussy would soon be crying out for renewed attention, I allowed Tom a few minutes' indulgence with his favourite sport, so temporarily I enjoyed their sparkling company. The fact that they were both incredibly sexy was a bonus. As I caught a non-too discreet lustful glance from him I wondered if they too were yet another swinging couple and, if they were, Sophie would no doubt soon seek them out! What a pity we were leaving tomorrow. Small solace when they told me they often visit London and he gave me his cellphone number, suggesting we all meet up sometime. Curiously he was called Jim, just like my late husband. I wondered if he was as good in bed.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Australian couple join Tom at the bar and, making my excuses, crossed the room to join them. The guy had a smug grin on his face but she, assuming she had just had sex, didn't show any signs of that satisfying after-glow. In fact she looked bored out of her skin. I was right about their ages, he was clearly in his forties, and she couldn't have been a day over twenty. Tom told me later that the term 'Sugar Daddy' originated from wealthy sugar plantation owners seeking to pay for the company of young nubile girls. I immediately thought of Richard's uncle with his nubile Russian wife.

I forced a smile as Tom introduced them.

"Sue, this is Greg. And this is his pretty lady Sooline, but he calls her Soo." He spelt it out.

We politely shook hands. "That's funny," I laughed, "I'm a Sue too, short for Susan."

"That's cool!" He gave me an ill concealed wink, "I only date girls called Sue, that way I don't call out the wrong name in the night!'

Tom thought that very funny, but we two girls just raised our eyes to the ceiling.

Greg jerked his head back at the beach, "Sorry again if we disturbed anything down there."

Tom grinned at him, "Nothing we can't continue later!"

"I happen to like outdoor sex too, the risk of being caught and all that."

"We gathered that!"

The conversation carried on pretty much between the two men. While I was dreading any suggestion of teaming up with him for anything of a sexual nature, I found her fascinating and, although she hadn't spoken a single word, extremely sexy in a boyish way. Later that night, with Tom's cock pounding into me, we admitted we would gladly have enjoyed something of a sexual nature with her, despite her age. Little did we know how close that was to happening, but not exactly as we fantasised.

Throughout the conversation she maintained an intense expression, hardly smiling at all. What could not be mistaken however was the powerful sexual energy that was emanating from this strange little girl. I felt a little left out since she clearly didn't want to join in the discussion, which was becoming distinctly sexually orientated, and coarse with it.

Very soon, I made it clear that I was eager to get to bed, but Greg insisted on buying one more round, so for the moment I was happy to wallow in the sexual aura of his girl friend. Her body language indicated that her boyfriend was the only one to have enjoyed their recent session on the beach. As I discovered the next day, I was perfectly correct.

Greg dispatched Soo to go fetch the drinks and as she rose we both spotted a flash of black pubic hair, a blatant gesture to not only Tom but to me too, of that I was sure. Earlier on the beach I had noted that her armpits were also slightly hairy, a fashion quite acceptable in some parts of Western Europe. Although I shaved rigorously I found it quite exciting to wonder if she would have that heady sweaty smell of a man.

New drinks on the table, Greg checked around that he was not being watched, and dipped into his shirt pocket, "Fancy some 420 you guys? If there's anything as good as sex then it's a decent smoke afterwards."

"Or even during!" Tom laughed. He whispered in my ear that was the American code for a joint.

"And especially before a fuck!"

We all stared at Soo. She had spoken at last, and she was grinning. Obviously sex and the weed were close to her heart. She had a French accent, which I guess explained the hairy armpits. I hadn't smoked a roll-up since I was teaching, and Tom was obviously a user, so we gladly accepted, passing the reefer between us. This one was special.

"Fuck!" Tom gasped after taking a deep hit, "This is really good shit."

I followed suit, inhaling and coughing, agreed with an inane grin, "Dynamite!"

Soo grabbed the joint from my hand, taking a huge drag herself and blowing the smoke erotically into our faces. I had a growing feeling that this sexy girl was waiting for an invitation to fuck, the drug was kicking in quickly and having a similar effect on me. If it weren't for the presence of her overbearing partner I would have had no hesitation in asking her to join Tom and me in our bed.

"We got it locally this morning. Can get you some if you want."

Tom shook his head, "Thanks all the same, but we are going home tomorrow, this stuff would be too dodgy to carry through Barbados, even though we are in transit."

"No worries. So, you folks been here long?"

"Just ten days. You?"

"We got in yesterday, saw you guys on the beach last night, we did kind of wonder if you would be down there again tonight."

I raised my eyebrows. "You came looking for us?"

"Not really, we had it planned anyway, we love walks in the dark, never know what you might find." His eyes twinkled. Clearly they were voyeurs. Soo was staring intently at me, her startling blue eyes locked on mine, now totally silent again after her outburst. We were connecting sexually in a big way. I was almost in the mood to give up Tom tonight for a first taste of pussy.

Getting a little bolder with the effect of the joint, I stared at Greg. "Are you two what we in the UK call swingers?"

I couldn't believe I had said that, I really didn't fancy the guy. I guess I just wanted to know more about his gothic girl friend, and also if they were aware there were others like him here.

Soo shook her head slowly and Greg took a long puff before answering.

"Not really. We just happen to be open about sex, do it where we want, with who we want, go to parties once in a while. That's how we are in Oz. By the way, they call them swingers in Melbourne too!" He looked at us curiously. "Why do you ask? Are you two in that scene?"

It was Tom's turn to shake his head. His eyes questioned mine and when I nodded he told them how we had met last week, and that we had both arrived here with different partners.

"Cool. That means you really are swingers," he chuckled. "That's what I call a permanent swap!"

"I prefer temporary ones actually," Soo spoke again with her distinctly sexy French accent, and Tom was now the object of her unblinking stare. I spotted a movement in my boyfriend's pants and pinched his thigh, passing him the distinct message that he had a sexual obligation to complete with me before pointing his fat cock in any other direction.

"Are you French?" Tom asked her, ignoring my probing hand. Typical man, always eyeing up the next opportunity. But then I couldn't complain, I had just been doing the same with a Canadian guy called Jim!

"She's Belgian actually," Greg answered for her, "But educated at Melbourne University. We both live in Brussels now but I still have a pad next to the Coathanger."


He laughed, "Sydney Harbour Bridge. Look at the picture sometime, you'll see why."

The smoke and the drink was now getting me horny again and despite my growing desire for Soo, I had to get Tom away from the ever increasing suggestion of a foursome. I decided on a shock tactic and whispered in his ear, as it happened loud enough for Soo to hear, but not her partner.

"Take me to bed Tom, I want you to fuck my ass."

Tom sat bolt upright in shock, choking on his drink, and Greg raised his eyes, seeing his look of surprise. Soo simply grinned.

"Had an offer you can't refuse Tom?"

"You could say that," giggled Soo. Tom's hands dipped into his crotch to hide his growing erection.

Soo suddenly stood up and looked at us both in turn, "Perhaps we will meet up again sometime?"

"Brussels is a long way Soo."

She smiled at me, licking her lips. Her sexual aura was overpowering. Fuck, I wanted her, I wished her overbearing partner wasn't present. "Although my office is there, my work brings me to London amongst other places."

"Yeah," added Greg, lewdly grabbing her ass. "I'm based in Bruges, but my travels take me east unfortunately."

That was music to my ears, obviously he wouldn't be around all the time. Soo and I were clearly flirting with each other and it didn't go unnoticed by Tom as he later remarked. 'I got the distinct impression you wanted to fuck her more than me.' I had replied that I wanted him and her equally as much and, if possible, both together! I agreed with him that while Greg was brash, it was in that likeable Australian manner of Crocodile Dundee. Perhaps another time, we agreed. And I did notice the outline of a rather long muscle in his pants. Richard dear brother, I thought, you may not be quite the king of the castle after all!

Before we left the bar, Greg pulled us close together, "You guys may not know it but this place is quite a popular venue for swingers."

"We had noticed," laughed Tom, "After all, how many places are there in the world where you will find double beds on the beach?"

We parted with hugs and kisses all round, Soo actually kissing me lingeringly on the lips, her little tongue grazing mine as I opened my mouth, confirming I wanted her too. Damn!

As she hugged Tom I saw her whisper in his ear and wondered what erotic remark that might have been. He said later that she had said she was sorry we were both leaving so soon. I didn't believe him, but it was patently obvious she fancied him too.

As we headed to our cabin Greg caught up with us, "Hey you guys, something to take to bed," and promptly pulled two more joints from his pocket. "Something to remember us by when you hit the spot."


And hit the spot Tom did, in a very new place indeed!

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