tagLesbian SexSex and a Single Girl Ch. 17

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 17


Our holiday over, Tom and I are back at home, returned to the humdrum of our normal lives.

Well, almost! This last chapte- but-one of my story is a little longer than usual, I think you readers would crucify me if I split this one up. It was to be a very special day for me. I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Chapter 17: Karen

One evening, not very long after our holiday on Young Island, we had just returned to Tom's apartment following a visit with Richard and Lesilia to celebrate their engagement. Yes, they had really got it bad, and apparently it had nothing to do with the fact that she was pregnant!

I was preparing a late dinner when the doorbell rang, and Tom went down to answer. Listening for a murmur of voices, I could hear none and, being curious as ever, crept down the stairs to investigate. To my shock he was in a heavy snog in the dark with some young girl. Or, to be more accurate, she was all over him! Tom was pressed up against the open front door and, with credit to him, he only had one hand around her body, and well above her ass. With the other, I tried to convince myself, he was trying to fend her off, but with little success. She leapt back when she saw me.

"Who is this?"

A very flustered Tom wiped away the violet lipstick, "Sue, this is Karen, my ex-girlfriend's sister. You remember, the one I told you about? Karen, meet my girlfriend Sue. We met recently in the Caribbean and are now best friends," he added, clearly more for my benefit than hers.

Rather formally she shook my hand. "Sorry about that Sue, it's not what you think." Where had I heard that one before? "It's been ages since I saw Tom, I just called round to pick up a couple of books that Lisa left behind. I tried before, but you were away."

And pick up whatever else she could find, I thought. Lisa was the Virgin Atlantic stewardess that Tom had met in Paris a couple of years ago and they had recently split up for geographical reasons. She had been due to accompany Tom on this recent holiday, and I often wondered what would have happened if she had? Probably no hammocks and no Tom, and definitely not this story!

Being my usual charitable self I invited her in and brewed some coffee while Tom, with the rather eager assistance of Karen, searched the shelves for the errant volumes. As I checked on the dinner I secretly studied her and had to admit to myself that she was gorgeous, everything about her suggested she could be a model, apart from her height, which was very similar to mine. And she literally oozed sex, just the way I was told I did at her age. I couldn't blame Tom for allowing her to kiss him, I was only surprised he hadn't fucked her already. Or had he?

As she took her coffee from me, there was a brief contact of fingers and I felt that familiar tingle down below, the one that started in the beach bar with my friend Sophie and then went into action with that gothic girl on that last morning on Young Island. Stop it, I told myself, she's only 20! But then Soo had been even younger.

Despite all my concerns, and a natural touch of jealousy, and it was well past midnight when she skipped back down the stairs after a mwah to both our cheeks, I was sorry to see her leave. Later in bed, Tom and I both admitted that we had the hots for her but I was glad I had restrained him from offering her a lift home! I knew I wouldn't have seen him until breakfast!

As soon as the door had closed behind her, I dragged Tom and his inevitable erection to the bedroom and virtually raped him. The supper went in the bin. It was clear he had been horny all evening. And me? That girl had aroused a part of my sexuality that had started with the Belgian girl on holiday, but not completed to my satisfaction. As we made love with that same urgency as our very first night together, Tom declared that he was convinced Karen was bisexual.

"You think? Tom, her eyes were undressing me the same way that men do. I wasn't sure who she fancied the most, you or me!"

Our own erotic thoughts spinning in our heads, I attacked my clitty as Tom shuddered to a climax deep inside me. Deep down I knew that if I lowered my guard it wouldn't be that long before Karen's pussy replaced mine, so next day I made a momentous decision, totally against my principles and everything we had agreed upon that sunny afternoon in a pretty cove on St Vincent. Tom had been pestering me to move in with him, and after last night I agreed that perhaps now was the right time. Was it the sex, which was getting better and better? Or was it that I wanted to protect him from Karen, and any other female predators he hadn't told me about? We had originally agreed that we were both free to screw around a little, but suddenly I wanted that lovely cock for myself. I felt a little vulnerable with the knowledge that a sexy young woman like her fancied my boyfriend, a good eight years older.

Two weeks later I was firmly ensconced in his apartment and no more mention was made of Karen. Not for a while anyway. We were busy making plans to take up that rain-check with my college friends Sophie and Paul, hoping it would turn out to be a very interesting evening all together, and after that hammock incident I couldn't wait. Sharing sex with others is a big thing for me, but I had first promised myself to Sophie alone who, previously unbeknown to me, had been bisexual since her early teens. I wanted her to be my first true female lover, whereas the dark Sooline had taken me to bed for her own satisfaction. If it is possible for wham-bam between two females, then that had been it. I wanted more than that.

However, the best laid plans and all that shit?

It was early on a Saturday afternoon, the first after I had moved in, and I was fresh out of bed and slumming it in tracky bottoms and a sleeveless top, no underwear. My hair needed washing and was tied back with a rubber band. I looked a total scruff-bag.

"Aren't you showering, Sue?" asked Tom as he came out of the bathroom, all sprightly and clean.

He was off to meet with some friends at West Ham, the football team he had supported since a kid.

"Maybe later darling, I just feel like being a slob today."

"Suit yourself, I hope the vicar doesn't call."

His unusual response puzzled me, he always told me he fancied me no matter how I look. And for some reason he kissed me more passionately than usual for the time of day. At the bottom of the stairs he looked up as if about to say something, but instead blew me another kiss, and left.

Half an hour later I was catching up with work on my computer when the doorbell rang.

"Fuck," I muttered. If there is one time I enjoy to myself, it's a Saturday afternoon. I decided to ignore it, I wasn't expecting anyone. It rang again, this time with persistence, almost as though the person knew someone was at home. I sighed, closed the laptop and went down the stairs, the outline of a small figure was silhouetted through the glass.

It was Karen. Devastatingly sexy. The sun highlighting her blonde streaks.

"Tom's not here," was the first thing I could think of.

"I know, it's you I wanted to see, Susan. Can I come in?" She was already halfway through the door.

The fact that she knew Tom was out curiously didn't bother me, but what did was the knowledge that she had come all the way across town to see me!

I followed her up the stairs as she threw off her coat and for the first time I studied her ass. It was gorge, perfectly round and tightly encased in a vivid yellow miniskirt, with a flash of matching thong, and she wore a flimsy black strappy top. The way she wiggled her bum, she knew I was appraising her! Just like the L'Oreal ad, her long streaked auburn hair waved from side to side across her shoulders. I felt very vulnerable in the company of this incredible sexy girl. My hormones had started their dance once again.

We gravitated to the kitchen. "I just opened some wine, fancy a glass?"

"Yes please, love some."

Nervously, I smoothed down my top, "I'm sorry, I must look a wreck, not long been up, having a lazy day."

"Don't be silly, you look lovely, Susan. If I look like you on a Saturday when I'm what, 28...29? I'll be really chuffed."

I grinned at her, wishing I was twenty again, and all the memories of what went with that age.

"Thank you, you just made my day, it takes a woman to say that, men just don't seem to notice, especially after the first date! Its Sue by the way to all my friends."

"In which case Sue, please be my friend too and call me Karry."

I took a quick sip of wine, "Karry, help yourself to some nibbles, there's all sorts in that end cupboard, I just need to go to the loo," and with that I darted off to the bathroom.

Hastily I cleaned my teeth, added a smear of lipstick and ran a brush through my hair, fortunately it can go a couple of days without washing. Almost subconsciously I ran a wet flannel over my pussy and donned a bra and clean pair of panties, and wondered if this visit had anything to do with Tom? Had he been with her I wondered? When I returned to the kitchen feeling a little more human, she was reading a Cosmo I had left on the top of the fridge.

"That's better," I sighed, "You really should have phoned, I hate looking a mess."

She put down the mag, it was open rather pointedly at an article about lesbianism. "If I had you might not have let me in!"

I looked at her curiously as we leaned against the worktops facing each other, sipping from our glasses.

"So, what did you want to see me about Karen, sorry, Karry?"

She sighed deeply as if looking for the right words, "Can I be frank?"

I shivered slightly, fearing the worst. Before I moved in, Tom and I had agreed to sharing an open relationship and I knew he had had a couple of serious dates since then, but I had none as yet, and was beginning to feel a little insecure, frustrated and distinctly clingy.

"Of course." I steeled myself for the worst, " Does this have something to do with Tom?"

"No Sue, not at all. And I haven't had sex with him, if that's what you're thinking. Well, not properly." Her cheeks coloured up, her eyes averting my hard stare.

Looking at her lithe body I couldn't blame him if he wanted to fuck her, as long as it didn't happen behind my back, and at the very least not without me being there. The thought of three-way sex with this delightful creature suddenly flashed before my eyes, and instantly I knew it was something I wanted to happen. It wouldn't surprise me if she admitted she had already been there, done that. Then I wondered what her words 'not properly' implied.

"I believe you," I replied without conviction, "What then?"

"Alright, I'll cut to the chase." For the first time she too appeared to be nervous. "Yes of course I fancy Tom, have done for ages, ever since my sister brought him home. What sensible girl wouldn't? He's real cool."

Despite Tom's earlier hints about this girl's questionable sexuality, she still caught me off guard with her next words.

"But it's you I really fancy Sue."

I remained silent, feigning surprise, and very scared I would say the wrong thing.

"Sorry to be so forward, but I did pick something up from you last time I was here."

I started to shake, had I made it that obvious? I gulped another mouthful of wine, wishing it was something stronger.

"What makes you think that I might be that way, and if I was, that I would fancy you?"

She ignored my cruel reply and smiled weakly, "I just had a feeling that you might be interested, the way you looked at me last time. I saw you in the mirror, I'm not blind Sue."

To say I wasn't interested would be an overstatement. I knew I was up for this, but it was all so sudden, I needed to play this game out a little. Inadvertently, she spilled some wine on her chin and automatically I reached out with a teacloth. Our first intimate touch! I knew now there were going to be more, but for some obscure reason I wanted to know my boyfriend's involvement.

"Tom said something didn't he? He set this up."

"No Sue, I just know, that's all. The same way you know when a guy fancies you."

"That's bollocks! He must have said something. He told you what happened on holiday didn't he?"

Her eyes lowered. "Alright, he did tell me about that, about the hammocks and the other couple and things about you too. We met the other day for coffee."

I attempted a glare, but her innocent smile weakened my resolve. She raised her hands in the air.

"It was nothing, it was just coffee, nothing happened, I swear. We didn't even kiss, not properly anyway."

I stared at her indignantly, "I see, so what do you call proper kiss then?"

She grinned, "Tongue down throat darling, and we didn't do that. But I bet he's good at it!"

I had to smile at this girl's adult attitude. "As a matter of fact he is, plus all the rest. But go on, you were saying?"

"We'd bumped into each other on the Tube, and he wanted to know how Lisa was getting on with her change of job and her new man, that's all. So we had coffee."

Tom had told me that his ex had switched to British Airways and was now based back in the UK. Until he informed me she had a new boyfriend I had been worried that would bring them back into contact again.

"And you talked about me?" I held up another bottle and she nodded.

"No I didn't. Tom talked about you, and all about your holiday. Bloody hell Sue, you had more sex in a week than I've had in what, three years? Only joking of course, I've already lost count!"

I forced a smile, fondly remembering those irresponsible carefree days when sex was all that mattered. I poured us some more wine and suggested we take our glasses to the lounge. I was getting intrigued with this girl, and that tickly feeling was growing fast.

Turning towards her on the sofa, I asked what else Tom had said about me. For some reason I hoped he hadn't told her about Sooline, the girl that had seduced me on the beach and took my bisexual virginity.

"Well, he did say that you are the sexiest lover he has ever had, and he once told me that my sister took some beating. I must say I admire his choice, but then of course he hasn't been with me."

We both laughed at that.

She looked earnestly at me. "Why are you grinning?"

"Nothing really. It's just nice to hear it from someone else."

She took my hand and an electric shock flowed through me. "I like to be straight with people Sue, some of my friends call me a slut, but at least I'm honest."

I let her hand remain on mine, enjoying the limited intimacy. "So what else did he say about me?"

"He told me about your foursome on the beach. That's cool, I haven't done that."

I smiled at the memory, "It wasn't really a foursome. We were just two couples who happened to spot each other making love."

"I bet it was fucking horny all the same."

"It was a bit of a turn-on," I admitted modestly.

"God, seeing something like that would really do it for me, I've only ever seen it in porn."

She tucked her legs up beneath her on the cushions, revealing a quick flash of yellow thong. I looked at her curiously, "Have you never seen it for real, two people making love?"

"No I haven't, but I wouldn't mind seeing you and Tom do it, if that's not being too forward?"

I laughed, little did she know how close that idea was to my heart, and Tom's for that matter, but I said nothing. I was still hesitant to encourage any meeting between the two of them, but the wine was definitely warming me to the idea.

She continued, "My mum and dad were very much into that sort of thing."

"What, watching people make love?"

"More than that, they used to go with other people's partners, you know, wife swapping and all that."

"That's sort of what we did on our holiday, with Tom and Les."

She laughed, "Yes, but you guys didn't swap back again! Anyway, when Dad started to do it in secret Mum got fed up and left him."

"I guess that's what can happen, especially if jealousy creeps in."

"Exactly. Now he lives out somewhere near where you went, bought a share in a sugar plantation, then married some Russian girl half his age, dirty bugger."

I froze. Surely not another coincidence. "Don't suppose your dad's called Norman?"

"Fuck! How do you know that? Did you meet him?"

"Yes! He's..." I had to stop and think to work it out. "...he's my step-brother's father's brother. I think. Richard might be related to you then."

"Shit! It was that Richard you were with? Bloody hell Sue, you shagged my cousin!"

For a moment I was horrified at the connection. "Karry, he was only my step brother!"

"You still fucked him though!"

I grinned sheepishly, "Only twice."

Little did she know what else went on before that in our teen days. I had a suspicion that this new revelation would mark the end of a budding friendship. I was as ever totally wrong.

"Don't worry, I am not criticising you. In fact I'm bloody jealous, I spent ages trying to get into his pants myself, and I guess you know why!"

"His dick you mean?"

"Exactly! Tell me, what did it feel like?"

I giggled, now relaxed again, "Very filling darling!"

"Lucky you. How did that come about?"

I told her how he turned up on my doorstep all forlorn after being jilted, and then the impromptu sex in the hammocks.

"I'm surprised we two never met," she looked at me thoughtfully, "Although I did meet his fiancée Clare just once, she was a right cow that one. Good job he dumped her."

I laughed, "Actually she dumped him, she was screwing her previous lover all the time she and Rich were engaged."

"What a nasty bitch! And he took you on his honeymoon instead?"

"Yep," I replied with a satisfied grin, "And now he's marrying the girl that was in the other hammock, Tom's original partner."

"Yeah, I heard about that, and she's pregnant too. Fancy you with Richard though! I can't get over that, it's so deliciously wicked! Did you do anything else with him or was it just a spontaneous thing?"

For a moment I hesitated telling all, but she seemed so cool for her age and knew most of it anyway. "Promise not to tell anyone? Only Tom knows."

"Oooh I love secrets! I promise, cross my heart."

"Okay. Before Richard went into the Navy we used to masturbate together, watching his dad's porn."

She froze and I feared I had disclosed too much about her cousin. I needn't have worried.

"That's so fucking cool Sue, you lucky bitch. I would love to have seen that! I would have joined in!"

I smiled and took her hand in mine, "That would have been difficult, you would have only been about eleven at the time."

She stroked my fingers, "So?"

My eyes widened in surprise, "You were masturbating then?"

She nodded, "Too right, I saw my mum doing it and that got me interested. So how did it start with you and Rich?"

"I came home horny from college one day and caught him playing in front of the telly. It seemed natural for me to join in too."

"Yeah, I would have done the same! Tell me, did you ever suck him off?" Her eyes were partially dilated, no doubt she was imagining that monster cock filling her own mouth.

"Only once Karry, but that got us dangerously close to having sex so we stopped after that, I was still in my teens remember."

"God, and I thought I had done some rude things!"

Now it was my turn to be interested, I poured us both some more wine, "Like what?"

She scratched her head, "Umm, would shagging two lads together count?"

I laughed, "I would think so, what happened?"

"Two boys from school last year, that was really cool. It was in a friend's swimming pool, lucky I didn't get pregnant, I was shit-scared for weeks afterwards."

I laughed, "I once tried that too, but I was stoned and didn't remember much about it, and the boys were arguing about something. I felt guilty afterwards for cheating on my boyfriend."

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