tagGroup SexSex and Ladders

Sex and Ladders


"Snakes and ladders?" Kim groaned. "Snakes and fucking ladders!?"

"I'm sorry," replied Lucy. "It's all I could find." She stepped back into the room and placed the board game on the floor, sitting cross-legged beside it and taking the board and counters out of the box.

Kim sighed and sat down beside her. "But it's such a boring game," she sighed. "Even if we just sat and talked it would be more interesting than this," she gestured at the board before folding her arms across her chest.

"We could talk and play this too," I offered, and slid off of the bed where I was sitting to join the girls on the floor.

Lucy smiled at me. "That's right," she said matter-of-factly, tucking her hair behind her ears.

"Shut up, Jack," Kim muttered.

Lucy stopped setting up the game. "Do you actually want me to put this away?"

"No, no, it's fine," Kim replied and twisted the board so that it was straight. "Let's just play, the power might come back soon anyway."

The night was not going as planned. The three of us had intended to get together for a movie night: despite being friends we didn't see each other that often, and since we were all film buffs, Lucy suggested that we get together to share films that we thought the others would like to watch. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, plus it gave me the opportunity to spend the evening in the company of two attractive women.

But sadly, our plan (at least to watch some movies) fell through. As the three of us settled down on the sofa, and as Kim reached the title menu of one of her DVDs, which looked like some sort of found-footage horror thriller that I knew Lucy would hate, the screen went black and the DVD player shut off. Kim swore and tried the remote, but the TV wouldn't switch back on. Lucy got up and tried the light switch. Power cut.

So here we were, on the floor of Lucy's bedroom playing snakes and ladders. The weather outside was terrible and no doubt the cause of the power cut: rain was coming down hard and there was a rumble of thunder in the distance. As I watched the game being set up I had to concur with Kim- was a boring game.

Kim was the kind of girl who liked thrills and excitement. You didn't need to know her taste in movies to come to that conclusion, you could tell just by looking at her. She had short straight hair down to her shoulders, which she had dyed a violent shade of red, and usually wore a deep red lipstick to match. I had never seen her wear any less than two pieces of black clothing at any given time- tonight she wore a one-piece black dress that came down to just above her knees, and long black stockings which disappeared beyond the hem of her dress. She wore a silver chain necklace and a matching bracelet.

"So who's going first?" Kim asked.

"I will," Lucy replied and smiled sweetly. "Since I'm the youngest."

Lucy was totally different. Unlike Kim she had never dyed her hair- she was naturally a beautiful shade of blonde and proud of it. She had grown her hair long so that it flowed down her shoulders, but brushed it back to leave them exposed. Tonight she was wearing a white blouse and a pair of tight blue jeans: a combination that really showed off her figure. Kim had made it perfectly clear to Lucy that she was jealous of her body, and that Lucy could have any guy she wanted if she was just a little more outgoing. I found myself agreeing with Kim on this point too. Lucy had the breasts and the butt of an underwear model, but these were features I felt guilty of admiring because she was so shy and innocent and kind. I'm sure a lot of guys felt the same way, which explained why she was still single.

Lucy picked up the dice and rolled a five, and bounced her counter along the appropriate number of squares. I made eye contact with Kim, before taking the dice for myself and letting them scatter across the board.

The game continued. There were tiles numbered one to one-hundred on the board, and the three of us had reached the thirties. Not a single one of us had landed on a snake or a ladder, apart from Lucy who had hit a ladder early in the game and reached the twenties before anybody else. Suffice it to say things were going slow. Kim was laying on her back and playing the game upside down, whilst Lucy was laying on her side with her legs bent, resting her head in her hand. I was still sitting cross-legged.

"We need something to liven this up a little," Kim sparked up suddenly.

Lucy looked around and nodded. "Like what?"

"Like..." Kim paused and thought for a moment. She rolled over onto her stomach, and I watched her cross her legs behind her and wave them back and forth in the air, as if she were deciding exactly what to say. "Like, how about this. If you hit a snake," she paused again. "Then the person on the left gets to tell you to do something. And you have to do it."

"I don't get it," Lucy said quietly.

"It's like a dare," Kim went on. "The person on your left dares you to do something. And you have to do it. Like a punishment for landing on a snake."

Kim was sitting on my left. Lucy was sitting on her left. And I was sitting on Lucy's left. Lucy looked at me, and I looked back at her. And then at Kim. "It's worth a try," I said.

"Alright," said Lucy, and passed me the dice.

We cycled through the players once more, and I had to admit, it did make the game more exciting. Every time there was a danger of one of us hitting a snake, we would hold our breath. Not just the person rolling the dice, but the person who would have to give the order if they landed on a snake. I had no idea what I would say to Lucy, but she missed a snake by two spaces and handed the dice to me.

I rolled. Seven. I had landed on the head of a snake. Kim grinned and looked at me, and Lucy took her head out of her hands and sat up. I followed the snake back down to the twenties, as Kim thought aloud to herself. "What to ask, what to ask..." After a few seconds, she settled. "Right, Jack. Take your shirt off."

There came a pause. "My shirt?"

"Yes, take it off."

"Why do you want-"

"You aren't allowed to argue, you landed on a snake," Kim smirked and pointed at the board. "You have to do it."

I shrugged. "Fine." I was only wearing a button-up shirt, so I unbuttoned it and slid it off my shoulders, before laying it down beside me. Kim simply smiled and it was hard to judge her reaction. I looked over at Lucy, who had turned bright red, and had her eyes fixed on her own counter, which would hit a snake if she rolled a two.

Kim took the dice. "My turn," she giggled. She rolled a six and hit a ladder, which took her up into the fifties. "Things are looking up already," she added and passed the dice to Lucy. "How about whoever hits a ladder gets to command the person on their right?" she smiled.

"No, that's not fair!" Lucy gasped and snatched the dice away from the board.

"Only joking," Kim smiled sweetly. Lucy pouted and rolled the dice. Eight, and she missed the snake. Lucy heaved a sigh of relief, moved her counter, and slid the dice across the board to me.

There was no way that I could hit a snake unless I rolled a ten. I rolled a seven and smirked to myself, before passing the dice to Kim. In just two rounds she had made the game far more exciting. More thrilling than any of her films. Once again, Kim avoided hitting any snakes, but she didn't hit a ladder either, and handed the dice to Lucy, dropping them into her palm.

Lucy rolled a five. And hit a snake.

She brought a hand to her mouth, and Kim stifled a giggle. Lucy looked at me, and my mind raced. I could dare Lucy to do anything I wanted... Honestly I was spoiled for choice, but her huge eyes and innocent stare weren't helping me to choose one and say it aloud. On the one hand, I could only see her as a shy and innocent girl. But on the other hand, I really wanted to know...

"Hurry up, Jack!" Kim teased after I had been thinking for a few seconds.

"I'm thinking."

"He's thinking, Lucy," she crooned.

"Make out with Kim," I blurted out.

"What?" Kim asked.

I glared at her. "She landed on a snake, so she has to do it," I said.

Lucy looked between me and Kim, not quite sure what to do.

"Come on, Lucy," Kim said at last. "Let's just do it." She got up from her laying position and knelt on the floor. Lucy hesitated, but then without a word, she got up to and knelt in front of Kim, doing nothing.

"How long for?" she asked at last, looking Kim in the eyes.

"Ten seconds."

There came another moment of silence, but finally Lucy moved forward. She brought her arms around Kim's waist, resting them on her back, and Kim did the same. Once in each other's arms, Lucy moved forward, pressing her lips tenderly against Kim's, and the girls began to kiss. I watched their lips play against one another, noticing as a tongue flicked between mouths. I was getting quite turned on, and from what I could see from the girls, so were they. Kim's hands were gently caressing Lucy's back, and Lucy sighed briefly before breaking the kiss.

"There," she said, and the girls returned to where they were originally sitting. Lucy had turned bright red again, and even Kim looked a little embarrassed as she wiped her lips.

I was the next one to hit a snake, after two more rounds with Kim and I hitting another ladder. I followed the snake, and looked at Kim. "Well?"

"Jeans off, mister," she grinned, as if she had been thinking about it for a while. I stood up, I watched the girls as I unbuckled by belt and slid the jeans down my legs. I was wearing large baggy boxers, which hid the fact that watching the girls make out had got me semi-hard. Until I sat down again, anyway. Kim smirked at me, glancing down at my crotch before taking the dice from the board.

Kim rolled again, and narrowly avoided a snake by three spaces. "Phew," she said, and passed the dice to Lucy. She rolled a ten. Ladder. Back to me. Four. Nothing.

On Kim's next go however, she rolled a three and hit a snake. "No!" she groaned, following the snake back down into the thirties, before looking at Lucy. "What will it be?" she asked.

"Umm," Lucy thought for a moment, but Kim did not interrupt her. "Take your stockings off," she said at last.

"That's it?"

"For now, yes," Lucy giggled.

Kim stood up and slid one of her stockings down her legs, tugging it over her foot and off her body. The dare ended up not being as dull as I had expected. The sight of Kim removing her stockings was strangely arousing, as was the sight of her bare legs extending out from her short black dress. She threw her stockings to one side and sat back down on the floor.

We went round again, and much to my amusement, Kim immediately hit another snake. "Why!?" she shouted, and it was my turn to laugh.

Lucy bit her lip. "Now you have to make out with Jack," she muttered softly.

Kim crawled over to me, and placed her hands on my shoulders. I simply leaned forward, and heard Kim let out a tiny satisfied sigh as our lips met. I pressed my tongue into her mouth, and lapped it against hers. She accepted it hungrily, and I felt her body writhe slightly as she embraced the kiss. I opened one eye to check if Lucy was watching, and she was. She must have been enjoying it as much as I was: I noticed her chest rise and fall heavily before bringing my attention back to Kim. Daringly, I ran a hand along her back, feeling the curvature of her body under the soft fabric of her dress, and to my surprise, I felt her hand run up and down my thigh in response.

Just as I was really getting into it, Kim broke away. "Let's leave it there for now," she winked, and then laughed. "The look on your face!" she leaned backwards. "Don't worry, there's always next round!" she blushed and turned away.

However, the next person to take a penalty was Lucy.

"Lucy hasn't taken any clothes off yet!" Kim teased. That girl sure is easy to agree with.

I was insanely turned on by now, and I wanted to see Lucy's bare legs. "Jeans off, Lucy," I commanded. "And your socks too."

I expected her to ask if two items of clothing was fair, but she didn't argue. She stood up, tugged her tiny stripy ankle socks off her feet, and then turned around, wiggling her hips out of her jeans.

"You look like you're getting into this, Lucy," Kim flirted, and Lucy shrugged mildly. Her jeans fell to her ankles, and she stepped out of them daintily, giving Kim and I a great view of her long smooth legs and round hips. She turned around and I caught sight of her panties, which were a cute shade of light pink, almost exactly what I would have expected. Lucy passed the dice to me, and I watched as she ran a hand down her soft thighs seductively.

"Stop daydreaming," she smiled.

I returned with a smirk and rolled the dice.

The game continued until Kim was caught by a snake again. "That's three snakes now," she moaned, although from her tone of voice she didn't exactly sound annoyed. Lucy told her to take her dress off. It was a one-piece, so if she did she would be down to her underwear. "But," Kim murmured.


"I'm not wearing a bra under this..." Kim was bright red.

Lucy paused. "You landed on a snake, you have to do it!"

I was impressed at Lucy's sudden confidence, but didn't have time to congratulate her. Kim immediately stood up, and lifted her dress up over her hips, exposing a pair of bright red panties. As more of her body I saw, the more I realised how feminine and toned her figure was. She wasn't quite as curvy as Lucy, but she still had an amazing body of her own, and as she lifted her dress over her chest, I also discovered that she had an ample pair of C cups. Her nipples were standing on end. Kim stretched as the dress was lifted over her head, and the natural light hit her alluring pale skin. She stood before us in nothing but her panties, before folding an arm across her naked breasts and sitting back down.

As the game went on, it became harder and harder to concentrate. I got Lucy to take off her blouse, finally catching sight of her bouncing D cups in nothing but a cute pink bra to match her panties. I had nothing but sex on my mind now, and the three of us became very quiet as we sat around the board in nothing but our underwear.

The next person to hit a snake was me, and all I had left on my body was my boxers. However, for the first time, I wasn't asked to remove any more clothing. "Give Lucy a massage," Kim said after some thought. "On her bed."

It was certainly a step up from making out, and I wondered if Lucy would object to it. But the three of us in our underwear must have given her a boost of confidence. She didn't argue and stood up, making her way over to the bed. She clambered onto it on all fours, giving us a great view of her butt, before laying down on her stomach. I joined her, climbing onto the bed and kneeling over her perfect hourglass figure. Lucy lay still, and I hesitated, thinking about where to start. Finally, I brought my hands to her shoulders just below her neck, and began to rub gently.

Lucy was silent, but breathed heavily as my hands caressed her shoulder blades. I probably enjoyed the sensation of her soft skin beneath my hands more than she enjoyed the massage, but I kept working my way across her back waiting for a response.

"How does it feel, Lucy?" Kim asked after a while.

"Really, really good," Lucy replied, and moaned softly. Evidently she was getting some pleasure out of it after all.

I moved my hands to the middle of her back, and listened to Lucy's sigh of satisfaction.

"It might help," Kim said quietly, "if you unhook her bra."

I brought my fingers up to the catch of Lucy's bra, and she made no move to stop me. I unhooked it and parted the material, before sliding the straps off her shoulders. Once her back was bare I began to explore it, running my hands further and further down towards her waist, groping and squeezing her skin. "You like that, Lucy?" I prompted.

"Mm-hmm," she mumbled, pressing her face into the bed covers.

"Oh, would you look at that!" Kim exclaimed suddenly. "Landed on another snake!" I was only paying attention to Lucy at the time, but I'm pretty sure that Kim didn't even roll the dice.

She stood up and strode over to the bed, and without waiting for a command from Lucy, began to slip off her panties. I watched in excitement as Kim slowly exposed a neatly trimmed strip of brown pubic hair, before quickly pulling her panties down to her ankles and stepping out of them. Now completely naked, Kim leaned over the bed to Lucy's head, turned it sideways and kissed her passionately. As I continued the massage, one of Kim's hands reached down to caress one of Lucy's huge breasts.

I tugged the bra out from underneath her and threw it to the floor. It landed on the game board, and scattered a few of the pieces, but nobody seemed to mind or even notice. Lucy responded to Kim's touch with gentle consistent moans, bringing one of her own hands up to Kim's waist and running it up and down her body softly.

After a moment, I reached out too, sliding my hand over Lucy's before bringing it up to one of Kim's breasts and cupping it gently. Her breasts were perky and the perfect size for my palm to roam around them, gliding over the soft skin and hard nipples. Kim looked at me, before arching her back and pressing her tits into my grip. I squeezed harder, and after a moment, Kim suddenly grabbed my shoulder and tugged me down so that I lay next to Lucy on the bed.

Kim walked around us and then crawled onto the bed at our feet, stopping at my boxers before tugging them down over the tip of my cock.

"Ooh," both girls exclaimed as my boxers slipped away, exposing my hardness. Kim wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft, before slowly bringing her mouth to the tip, flicking her tongue playfully over the head before taking it into her mouth.

I let out a groan from the sensation, looking down and making eye contact with Kim as she bobbed up and down on my dick. She gave a small embarrassed smile and took it in deeper, jerking it softly with her hand still at the base.

"Oh yes," came a sigh from beside me, and I turned my head to see what Lucy was doing. She had slipped a hand inside her panties, and was rubbing herself slowly whilst watching Kim suck me off. I put my arm around her and held her body close, and felt her leg start to slide up and down my own. With my other hand I began to caress the side of her body once again, before bringing it up to grope her enormous globes for myself. "Oh yes, this is so fucking hot... Oh yes..." she whispered, and the hand in her panties began to rub faster.

I brought my mouth to hers and stifled her moans with a passionate kiss. Immediately I felt her tongue enter my mouth, and we began to make out hungrily. I thrust my hips up in pleasure, and Kim choked slightly before holding her head still, letting me grind up into her mouth.

Suddenly, Lucy broke our kiss and gave a loud gasp of pleasure. I looked down to see that Kim had pulled down Lucy's panties too and was now massaging her clitoris for her. Her pussy was shaved bare. Another person's touch must have been what Lucy needed, as her moaning began to get more and more intense, until it reached a wild crescendo. "Oh! Ooh! Ah! Ah! Yes!" she arched her back in ecstasy. "Fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Kim took her mouth off my cock and kissed the inside of Lucy's thighs again and again, whilst my hands stroked her writhing body until her orgasm died down. Lucy let out a tiny whimper before burying her face in a pillow, breathing heavily. She looked like she needed a moment to recover, but by now I was wild with lust. I pulled Kim onto me and reached a hand between her legs, my fingers parting the lips of her pussy. She was soaking wet. Kim smirked at me and parted her legs, and I teased the tip of my cock against her skin.

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