Sex and Ladders


"Fuck me, Jack, fuck me please," Kim moaned, pressing her body against my torso. She leaned back and my shaft slid into her pussy, and I thrust upwards to make her take the whole length.

"Uh h!" she gasped and began to bounce on me. I felt her C cups shake against my chest, and matched my thrusts to her rhythm. "Y-you like that, baby?" she breathed, and I nodded, feeling my cock bulge and throb inside her as she rode me. "H-harder!" she shouted. I obeyed, pounding her as our bodies writhed against one another.

Kim leaned back so that I got a full view of her slender body as she bounced up and down, before she took Lucy's hand and hauled her up onto my stomach. Lucy straddled me and faced Kim, their hands beginning to explore each other as the sex became more and more intense. Kim started to kiss and bite Lucy's neck softly, then moving from her neck and down to her breasts. She took one of Lucy's nipples into her mouth and began to bite and lick. Lucy groaned and turned her head back to me to see if I was enjoying the show. I brought my hand down onto her ass with a playful smack, and it seemed to tell her everything.

Kim took her mouth off of Lucy's breasts and looked her in the eyes. She began to slow down, but still kept up a consistent pace. "I... want to watch... you guys..." she said, jiggling up and down with her hands on her thighs.

"Me?" Lucy asked, suddenly shy again.

"Yeah, your turn, baby," Kim said seductively and climbed off my cock. "Face him."

Lucy turned around and faced me. She was still straddling me but now had her legs over my thighs, with my hard shaft in front of her. She looked at it curiously with wide eyes for a moment, before wrapping her fingers around the base like Kim had done, and began to stroke it up and down. "It's still wet," she commented, and I noticed Kim, who now lay next to me, shudder in response.

Lucy delicately lifted herself up over my shaft and slowly sank down onto it. The mere sight of her wide-eyed innocent expression as it slipped inside of her drove me crazy, and I wondered how much longer I would be able to last. Her pussy was so tight, it clenched around my shaft and I felt like I was stretching her out. She gently began to bounce up and down, her hands up beside her breasts as they bounced along with her movements. "Eh! Ah!" she gasped and built up speed, letting out soft little moans as her body slapped against mine.

I brought a hand down beside Kim, easing it between her legs to play with her clitoris as she watched Lucy. Kim purred in pleasure in response to my touch, and leaned her mouth in to bite my neck.

Lucy shut her eyes and squealed in delight, and I noticed Kim lazily lift her leg to run her foot against Lucy's thigh. Lucy only bounced faster, her moans beginning to match the volume of Kim's. "Eh! Ah! Ooh, this feels so good!" she giggled. "Ah! Ah h~!"

"Join her," I growled at Kim, and she obeyed, lifting her legs over me and taking Lucy's previous spot on my stomach. She leaned forward and her mouth met Lucy's, stifling her moans. I was given a great view of Kim's ass and pussy and, unable to resist it, I slipped a finger inside.

"Mm!" Kim took her mouth away and looked back at me. I started thrusting my finger in and out of her tight wet hole. I felt a second finger join mine and begin to rub at Kim's g-spot. I looked to see both of Kim's hands around Lucy's waist, so I had to conclude that it must be Lucy's. The two of us rubbed together, and Kim groaned and yelped in pleasure. "You two... Ah! Are going to... Mm! Make me come!"

"Come for us, then," I muttered, and Lucy joined in.

"Yes, come for us..."

Kim turned scarlet, and I felt her pussy clench once around my fingers. She let out a cry of "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" and sank exhausted into Lucy's chest, and we withdraw our fingers from between her legs.

Lucy slowed down to accommodate Kim's head, stroking her hair as she rested in her breasts. Kim gently kissed Lucy's skin, and the two girls sighed in satisfaction. Lucy started to grind and rotate her hips, and I felt her buttocks glide over my balls as she leaned herself back. Her feminine form arched and my cock throbbed in pleasure.

"How are you liking that cock, baby?" Kim asked after a while, lifted her head up.

"I love it," Lucy murmured.

"Do you want Jack to fuck you hard?" Kim asked again.

Lucy shut her eyes, bit her lip and nodded. I felt her hips grind faster. "Mm-hmm!"

Kim reached forward and gripped Lucy's waist tightly, holding her still. "Jack," she said, turning to me. "You know what to do."

Without hesitation I thrust my shaft deep into Lucy, fast and hard. Lucy yelped and moaned as my shaft began to pound her, my balls slapping against her ass with the force of it. Her enormous breasts shook and bounced as I fucked her, and she let out short sharp gasps as her whole body began to tremble.

"Uh! Uh! Keep going!" She screamed.

"Are we nearly there?" said Kim, teasingly.

"Mm!" Lucy replied.

I was nearly there too. I could feel myself getting ready to burst, but I held back, every muscle in my body tightening up.

"Ooh, here it comes," Kim purred.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Jack! Ah-h!" Lucy squealed, reaching another powerful orgasm.

Just as I felt I couldn't take it any more, Lucy slipped off my shaft and grabbed my cock at the base. I felt Kim's hand join it, and as the two of them started to jerk me off, it all became to much. I let out a groan and let myself finish, shooting hot bursts of cum in between the two bodies that straddled me. A lot of it hit Kim on her chest and stomach, and I noticed some hit Lucy too as she steered my cock towards her.

Kim slumped backwards, her body glistening with droplets of my cum, and she lay down beside me and sighed. We both watched Lucy, who leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, cleaning it off with her tongue. I moaned and let myself go limp in Lucy's warm mouth, wrapping my arm around Kim and pulling her into a tight hug.

After she was done, Lucy joined us, laying on my other side. I brought my arm around her too and they each brought a leg over me in return, completing the embrace.

"I wonder if the power is back on," Kim said after a while, and Lucy giggled.

None of us got up to check. We simply lay there on Lucy's bed, bodies intertwined, until one by one we drifted into a deep sleep.

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