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The rising sun beamed into her bedroom as the alarm went off. Her soft blue eyes opened and looked through the sheer white curtains at the outside world as a soft sigh escapes her lips. Her hand moved over to the pillow next to her.... he was gone. She has thought that for once the man that she had chosen might have stayed after the sunrise, but yet again she was wrong. They never stayed that long. They were only there to get their pleasure then leave for a while. She was not surprised. It never happened. She slipped the white satin sheets from her naked form and slid from the comfort of her bed. The room still smelled like him, that never fading smell of cheap men's cologne and that personal smell that every man has.

She slipped into the silk robe that was draped across the chair beside her bed and tied the knot in front and walked over to the window opening the latch and swinging the window open to step outside onto the balcony and take in the morning breeze. She breathed in very deep and closed her eyes and the scent of the fresh morning air filled her nose and went down into her lungs and she exhaled. It was calming there... he was not there only she had been able to share this with herself. She turned around and walked inside through the bedroom and then into the bathroom and she began to run the water into the marble bathtub and she untied the knot from the robe and let it drop to the cool tile flooring.

She slid into the warm water as it still ran into the bath and she closed her eyes as she let her body sink into the warmth that it provided. As the water ran over her body she thought about the night before, how he had seen her in the corner booth of the diner and asked her name. She remembered his deep hazel eyes looking into hers and that chill that worked over her body as for some reason she got the urge to offer him to sit with her. She never had done this before. Men usually paid no mind to her when she sat there in the diner writing in her journal. It was that small leather bound book that was her comfort in life. He bought her another cup of coffee and talked to her. He was quite intriguing to her as he wanted to know why she sat there writing alone and empty.

Her hands moved over her body through the warm water as she continued remembering his words that ran though her. He was so intelligent that it was his mind that she wanted to take apart. She asked him of so many things and she shivered from the pure incensement of his mind. They had sat there for hours talking of religion and philosophy. He had taken her in more than any man that had ever spoken to her before.

The water began to get cold and her eyes opened and she pulled herself from the tub and stood up and grabbed the towel that hung from the porcelain hook on the wall. She dried off her body and looked about the lonely bathroom and sighed. Why had he left her there her mind so unsatisfied? Walking back into her bedroom she dressed herself simply as usual in black slacks and a white blouse. She was very normal in a sense though her mind was wandering in circles about this mysterious stranger that she had spent the night with.

Her steps though the quiet hallway of her house were as normal as any morning that she had spent there alone in her home. The kitchen as it had always been, silent but welcoming to her. She reached for the coffee and started the machine and walked out of the kitchen to her front door and retrieved the newspaper. She made her way to the table and opened the newspaper. It was the same old talk of war and of countries not getting along. It was the same fight for power that there had always been.

Again her eyes closed and she sighed still thinking about the stranger. He was so beautiful to the naked eye, his long black hair and goatee that was only about a quarter of an inch below his chin. His pale skin had felt so warm and intense against her when he held her in his massive strong arms. His muscles flinched as he had drew her closer to him and there was comfort in her soul as he held her. His body was so warm and tender, yet masculine and hungry for what she had inside of her.

Hours went by as she sat there on that Saturday morning wishing that he was still there to speak to her, to share that energy inside of her. She left that night about 6pm and went to that same diner and there he was sitting in the booth that they had shared the night before. She felt her eyes light up as she looked at him. His hazel eyes met hers and he stood and took her hand softly and gently and led her over to the table where he already had coffee waiting for her. Did he know her so well that he knew she would be here? Her mind did question his actions, but she complied with everything he asked of her as though she were a slave.

Again their conversation started about philosophy and religion. He was so intense, but something in her did not want to speak. She wanted to take him to her home again and have him hold her as he had done the night before. He continued speaking ignoring the desire that he must have known that she had. He smiled letting her know that he knew what she desired of him, but he kept her in suspense making her wonder whether he would give her what she desired.

They were there for hours and she grew even more wanting of his intense touch. She had began to notice the sounds of the music in the diner, how it was so light but fitting to the atmosphere of the smoke filled place. She glanced about at the other people that filled the diner and how they carried themselves. The waitresses bustled about doing their side work and refilling cups of coffee.

He must have noticed that her attention was swaying and he reached over with his tender hand and turned her face to look at him and without warning he kissed her. He kissed her as he did the night before at her house when they went through the front door. She leaned into him without thinking returning the sweet kiss to him and then leaned back her soft blue eyes gazing into his and he took her hand and led her away from the diner and into the street where he cupped her hand into his and led her back to her loft apartment. He let go of her just enough to allow her to open the door and he swept her up into his arms and carried her upstairs into the bedroom and laid her across the white satin sheets of her bed.

Her heart raced like mad as he looked up at him. He sat down beside her and with two fingers began to unbutton the tight white blouse she wore. Her white lace bra revealed itself and she trembled as his warm hands brushed across her stomach. She did not flinch. She wanted him and he knew it. This gave him the will to take his time with her and this he did. He sat her up and brought her body close to him as he passionately kissed her his hands slipping her blouse from her form as his tongue penetrated her mouth and played with hers intertwining with each other. His fingers unclasped her bra and let it fall from her chest exposing her erect nipples. His fingers played with them with no mercy as the kissed between them depended even more.

He laid her down again and began kissing on her neck and ears. She could feel herself getting moist and she raised her arms trying to pull him closer to her, but he resisted and took her in the way that he wished. His hands slid down to her waist undoing the button and zipper that held her slacks closed and again her body trembled against him as she felt his hands moving around her. His teeth gently nibbled at her neck and ears as his hands pushed the slacks from her body and she lay there naked before him trembling in anticipation wanting to pull him into her.

He stood up and removed his shirt. His muscles now again revealed to her wanting eyes and they scanned over him seeming to undress the rest of him. It was then that she noticed the mass erection that stuck out from the front of him through the fabric of his tight jeans. He slowly undid the button and zipper letting his member free from its bindings. Her breathing now heavily increased at the sight of this, she felt herself become even more wet.

He lay there on top of her, his massive erection pressing against her thigh as he kissed on her nipples and fingered at the hardness of them. His tongue was warm and wet against her flesh and she shivered yet again feeling his mouth making its way down her chest and stomach to her thighs where he gently licked and nibbled. Her body convulsed a moment as he came so close to her dripping wet pussy. His tongue starting at the top of the slit made small circles all over the outside of her and light moans escaped her lips as she felt this pleasure to her. His tongue darted through the slit and made its way to her clit and circles on it gently, she trembled and moaned as she felt all his motions.

His fingers played across her thighs for a few moments before making their way to her wetness and two of them slowly penetrating her warm hole and gently begin to move back and forth, in and out of her. Her moans grew louder and louder as he pleasured her for quite sometime. He then stood up and as it were reflex she darted up and quickly took his rock hard cock into her mouth and began to please him. She heard his pleasure moans as she swirled her tongue around the massive tip and slid her lips up and down the thick throbbing shaft quickly making it wet with her saliva.

He pushed her down onto the bed and looked down at her with those passionate hazel eyes and she begged him with her own eyes to take her right then. The suspense was too much for her; she trembled and reached for him. He climbed on top of her and lifted her legs to wrap around his waist and he pushed his hard cock into her. She moaned in excitement and her body convulsed again against him and he pounded even deeper into her driving her body crazy with emotion and pleasure. The harder and deeper he went the louder her screams and moans were.

He teased her going fast and then slowly making her eyes beg him even more. Finally, his thrusts began to even up and he brought her even closer to orgasm, but she held back wanting to feel him cum the same time she did. She felt his cock pulse inside her and she let go finally feeling her wetness be filled with his sweet seed and her own covering his cock. She looked up at him as the sweat dripped from his face and smiled as she let her breathing slow down and she felt him pull out of her and lay beside her.

It was there that they fell asleep in each others arms, her having no idea whether she would wake up to him being there or if he would have gone again and him knowing that he would leave and go back to his wife and children satisfied and hiding his secret.

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