tagGroup SexSex and the Office Ch. 02

Sex and the Office Ch. 02



Her male colleagues called her Penny the Prude behind her back. There was Angel-tits Shula, Sexy Sheila, Ravishing June, Big Bum Barbara, Fornicating Fiona, and so on. Others, at the local amateur theater, called her The Ice-Maiden. In the office, Penelope kept herself to herself more or less. She was responsible for invoicing customers. Boring, boring! But an income was necessary, unfortunately, to buy the extra luxuries that made her life bearable. To which was added a small income from teaching drama to children on Saturday mornings at the theatre. Ugh!

With her oval face, straight nose, Cupid lips, small chin, perfect skin, pale complexion and auburn hair, she was well aware that she was genuinely beautiful, poised and elegant. With a slender figure, small breasts, narrow waist and long shapely legs supporting an attractive, pert bottom, men drooled over her. She was beset by them trying to chat her up. They were sent away with fleas in their ears.

It was Penny's general attitude towards them that earned her the nick-name of The Ice -maiden. If there was any chatting up to do, it was Penny who would do it - if she fancied a man. And she was most particular whom she chose to allow to kiss and fondle her and, if she really became interested, to go the whole way. That was a rare privilege reserved for a few discreet, rich, suave handsome men.

Penny had studied drama, collecting a few LAMDA certificates and spending a couple of years at the Central School of Speech and Drama to be 'finished', as her mother said. Penelope was brought up to be lady-like and genteel; never to show her teeth when she smiled; to greet complements with a slight inclination of the head. Penny was not allowed to be herself, only what her mother wanted her to be. So she would sit quietly with her parents, thinking foul words, knowing how horrified they would be if they knew what was in her head.

Fuck. Cunt. Shit. Fuck. Prick. Tits. Fuck. Balls. Common, vulgar words were something she totally abhorred in company, though in her private thoughts she used them all the time. They gratified her underlying lust. They rebelled against the prim attitude of her parents - her mother in particular. She, too, was a strikingly beautiful woman with a full, firm figure. They were delighted when their daughter found James to marry. The son and heir of a thriving local business. He turned out to be a mean husband, though.

It wasn't long before Penelope and James slept in separate beds. When close friends discovered this, she would simply explain. 'What, darling? Sleep with a smelly man? You must be joking!' She had met him at a high-society ball in the nearby market town. He seemed able to offer her what she thought she wanted from a husband; money, position, style. In that order. And in exchange, he could occasionally have her body, but not her soul.

So she chose him with her mother's approval.

Filthy jokes did repel Penny, however. Even privately. She rarely joined her husband with their gang of friends in the local inn because she would have to listen to dirty stories and common gossip. It was against her image to engage in such trash. House parties were more her style and, sometimes, she would meet up with their friends later in the evening, if a party was to be the outcome. Her elegant, superior beauty, was often the target of cynical comment from both sexes. The Ice-maiden suited her personality. Little did they know her! It was common gossip that her husband kept a mistress, and no-one was the least surprised.

When Tony joined the office team, having moved from Manchester, Penny ignored him, until she discovered, almost by chance, some time after he had joined them, that he was involved in the Amateur Theater movement. During a lunch hour exchange, she realized that he was highly thought of as a director in the Manchester area. She herself was a member of two local theaters. It seemed a good idea to introduce him to both of them. And, since Tony had just moved house, he was ready to get involved again.

It wasn't long before he was an influential person there. He and his wife became part of the group of people who met regularly for drinks at week-ends, so she got to know them well enough. Tony's wife, Charity, was something of a flirt. The opposite of Penelope. In fact, Penny had it on good authority, that Charity was more than generous with her favours, particularly when she'd had a few drinks. And she was less particular about her men. Penny even suspected her own husband of having taken advantage of Charity's favours. Whether or not Tony was aware of his wife's adultery, Penny wasn't sure.

Thinking back, it was never clear to Penny when she had first become attracted to Tony. Her desire to have him was something that had crept up on her, unnoticed until, one evening during a rehearsal, she looked at him and knew that she must have him. She was aware that Tony had never made a pass at her. She didn't know why.

Tony wasn't the sort of man who usually attracted her, but Penny admired him for his fine direction, particularly of the classics. His wide imagination brought to life the stuffiest of plays. Such was his reputation, that most of the best actors in the area jostled to be cast in one of his productions. It might be thought that such a luminary would have a whole harem of mistresses at his beck and call, eager to join him on the casting couch.

But Penny knew this not to be the case from one or two of her friends who had made the offer. They had been tactfully turned down, without them in any way feeling slighted. Penny had never felt the need to make suggestive advances to Tony for the purpose of getting a part. She was a good enough actor to be cast in any part where elegance and wit were needed. And she knew that Tony regarded her talents in high regard.

So it came as a surprise to Penny when, one evening, she realised that her curiosity was aroused about his sexual ability. Watching him work one evening, on a scene that did not involve her, her gaze fell on his bottom. She was turned on by men's bottoms, and saw that Tony's was a shapely pair of well-rounded cheeks. She hadn't noticed them before that night. In her imagination, she completely undressed him, but saw only the back of his body. His pale buttocks beckoned to her. Wanting to feel them in her hands, she visualised herself moving up behind him.

Each hand gripped a cheek in a tight grasp; kneading them; clutching at them. Her naked body pressed against the warm cleft, as her hands reached round to the front. Whilst one held his erect cock tight against his belly, rubbing up and down against it, the other cradled his balls. With thumb and fingers, she squeezed each plum in turn until he moaned with the pain. All the while, she imagined grinding her navel against the fleshy orbs. She responded to her thoughts with a tell-tale tingle between her thighs; a fluttering in her groin.

With a little shudder Penelope squeezed her legs together, feeling the stirrings of a light orgasm ripple through her. Smiling to herself, she knew that if Tony's prying fingers were to invade her private valley at that moment, they would be generously smeared with her secret honey. Penny imagined his cock penetrating her willing cunt. Yes that was the word to use for a crude act. She allowed it to enter. It felt good. A good hard fuck! It was at that moment she determined to lure him into her bed. But how?

After rehearsal that evening, Penny decided on impulse to join the cast in the local pub. She usually remained aloof from the rest of the cast. Not that she was unfriendly, but after-rehearsal chatter bored her. She preferred to go home. But she wanted to see Tony. She stood in the doorway of the public bar, looking incongruous in her elegant coat, hair perfectly in place.

'Goodness, Penelope. To what do we owe this honour,' was the laughing comment from Alan, the leading man.

'Well, we've finished a bit earlier tonight, so I thought I'd have a swift drink before driving home. I'll have a vodka and bitter lemon, please, darling.'

Penny looked round imperiously as she spoke, but Tony wasn't there. Her heart skipped a beat. Perhaps he wasn't coming into the pub that evening. Alan was ordering the drinks at the bar.

'Is Tony not joining you tonight?' she asked casually.

'Sure. I've just got him a pint in, so he'd better.'

As he spoke Tony appeared through the door with Jaycee, one of the younger actors. They were laughing. Penelope was cross with herself for feeling a wee tinge of jealousy. A sense of hopelessness swept over her. Why did she believe Tony might have any interest in her? He was clearly after Jaycee. She, at least, had the large full breasts men prefer. Hers were on the small side. She often wished they were bigger. Still, her nipples were something else!

Tony's eyes opened with surprise when he saw Penny. It was that look which roused determination in her.

'Hello darling. Surprised to see me, are you?'

'Yes. But pleasantly so.' He laughed. 'Come and join us.'

Jaycee looked none too pleased. No sooner had they settled than Tony announced that he couldn't stay long. 'Charity needed the car tonight. But I'll take a taxi so that none of you need to leave before closing time. No! I insist.'

'Nonsense!' Penny was in quickly with the offer of a lift home. 'I was only having a quick one, anyway - just to be friendly.'

'But it's out of your way,' he remonstrated.

'Not really, darling. I can go over the top road. Won't take long.'

During the conversation and laughter, Penny looked keenly at the unsuspecting Tony. She speculated in her mind about his penis. Would it be long and thin, she wondered, or thick and hard? Judging by his fingers, straight and thick. How would he kiss? Was he a good lover? Or did he suffer from premature ejaculation, like so many men? She imagined herself naked in his arms, his erection pressing against her belly. She imagined feeling it; easing it into the wet crack between her thighs.

Her knickers were getting wetter.

They left after twenty minutes or so, walking to the car park. They spoke about the play, but Penny's thoughts were elsewhere. They drove off in silence.

'Did I see you flirting with that Jaycee girl? Are you keen on her?'

Tony was taken aback by the sudden question.

'Well, it's all a bit of fun, isn't it? Nothing serious in it.'

'You don't flirt with me, Tony.'

Tony looked across at her with a bemused smile. Her profile was relaxed

'But you don't flirt, Penelope. Besides, you're out of my league. Above that sort of thing, I would have thought.'

'Well, of all the cheek, Tony. How do you know that, if you've never tried.'

Tony had never thought of trying. He knew the response some of his friends got when they tried it on with her. Friends he regarded as more attractive than himself.

'Besides,' she went on, 'you're an attractive man. Intelligent. Interesting. Not out of my league, as you put it, one little bit. If anything, it's the other way round, darling.'

'You flatter me. I wouldn't have thought a beautiful, elegant lady such as yourself, could have any interest whatever in a rough-neck like me.'

'Don't be so modest. And don't put me on a pedestal. I'm not saying that I want to leap into bed with you,' she lied. 'Just a passing cuddle. I do need a little warmth - a hug sometimes, you know.'

Tony noticed that Penny had turned off the main road. She was taking the back lane over the edge of the moors. It was a diversion he often took himself when he wanted a few minutes of passion with his passenger. The unlit road was littered with lay-byes. Ideal for furtive liaisons.

She was aware of his alertness. 'I thought we'd take a little diversion, darling' Penny explained. 'Out of the busy traffic. It's a quieter route, you know.' she glanced at him with a smile. 'Do you know it?'

The traffic on the main road hadn't been particularly busy, Tony thought. 'Yes,' he said aloud, ' I do, as a matter of fact.'

'Then you'll probably know why I've come this way.'

With his mind in something of a whirl, Tony tried to figure pout why Penny had suddenly become interested in him. After all this time, without a whisper of interest, she seemed eager to embrace him. Why? Ah well, he thought. If that's the way the land lies, wonderful. He had never thought for a moment that Penny would show any interest.

They drove slowly past several cars parked at the side of the road. Sure enough, Penny pulled into one of the lay-byes, deserted and secluded from the road by a low hedge. The engine was switched off and the lights doused. Total darkness engulfed them. Not even a moon. There was a stillness; a silence between them. Penny could just discern Tony beside her.

She suddenly had second thoughts. Not a good idea after all. Tony would think her a wanton lecher. He would lose all respect for her if she gave in to her desires and let him touch her. Down there! Nevertheless, she felt some remorse for having led him so far without at least a kiss. Oh dear! What should she do, she wondered? She leaned over, took his face in her hands to find his lips with hers.

After a lingering kiss, Penny leaned back in the seat waiting for Tony's move. She didn't have to wait long. Putting his arms round her neck and shoulders, he drew her towards him. The kiss was firm, his tongue probed her lips, forcing them apart to slip between her teeth. His lips pressed at her twisting mouth, insistent and warm. Penny's response was luke-warm. Tentative. She put her arm round his waist, but offered little more encouragement. Penny decided it wasn't the time to get intimate.

Tony's right hand was caressing her neck, exploring her shoulder. As it slipped into the top of her blouse to fondle the rising flesh of her breast, Penny laid her hand on his wrist. She broke out of the kiss.

'Darling! Where do you think you're putting your hand?'

'You have such silky, smooth skin. I was just examining the tactile qualities.'

'Well, that part is private.'

'But it was your idea to come here,' Tony argued. 'If not to indulge in a little fondling, then why?'

'Just to test us out.' She sighed. 'Look, Tony, I'm not an easy person to get to know. I'm slow at letting myself go. I don't let myself go that easily. I need time. And trust.'


'Besides, I was taught that to allow a man too much freedom to soon, is to lose his respect. That's all you men want, isn't it? A fuck! But, when once plucked, 'tis no longer alluring. You know the line.'

'I know the line. It's rubbish, of course. Most men I know deepen their regard for a woman who shares his passion; his need for warmth and friendship.'

'But that need not mean a sexual relationship.'

'OK!' tony paused. 'So you're just teasing!'

'If you like. But teasing can still be fun, darling.'

Tony took away his hand to concentrate on kissing her face and lips. When he heard the soft murmurs escape her lips, he nibbled the lobes of her ears gently, stroking her cheek and neck, combing the fingers of his left hand through her hair. Penny responded by returning his kisses, her open mouth exploring his cheeks and chin. She felt herself relaxing and loosening. She was willing him to fondle her, rub her clitoris. If only she dared!

Anxious to get to grips with his body, she was still afraid of him thinking her cheap and wanton. So she avoided the temptation of feeling for his bulge, much as she was desperate to. Tony's right arm had curled round her waist, beneath her coat. It had eased the hem of her blouse out of the waist-band and was busy caressing her waist. He felt the fluttering deep inside her belly. He knew Penny was flooding her knickers, but was unsure how she would react to further attempts to invade of her privacy. His own genitals were aroused, straining at the underwear.

'Shall we get into the back seat?' Tony suggested.

Penny sat up with mock scorn. 'No! What do you take me for? I must be going. I'll be late home and James will want to know where I've been.'

'Not even for five minutes?'

It took several deep breaths before Penny could explain. 'No! Darling! I might not be able to control myself. And I must. Otherwise I lose my pride. Besides, five minutes isn't enough for us.'

'Some other time, perhaps?'


They drove to Tony's in silence. Penny's mind was in a turmoil. This was a ridiculous situation. Other men she had fancied were easier to handle, somehow. She could control events. In this case, she felt less confident. There was something about Tony, some mysterious force, she found hard to resist.

Tony gave her a light kiss goodnight. A friendly peck.

'Thanks for the lift.'

'Not at all. Thanks for the cuddle.'

'My pleasure. Goodnight.'

Penelope drove away full of regrets for having had stupid prudish feelings. An ideal opportunity lost. Shit! Bollocks!

Back at the office the next day, neither Penny nor Tony spoke to each other apart from an 'hello'. Not even a smile! Business as usual, though they worked in different offices some distance apart when Tony was not out.

But the next opportunity for Penny happened to come up that same week-end. One of the women in the gang was celebrating her birthday and there was to be a party. After a few drinks at the local, the group armed themselves with bottles of beer and wine. They descended on the hostess in a mood of gaiety. Penny was already there, having declined to go to the pub. Besides, she wanted to keep a clear head.

Having eaten a well-prepared light buffet supper, they sang, standing round the piano, talked together in corners, or sat in chairs, women on men's laps. Keith was on the piano, playing numbers from the shows they'd been involved in. Penny was feeling light-hearted after a few vodkas. She also felt wanton and naughty. Over the past few days Penny had thought of nothing else but Tony; remembering his kisses, his roaming fingers. She reached the decision to develop a plan to seduce him.

His first encounter with her, she knew full well, would have made Tony rather more eager to flirt with her. At least he knew she was available for him, given time. His appetite was whetted. Besides, she was aware that men rarely accepted defeat in the affairs of love quite so easily, particularly after one encounter. His interest in her was definitely aroused. He would try again, she was sure. Since Penny had shown him her own inclinations, he would not be satisfied until he had become acquainted with her body in its entirety. Her plan was to tease him some more. She wanted to see him squirm with frustration. But, next time, she might let him go another next step and feel her between the thighs.

The unmarried younger girl, Jaycee, was showing an interest in Tony. She was standing in the hall, arms round his neck, kissing him with passion and obvious arousal. Tony was enjoying the encounter, pressing his groin into hers, grinding them together. Penny watched from a distance with an air of grim determination. Was Tony deliberately goading her? she wondered. That young slip of a lass could easily be out-manoeuvered.

Looking round, she noticed his wife, Charity, under the stairs in the dark, in the arms of one of the men. Her own husband was at the piano, talking enthusiastically with another of the women. Neither would take any notice of what their spouses were doing. Keith was no longer playing the piano which had been replaced with soft music from a tape deck. Penny went up to Tony and caught hold of his wrist.

'Can I have a word with you,' she said with a smile, in a voice not to be argued with. She smiled sweetly at Jaycee, dragging him away from the surprised younger girl.

'Sorry,' Tony called back to his kissing partner. 'Thank you, Jaycee. We'll talk later.'

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