tagFirst TimeSex and the Office Ch. 09

Sex and the Office Ch. 09


(My first story of Shula, and her disappointing experiences at the company conference, encouraged one reader to ask for a sequel. So here it is.)

After the company conference in the Midlands, Shula had driven back home in her red mini. She has a reputation of being one of the worst drivers of all time; no-one willingly sat in the passenger seat with her. She drove her car with the same professional aggression she used at the office, keeping up a stream of loud verbal abuse, which she hurled indiscriminately at other road users. Unfortunately, she had Mrs Yates with her. Unfortunate for Mrs Yates that is. She was more than nervous. She kept her eyes closed tight most of the time, concentrating on the memory of the early morning unbelievable sex with Tony.

One of Shula's high expectations of the conference, was the hope of finally losing her virginity. A dream she had almost succeeded in achieving with Tony, after a couple of false starts. Shula was nearly thirty years of age and still a virgin. Nothing had ever entered her vaginal passage! Well, except her finger. It was unbelievable. But just as she had finally overcome her fear of being penetrated, they had been interrupted at the crucial time by Mrs Yates banging on Tony's hotel room door. Shula made a hurried escape, but what she didn't know, was that Mrs Yates had taken what Shula had missed out on. A good fuck with Tony to start the day.

Well, it would have been a shame to have wasted that erection, fuck-ready for Shula. The first fuck Mrs Yates had had in several years, since becoming a widow. Having stolen a glance at Tony's erect penis, her mouth turned dry. Tony noticed the interest in her face and the greed in her eyes. So when he lifted her dress, pulling her knickers to one side, he felt her hairy vulva and explored the slippery labia before penetrating the wet, plump vagina. She didn't resist. She was mesmerized and more than a little over-awed by the sublime experience. She had closed her eyes, letting the fingers play with her pussy, and wallowed in the lovely sensations in her groin as the penis filled her, until it culminated in a wonderful orgasm. Her buttocks and thighs had shaken and lurched. At the age of fifty-five, she never expected to have a cock inside her ever again. It just goes to show, she thought. Then she felt guilty!

After Shula's mother had died, leaving everything to her only daughter, Shula had found the family home too much for one person. She eventually sold it for a good price, and bought a small, but luxurious two-bed apartment in a fashionable modern block in a fashionable suburb of the town. She had enjoyed re-decorating. Choosing her favorite warm colors. Heavy beautiful brocade drapes. Expensive duvet on her Queen-size bed. Fully fitted kitchen. But still lonely! Mrs Yates came in two afternoons a week to clean, and regarded Shula almost as her own daughter. She was protective of her. Which was why she kept her eye on her goings-on at the conference, even though Shula was old enough to know what she was doing. Even so, all the men in the office were married, horny buggers! After only one thing. No! She wanted Shula to settle down with a nice bachelor. Save herself for him.

Even before the accident had disfigured her face rather badly, Shula knew that was not pretty in the conventional sense. She usually wore a carefully arranged, sensible blonde hair-do, which had a habit of getting a bit unkempt when she was in a panic. Which was often. Her mood could usually be judged by the state of her hair. She had pale blue eyes, a slightly twisted and upturned snub nose and a somewhat protruding lower jaw. It gave her a pugnacious, almost bull-dog look. Shula always dressed smartly and wore expensive perfume. She was all of five feet seven inches tall, but her slim figure was more like that of a young boy, really, with few noticeable curves.

To compensate for her lack of traditional femininity, Shula had developed a forceful personality with men . She shared jokes with them when appropriate and drank halves of best mild beer in the local pub after work. No one knew of any boyfriends or admirers; she just wasn't that sort of person. In those days, decent ladies never swore in company, but Shula did. Often! So she was just one of the lads. She was called Angel-tits Shula behind her back. That was not very nice, but in fact, the staff had pet names for all the secretaries; Sexy Sheila, Ravishing June, Big Bum Barbara, Fornicating Fiona, and so on.

Following her father's death from a heart attack in his forties, Shula lived at home with her widowed mother. After the funeral, she and her mother were comforted by the compassionate priest who had led the service. They were persuaded to come to his church the following Sunday to pray for their departed father. It often comforted the bereaved, he explained. So they did. It was not the sort of religious service Shula had been brought up to expect. For a start, there were no pews as such. People stood around informally. And it was much noisier. The congregation became almost manic at times, crying out the name of the Lord, seeking his blessing. They hugged one another in friendship. The preachers were all dressed in white robes. The congregation sang modern hymns at the tops of their voices. It was more like a celebration than a formal religious service.

Shula came to be under the spell of the priest. He was plausible and persuasive. Kind and sympathetic. At her mother's insistence, she would visit him for private tuition twice each week, listening to his arguments for admiring the body, and through the body, to reach out for Christ. He was hoping to persuade the naive, nineteen year old virgin, that to become a bride of Christ was, he explained, the ultimate honor for any young lady. He was very patient. There was never any attempt by him to molest her in any of these lessons, though it eventually became necessary during the tuition for him to expose his genitals to her. It was her first sight of a fully developed penis at such close quarters. Shula's eyes widened at the sight of it.

It really was a beautiful penis. Smooth and unblemished as alabaster. The mauve colored head half covered by the foreskin. She was impressed. Well, it was a holy one after all! Hard and stiff, ready to be worshiped. The priest explained that it was his penance to have an almost permanently erect phallus, in God's name. Only after the holy act of fornication was he allowed a brief respite from the stiffness, he said. Shula would believe anything! It was an embarrassment to him at times, he explained, but it was His will that it should be so. To be always ready to perform God's will. The pubic curls were like interlaced strands of gold. Glittering in the sunlight, they produced a halo glowing round the base of his penis. A truly holy weapon. Shula fell in love the penis - the idol of God. Mankind's supreme power.

There was never any threat in any of these lessons. During one of them, having carefully examined the solid, pale shaft, crazed with light blue veins, Shula asked how it was possible for such a thick shaft to penetrate the small orifice of a woman. Although she had watched fornication between her parents at a distance, she was ignorant of the means of penetration.

'Show me,' he said softly. Of course, the time had to come when she had to show him her own genitals. But she had no worries about it. It was no different to having the doctor examine you. She gladly removed her knickers and skirt to expose her own sparse blonde curls and wrinkled, pink folds to his examination. Untouched and unpenetrated. He reached forward, opened her thighs wide, bending her knees to get a clear view. Her anatomy was examined with great delicacy and seriousness. Gently parting the thin pale labia, he peered into the now wet orifice. The tiny petals of pink flesh surrounded the opening to her tight vagina. It was trickling juices over her puckered bum. Utterly enchanting! He was moved by the innocence of it all. His cock was, of course, bursting with desire. But he must wait. He would relish taking this maidenhead. But as events turned out, he didn't!

'There! Everything is normal.' he explained. 'Never be concerned about the secretions from your vagina,' he told her. 'That is one of God's masterstrokes. For it is that which allows the reception of the man's phallus. it is necessary to lubricate the passage, for ease of comfort and enjoyment. To allow the thick shaft to enter into your body. Don't worry, your folds of flesh will stretch and open out like petals to allow penetration without pain. These secretions are merely a sign that your body is ready for penetration. Ready to enter into the joy of holy copulation. And the small bud at the top will give you untold joy. It is one of the wonders of the world, given to us to admire and cherish'

Then he asked her if she played with herself? Blushing at the admission, she nodded. 'Sometimes,' she murmured. She had been warned by her mother not to touch herself 'down there', because it was unclean and sinful. Even so, her curiosity overcame her reluctance from time to time. Although she didn't penetrate her vagina, she enjoyed rubbing the little button which gave the tingling and the ultimate popping in her belly. She always felt guilty afterwards. More curiosity, of course, led her to explore the secret of her vagina later in life.

'That is no sin,' the vicar explained. 'It is a preparation for you to learn how to enjoy the holy union when the time comes. To reach out for blessed fulfillment.' Shula was worried that he might ask if she would demonstrate. But he didn't. He sensed her embarrassment, and merely gazed longingly at her open groin, relishing the sight of the focus of every woman's secret happiness.

One evening, shortly following her first showing of her vulva, the vicar told Shula that she was ready to see the holy spirit leave him, which would be his part in the culmination of the act of worship. He sat open legged before opening the folds of his robe. She was asked to study his ready penis in detail. Encouraged to pay homage by planting a kiss on the tip of the holy staff. It was, naturally, thick and hard. She learned about the testicles and their part in the sexual cycle.

'Thy staff and rod, they comfort me,' he explained, 'is an indication by implication that the Bible clearly expects mankind to seek and enjoy comfort from the erect penis.'

With mouth open in admiration, Shula watched him slowly work his shaft up and down in his palm, showing her the working of the foreskin, explaining the significance of the movement. Encouraged by him, she took hold of it herself, copying his movement. His calmness began to desert him as his loins twitched and jerked. The spasms became more pronounced, his breathing labored. 'Now,' he gasped, 'you are about to witness the coming of the Holy Spirit.' His groin muscles tightened, the buttocks flexed. 'Watch the result of that stimulation of the penis.' Shula stared in awe as the jets of starchy liquid suddenly spurted from the end of it. Each jerk of his loins gushed forth squirts of it, spraying over her wrist and arm, until the muscular spasms subsided. It was a sight she would never forget.

During the journey home from the conference, Shula was day-dreaming of that first ejaculation she had ever seen. Wondering what he become of the young priest. After she found him fucking her mother, she stopped going to the church. Recalling these past events, Shula wasn't paying particular attention to her driving. Then, it all happened so quickly. She came too fast into the sharp bend on a newly graveled road. Slamming on her brakes made matters worse and the mini skidded across the road, tyres squealing, ending in the ditch. Not being the sort of mamby-pamby person to wear seat belts, Shula's head smashed into the steering wheel, knocking her unconscious, and splitting open her face and breaking her nose, which was the cause of her present disfigurement.

Fortunately Mrs Yates was fastened in, and cushioned from the impact by a commodious bag on her lap. After struggling out of the car with some difficulty, she saw, by a stroke of good fortune that there was a telephone kiosk close by. She dialed 999 and called for the ambulance and the police. Ever a pious lady, with a firm religious upbringing, Mrs Yates truly believed that this was her retribution for having succumbed to the weakness of the flesh with Tony that very morning, and, what was worse, having enjoyed the experience. She blamed herself.

During her stay in hospital, Shula was visited on several occasions by Tony, who lifted her spirits and gave her some belief in the future. They eventually managed to laugh together. Talk always turned to sex. It seemed all they thought about! It was during one of these visits that Shula bemoaned her fate to remain chaste.

'I was never particularly beautiful,' she admitted, 'but now I'm positively ugly. Who ever would want to make love to this ugly being?'

Tony poo-pooed the idea. 'When you're out of here, I shall come for dinner and we'll end up in your bed, we'll fuck all night.'

'Oh no! Thanks Tony, but I don't want sympathy sex.'

'Okay Shula. Well, how about anonymous sex?'

He explained to her about dogging. She didn't believe it at first. But he swore it was true. He knew of a special place where doggers frequently met. He would buy her a mask to hide her disfigurement, and take her to a secluded spot, known among a select few. There, he promised, she could get fucked for the sake of it. No sympathy. Just greedy sex. No silly love nonsense. There she would lose her unwanted virginity. Not out of sympathy, but because others were more than willing to take it from her. Shula though it was a big joke at first, putting it down as Tony's attempt to amuse her. But gradually she warmed to the idea. Just a fuck. No commitment beyond offering your body for sex.

So, Tony was surprised when Shula told him during one visit, that she liked the idea. 'Providing you can guarantee that it's all perfectly civilized,' she insisted. 'And I can leave straight away if I don't like it.'

'Of course! No-one will make you do anything you don't want. And I can certainly vouch for the people who frequent this place,' he promised. She seemed satisfied by his reassurance.

As soon as Shula was out of the hospital, they would make their plans. It had been agreed that Tony would meet her in a local public house. After one quick drink each, they took Tony's car to drive onto the moors. It wasn't yet nine o'clock. Shula put on her furry cat face mask to hide the ugly scars on her face. It felt lovely. Not only did it hide her scars. The mask hid her person as well. She realized that it turned her into an anonymous being. All mental inhibitions melted behind the mask. It was as if her real self was hiding behind it. Shula found it so liberating, not being herself. To do whatever she pleased without any responsibility.

After a short distance, Tony turned into a gap in the hedgerow which led into a small glen, surrounded by gorse-covered hillocks. Shula looked round. There were already three other cars gathered in the valley. Signs of sexual activity were already evident in two of them, with a group of three guys watching. Looking more closely, she noticed that they all had their cocks in their hands. She smiled at the thought of cock, closed her eyes, lying back into the seat, enjoying the warmth of the evening sun.

'You okay?' Tony asked softly, his hand lightly stroking her blouse front. Her nipples were already arouse at the anticipation of sex. 'Sure you want to go through with it?'

'Yea,' she murmured. She had thought of nothing else for days. And a light shiver trickled through her body. She felt Tony slowly unbutton her blouse. She hadn't bothered with a bra. Her small boyish breasts required no support. Besides, she enjoyed the touch of silk moving against her chunky nipples. Tony took the straps of the blouse, easing it away from her shoulders to expose her breasts. At the same time, she felt his other hand stroking the inside of her right thigh, just above the knee. Her short skirt did nothing to impede his hand from having the freedom of her upper thighs.

Oh yes! That was so nice! Her mouth was rather dry with nerves. Her breathing was a bit heavy. She was tussling with her thoughts. Shula was determined not to lose her bottle this time. After all those years of self-imposed, though reluctant, virginity, she was determined to end that silly state. But something niggled in the back of her mind even so. She was uneasy about offering her body to strangers. Yet, she was unable to offer it to friends! No! This was it. She was desperate to end her fear of fucking.

Then she turned her head to look out of her window to see what the others were doing. Oh my God! She was startled to see a guy standing facing her by the open window. His stiff cock was sticking from his trousers. Shula gasped at the unexpected sight. His fingers were working the foreskin back and forth over the bloated head. She swallowed, her eyes glued to the sight. Knickers dragged to one side, strange fingers were now toying with her labia. She was leaking freely. The fingers were rubbing the sticky juices overr her clitoris and inner vulva. Her own fingers were teasing the left nipple, encouraging it to swell. She was tingling with lust. All sense of sobriety was gone. Her body was aflame with sexual hunger. As if on cue, the passenger window began to slide open, allowing the cock to move closer. It was almost touching her lips. She could smell the unmistakable scent of cock. It was intoxicating! Oh yes! She wanted it! But had she the courage?

Reaching over, she was incapable of resisting the urge to touch the wonderful idol. It was so beautiful! Her fingers trailed along the length, feeling the throbbing warmth. Gazing at the prominent blue veins breaking the smoothness, her fingers touched the skin. Reaching the base, Shula curled her thumb and fingers round the shaft, slowly pulling it up and down, gazing in fascination as the foreskin slid back and forth over the angry-looking head. Awesome! Wonderful! She looked at the pubic hair, dark and curly. It brought back memories of seeing her father's stiff cock as it pulled away from her whimpering mum. Sticky and angry-looking.

Shula had woken up to hear her mother moaning in the next room. It had scared her. The bed creaked heavily in the next room. There was a lot of bumping. Although she was scared, she was curious. Creeping to her parent's bedroom door, she looked through the crack. Her mother gave a stifled wailing cry. Painful! Almost a scream. Lying naked, face down on the bed, her father was lying on her bouncing up and down, grunting loudly. 'You're killing me!' her mother cried into the pillow.

Shula had thought he was really hurting her, so agonizing was the cry. And when he rolled off, she saw this enormous, angry looking thing sticking up out of his belly. In her young mind, she'd thought he'd tried to murder her with it. She was terrified. Creeping back into bed, she cried. It happened once or twice after that. Her mum always ended up wailing and giving these stifled cries. Shula could never understand why my dad wanted to hurt her. She never ever told anybody. Now, of course, she realized what a glorious object it was. And what ecstasy and agony an orgasm could be. But it had put her off allowing herself to be penetrated.

Then, suddenly, the cock lunged forward at her, bringing her back to the present. Shula opened her mouth without a thought, allowing the hard cock to slide into her hot mouth.


As she concentrated on the sensation of her mouth-filled cock, another hand grasped her wrist, guiding her fingers to another shaft of stiff flesh, wrapping it round the girth. She started to work it up and down as she sucked the first cock, now fucking her mouth slowly and sensuously. Behind her, fingers were still exploring her vulva, now dripping with anticipation. Searching her vagina. Different fingers. Hey! Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that Tony, the rotter, had slipped out of the car to encourage a third man to grope her pussy. Glorious! She didn't care! She was loving it! More! More, she thought, closing her eyes, lost in the sheer lascivious feeling coursing through her body. Fingers were actually penetrating her private passage. Her dripping vagina. Searching for the secret hidden between her thighs, enclosed in folds of flesh.

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