Sex and the Summer Job Ch. 01


We got out of the car and I followed Karen up the curving stone steps to the house. She unlocked the door, and we stepped into the kitchen. It was unspectacular inside, neat and clean with a bland emptiness that made sense when you understood the house was essentially unlived in from May through October, the height of the business season.

We tossed our purses on the table and went into the living room. I was pleased to see a large, comfortable sofa, which was infinitely better right now than a bar top. She fumbled for the lightswitch at the archway to the living room, turning on two floor lamps behind the sofa. I grabbed her by the hand, spun her around and pulled her into my arms. I swooped down on her, our mouths coming together in an urgent kiss, our tongues darting and slithering in a sloppy, wonderful dance. I ran my hands over her, wanting to feel her. I tugged at her shirt, pulling it up to bare her flesh. I kept my mouth on her, devouring her, not wanting to pull away but desperate to get her naked. At last, I had no choice, and I let her lips go.

She raised her arms and I tore her shirt off then grabbed at her bra. Now I was trembling, and I fumbled with the rear clasps while our lips came back together. I finally got it unhooked, freeing her breasts. I cupped her tits and delighted in their firmness, sliding my hands over them. She shuddered and pushed her chest out to me. Her breasts were remarkably beautiful, full and firm with no hint of sag, and large aureoles topped by erect nipples as hard as rubies. A line from a TV show flitted through my head and made me smile: "They're real and they're fabulous!" I rolled my thumbs over her pliant nipples, and she growled with pleasure. I looked in her eyes and saw a change had come over her. She no longer had the look of uncertainty in her eyes or her actions. It was as though she felt sure now I truly desired her. I bent my head over, my hair spilling around my face, and suckled a nipple into my mouth. She gasped and buried her hands in my hair. I rasped my tongue over her nub, circled it, bit down softly and stretched her out before letting her snap from my grasp. She cried out, and I dove in to give her other breast the same treatment. I imagined suckling her and feeling a gush of milk squirt into my eager mouth, and a wild thrill washed over me. When I let her nipple slip from my teeth, she grabbed me by the hair, yanked my head back and looked at me with absolute wonder. She dove on me and slathered me with wild kisses, moaning as she did.

She began tugging at my t-shirt, and I suddenly felt the need to have her handle my tits. We were a flurry of arms flying as she tore at my shirt and bra. "Oh God!" she cried as my breasts came free. She grabbed at me, rough, just the way I wanted, sending an electric thrill rippling through me. We were kissing again, pawing madly at each other's tits and staggering back to the sofa. I pushed her and she fell into the cradle of the sofa, and I dove on her.

We were panting when I straightened up. My hair hung about my face in a mass, and I pushed it back as I glared at her. I looked down at her crotch and noticed for the first time that her pants were stained dark, as wet as if she'd peed herself. Her wetness thrilled me. I undid the button and gasping with each ragged breath, she lifted her hips. I yanked her pants and panties down in a single rough move, and got my next thrilling surprise. She was totally bare. I absolutely love bare pussy – what Abbie calls Porno Pink – and I keep myself bare pretty much all the time, but I didn't expect it with Karen. I'd always naively assumed shaving was the province of girls like Abbie and me, young, lithe honeys who strutted around the beach in tiny bikini's, flashing our wares. She glistened in the dim light, her legs parted to show me her luscious cunt. I straddled her and leaned over to kiss her again. "You naughty girl," I purred. "You're as bald as a baby."

"Don't you like it?" she moaned.

"I love it!" I kissed her, slithering my tongue into her mouth in preview of what I was going to do to her seething cunt.

"What about you...I want you naked."

My jeans by now had become unpleasantly snug, and I had my own wet patch. I straightened, smiling at her, and unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. As soon as I was naked, I straddled her and lowered my mound to hers. She wrapped her surprisingly strong legs around my waist, and our slick, bare mounds came together. She cried out, and I rolled my hips in a fucking motion. She grew tense under me, and I was sure she was about to cum, so I lifted my mound away from hers. Disentangled, I put one foot on the floor and my other knee between her legs. I ran my hand down her tummy and found her cunt.

She was wonderfully, gloriously wet! I lowered my head and again suckled a nipple into my mouth, and as I did, I ran two fingers over the firm, hot swell of her labia. My fingers slid as skates on ice down the sleeve of her cunt, and I hooked them deep into her. It was like dunking my fingers in a jar of heated jelly. She spasmed under me, her body going rigged, and cried out – almost screamed – "Oh God!" Without removing my fingers – there was no way I was going to disconnect from her at that instant – I rose up and slithered down to the floor and between her legs.

I looked up at her, and she had a look of frantic ecstasy on her face. This was not at all like fucking Abbey. I corkscrewed my fingers in her cunt, and worked up a froth of liquid. I could smell her now, a rich, musky fragrance, clean but earthy. Up close, I could see her clearly, and I thought she had the most beautiful, perfect cunt I had ever seen. Her swollen clit popped out of its hood, easily as big as the tip of my pinkie. Her outer labs were firm and puffy, and the inner lips finely sculpted, with no loose wattles. I slid my fingers out, and saw inside. Her vagina was as intricate as an unfolding rose and as wet as I'd ever seen. Below, her asshole, tiny and puckered, beckoned, but that would have to wait for another time. I slathered my hand over her, smearing her wetness, and she barked out another cry and her hips jerked. I quickly dove in, latching my mouth on her. She lifted her trembling hips to me. I probed my tongue into her vagina, and then drew it out and up the channel of her cunt, twirled around her clit and slid back down. I hooked one arm around her thigh and came from above to massage her clit, while I snaked my other hand up from below to hold her labia open. She spasmed again, her pelvis shuddering under me. My mouth was filled with a sudden gush – not an ejaculation, but a welling flush – of her nectar. I groaned with delight. She tasted sweet with a slightly sour undertone. I slurped, drinking her. She was a frothy mess, a mix of her honey and my saliva, and she was gasping frantically, her hips lifting and quivering in waves. She had her hands in my hair, frantically pushing me down, trying to weld us together. My face was wet, liquid dripping down my chin. I popped her clit up with my fingers and took her in my mouth. I sucked her deep, assaulting her jewel with my teeth and tongue simultaneously. She let out a high, squealing cry, and she went into an incredible, shuddering seizure, her cum muscles rippling under me, and a fresh surge of nectar oozed out of her. I probed around her clit with my tongue, alternately sucking and nipping, and she went into another spasm. I held her with both hands and feasted, glorying in her orgasmic ecstasy. Her hands slapped at my head in spasms, and she began to writhe. She gave a final grunt, twisted and fell back in a heap.

Only then did I ease off. I kept my mouth on her, and gave her a few slow, gentle laps, and she jerked and gasped with each one. I rested my face on her wet, trembling mound and looked up at her. Her chest heaved as though she'd just run a marathon, each breath punctuated by a grunting moan. She tossed her head back, her eyes closed, and her hands were in my hair, kneading me. I was amazed at what had just happened. I had never had a lover cum with that intensity, that many times. I myself am capable of cumming over and over with the right woman, but long, slow, shuddery orgasms that wash over me as the surf washes over the beach. Looking up at her, I'm almost ashamed to say I selfishly thought Karen would be totally spent and unable to tend to me. My own cunt was soaking wet and tense with arousal. I chastised myself for such a thought.

We lay like that for a while. Her breathing slowed to normal, and for a moment, I thought she'd dozed off. But at last, she lifted her head and looked at me. Taking that as my cue, I got up from the floor and climbed astraddle her. She looked up at me as though she were trying to see into my soul, then she gently took my face in her hands and pulled me down to kiss me. My face was still wet with her nectar, and it pleased me that she could taste herself on me. We fell into a long, deep kiss, our tongues waltzing together. We settled into a tender embrace, and for a while, we simply held each other without speaking. Then Karen shifted and kissed my cheek. "Maybe we should go up to the bedroom," she murmured in my ear.

I lifted my head, smiled and said playfully, "Not to sleep, I hope."

She giggled like a little girl. "No, of course not silly."

"Well, in that case, you've got a deal."

We untangled ourselves and Karen stood up and stretched. I leaned over to pick up my clothes, and Karen said, "Don't worry about picking up, we can do that later." She took me by the hand and led me upstairs.

Karen flicked the light switch, turning on two lamps, identical to the living room lamps, on either side of the bed. Her bedroom wasn't big and, tucked under the eaves, the sloping walls made it seem even smaller. Its size, and the fact that it wasn't as tidy as the rest of the house, gave it a more lived-in, intimate feel. Her neatly made bed, a big, solid, four-poster, dominated the room. I wondered briefly whether it was the bed she'd shared with her ex-husband. "It's a little messy," Karen said, looking at me with an impish smile, "but I wasn't expecting company."

"Lucky for you your unexpected company doesn't care if you live in a shack and sleep on an army cot," I said, jumping on the bed and rolling on my side to face her. "But this is no army cot. This bed is huge," I said, thinking of my own spartan twin bed back at the apartment.

"Yes it's big. It seems even bigger when I'm in it alone, which is all the time. It's not a one person bed." She leaned over the bedside table and popped a disc into a Bose CD player.

"It definitely isn't going to be a one person bed tonight," I smiled.

"I hope you don't mind the music," she said, climbing on the bed. The low, sultry notes of a jazz quartet wafted into the room. "It fits my mood." "Mmmm, I like it," I said, rolling onto my back.

Karen crawled over and straddled me on all fours. I was delighted at the change in her. A mixture of excitement and confidence replaced the earlier conflicting emotions so clearly visible on her face and in her actions. Her eyes sparkled with a sensuous blend of self-confidence and arousal. She looked so much more beautiful now. She hovered just above me, her beautiful breasts hanging down to touch mine. She pushed a strand of my hair back from my face. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," she murmured, her eyes moving to take me all in. "I swear, I could eat you up!"

"Promises, promises," I smiled. Inside, I was tense in anticipation, and a low-grade throb swelled out from my pelvis. Karen, smiling, leaned down and began kissing me. Our mouths met, and our tongues lapped together. She kissed my lips, my chin, my cheek, and traced her tongue along the angle of my jaw to my ear, where she flicked and nipped the spaces between my earrings. I shuddered and arched my neck. She kissed her way back down, tending to my mouth again before strolling down to my neck. She ever so lightly brushed the tender skin of my throat with her lips and tongue, making me moan softly. Now she kissed her way passed my shoulders to my upper chest, at last drawing her tongue down my breastbone.

Karen used her hands to knead and massage my tits, tugging and squeezing my erect nips. She was particularly drawn to the small gold ring in my right nipple. "Oh you have such gorgeous tits," she groaned.

I love having my breasts played with, so I gasped at the sharp pleasure when she twisted my nipple ring and stretched me out. "Suck them," I said, running my fingers through her hair. "I want to see you and feel you sucking on my tits."

She smiled up at me while she rolled the pads of her fingers over my hard nubbins. She dipped her pointed tongue to my free nipple and circled it, flicked it, then took it in her pursed lips, all the while sending delightful thrills rushing through me. She rasped the flat of her tongue over me, took me in her teeth and gave me a series of tugging nips, before sucking me deep into her mouth. She was driving me wild. "Yessss," I cooed, restlessly running my fingers through her hair. "I love how you do that." She pulled up and thin strand of saliva stretched from my nipple to her lip. She smiled at me, and went for my other breast. She used her tongue and teeth to work on and around the ring, while fingering my other breast, now glistening wet with her saliva. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. I began to move my pelvis in time with the internal rhythm of my arousal. She clamped her teeth on the ring and lifted, stretching me, and shook her head side to side, before letting me snap back. I cried out with delight.

A fresh shiver rippled over me when she started to kiss her way down my tummy, pausing to nestle her tongue in the shallow crater of my navel. I squirmed and laughed, "That tickles." She smiled up at me, but continued to work her way down my tummy, stroking my flanks with her hands while she did. My cunt, already wet and receptive, began to swell as she drew closer. My body undulated now, fully in the throes of the growing euphoria swimming over me. I drew my knees back and spread my legs wide, needing to have her. She sprawled out on her tummy, peering up at me, smiling, and her eyes glittering. She traced her tongue up the crease where my thigh joined my pelvis, and I cried out at the delicious feel.

"I've dreamed about your hot little cunt ever since the minute I laid eyes on you," she said, pressing the tips of her fingers on the intricate, wet folds of my sex. "And you're even more beautiful than I ever imagined."

I propped myself on my elbows so I could watch her. I tensed up as she moved in. She laid into me with her tongue, drawing it up and down the length of my slit, using the tip, then the flat, moving from short, flicking strokes to long, firm laps. I let out a long, moaning cry, my head tossed back. She brought me up, up, up, like a rickety roller coaster approaching the top. I reached that glorious apex and hung there for a second. She sucked my clit, hood and all, deep into her mouth while stroking my slit with her fingers, and suddenly, in a shuddering rush, my first orgasm surged rippled over my entire body. I was aware that she was watching my reaction, but she didn't stop. She seemed perfectly in tune with I wanted. She did me slowly, pausing briefly now and then to reposition herself, using her lips, teeth, tongue and fingers on my entire cunt. I fell into that groove where I can cum over and over. I came in long, warm, breaking waves, my cunt tensing tighter and tighter, then releasing, over and over. I didn't cum with the explosive intensity she had. My orgasms came in waves, more like the steady roll of the sea on a beach, rather than the crashing of breakers on the granite rocks. I let myself get swallowed up by the pleasure. I writhed and gyrated, moaned and gasped, buried my hands in her hair before moving them restlessly up to tug and fondle my tits. Watching her added to my pleasure. She had her lovely face tucked up to my cunt as she licked and slurped and probed. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing, and she loved doing it. I'm noisy during lovemaking. I sigh, moan, groan, cry out, and talk. I want to express my passion to my lover, I want her to know how much she's pleasing me. Lovemaking at its best involves and pleases all the senses. I encouraged Karen with my moans and my words, and it clearly thrilled her to hear me so openly express my pleasure.

There came a point when I had an especially sharp orgasmic burst, and as it subsided, my cunt became overly sensitive and ticklish. Laughing and squirming, I patted her head and cried out, "Stop! Stop!"

She looked up at me, puzzled, as though she did something wrong. "What's the matter?" she said.

Still giggling, I said, "Nothing's wrong, you just finished me off for now. Come on up here." Karen crawled up and we snuggled into an embrace. "Your face is all wet," I teased.

"Thanks to you," she smiled.

I licked her face, tasting my own nectar mixed with her saliva, and then I kissed her over and over. "You're amazing," I said at last. "That was fantastic! You know what you're doing."

"I've had some practice," she said with a smile. "Not much, especially lately, but some." She looked away, blushing. "Besides," she admitted, "I've made love with you a hundred times in my fantasies."

It wasn't lost on me that this was another profound admission for her. She stole a glance at me to gauge my reaction. I drew the tips of my manicured nails up her back, then caressed her cheek and looked into her eyes. "I hope the real thing was better than the dream," I murmured. "It was for me."


"Yes, me. I've wanted you ever since the first time I laid eyes on you."

"Come on now," she said, almost scoffing.

"Why is that hard to believe?"

"I find it hard to believe I'm actually laying here in my bed with you. I keep expecting to wake up and find it's just a dream."

"Why?" I persisted.

"Well, you're beautiful for starters. And young."

"And what are you? An ugly old crone?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that. But why would I have any reason to expect you to even notice me when you could walk down the beach and have half a dozen girls ready to run after you."

"That's a bit of a stretch, but it's beside the point. You are a beautiful, incredibly sexy woman, you're exactly the kind of woman I find irresistible. I knew that the first time I met you."

She didn't say anything for a few seconds, looking at me as though judging my sincerity. Then she said, "Has anyone ever told you you look just like the country singer Faith Hill?"

I laughed. "The girls I hang with generally don't do country music, but yeah, I've had people say that to me before. So?"

"So, even if she was a lesbian and I'd met her, I'd be crazy to think Faith Hill was attracted to me."

"I'm not Faith Hill," I said, "but I am a lesbian, I have met you, and I am very, very attracted to you."

Karen closed her eyes and rolled onto her back, a beatific smile playing across her face. "Maybe dreams do come true after all," she murmured. She opened her eyes and sat up.

I sat up and leaned back against the sturdy headboard. An oddly comforting thought popped in my head. She'll never take me for granted. Now that I'd caught my breath, I was ready for more. I love sex, and my sexual appetite is nearly insatiable at times. I could only imagine for the moment how much better was going to be with someone who aroused me on so many more levels than the purely sexual. Smiling, we kissed, and she playfully pushed her tongue into my mouth. "I think I like being naughty," she murmured into my mouth.

We snuggled close. "Speaking of naughty," I said, "I was really surprised to find you shaved."

Karen laughed and blushed. "I can see where that'd be unexpected. There's a story behind that, but it's not very interesting."

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