Sex and the Summer Job Ch. 01


"Tell me anyway."

"The short version. Way back when I was getting divorced, I had my first real affair with a woman. She was one of my best friends, and we had big plans to be a couple when my divorce went through – she's the one I meant when I said good friends don't always make good lovers. Anyway, she thought a shaved..." She hesitated, the words alien to her now that we weren't in the heat of passion.

"Cunt, pussy, twat," I smiled. "You don't have to be afraid of those words. They're sexy when used right."

"Cunt," she said finally. "She thought a shaved cunt was a big turn on. She talked me into letting her shave me. I was surprised, but I liked it. I liked how it felt to have my panties chafe me when I walked around, or how a puff of a breeze felt going under my skirt. Besides, I liked how it looked, and even better, I was surprised at how much more there was to feel during sex when there wasn't any hair to get in the way. After we split up, I let it grow back, but about a month ago, I decided to try it again."

"I'm glad you did," I said, snuggling up to her. I slipped my hand between her legs and gave her a light stroke. "It was a very pleasant surprise."

"Well then," she said, shifting to face me, "maybe something good came from that relationship after all."

We snuggled closer and silently contemplated each other for a moment. We came together in a kiss, still drinking each other in and marveling at the wonder of our discovery. She ran her hand through my hair while she nuzzled her tongue into my mouth. I traced my fingers over the silky contours of her body, feeling like a little girl on Christmas morning, suddenly faced with an amazing bounty of presents under the tree and not knowing where to start. We kissed without hurry, yet there was a restlessness to our coupling, a need to explore and savor each other. There was no one else in the world I wanted to be with at that moment, and I again had the exhilarating thought that she would never take me for granted.

I caressed my nails up Karen's sides, then over her delectable breasts. She shivered and groaned with delight, pushing her chest out. Her nipples came instantly erect, and I used both hands to cup and squeeze her, delighting in the firm yet pliant heft of her tits. I tugged and rolled her nipples, making her gasp and moan with greater urgency. We played tag with our tongues, both of us making soft sounds of lust. We were still sitting up, growing more contorted by the second. I've never felt sex should be a gymnastic competition; it's about the passion and the pleasure, not the positions. "Come," I said, "stretch out a little so I can get at this gorgeous body of yours."

We untangled and I helped Karen scoot her bottom down the bed enough that she could splay her legs out. Her eyes were wide, with an almost amazed look of anticipation. "How's this?" she said, an edge in her voice.

I knelt at her side, sliding my palm up and down her tummy, drinking her in. "Perfect," I said. I leaned over, my hair spilling around our faces, and looked her in the eye. "Now I can fuck you properly," I promised, glaring at her. "All I want you to do is let it happen, don't hold back anything."

She closed her eyes, arched her back and moaned, "Ooooohhhhh yesssss."

She held my face in her hands and raised her head to kiss me as she drew back her knees and opened her legs for me, while I kneaded her lower tummy. I slid my hand over her sleek cunt, and she opened wider. Straightening up so I could watch her, I started rubbing her cunt with purpose. I ran my hand up and down her slit, and she was already wet enough to squish under my fingers. Her body undulated, and she moaned and whimpered as I worked her cunt with my fingers. I dipped my middle finger into her vagina, still amazed at how tight she was. "Your cunt in so beautiful," I murmured. "Beautiful and wet and so fucking hot!" I pulled my hand out and brought it to her mouth. "Taste," I said, and she licked and sucked my fingers. I dipped back down to freshen the coating of nectar on my fingers and I smeared it on her lips and chin before letting her suck them into her mouth. "See how good you taste?" I quickly darted my hand back down to stroke and caress her again. "I love how your gorgeous, beautiful cunt is soooo wet."

Karen's body twisted and rocked in constant motion now, and she crooned and quavered with every breath. I used my whole hand on her, squeezing and kneading her, making her squish. I rolled my fingers over her clit, pressing and tweaking on her firm pearl and making her gasp and jump. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and explored her inside, working her into a froth before slipping out and rubbing her fast, then slow and firm.

Watching her respond to my touch left me completely enthralled. Her passion wasn't as frantic as it had been down on the sofa, but it was no less intense. Her body moved in fluid gyrations, dancing to the mixed rhythm of my probing hand and her own inner symphony. Her hands were restless, fluttering from her breasts to her head to her legs. Whenever her pelvis quivered, she would let out a tremulous groan, and then fall back into singing the song of her pleasure. I brought her to the edge of full orgasm, skidding right up to the point of no return, then slowing down before she could tumble over. I had two fingers probing inside her while I nudged and massaged her clit with my thumb. I delighted in the intricate bumps and crannies of her vagina, careful to avoid giving too much attention to those magical inner spots that would send her into orbit. Oh yes, I thought, I could find that spot and make her explode, but not now. There would be plenty of time for that later. There were so many things I wanted to do to her, so many sensations I wanted her to experience, but I knew I had to take my time and avoid overwhelming her. I could bring her to paradise in so many ways, but, like the little girl at Christmas, I had to be patient and enjoy giving her each new pleasure in its own time. There was no need to try to everything at once.

I used both hands to fuck her now, working the fingers of one hand inside her cunt, and the other to massage her clit. Now it was time to bring her over the edge. Her moans became cries and gasps, and her body arched and spasmed in a series of sharp, intense orgasms. I instinctively slowed my strokes, easing her down, but I still coaxed a few final surges from her. At last, I moved up to her, one hand still gently caressing her cunt, and she looked up at me, biting her lower lip and lowering her eyes in a demure smile. "You're beautiful when you cum," I whispered, kissing her cheeks and her chin and then her lips.

"I've never cum so hard before, I didn't know I could."

"All it took was the right woman," I said with a teasing smile.

We shared playful kisses while she caught her breath. "You are definitely the right woman," she murmured into my mouth. She suddenly grabbed my arms and kissed me with something like the desperation she'd shown back at Periwinkle's. Her eyes took on a strangely fearful expression. She held me in a tight embrace as though I'd fly away if she loosened her arms, and when she drew in a breath, it sounded like a sob.

She caught me completely off guard. "What's the matter?" I said, looking at her with a puzzled smiling frown.

"What do you mean?" she said in a small voice, looking away. "Nothing's the matter."

"Bull shit," I scoffed, trying to be playful. "Something just got into you. What's the matter?"

She looked up, studying me, and I could see she was weighing whether or not she should answer me. She had the same pained look on her face she'd had earlier. "I don't know," she sighed. "It's like the clock is going to strike twelve, and you're going to disappear, and I'm going to wake up alone again, and you have no idea how right you were when you said all it took was the right woman. I'm just afraid this night is going to end."

I didn't answer her for a minute, afraid to give her some glib, phony reply. At last I brushed her hair back, looked into her eyes, and simply said, "I'm not going anywhere. If all I wanted to do was fuck you and go on my merry little way, I'd have done you back at the restaurant. I don't mean to be so crude, but that's as plain as I can make it."

She searched my face, trying to judge whether I was in fact being glib. "I'm sorry," she sighed. "I don't mean to be so insecure, but I can't help it. I haven't exactly been lucky when it comes to relationships, and when someone comes along like you, someone who makes me feel the way you do, I can't help expecting the other shoe to drop."

I caressed her face and smiled at her. I'd known from the start that I was entering waters that were, for me, totally uncharted, and I had no idea which way the winds and currents were going to lead, but I wanted to find out. "I know it's scary, it is for me, too, but you have to know you make me feel the same way. I want to be with you and see where we can go together. You know what I want you to do?"


"I want you to stay home from the restaurant, whatever it is. I want us to spend the day together, relax, and enjoy ourselves. OK?"

Karen chuckled ruefully. "Do you know how long it's been since I've had a day off? But then, I haven't had a reason for one in ages."

"My point exactly. You've earned one, especially now. You can get Richard to cover for you."

The fear was fading from her eyes, replaced by a wistful look. "Yes, I'll do it. He's wanted to run the place. It'll give him a little taste of what it's all about. I'll call him in the morning."

"Morning. What time is it now?"

She glanced at her watch and laughed. "Four thirty. I haven't been up this late in months! But then, I never had any reason."

I snuggled closer to her. "Maybe we should get under the covers and cuddle and try to sleep."

"Is that what you want?"

"Uh huh. As long as you're next to me. Then when we wake up, you better watch out, 'cause I'm going to take you places and make you feels things you never even imagined existed."

Her breathing had quickened again. "I believe you."


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