tagMind ControlSex as a Weapon

Sex as a Weapon


Major Darcy Malone saluted crisply as the general walked into the room, flanked by his aide. The lights were dimmed, and a projector beamed what was, at present, just a blank square of light onto the far wall. The right wall was taken up with a large mirror, and a few desk-chairs completed what looked like a fairly ordinary office setting. The two men returned the salute with perhaps a bit less enthusiasm, and sat down in their chairs. "Greetings, gentlemen," she said. "I'm glad you could make it today."

"Frankly," said General Dawson, "I don't think the same can be said for me. This isn't a friendly visit, Major. Let's get that out of the way right now. The Pentagon has some very serious concerns about the viability and cost-effectiveness of your 'Psychological Operations' department, and you are in here arguing for your project's life. Is that perfectly clear?"

Dawson saw a flash of fire in Malone's eyes, but she didn't even let her smile drop for a second as she said, "Naturally, sir." That fit in with her reputation. According to channels, she kept a very tight grip on herself, didn't let her composure drop even for a second. She made sure that she only showed what she wanted to see, and did her backstabbing quietly. What little backstabbing she did--Malone had a reputation for making more friends than enemies. Even today, on the most important presentation of her career, her uniform was perfectly pressed, not a single auburn hair was out of position, and her smile didn't drop for a second as she brought up the opening slide of her PowerPoint presentation.

'Sex As A Weapon', it read. 'The Future Of Modern Psychological Warfare'. Beneath it was a picture of a soldier on his knees, hands behind his head. Another soldier, this one female, stood next to him, looking down at him with a seductive smile on her face. Her uniform was...definitely non-standard issue, to say the least. It exposed plenty of skin, and even what it didn't expose, it certainly didn't leave to the imagination.

General Dawson snorted derisively. "This is what we came down here for? I can't believe I wasted my--"

"General, if you please." Major Malone's voice was calm and quiet, but she didn't hesitate even slightly about interrupting a two-star general. "I'm aware that my concepts are unorthodox, but every great military strategist was at one time considered unorthodox." She pressed a button on her hand-held remote, and the slide changed. 'Sex Is Powerful', it read. Beneath it, there were a list of bullet points.

Major Malone used the laser pointer in the remote to highlight each one. "Already, gentlemen, every sector of civilian commercial life uses sexual imagery to sell their products. The procreative drive is the most powerful and basic of all human instincts, and sexual pleasure is a strong and highly addictive psychological force. People use sex all the time to get what they want, and in general, what they want to get is more sex. However, in general the technique is used in a non-analytical, undifferentiated fashion."

She clicked on the next slide. "You can see here that the sex drive has the capability to cause extreme and aberrant behavior, even overriding concerns like pain and social mores. The gentleman pictured here would undoubtedly admit that the clamps on his nipples and testicles are very painful, and the ropes have him bound in a position that is both uncomfortable and undignified. And yet, he is clearly deriving great pleasure from the activity, and has entered into it voluntarily." Dawson did his best to look away from the picture, in no small part because the woman doing the binding and clamping was clearly Major Malone herself, and the man she was tying up was the now-retired general who had originally sponsored the program.

And she was nude, too...General Dawson tried not to think of his female subordinates as, well, female, but seeing Major Malone like this made it hard to ignore. Worse yet, when he looked away from the picture, Malone was standing in a way that brought the image of her naked body very clearly to mind...Dawson forced a cough, and stood up. His aide, looking more than a little shell-shocked, copied the gesture. "I think we've seen enough, Major. Whatever your personal interests are, we have no interest in indulging them at taxpayer's expense. Now, if you could--"

"Please, gentlemen," Major Malone said. "Just a few moments more, and I will give you a practical demonstration."

General Dawson glared at her, trying not to notice that she was standing right next to a life-size photo of her own naked body. "Practical demonstration? What, you intend to put on a sex show for your superior officers?"

"Something like that, yes." She clicked on the next slide, and Dawson breathed what he hoped wasn't an obvious sigh of relief. "The fundamental idea is this, gentlemen. Human sexual instincts can be used to condition and alter both thought and behavior. By analyzing the techniques and responses with military precision, and drilling soldiers to seduce with military precision, we can remove enemy units from the battlefield simply by convincing them that surrendering is a 'sexier' option."

That was enough for him. He'd prove Major Malone wrong about being able to influence people with sex, and he'd do it right now. Without speaking a word, General Dawson turned and headed for the door. Suddenly, though, the mirror seemed to become transparent as lights came on in the next room, revealing a woman sitting in a chair, wearing one of the skimpy military outfits from the first slide. "A two-way mirror, gentlemen," Malone said. "I realize you're skeptical of the effectiveness of the techniques, but I guarantee results. This woman here is PFC Tina McGraw, one of the first recruits to my Seduction Brigade. She's already trained with me for several months, and has mastered my techniques." She pressed a button, and a buzzer sounded. Dawson stopped, and reluctantly turned to watch, frowning as he noticed that his aide had been too distracted to follow him out.

Another soldier walked in, this one male and clad in standard fatigues. "Master Sergeant Kevin Doyle, here, has been ordered to open the door and 'kill' the target in the room. He's aware that he's using a paintgun, but has been ordered to keep to military discipline as completely as possible for purposes of the exercise, and treat it as though he were equipped with live rounds." Dawson tore his gaze away from McGraw--he had to admit, the uniforms Major Malone had designed were effective at distracting a man. But he couldn't imagine her "techniques" having more than a momentary effect.

Sure enough, on entering, Doyle brought up the gun and prepared to fire. McGraw looked up at him with large, liquid eyes and fell to her knees in a position of abject helplessness. "Please don't shoot," she said. "I'll do anything..." she gasped out a sob, her breasts heaving. General Dawson sat back down, grateful that the desk covered the lower half of his body. He realized that between Malone's slide show and the girl in the other room, his cock was visibly standing out under his uniform. "Anything."

"Note," Malone said, "how her body language is already having an effect on Doyle. By effectively conveying sexual submission, she has already convinced him to postpone firing. Our recent tests show that even when an enemy soldier is aware that they are being manipulated to this effect, existing social conditioning prevents them from pulling the trigger in 99 percent of all cases. Thus, we expect only a one percent casualty rate in the field. Frankly, it's just hard for a man to deal with a woman who's begging him for sex...except, of course, by having sex with them, which is the intended effect."

Doyle walked over to the kneeling woman, and whispered something in her ear. She responded by clinging to his leg, and looking up at him. "Here, we see how she has positioned himself near his groin. This is a clear sexual invitation, in a situation where one was not expected. This has the effect of confusing Doyle's normal responses, leaving him emotionally vulnerable." General Dawson crossed his legs, a mixture of fury and embarrassment fighting for dominance in his mind. To think that two United States soldiers had been reduced to performing like...like porn stars for their commanding officer!

Doyle pressed his gun up against McGraw's temple, and said, "I told you, I have my orders. It..." He looked down at McGraw, then gave a brief glance around. "I gotta..." There was a visible bulge in his trousers. Dawson tried to look away, but the scene had a sick fascination. His aide wasn't even disguising his interest.

McGraw moved her head just slightly closer to Doyle's crotch. "I know what you're here to do. But you can do it...afterwards, can't you?"

Doyle looked down at her. "No tricks, lady. I'm going to be keeping my gun on you the whole time." He reached down with one hand, and unzipped his fly.

"At this point," Malone said, her body not even betraying a hint of interest in the situation beyond the purely clinical, "Doyle has not only been sexually manipulated into disobeying orders, he has also put himself quite literally into his enemy's hands." Beyond the glass, McGraw had already begun sucking the soldier's cock. Dawson felt his own member stiffen even more, and tried to control it. "The male sexual organ is the most sexually responsive part of the male anatomy, and by stimulating it, McGraw has the ability to bypass the rational thought of her opposition almost completely."

McGraw sucked and licked slowly, sensuously at Doyle's erect penis, and within moments, he leaned back against the wall to more fully enjoy the blowjob. Dawson's cock was rock-hard in his trousers, despite his anger over the situation. The girl, McGraw, she wasn't just sucking Doyle's cock, she was turning it into an erotic show, as if she knew she had an audience. It was like she was seducing them as well as Doyle.

"Obviously," Malone continued, seemingly oblivious to Dawson's growing arousal, "while we have used a male soldier for purposes of this demonstration, the Seduction Brigade has trained in the arts of seducing members of both genders. The basic principles are surprisingly similar, although the Brigade itself is composed exclusively of females." She gave just the hint of a smile as she looked at the general out of the corner of her eye. "No offense, gentlemen, but women simply keep a better hold on their sex drive."

General Dawson wanted to argue, but the bulge in his pants told him he'd be a hypocrite if he tried.

In the other room, McGraw had slipped off the bottom half of her costume and was beckoning Doyle towards her wet pussy. With the gun still trained on her, he lay on top of her and slowly guided himself in. Dawson was aware that Malone was watching him as much as she was watching her display, and he tried to control the blush he could feel spreading over his cheeks, but it wasn't helping. "From this point on, gentlemen, seduction is merely a formality. Doyle's penis is thoroughly engulfed in sensation, sensation which McGraw controls completely and totally. Through careful muscular contraction, she can choose exactly how much stimulation and thus, how much pleasure Doyle receives."

McGraw leaned up to Doyle as they fucked, and whispered in his ear. "At this point, she can begin psychological conditioning in earnest, using a combination of stimulation of the pleasure centers and carefully-worded suggestions to convince Doyle that the most pleasant, the most sexually fulfilling, indeed the perfect course of action is to follow Private McGraw's suggestions and do as she tells him." As Doyle continued to pump away into the cunt of his willing partner, a blank and dreamy smile grew on his face. Dawson shook his head slightly, his anger almost forgotten for a moment. This couldn't actually be working, could it? No, it had to be staged. There was no way that anyone could actually be...fucked into surrendering. He squirmed slightly in his seat, the idea getting under his skin a little. He was uncomfortably aware that his cock was leaking a tiny dribble of precum.

Soon, Doyle no longer even noticed that he'd stopped paying attention to where his gun was pointed, instead locking eyes with McGraw and leaning in closely to her as she continued to clench and release his cock. After several long minutes of whispered suggestions, he finally gave out a loud, ecstatic grunt, and went limp on top of the woman he was supposed to 'kill'. Major Dawson felt his cock throbbing inside his pants now, and he was almost angrier at himself than he was at Major Malone. The whole thing had been shameful, even obscene, and yet...he knew that when he got home tonight, he'd be picturing it in his head all night long.

"And there you have it, gentlemen." Malone's voice actually came as a shock to Dawson, he'd been watching so intently. He silently berated himself for getting so involved in watching this shameful display. "It took no more than fifteen minutes for a trained Marine to be completely incapacitated and subdued, and all with no weapons or equipment beyond those nature endowed her with.

"And best of all," she pressed another button and another buzzer sounded, "Sergeant Doyle is not removed from the field of battle." Another male soldier walked into the room, gun held out. McGraw whispered something to Doyle, and he rolled over, aimed, and shot his fellow Marine in the chest. A splatter of bright blue paint marked the 'kill'. "He's merely had his loyalties reassigned." The lights went out in the other room once more.

There was a long moment of silence. Finally, his face bright red, General Dawson managed to speak. "This...this is a disgrace to the United States Military and its men and women, Major! Turning our female soldiers into whores, babbling about some spurious 'brainwashing' techniques, staging a sex show and claiming it to be a legitimate demonstration..." Dawson tried to calm down, but somehow the undercurrent of twisted arousal that the display had caused just made him want to lash out at Malone more. It was like his own body was calling him a liar, telling him that he was far more affected by Malone and her techniques than he was willing to admit, and the way Malone kept looking at him with that knowing smile, posing her body in a way that confused all his instincts and kept his cock rock-hard...

And somehow she knew it, too. He was still sitting down, but the way she looked at him, it was clear that she could tell he'd gotten turned on by watching it. She shifted position just a little, just thrusting her breasts out slightly, and Dawson realized he'd trailed off into silence staring at her tits. Shaking his head slightly, he tried to remember where he'd left off.

"You...you have embarrassed yourself, the soldiers under your command, and the two of us! Further funding for this perverted travesty is out of the question, and by the end of the day, you can expect to see yourself under charges!" He started to rise, but decided to wait until his erection had subsided just a little. Next to him, his aide seemed to be lost in thought, staring at the mirror with flushed face and glazed eyes. General Dawson worried suddenly that he might look like that as well.

Major Malone sighed. "I thought you might say something like that, General. It's actually covered in the presentation." She clicked, bringing up the next slide. It had only two words on it: 'Peacetime Applications'.

The door opened, and six very attractive, very underdressed women walked in. They split into groups of three, with one group headed for the general, and the other for his aide. "Let me know if you have any questions afterwards, gentlemen," Major Malone said, as she sat back in a chair to watch the show. She spread her legs, finally letting a smile of triumph show on her face.


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