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Sex at an Older Age


If I weren't telling this story I wouldn't believe it! This is one of those stories which occasionally one hears about but never experiences! I made a terrible mistake when I courted the woman who is my wife. I should have known better. Unfortunately, from my point of view, it just kept on getting worse. I knew she came from a good family but that was a long time ago. She is now 52 years old. I had known her almost all of my life. She and I went to kindergarten and then primary school together and, as well, we learned music together. It almost seemed we were meant to be together.

We did a lot of petting when we were courting. She would take my cock in her hand and jerk me off. She would never consider putting my cock in her mouth and so there was no chance of a blow job. On the other hand, she was never reluctant to jerk me off. She also allowed me to either open her shirt or lift up her jumper to expose her cute tits, or she would allow me to remove her knickers so I could play with her cunt and clit - but never both of these positions. It was either tits or cunt! I got the distinct feeling she was allowing me to grope her because she might have thought I would leave her if she didn't allow me to do what I wanted.

We had been going out together for well on a year before she allowed me to fuck her! I had been asking to let me fuck her but she always refused. At last, when her parents had gone out to a parade which was being held in our town and we were all alone in her parent's home, she agreed to let me fuck her! I asked if it would be O.K. without pulling out and she said it was O.K. As soon as I had stripped her and caressed her body for a reasonable time, I lifted her legs and slid in between them. It didn't take me long to get my cock ready to push into her cunt. I again asked her if it was O.K. to fuck her and she said yes!

So, without any more preliminaries, I gave my hips a shove and pushed my cock right into her cunt. I had assumed she was a virgin and was quite surprised when there was no hymen to break and I slid all the way into her body. Although I had been jerking myself off for a couple of years in anticipation of this occasion, I had not previously fucked any girl. Here I was, deep inside my girlfriend and loving every minute of it. It didn't take me very long before I felt my balls contracting and knew I was about to cum. I asked her again if it was O.K. to cum in her and she said yes again! She wasn't reacting in any way to what I was doing - I expected her to be jerking around and cumming at the same time I was. Well, cum I did and right into her cunt! It felt really good - it was the first time and I guess it had to feel good. When I pulled out of her, I again asked her if it was really O.K. to cum in her and then she said, " Well I guess so - I don't really know!" Boy, was I worried now. I asked her if she was in a safe period and she simply said, "I don't know much about that!"

I told her to immediately pull her dress on and to come outside with me! She did this and by this time I was dressed too. I took her out into the garden and asked her to squat over the flower bed. It was quite dark and I knew the neighbors had also gone to the parade and so wasn't worried about being seen by anyone. I then picked up the garden hose and placed it just inside her cunt. I then turned the hose on gently and allowed the hose to pour lots of water into her cunt. I was certainly making sure I was washing out any cum I had deposited in her. After a couple of minutes of this water flowing in her cunt, I allowed the hose to fall out of her and then handed her a towel I had collected earlier and told her to dry herself. This she did.

Suddenly I realized she wasn't as experienced in sexual matters as I had thought every girl was. She didn't know anything about safe periods. Well, we dressed ourselves properly and went to watch the same parade the rest of her family was watching. She told me, on the way to the parade, that she hadn't felt anything and it hadn't given her anything like an orgasm. I had been stroking her clit on previous encounters and this had given her some sort of orgasm.

Although this sounds queer, she never reached an orgasm through sexual intercourse for the rest of her life up until the time she was 52.

Anyway, back to the story. I had to take precautions from there on. I used a condom whenever we fucked and although I enjoyed the whole process she would always just lay there and let me fuck her - never participating at all. I should have recognized the symptoms of problems ahead and the alarm bells should have been ringing loud and clear. For some reason, we just kept on going our together and fucking whenever I wanted it. Although she allowed me to fuck her, she would never allow me to see her naked (except for the very first time we fucked) and she would always keep her top half covered whilst I took off her panties and fucked her. We became engaged! I thought she might relax more now that she had a sign that we were going to get married! No, that didn't make any difference.

About a month before the wedding, we were parked out in our car at a very deserted spot and for once I had insisted she take off all of her clothes so I could fuck her whilst she was naked. She protested and said, "No, I don't like being screwed with no clothes on (she wouldn't use any so-called dirty words), I don't like it when other men are looking at me while that is being done to me!" Alarm bells started ringing at that time. "Don't like other men looking at you while this is being done to you? What do you mean by that?" She started to cry and there seemed as though there was nothing I could do to stop the tears. I just held her and slowly began to caress her breasts through her blouse. This didn't calm her down and she just kept on sobbing.

I don't know what made me do it, but I had had enough so I sat her up straight and slapped her face quite hard! She jerked her head back and suddenly stopped crying. I then said, in a very stern voice, "Now, you had better tell me all about this problem. What do you mean other men looking at you while you are doing that?"

She began to sob again and said, between the sobs, "I thought you knew - everyone else seems to know. My last boyfriend used to do that to me and he let lots of his mates come and watch and he also made me do things with them! I am very sorry, I thought you knew!" Well, this was news to me. I knew she had a boyfriend before me and he was about 5 years older than she was, but they didn't seem to be very close and I had thought they were more friends than lovers.

Over a period of about an hour I managed to get most of the story from her, in between bouts of crying. It appears this boyfriend was a real bastard and soon after they had started going out, he had taken her to his flat and tore off her clothes and raped her! She was too scared to tell her parents or anyone else and had nobody else to turn to. It just meant that from thereon, whenever they went to his flat, they fucked and fucked! She didn't like it at all and hated all the sex and him in particular. He seemed to have some sort of power over her and she just couldn't break away from him.

It became much worse when he invited his mates to come to his flat when he was taking her there and then he would strip her and make her parade around naked in front of his mates. He would also allow them to feel her up by playing with her breasts and sticking their fingers in her cunt. She was too afraid to attempt to stop them and so they just continued.

It wasn't very long before this group activity advanced further when, after her boyfriend had fucked her and the other men had felt her up, that he told her to get on the bed and let the others fuck her too. In all, that afternoon, 9 men fucked her! Her boyfriend always wore a condom and made his mates use them too. She hated this and didn't know what to do about this. Sometimes he wouldn't allow his mates to be present and just kept her to himself but the occasions of the group sessions became more and more regular. She was just being used as a sex object.

When she was having her period and couldn't fuck him or his mates, she was made to suck their cocks until they came and made to swallow their cum or, at times, they would pull out and cum all over her small tits.

Although I had never heard a word about this it appears it was fairly common knowledge and lots and lots of people knew she was being fucked regularly by lots of men. When she had just about reached the end of her tether and appeared to be on the start of a nervous breakdown, it just happened that her boyfriend had to go away and at the same time I happened to ask her out for the first time! She was so grateful to be able to go out with someone who would perhaps be able to keep her boyfriend away from her that she accepted quickly and that was the beginning of our relationship.

When she told me the whole story, I was bewildered and didn't know what to say. I guess at the back of every man's thinking he would like to think the first girl he fucks would be a virgin and also that he would be the only person to have fucked her when they got married. This wasn't going to happen to me - she had been well and truly used by a lot of men!

I got out of the car and stood nearby trying to accept what I had just heard. Could I possibly keep on loving this girl who had been fucked by so many men? Could I forgive her for not breaking off their relationship earlier? Would everyone now know about what she had done and laugh at me? These were all questions which I had to think about. All the time I was thinking these thoughts, she was in the car sobbing her heart out!

Well, as you may well guess, I am a bit of a softy and I got back into the car, hugged her, kissed her and then slowly undressed her until she was naked. I then told her no one would be able to see her in the car and I proceeded to fuck her once more. I guess I had forgiven her.

Well, we got married! She was so inexperienced in the ways of the world that she didn't even calculate when she would be having her period and so she had it on the day before the marriage ceremony! Well, that meant the first night was a disaster! I guess it really went downhill from there. Although we tolerated each other and had rather infrequent sex, we still managed to produce three lovely kids and they grew up to be great adults. Our sex life deteriorated into nothing. About 22 years ago, we just stopped having sex at all! I still, even to this day, manage to jerk myself off when ever I can. I managed to have a couple of affairs and they were great while they lasted. The affair which lasted longest was with an 18 year old girl and we carried on for over 7 years! Eventually she decided she wanted to settle down and, as I wasn't prepared to break up the unhappy home, she soon found other men. Later she married and is now quite happy. We had a great time together.

Well, as you can see, I have lived a miserable life and although it is very hard to describe how I feel about my wife, we are still together. In the meantime since we were married, she has been to see Doctors by the dozen, a couple of Psychiatrists, three Gynecologists and even a sex therapist. Unfortunately, all came to the same conclusion - she was carrying the burden of her life before me and it was so deep in her mind that none of the treatment prescribed by the professionals was of any help. She wouldn't discuss in any detail what had taken place with these professionals and, for the most part, I had to guess. I am sure one of the doctors she saw was simply a dirty old man and he told me in a consultation with him after he had examined my wife that with all of his experience, he was unable to arouse her! I asked her if he had felt her up and all she would say was - all of you men are the same, you think your fingers and your penises will change the world. I don't think he fucked her, but I am pretty sure he must have played with her a lot because she was in his examination room, naked (she told me that much) for 3/4 of an hour. She was very flushed when she came out which rather surprised me - she doesn't usually get flushed when someone plays with her body.

Later on, she visited a sex therapist, a lady, who examined her closely, and announced she would have to try some special experiments with my wife. This was the first examination I had been present at and I had taken great delight at the discomfort my wife was under whilst she was being examined by another woman. Again she was naked for the examination. Without letting my wife get dressed, she was led into another examination room for further tests. She was in this room, some distance from where I was waiting, but I was able to watch the constant parade of men into the same room over the next hour. The lady therapist eventually came out of the room and said to me, "We really have an interesting case here - nothing we have tried yet has worked. You really have a problem!"

I am sure my wife was fucked quite a few times in that room. When eventually she emerged from the room with just a sheet wrapped around her, she seemed to stagger quite a deal as she went into the first examination room to retrieve her clothes! Again I asked her if she had been fucked but she refused to talk about it at all. Her only comment was, "Now I hate all men!"

After we arrived home, she immediately went into the shower and proceeded to stand under the water for some time, scrubbing herself completely. In the meantime I collected the panties she was wearing and had a close look at them. They had a very damp patch in the crutch of the panties and it looked as though there was some sort of gooey stuff there but I couldn't identify it as being semen so I had to wonder just what it was. I should have mentioned that by this time she was on the pill and there was no need for condoms. All of these investigations took place well before we stopped having sex. Unfortunately she never tried at all to like sex and this was, of course, a great disappointment to me.

Well, let's leap forward to her 52nd year. She had involved herself quite deeply in all sorts of activities over the years and was president of this and chairperson of that committee and seemed to be spending lots of time following her voluntary activities.

Times changed quite a deal very suddenly. We had a chap call in each fortnight to cut our lawns and to go some gardening generally. He was a very unattractive chap. A really nice sort of fellow, but certainly not my idea of a very attractive guy. He was always unshaven and his hair was always untidy. He also wore dirty overalls which always tended to hang on to his body somehow but never looked right. He was the last person I expected to interest my wife!

Most times when he came to our place to work, I was absent at my own work. My wife has never worked since the time we were married - somehow I have managed to keep the household going on my salary. My work is some 15 miles from home and I always take my lunch with me and eat it in the room provided by my employer. After many years at the one place of employment, one tends to form habits which never seem to vary.

On this particular day, my boss asked me to go out on a special job which was not very far from my home. I completed my work task and decided to call in home for a cool drink as it was a rather hot day. There were a lot of cars in our street - it is close to a railway station and lots of people leave their cars in the streets nearby and catch the train to work. I was unable to park in our driveway as this was filled by the lawn cutter's car and trailer. As I walked towards our home, I couldn't hear the mower or any of his machines working so I guessed he must have finished his work. Perhaps my wife was giving him a cool drink out the back of the house in the shady pergola we have to provide shade for anyone wanting to sit in it.

As I walked down the driveway at the side of our house, I was startled to see them in the shade house but what startled me most was the fact my wife didn't have any clothes on the top half of her body. She was naked to the waist. As the years have gone on, she had thickened around the body but is not fat. At the same time, her breasts have grown considerably since we first started dating. Then I could just about get all of her tit in my mouth but now they would take several hands to cover them. Worst of all, the dirty gardener was feeling her tits with great glee and she seemed to be enjoying herself. Our backyard is rather private due to all the trees I have planted over the years and it would be most unlikely for anyone to see them under the shade house. If would only be if someone came down the driveway like I did and then moved around several trees and bushes that they would be able to see into the shade house.

I stopped in my tracks! This I had to watch! They were kissing - I couldn't imagine how she could possibly want to kiss this very unattractive man, but she was! This kissing and him feeling her breasts went on for some time. Next, he knelt down in front of her and slipped his hands up under her dress. She did nothing to hinder him and, after he had been feeling her body under her dress for a few minutes, he grabbed hold of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She carefully stepped out of them and he picked them up, sniffed them and then thrust them into his pocket of his overalls.

Next he undid the single button on the side of her dress and then undid the zipper! The button was the only thing holding the dress around her waist and, when this was undone and the zipper pulled down, there was nothing to keep her dress up and is slid slowly down her legs until it, too, was around her ankles.

I don't think she looks terribly attractive when she is naked, not that I am allowed to see her naked very often. When I do sneak a look as I am passing the bathroom, or sometimes when she is undressing for bed, I see that her belly is a little bit bulgy and it hangs slightly over her very sparse pubic bush. She once had red hair but this has changed over the years and is now a sort of gray color.

Anyway, she was naked in front of the gardener. He immediately began to lick and kiss her body and eventually managed to part her legs and, with a great deal of difficulty, began licking her cunt lips. As he found this to be very difficult he moved her steadily until she was against the bench we sit on when in the shade house. She seemed to be stumbling but he steadied her and lowered her so she was lying on the bench. The bench is not very wide and so her legs fell on either side of it, leaving her cunt gaping in front of his face. He now had a much better chance to lick and suck her and this he did.

His overalls were just hanging on his hips but as he lowered her onto the bench, the twisting of his body made the overalls slide down his legs to the ground. He wasn't wearing any underwear and I could see his cock, standing firm and erect, jutting out from his body. Still sucking and licking her cunt, he moved his legs around until he was standing at her head. Now he was stretched right over her body. He now had his long cock hanging just above her mouth. A little maneuvering on his part soon brought his cock into contact with her mouth and to my surprise, she opened her mouth and took quite a length of his cock into her!

She continued to suck him for some time until he suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth. He stood upright and very still for a couple of moments before he moved around to the end of the bench between her legs and knelt down enough to push his cock into her cunt. She had moved her legs up into the air as soon as he got between her legs and now she is wrapping them around his back, pulling him into her. They began to fuck in earnest and both seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was wondering how long this was going to last - she seemed as if her was about to cum in her mouth and had pulled out rather suddenly so that he could save his load for her cunt. My wife had stopped taking the pill many years ago, in fact, just after we stopped having sex. At 52, I knew she was past the childbearing age, but still didn't like the thought of his cum filling up her cunt.

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