tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex at the Grad House

Sex at the Grad House


Living at the Grad House and Charles Darwin is alive and well.

In the mid 80s I was a graduate student, working on a Ph.D. in Sociology and living in an off-campus student residence house known simply as the Grad House.

It was an old Victorian style building that was cold in the winter and, because there was no air conditioning, stiflingly hot in the summer.

There were two bedrooms on the third floor, three on the second, and one in the basement. I shared the second floor with two women, both studying Geography.

Pip (short for Phillipa) was relatively new to the house. She had been in the there for about three months but I barely knew her. I had been away doing field work for much of that time so we had little opportunity to get to know each other. All I knew was her area of study, that she grew up in London, England, and that she was gorgeous. Except for the dark brown hair, she looked very much like Pamela Anderson.

Elina, the other girl on the floor, had been living in the house for a year and a half. We both started our programs at the same time. Elina was from Toronto, but her parents were Ecuadorian. She had jet black hair, light brown skin, brilliant white teeth and full lips. She was a very attractive woman too, a great ass, but hard to get to know. On occasion I would see her with a butchy looking woman so I assumed she was either lesbian or bisexual. On more than one evening I tried to get her into a conversation but, while she would talk, she always seemed somewhat distant. Mind you, my territorial girlfriend was always around so it was hard for me to get to know other women in the house. That is, until my girlfriend dumped me.

I arrived home one mid-July evening after spending the entire day at the library. It was about 9:30 and just getting dark. The temperature on the second floor was at least 85 degrees and I was already in a sweat from the walk home. Pip and Elina were sitting at the kitchen table, nursing cold, sweaty beers under the warm glow of a pool table style light. The album Kind of Blue was playing in the background, but not loud enough to drown out the sound of crickets coming from a nearby window.

I hadn't been laid in a couple of weeks and the sight of these two voluptuous beauties gave me a tingle in my crotch. I don't know if it was just the sight of the exposed female flesh, or something else, but it was as if I could taste fresh girl-juice mixed with the cloying smell of marijuana smoke that lingered in the air. An unwritten sequel to Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species seemed to be talking to me from smooth plaster walls of the old house. It told me that my only purpose in life at that moment was to fuck, and to do it with abandon.

"Hi ladies," I said as I paused at the kitchen nook. "I need a shower but those beer look really good. Any left in the fridge?"

"Plenty," said Pip.

"Hurry back," said Elina. "We're alone in the house, by the way. Everyone else is away for the night."

I felt another tingle in my shorts. By the time I dropped my bag in my room and got to the bathroom I could feel the beginnings of a roaring hard-on. My cock stood straight up as soon as I got to lathering it with soap. I let the water run cold for a minute hoping to get it to go down. I quickly saw that it wasn't going to work so I masturbated to get myself off. In my mind I rotated through licking and fucking Pip's and Elina's wet holes until I finally shot my load. It only took a minute to ejaculate.

I rationalized jacking off because I would be ready again in 20 minutes if need be, and I would last longer. I was feeling desperate to impale at least one of these women before the evening was over. I was almost toxic with sexual desire and my one sexual purge wasn't going to give me the relief that I needed.

I put a pair of cotton drawstring shorts that emphasized my trim hips but that would not hide evidence of an erection, if I happened to get one. I left my underwear off for that reason. I decided against wearing a top. I didn't have six-pack abs but I was nevertheless in very good shape.

I walked to the fridge that was next to the kitchen table and said, "hope you don't mind that I decided to go without a top. It's brutally hot."

"Not at all," said Pip. "I'm tempted to do the same."

Elina looked up with a smile and said, "grab a beer. And get me a Pilsner while you're up, or should I say, while you're at the fridge."

It was apparent from her silly attempt at a humour that she was giddy with anticipation about sex.

Pip leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms over her head. The thin white cotton of her form fitting singlet strained against her ample breasts.

Elina could see that my eyes were fixated on Pip's chest and said, "don't leave the fridge door open too long because there isn't enough room under her top for her nipples to get erect."

"I know what it's like to feel constrained by clothing," I responded with a big smile.

I grabbed a Guinness for myself and a Pilsner for Elina and sat down on the empty chair next to Pip. I slid the Pilsner to Elina, who sat opposite me on the other side of the table. She was wearing a thin white halter dress with small flowers. It gave a good view of her cleavage, and a set of athletic shoulders and arms that I hadn't noticed before.

"You had a shave," said Elina. "You had a five o'clock shadow when you came in and now it's gone. It didn't seem that you had time to do that. You were in and out of the bathroom before we finished our first beers."

"I don't waste time in the bathroom," I said. "I prefer to be clean-shaven. I hate stubble."

"We all have something in common," said Elina. "I helped Pip to shave earlier for the same reason."

That comment was the cue that our short conversation was about to turn white hot. I didn't quite understand the dynamic that was playing out between Pip and Elina but I was about to learn. Elina was taking a dominant role in the conversation and giving it a singular direction.

I decided that a door to somewhere exciting had been opened, and I was determined to keep it open. I put a big smile on my face and said, "I don't shave my legs and armpits, but I appreciate how much work would be involved to keep those areas stubble free."

"It wasn't her legs and armpits that I helped her with," said Elina. They were already smooth. She looked at Pip and then at me and said, "She likes to shave her pussy too but it can sometimes be hard to get all the hair on your own. I'm sure you can imagine."

A big grin came across both of their faces. And my cock was now pressing firmly against the front of my shorts. They had a plan and they were beginning to roll it out.

"Do you prefer a shaved or unshaved pussy," asked Pip?

I paused and grinned before I responded. "I'll eat it either way but I find completely shaved is more exciting. A woman who shaves is symbolically saying that she likes to display her pussy for her man, or woman, and that she likes to have it licked."

"Excellent," said Elina. "We're making very good progress. I now have two questions and you can't hesitate in your response. Do you want to see Pip's pussy and would you like to eat it, right here on this table?"

My heart began to race and I could feel dryness in the back of my throat. I took quick a sip of my beer. "Yes! Yes!" I said. "Yes, I would like to see her shaved pussy, and yes I want to eat it."

Elina looked at Pip and said, "Stand up and pull off your top. Show him those beautiful tits."

Pip stood up, grinning from ear to ear. She paused briefly to cup her breasts in her hands and then quickly pulled the singlet over her head. Her full breasts lifted slightly as the top slid over them, and they settled back as beautiful globes that I wanted more than anything to touch.

"Walk over to him Pip and let him suck on your nipples," said Elina.

Pip obediently walked her tits to my face and held my head to her right breast. "Feel them," she said. "Kiss them. Bite my nipples." I nuzzled and sucked and licked and bit and cupped and squeezed. My mind was euphoric and my cock was so hard it felt like it would burst.

I eventually pulled back from Pip's tits to look at her beautiful face, and as I did I glanced at Elina. She had stripped naked, was leaning against the wall behind her chair and was rubbing her clit.

"Pull her shorts off," she told me.

I was starting to like this game. It was clear that Pip and I were going to fuck and everything would be at Elina's direction. The fact that Elina was going to get herself off as she watched made it all the more exciting.

I placed my hands on the waistband of Pip's shorts and slowly slid them down over her firm round ass and strong looking thighs. She was now completely naked in front of me. My mouth began to water as I gazed at her perfectly smooth pussy.

"Isn't she beautiful?" said Elina.

"Absolutely breathtaking," I said.

"Stand up and drop your own shorts," she said. "Let us see how excited you are. Show her your cock."

Obediently I stood up and let my shorts fall to the floor. My cock stood free and tall. It bobbed as it throbbed. My heart raced as I imagined her sucking my hard cock filling her holes with it.

"Yes!" grunted Elina with an affirming and, now, very deep voice. "Tell him what you want him to do Pip. Tell him what you're going to do, and what you want him to do."

Pip leaned over and slipped her tongue in my mouth. She simultaneously grabbed my left hand and put it between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet.

"I'm going to lie on the table on my back and I'm going to pull my legs up." I want you to...." She paused. She leaned over and kissed me again and then said, "I want you to lick my cunt. I want you to suck on my clit, and taste the juice dripping from my cunt. Do you want to do that?"

"I want that very much," I said. "Very much!"

Pip backed away and moved to the end of the table and lay back on it. She drew her legs up to give me a complete and unobstructed view of her sex.

Elina groaned heavily and said, "what does she want you to do? Tell me! Say it!"

I looked over at her as she rapidly rubbed her fingers over her clit and into her hole. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I knelt down on the floor between Pip's legs and said, "she wants me to lick her beautiful wet cunt. She wants me to suck on her clit and to taste her juices."

At that I put my face down to her slit and stuck my tongue deeply into her glistening hole. The cheeks of my face became wet with her sweet tasting juices. I started to lick and suck on her clit. As I did, Pip moaned and shuddered with an orgasm. I looked over at Elina and, by her body stance and her moans, she was having an orgasm too. Her eyes were fixated on us. She wasn't missing anything.

"Tell me what you see between her legs,"said Elina in a way that sounded like she was having trouble catching her breath.

"I see her pussy," I said. "Wrong word," said Elina sharply. "What do you see?"

"I see her cunt," I said.

"What else do you see?" said asked. "What do you see below her cunt?"

"I see her asshole," I said.

"Is it beautiful?" she asked. At that, Pip moaned and reached her hands down to pull her cheeks even further apart.

"Yes," I said. "It's stunningly beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful."

"You're going to fuck her cunt in a few minutes, but I want you to fuck her ass too," she said. "But I want to see you lick and tongue-fuck her asshole first. Do you want to do that?"

"More than anything," I said, almost unable to speak. "More than anything."

My heart was beating through my chest. My knees felt wobbly. I stood up and walked over to kiss Pip on the mouth. She grabbed my rock hard cock as we kissed. I lifted my head from her lips, she put her hand on the back of my neck and looked into my eyes and whispered, "I want your tongue back in my cunt. I want it in my ass. I want your cock there too."

I returned to the end of the table and knelt down to view her glorious sex again. She pulled her ass cheeks apart again to give a clear view of her beautiful asshole. I kissed her fingers and then put my hands over her hands. I could hear Charles Darwin whispering to me, "Yes, Yes. You want to penetrate everything. Her mouth! Her Cunt! Her Ass!"

I put my nose at the bottom of her cunt and slid my tongue deep into her ass. I had no sooner done so and Pip writhed in orgasm.

"Don't stop!" she said.

At the same time I saw Elina standing next to me. "I'm here to watch, to get a better look," she said. "Alternate your tongue between her cunt and ass."

I continued licking for a few more minutes until Elina told me to stand up. "I want Pip to take your cock in her mouth," she said.

"Get on your knees on the floor in front of him Pip," she said. "Suck his cock. Take it all in. And look into his eyes while you do it."

Elina looked at me and said,"you're not going to fuck me, at least not this evening, but you can finger my cunt while she sucks your cock."

I looked down at Pip as she slid my staff into her mouth. I then reached my hand over and slid two fingers into Elina's wet hole. I vigorously moved my fingers back and forth against her g-spot, and in what seemed like a matter of seconds she shuddered with an orgasm.

"That's enough," said Elina after a few minutes of Pip bobbing her head on my cock. "Get back on the table Pip. Pull your legs up. Show him your beautiful cunt and ass again."

Pip obediently got back on the table on her back and pulled her thighs up to her chest.I nudged her legs even farther apart so they didn't obstruct my view of her tits. The view of her slick cunt and ass, her gorgeous bountiful tits and beautiful face was more appealing to me at that moment than anything in the world.

"You're stunningly beautiful," I said to her.

At that moment, Elina grabbed my cock and pulled it to Pip's cunt. It was as if my words were wasting time from the priority of the moment. She guided my cock into Pip's cunt and put her other hand on my ass and began to push.

"Tell him what to do Pip," she said.

Pip smiled and said "please fuck my cunt. Pound it. Look at my tits as they bounce from your strokes." "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my horny wet cunt. Don't stop. Pound that pussy. Pound my cunt."

Elina leaned her head over and kissed me on the mouth. "Fuck her," she said into my mouth. "Fuck that beautiful cunt that I shaved for her earlier this evening."

I pounded Pip until the table began to nudge across the floor. "Fuck my wet cunt," she repeated.

After a few minutes Elina grabbed my cock with her right hand and pulled me out. She had a bottle of lube in her other hand. She squeezed some on the tip of my cock and rubbed it on, and then rubbed some into Pip's asshole.

"I've been waiting for this all night," she said. She guided my cock into Pip's beautiful and inviting asshole. It slid in easily and I felt the felt the familiar pop when the head passed her sphincters.

I always prefer to fuck a woman's ass when she is on her back. The view is incredible.

Pip reached her right hand down to rub her engorged clit. Just by looking at how swollen it was told me that she wasn't long from another orgasm.

"I want you to fuck her ass hard. I want you to come in her ass", she said. "Rub your clit Pip," she said. "Tell him what you want him to do."

"Please fuck my ass," said Pip. "I can't believe all of this is happening. I don't want it to stop. Fuck my ass. Stick your fingers in my cunt. Oh my god!"

Elina put her right ear on my abdomen as if she were listening to my gut. She was gorging on the sight of my cock going in and out of Pip's ass. It clearly turned her on to see it.

"I'm coming," said Elina. "Keep fucking her ass. Keep fucking that beautiful ass."

With that, Pip began to spasm with an orgasm. And I couldn't hold it any longer. "I'm coming," I said. I'm coming", said Pip.

Spent of cum I sat back in my chair, totally exhausted and covered in sweat, but totally satisfied. Elina walked to the fridge and said "god that was good. Anyone for a beer?"

"Let's all have one and do it all over again," I said with a smile.

"Ditto," said Pip.

Pip and I married a year later. We now see Elina a couple of times a year when she is in town on business. She always makes it a point to be in town on business, although I don't think she really has business other than us. We never tire of her visits.

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