tagGay MaleSex at the Men's Club again

Sex at the Men's Club again


I love going to the bathhouse.

My friend Robert and I have been meeting off and on over the last several years. When I'm with Robert I instantly become his sex toy. His confidence exudes his personality. He has a heart of gold and I know he would never do anything to hurt me. He knows of my deepest secrets. So when he emailed me that he needed a good fuck and wanted to meet me I was quick to respond asking when and where.

Robert sent his response, 'The Men's Club at 11:30am tomorrow. I will send you the room number when I check in. I'm bringing a friend.'

I parked my car in the parking lot and brought up my email on my phone. Robert emailed me his room number. I checked in, got my room key, grabbed a towel and some lube packets from the check-in desk, and strolled down the dark halls to find my room.

The rooms are all setup the same, twin bed built into the wall, nightstand, coat hook on the wall for your clothes, and a light with a mood lighting dimmer switch.

I stripped out of my clothes, with my towel in hand I headed for the showers. I took a nice hot shower and freshened up. I went back to my room and grabbed one of the lube packets and squeezed some on my finger. I applied the lube along the rim of my hole and then pressed a glob up inside of my tight hole. I did this a couple of times to make sure I had some assistance for later penetration. I grabbed my bottle poppers because I knew I would need them to relax.

I went to his door and knocked. As soon as the door opened Robert reached out and grabbed my towel off of me and tossed it aside, he then introduced me to his friend Alex. Alex was sitting up on the bed with his back against the wall and a towel around his waist. The guy was solid muscle, broad hairy chest with nice nipples sticking out, I tight shaven mustache and goatee. He was hot by any standards.

Robert grabbed my hand and presented me to Alex. Alex quickly scooted to the end of the bed and placed his feet on the floor, his towel fell open, exposing his beautiful semi hard cock. He reached his arms around me, grabbing me by my ass, and pulled me to him. My nipples were at his face level. Alex looked up into my eyes with lust as he flicked his tongue against my nipple. My knees went a little week and he laughed as he pulled me closer and latched onto my nipple and started to suck and lick it. My hands found his thick neck and shoulders and I held on to him as my body began to shake with excitement.

Robert came up behind me and I felt his familiar cock pressing against my back as his arms wrapped around me. Alex's mouth was replaced by Robert's fingers as he took each nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched them. My head leaned back against Robert as Alex's warm mouth sucked in my cock. I felt Alex's hand glide up along my inner thigh until I felt his finger press against my greased hole. Alex pressed against my hole and I moaned. Both men laughed.

Robert bent me over and told me to suck the cock that is going to fuck you. I eagerly slid my mouth over Alex's semi hard cock. I was able to take it all in and press my face against his furry body. My nose was buried in his soft pubic hair, I inhaled his manly scent. His cock began to swell in my mouth and I backed off. I rubbed his cock all over my face, enjoying and worshiping its size.

I thought Robert was going to prepare me for Alex's big cock, but that wasn't the plan. Alex wanted me tight. Robert sat on the bed as Alex stood next to me and kissed me passionately. His tongue fucked my mouth until I was about to cum. He was good. His big hairy arms wrapped around my body and made me feel safe and comfortable. He then spun me around to face Robert.

Robert pulled me to him and handed me the poppers. I inhaled deep and let out a slow breath. Instantly my body was on fire. My ass was twitching and needed to be fucked. My head was spinning as I felt a hand on my head pressing me down towards Robert's cock. As my body bent over and my mouth filled up with cock I felt a large cockhead pressing against my hole. I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. Robert held my head as he face fucked me. I wiggled my ass against the big cock, allowing its entrance. I was a bitch in heat.

I felt the head push into me. My face slammed against Robert, his cock all the way down my throat. My eyes watered from having a mouth full of cock and the pain of my welcomed intruder. I wiggled more and I felt Alex's cock slip in further. I backed off of Robert's cock as I pushed back against Alex taking his cock the rest of the way in.

I felt Alex's hands holding my hips slowly grinding and stretching my tight boy pussy as I became accustomed to his size. Robert fed me more poppers and I instantly became the cock slut they wanted. I heard myself say "fuck me, please".

Alex rubbed my back before he grabbed onto my shoulders. He pulled his cock almost all the way out, until I whimpered, then he drove his cock back into me, balls deep. Again my face went slamming down onto Robert's cock and soon I was being fucked from both ends. I felt Robert's precum in my mouth and savored the flavor as I dug my tongue in his cock hole searching out more.

They fucked me for some time, maybe 10 minutes before Alex pulled out. He said he didn't want to cum yet, as he grabbed his towel and left to shower. Robert stood up and bent me over. He slipped his cock right into me and continued fucking me. He reached forward and pulled my nipples as he continued to slam his cock into me. His balls would slap against mine and I wanted it harder. Robert fucked me fast, and then slow, and then fast again, until Alex returned from the shower.

Robert turned me towards Alex and I sucked in his cock, freshly cleaned from the shower. I sucked him until he was hard again. Robert pulled out, grabbed his towel and left to shower. Alex pushed me onto my back on the bed letting his body fall against mine. His hairy body pressed against me with his cock smashing against mine. He kissed me deep and told me he was going to fuck me good again. He gave me another kiss then looked into my eyes as he pressed his cock deep into me. My eyes rolled in my head and he smiled, leaned down kissing me deep and hard. His cock ground deep inside of me.

Then he pulled himself up, grabbed my legs and started to pile drive his cock into me. I was loving being his fuck toy, their fuck toy. He turned me sideways and continued to fuck me. He leaned forward bending my torso to where I was staring right at my own cock, dripping with precum, as I watched Alex's cock long dick me. Robert came back, standing by the side of the bed, started to make out with Alex as he fucked me. Then Robert held my legs apart as Alex fucked me even harder and deeper. Robert pulled my ass cheeks apart to allow even more depth, which I didn't think possible.

Alex grunted as he unloaded his cock deep inside of me. He pressed his cock deep as he pumped his load deep inside of me. He didn't pull out until he was satisfied that he filled me up. He pulled out and both men looked at what must have been a gaping hole with cum leaking out. Robert took Alex's place as Alex left again to shower.

Robert slipped his cock into me and fucked me hard. "You liked that didn't you? You feel his cum inside of you? That was so fucking hot." Robert fucked me hard and long until he too pumped his load inside of me.

I was fucked for a solid 45 minutes by two guys. When Robert was done I wanted more. I wanted to fuck every guy in the place. We went to the showers and then outside to the hot tub to relax.

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