tagGroup SexSex Buddies Ch. 02

Sex Buddies Ch. 02


I woke up to a wonderful feeling on my morning wood. I opened my eyes to see the covers ripped off and that Liz bending over with my cock in her mouth. Her hand was between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy.

"Morning," she said releasing my cock from her mouth. "I saw it hard like this and I couldn't resist." "Please, go ahead. Knock yourself out," I said smiling.

She continued sucking on my cock with a twinkle in her eyes. I reached over to rub and massage her ass. I kneaded her wonderful hanging breasts, tugging on the nipple. I even reached forward to feel her mound. She was wet as hell.

I took my hand and tasted it. She tasted sweet. I wanted to eat her pussy.

I pushed Liz off my cock. She looked confused. I then pulled her into me and kissed her deeply. I leaned down and took her breast into my mouth, sucking on her tits. I reached down and replaced her hand between her legs. I slipped a finger into her cunt and teased her clit with my tongue.

"Oh Jake, you learn fast. First I pop your cherry and now you're sucking my tits and fingering my twat like a pro," she moaned. I ignored her joke.

After a few minutes of teasing her, I sat up and pushed her onto her back. She lay down and I took her legs by the ankles and spread them wide. I placed a pillow under her ass to elevate her.

She looked curious and excited. "I love it when young boys like you take charge," she said seductively. Her hair fell over her face, covering her right eye. She looked so sexy.

I got between her legs and leaned in. I kissed her mouth then her neck and shoulders. I sucked on each nipple and massaged her round breasts. I made a trail of kisses down her body, over her stomach and tattoos then to her creamy white inner thighs.

Liz was soaked. Her shaved pussy glistened with girl cum. I took a whiff and felt high as if it were a drug. Leaning in, I licked Liz's twat, my tongue lapping up her juices.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. She took her hand and placed it on the back of my head. "Eat that pussy."

I continued licking her slit, probing her wet hole with my tongue. I slipped a finger inside her and proceeded to finger fuck her as I teased her clit.

"Fuck Jake," she shouted. "Lick my pussy. Lick my fucking pussy!"

I slipped in another finger and fucked her faster. My tongue flicked over her clit. I then placed my mouth over it and began sucking on it. I looked up to see that she was looking at me with both her hands on her breasts. She was massaging them and pinching her nipples.

Liz was smiling at me. Then her mouth opened wide. Her eyes almost popped out. She pushed her mound further into my face by raising her ass off the bed. I placed my hands under her ass to support her.

"Don't fucking stop! I'm cumming! Jake you're making me cum!" she screamed. I felt her exploding over my face. I was swallowing her sweet nectar. After her intense orgasm, she laid down on the bed with her eyes closed, breathing deeply. I slid up to her side and kissed her.

"I taste good don't I," Liz said giggling. "Just like honey," I said. We made out and I felt her hand wrap around my shaft.

"That was so hot." Liz and I turned to see Megan standing at the door. I yelped and I almost fell off the bed. Liz was calm. She lay on her side and raised her head by supporting it with her elbow.

Liz's hand continued to play with her pussy. "Hey sweetie," Liz said to Megan. Megan walked over to us and sat down on the bed. She was still in her skirt and tank top.

"So who's your new boy toy baby?" Megan said, stroking Liz's long sexy legs. "This is Jake. Say high to Megan Jake. Don't be shy," she teased.

Megan didn't look surprised or disgusted by finding us in bed. She seemed amused. "Hello," I said shyly. Megan smiled.

"Oh he's so cute," she said. "Where did you find him?" Megan was still stroking Liz's leg. Her hands were on her thighs and she reached down between her friends legs.

Liz let go of her hand and let her friend play with her wet pussy. I just watched with surprise. "I met him yesterday at the party that you got drunk at you bitch," Liz said playfully. "We had to bring you home and you passed out on the couch."

Megan leaned in. "I'm sorry sweetie. I'm sorry you had to carry me back." She pressed her lips on Liz's. They made out like lovers.

The sight of the two girls making out was so erotic. My cock hardened even more then I thought it could.

"Well I'm sorry and thank you," Megan said pulling back from the kiss. "Don't thank me. Jake here carried your ass back here," Liz replied. Liz was fidgeting with Megan's tank top. Her hand slipped under it to rub her stomach and lower back.

Megan's eyes moved onto me. She looked really pretty as well. Her brown eyes were big and she had this dreamy look on her face.

"Well I have to thank you for bringing me back safely," she said. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I could faintly taste last night's beer on her breath.

Megan had her hand on my thighs through the covers. She felt around till she found my cock which laid flat on my stomach.

"Oh he feels big," she said excitedly to Liz. "Yes it is and he knew how to use it last night and it was his first time," she teased. Megan looked at me with her eye brow raised. I shook my head and she smiled.

Megan leaned in for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around her body. She straddled my lap and removed her tank top, revealing to me that she had also lost her bra with her panties. She now only had on the short mini skirt. Her breasts were nice C cups with pink hard nipples.

She pulled back the covers and my cock was exposed. She took it in her hand and stroked it while we made out.

"You know he's good at eating pussy," Liz said. "As good as you?" Megan asked.

"No. But way better than most guys," Liz said. Megan grinned. I was so horny right now listening to them. These girls had been fucking themselves for awhile and now and now I might be able to fuck the other one. My day just got better.

Quickly she slid up my body. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing against my chest, leaving a trail of her cum on my body.

Megan straddled my face and pulled up her skirt. Since it was really short, it didn't fall on my face. I could smell her juices. It was slightly different from Liz's but just as nice.

I licked her pussy. She moaned softly and supported herself with her arms on the wall. I continued licking her and playing with her clit with my tongue.

"Oh fuck Liz," Megan moaned. "He's really good. He's so gentle."

I felt Liz take my cock in her mouth. I tried bucking my hips to try and fuck her mouth. I needed some attention as well.

She placed a hand on my abs and held me down. I felt her move and then she kicked her legs over me so that she straddled my lap. She quickly lowered herself and I felt my prick plunge into the depths of her wet vagina.

I was fucking two girls. One was riding my cock and the other was rubbing her pussy on my face. I never thought this would happen.

Megan was moaning loudly. She started grinding her mound onto my face, my tongue going crazing on those wet pussy lips. She continuously leaked out her sweet nectar into my mouth.

From the bottom, I saw her playing with her tits, pinching her nipples and pulling them hard. Liz reached over and grabbed her ass. She massaged her cheeks then gave it a slap. Megan yelped then giggled.

Megan leaned back and the two girls were now making out. Liz had her arms wrapped around her friend and she was playing with her tits.

"Is he good sweetie?" Liz asked. "Uh-huh," Megan moaned. "Better than me?" Liz asked. "No!" Megan almost yelled. "Your the fucking best and eating my pussy."

Liz bit on her shoulder and slapped Megan's ass again. "You know it babe."

I felt the blonde's legs tightening around my head, almost suffocating me. Cheerleading had given her strong legs. "Oh he's making me cum," Megan moaned. "Me too sweetie," Liz moaned. "Cum with me. Cum for Liz."

The two girls moaned and I felt Liz riding me faster. She stopped bouncing but instead grinded herself on my hips, her clit rubbing against my pubic bone. The two of them then screamed as they climaxed in unison.

"Holly fuck!" Megan yelled. "Oh fuck you're making me cum Jake. You're making me cum."

Liz was screaming some dirty things which I can't remember. All I remembered was that my balls were tightening and my member was throbbing and swelling inside Liz. I moaned into Megan's mound and then shouted as I released my first load of the day.

I came so much. I felt the first few shots firing deep into Liz's pussy.

"Megan, baby," Liz said. "He's cumming inside me. Fuck he's cumming inside me." Megan had her eyes closed and was leaning against her lover. Liz was caressing her body as the both of us climaxed. Her orgasm and mine finished at about the same time.

Megan slid off my face and sat on my chest. She leaned back and rested on Liz's shoulders and the two of them made out passionately. As arousing as the sight was, I was tired and I felt my cock softening. After a couple of minutes it fell out and I didn't feel my semen gushing out.

Liz got off me and Megan followed. She then lay down as the black haired girl got up and walked naked to the bathroom. I heard the shower being turned on.

Megan lay down next to me and I wrapped an arm around her. She then kissed my cheeks. "Wow, that was so hot," she said. "You can say that again," I said grinning.

"Have you done a threesome?" she asked. I shook my head. "Did you enjoy it?" "Hell yeah," I said caressing her body. She moaned at my touch. She kissed me again.

"Not now," she said. "As much as I want to, I got cheer practice. Maybe next time, but I want you for myself." "Is that possible?" I asked curiously. "I mean would Liz allow it?"

Megan giggled. "Yes silly. God you're so cute. Liz and I love to share and sometimes we share guys."

I was turned on but at the same time kind of worried. How many guys have these girls actually fucked? I was kind of uncomfortable with it, especially with the thought of 50 other guys being in them before me.

Sensing my discomfort she smiled. "We're not sluts, although we are really horny all the time. We're picky with the guys we sleep with. That's why we usually prefer girls."

Liz came back with a towel around her. She took it off and dried her hair and body one last time before putting on a black bra and thong. She then put on a pair of tight black jeans and then lay down on the bed with me.

Megan got up and dashed off to the bathroom. "So what are you going to do today?" she asked rubbing my chest and abs.

It was a Sunday and I was going to meet up with my best friend Amanda. She had gone back over the weekend to attend her cousin's wedding.

"I'm meeting a friend," I said. "You?" "Study I guess," she said. "I've got an Art History test on Tuesday." "Will I see you again?" I asked.

She grinned. "You're my bitch. Of course you are."

We made out for awhile and she gave me a blowjob, this time letting me cum in her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling and she was so good that nothing spilled out and there was no mess at all.

I hopped into the shower and then put my clotehs back on after it. I had a quick breakfast with the girls. I chatted with Megan. She was majoring in Biology which Manny was in too. Megan knew who she was.

"I've seen her around," she said. "Small and shy right?" I nodded. "She's really smart."

I'm proud of Amanda. She's a really good girl and she's brilliant. We've been friends since the sixth grade.

At around 10am I realized that I was running late. I was supposed to pick her up at 10.30.

I said goodbye to the two girls and rushed off. My apartment was a few blocks away. I ran down the street and got into my car. I drove off to the airport and was lucky that her flight had been delayed by half an hour so I was still early.

I roamed around the airport for a bit and then two small hands covered my eyes.

"Guess who?" I heard a girl squeak. "Megan Fox," I said. She punched me in the arm. "No you idiot, it's me." The girl removed her hands from my face and I turned around to see Amanda grinning.

"Oh it's you," I said, pretending to seem disdained. She giggled and punched me again.

Amanda's a really cute girl. She's around 5 ft 3 with light brown hair and green eyes. She had a tight little t-shirt with khaki shorts. Manny's petite and has small cute perky breasts. She's cute as hell, especially since she has a sweet smile and appears naïve.

"Did you miss me?" she asked cutely. Her eyes were bright and her smile wide. "No," I said. "I had a few days of peace and quiet." She frowned and I smiled. "You're a jerk you know that."

I carried her suitcase from her and we walked out of the airport. She asked me what happened. I told her that I broke up with Cheryl. She seemed sad for me but I knew she was happy. Like many others, Amanda didn't like my ex-girlfriend.

I told her how I met Liz and Megan, excluding the sex part.

"Are you okay?" Manny asked. I nodded. She seemed worried about me. "I'm fine," I said. She kissed me on the cheek and I wrapped my arm around her for a hug.

After that I brought her back to her dorm room. She unpacked while I just annoyed her. We went out for lunch and then we hung out at my place. I brought her home and we had dinner and the day ended.

For the next two weeks, I hooked up with Liz a couple of times. Megan was busy so it was just a twosome. I introduced Amanda to Liz. At first Manny was kind of scared of her. Liz was pretty but the tattoos and her very confident attitude was a bit intimidating for little Mandy. I felt a similar thing before but Liz was actually quite nice and caring and she could be quite girlish at times.

The two of them became friends and I found that Amanda was hanging out with Liz without me. I didn't have a problem with it and it was actually nice that my friends were getting along. Liz didn't tell Amanda about our arrangement.

"Sure, I wont tell your girlfriend that you're sleeping with another girl," she smirked at me after the third time we hooked up and she met Amanda. "Best friend," I corrected. "Sure," she said sarcastically, rolling her blue eyes.

On the second Saturday after my ban, I was able to play again. My coach was able to smooth talk his way out in reducing my ban to a week but he put me on the bench. "Serves you right for getting that fucking red card," he growled and walked off.

I was just glad I could play again. I saw Cheryl a few times. The first time she acted all bitchy and blamed the breakup on me and how I wasn't there for her and all. After that she would glare at me from a distance. I didn't know what I did to her and frankly didn't care. I found my life to be better without the jealous bitch.

On the day of the match Liz and Mandy came to see me. They sat on the stands and were chatting away like old time friends. When they saw me they shouted my name and waved and giggled. Megan was with her other cheerleaders. She saw me and waved and blew me a kiss.

"Are any of the two girls besides Amanda that waved at you the ones you hooked up with bro?" Mike asked. He wanted to know what happened after that party. He had passed out on the rooftop with a girl and they were just really drunk. He was pissed that he didn't get any action but kept bugging me to know the details of my night.

"Maybe, maybe not, or maybe both of them," I said. His expression was funny. "Stop shitting me man," he said. "It's not funny. Don't joke about that." "Joke about what?" I asked smirking. "Don't joke about having a threesome with those hot babes," he said. "That aint funny."

I shrugged and laughed. "I hope your cock drops off," he said and we both laughed.

The match was quite boring. For 85 minutes the ball was being passed around and there were very good chances for us to win. Instead we couldn't deliver. Either the delivery wasn't there or we screwed up on the fast breaks.

My couch put me in on the 87th minute. I trotted onto the field and hi-fived the guy I took over. I heard my name being said out by the commentator. The whistle blew and I jogged about the field.

The match just continued it's pointless pace. We conceded a corner on the 89th minute. The corner was taken and it was near enough for our keeper to punch it away far up the field. I saw my chance and dashed up the field.

It landed on my chest and I managed to control it nicely. A defender was in my way and I faked left then right then sprinted past his left. He stumbled and I made it through. Mike who also played midfield was on my left. I passed it to him and sprinted forward. In one quick movement he passed it back.

"Oh look at that lovely one-two pass," the commentator said. The crowd cheered as I beat the second defender. The opposing team was closing in on their side. We had two strikers in the box and I was on the right flank. I saw that one of the strikers was open and I lobbed it across to him.

He managed to control the ball to his feet and he tapped it into the goal, past the keeper, hitting the back of the net.

We won by a goal and our school went wild. We shook hands with the opposing team and then I headed back to the stands to find Amanda and Liz.

"Hey you were awesome," Manny said. She hugged me and kissed me. "But you smell."

Liz laughed. She hugged me too. "So you guys want to come for pizza?" I asked. Liz shook her head. "I can't. I've got another test tomorrow. You guys go ahead. I'll see guys later."

She hugged me again and I felt her squeeze my ass. After that she went off. "I'll meet you at my car," I said to Amanda. She had my keys with her. I saw her leave and she met a friend on the way.

I walked back and talked to a few friends. When I got to the showers, everyone was just leaving. There was an after party and they were all rushing to go.

"Great game bro," Mike said, whipping me with a wet towel. He then left with the rest of them. I was alone in the showers.

I stripped off and got in the shower. I washed my hair and lathered my body with soap. My eyes were closed as I scrubbed myself.

Just then I felt a pair of hands on my back. "What the fuck!" I screamed but was silenced by a kiss.

"Hi Jake," Megan giggled. She was naked and her cheerleading uniform lay on bench in the middle of the room.

"Megan?" I asked surprised. "What are you doing here?" "To congratulate you silly," she said. She was kissing my chest and her hands went down to grab my cock, which was now hard.

"This is the boys' locker room," I said scared. "You'll get caught and I don't want us to get in trouble."

Megan giggled. "Relax Jake. Everyone's left already. The teams heading for that party and the coach and other teachers are gone. It's only you and me."

She started licking my nipples and I moaned with delight. We were both wet under the shower. She kept jerking my cock.

"I see you were taking a shower. Let me help," she said. She got some soap on her hands and started rubbing it onto my shoulders and arms. Her hands got down to my chest and she then knelt down on her knees as she washed my legs.

My erection was at her face and it poked her cheek. "Watch where you point that thing," she giggled. "You might poke my eye out."

She then kissed the head and then completely retracted the foreskin. Her tongue swirled around the head and then her mouth slowly engulfed my cock.

I groaned with pleasure as I entered her mouth. She sucked me off for a few minutes and then stood up.

"I need a shower too," she said. I sniffed her and scrunched my nose. "You smell bad," I said. She giggled. I kissed her and then fondled her tits. I sucked on her nipples and slid my finger down to her mound. I played with the small strip of blonde hair above her nearly hairless twat.

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