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Sex Club for College Students


I was inspired by a Literotica series "Sex Club..." about a group of regular college kids. The original story was written from a guy's perspective. This is a girl's take on it.

Calie's first year at college was a big change from living at home. With a full class load, homework, work study job and taking care of herself she stayed very busy. She was making lots of friends and enjoyed taking part in college dorm life too. Her grades were good, and she was happy with her "B" average. She had still not declared a major yet, but there was still plenty of time for that. As a freshman her love life had been really nonexistent, which was okay with her. She really did not feel she had the time or want to deal with the angst that she saw her roommate and others on her floor go through as a relationship broke up. When Calie had broken up with her high school boyfriend Adam the summer before going off to college the emotional trauma was not something she was eager to repeat.

The closest Calie had come to "sex" during her freshman year was when her roommate had brought a boy back to their room and she had walked in on them "doing it". Calie made an abrupt about-face and walked down to the dorm lounge to wait for them to finish.

While Calie and her roommate got along okay, having a roomy was a new experience. She had never had to share a room before as she had her own room at home. Calie was used to having privacy when she wanted it. Things would be better this year, because she had enough seniority as a sophomore to rate a single dorm room.

Though she wasn't dating, that didn't keep Calie from thinking about boys. She enjoyed getting together with her roommate or girlfriends to discuss their latest date, boyfriend, or a "hot" guy in one of their classes. She loved it when one of her friends went into the juicier details about a date. The kissing, the fondling, the undressing, the caressing, the....well you get the idea. When she got back to her dorm room, under the covers or in the shower, Calie would sometimes play back in her mind the details of these dating stories. She would fantasize that it was her in the stories. It never took long, using her imagination and her fingers dancing between her legs, to bring about a satisfying conclusion to the "story".

It wasn't that Calie did not get asked out. Friends mentioned boys they wanted to set her up with and sometimes a guy would ask her out. She always declined. She just knew she was not ready to invest the emotional time it took to have a boyfriend at this point in her life.

One of Calie's friends, Heather a junior, regularly contributed juicy date stories that fueled Calie's self help fantasy sessions. Heather seemed to have a lot of fun with many different guys. Calie decided to text Heather and asked if they could get together and have a drink, just the two of them sometime during the week. Heather texted back, and Tuesday at Joe-Joes at 3:00 was agreed upon.

During their get together Calie unloaded on Heather the reasons for Calie shying away from the date scene. Calie told Heather she was envious of her ability to have an active date life, and somehow avoiding the emotional roller coaster that normally accompanies dating guys.

Heather in turn asked Calie some questions:

Was she a virgin? No, she had lost it to her high school boyfriend.

Was she interested in just going out with guys and was she interested having a sex life as well? Well, of course she enjoyed going out with a guy on a date, and while the thought of having some sex was great in theory, issues such as catching an unwanted disease were show stoppers for her.

Heather took a deep breath and paused for a few moments. Then she lowered her voice and said, "What I am about to tell you needs to stay between you and me. You need to promise to me that you will not repeat what I am about to tell you to anyone. Not anyone." Calie was not sure what to make of Heather's statement, but agreed.

Heather spoke to Calie for the next few minutes without interruption. "There is an off campus club that I belong to. It is sort of like a dating club, but different. The club has about 80 members, half girls and half boys. We meet at Virginia Smith's house which is about 2 blocks from campus. The house is quite large and can accommodate a large group of people. Virginia is an older retired lady that enjoys being near younger people and providing this safe outlet for them. I think Virginia said the club has been going on for 9 years.

Most weekends there is a short meeting, some social time and an opportunity to set up dates. I indicate what night I am available for a date by placing a marker with my name on that day of the week on the dating board. You can sign up for a maximum of two dates or as few as 0 if you are too busy that week. After 5:00 PM the guys can go over to the dating board and select the markers of 1 or 2 girls they would like to date that week.

At this point Calie interrupted with a few questions.

"How does this solve the emotional ups and downs of dating?"

"The rule is you can't date the same guy more than once every 2 months so there is no commitment or expectation of a next date."

"What if you want to date someone more regularly?"

"Then you have to leave the club."

"In a lot of the 'girl talks' we've had with our friends it sounded like you are doing more than just going out on a dinner dates, was that just made up? "


"Well then I guess I don't understand. How does that work?"

"After you and your date go out and have a dinner, a dance or a movie you go back to his place or yours and have sex."

"You what!?" Calie exclaimed.

"Let me spell it out for you. S E X. You hold hands back to your place, you kiss, cuddle, fondle, take your clothes off, and then make love to each other until you've had enough."

Calie took a few moments to compose herself and close her jaw, which had just about hit the floor in disbelief.

"You mean you are having sex on the first date?"

"Yes." Heather replied, matter-of-factly.

"What about STDs?"

"Everyone who is admitted to the club is required to pass an STD test before they join. They take another test every 3 months as long as they are members. Because of this, the boys do not wear condoms, which they love, and girls must be on the pill. The existing members are responsible for recruiting new members and they vote on who gets admitted. The club members are just your average college kids looking for the same thing you are. If there is a complaint against a member, then Virginia talks to them about it. If there are any more complaints they are not invited to come back. If you have sex outside of the club, your membership is suspended until you are tested again."

"What if I don't want to have sex after a date?"

"Calie, you can always say no, but you had better have a good reason. If it happens more than once, they would probably drop you from the club. If you don't enjoy having sex with boys then this club isn't for you. "

Heather continued, "Calie, this is why I think the club would be great for you. During the date you are not sitting there wondering, 'does he like me?' 'Do I need to make the first move'? 'Do I want to date him again?' You know with certainty that if you have a date on Thursday, you are going to have dinner followed by sex with a nice boy. Leading up to the date night, the anticipation is half the fun. I am imagining being with him and what that he will be like. During the date I am sitting across from him, I am trying to anticipate what kind of lover he will be. For me, I know by the time we get back to my place or his I am so horny and ready to make love with him I can hardly stand it. Sure some guys are better dates than others. If I don't have a great time with a guy so what! When the night is over it's over. "

"Calie, I know I have hit you with a lot of information. Why don't you think it over? If you think you are at all interested, why don't you stop by the student health center and get tested. Our next meeting is this Sunday. If you decide you want to pursue this, we can go to the meeting together."

Needless to say, this is not what Calie thought she would find out about during her meeting with Heather. She was still in a little bit of shock. As she walked back to her dorm room, she wondered who the other members might be. Maybe she already knew some of the boys that belonged to the club. Would it really be safe? Would people think she was a slut? Was she "club" material?

While not a virgin, Calie's score card was not exactly overflowing. She had gone "all the way" with one boy friend in high school and they had done "it" maybe a dozen times together. Making love together had been great fun. There were two other boys she had dated seriously enough that some articles of clothing had gotten removed. Calie had done enough to know she did like "playing" with boys.

Calie still remembered the first time she saw a boy naked. Her older sister had come home late at night with her boyfriend, Cameron. She heard them talking on the swimming pool patio just outside her bedroom window. She peaked out her window and saw the two of them taking their clothes off! Were they going swimming this late at night? While there was not much light, Calie could still plainly see what was happening. Her sister had taken all her clothes off and jumped naked into the pool. Cameron was still undressing and Calie's eyes were riveted on him. Soon Cameron's briefs came off, revealing his penis that hung down from a small bush of pubic hair. A few seconds later the view was gone as he dove into the pool too.

Calie could see them making out in the pool. After a short while her sister climbed out of the pool followed by Cameron. As the water drained off of him, Calie could see Cameron's penis was now pointing nearly straight up. It also seemed much longer and thicker. She could also see his balls much better, as there was no longer a limp penis hanging over them. Calie sat transfixed as she watched her naked sister come up behind Cameron, press her body against his back, and then reached around with her hands hugging him against her. Her sister was whispering something in his ear, and then lowered a hand and grabbed hold of his stiff cock. The expression on Cameron's face was like someone savoring their last bite of a chocolate bar. Calie's sister worked a hand up and down the length of Cameron's shaft while the other caressed his teenage abs. Calie could feel herself getting wet and tingly as she watch her sister's hand move up and over the top of Cameron's rigid cock and then slide back down to do it all over again. Soon Cameron's hips begin to thrust and her sister started to work him faster and faster. With a final thrust into his girlfriend's hand, Cameron's penis shot forth a long rope of cum that landed 3 feet away in the pool. 2 More ropes of cum followed. That unintended lesson from her sister and Cameron proved to be prime fantasy material over the next year until Calie had her own opportunity to put some of what she had learned into action.

One thing Calie did know for certain, this talk about the "Sex Club" had her feeling horny and her panties felt like they were soaked. After getting back to her room Calie took off her clothes. She then looked at herself in the full length mirror. She admired herself and thought, "Yah, I'll bet some of those boys in the club would like this view".

Calie started the shower, got in, and played back in her mind what Heather had told her. Calie reached down between legs with her fingers. In less than a minute her legs were practically giving way as her small body began to spasm in response.

Calie had been on the pill since her senior year in high school. On Monday she went over to get tested at the health center, as it was a good idea, regardless of whether she decided to join the club.

On Friday, Calie decided to tell Heather that she was interested and was wanted to give the club a try. Heather told Calie she would come by and pick her up at 2:45 and they could walk over together. "Oh, and by the way, wear something nice but not slutty." Heather suggested.

By the time Heather arrived on Saturday, Calie was bursting with anticipation about the meeting. They walked for about 15 minutes to the off campus house where the club met. It was a large, older house that looked to be very elegant. Calie thought it would have made a picture perfect sorority house.

Virginia, the club sponsor was at the front door to greet Heather and Calie. She complimented Calie on her outfit and told Calie she was glad to see her and hoped she would feel welcomed. Calie then passed Virginia a copy of her health center test results as Heather had instructed her to.

Together they went into the main living room where soft drinks and snacks were laid out. It appeared that about 25 people had arrived before them. Calie was nervous, took a deep breath, and looked around the room to see if she saw any familiar faces. She recognized a few, but not anyone she really knew well. The girls she saw were pretty, and most of them were taller than her, but none looked like glamour models, which was a relief. The boys ran the gamut too. There were a few who might be 6' 3" and others as short as 5' 8". Some were slimmer some weren't. Like Heather had said, 'these were your typical college guys you saw everyday in the cafeteria or in class. '

Many of the club members came up and greeted Heather, who in turn introduced them to Calie. Calie asked Heather, "Have you dated all these guys"?

"Heavens no", said Heather. "Some of these guys are fairly new to the club and others have left to pursue serious relationships or graduated from the university. Some weeks I have been busy and didn't date. I have probably dated about half of these boys." "Sorry, I don't keep a ledger of their most important measurements, you'll have to discovery those for yourself," Heather said with a smile and a wink.

Heather excused herself for a minute to talk to Virginia, the club sponsor. "Well, what do you think about Calie?" asked Heather.

"She seems like a nice girl and I think she would be a great addition to the club. Given her figure and smile, I am sure she will be a shoe-in with the boys," Virginia responded.

Heather just laughed, "That's what I thought too".

One of the newer club members, a college sophomore named Matt, had been studying Calie from across the room. He recognized her from one of his freshman classes. Calie had a nice body. She was around 5' 2" with a petite frame. Her breasts looked enticing in the top she was wearing but were on the small side, maybe a size "B", he thought. She was trim with narrow hips, but not skinny. Her hair was a dirty blond that was shoulder length. She had blue eyes and had wide infectious smile. Her face had a fresh and wholesome school girl appearance about it. She wore no makeup, she didn't need any.

After Heather left, Matt came over and introduced himself to Calie. "Hi, I'm Matt. You were in my English 101 class last year".

Matt only looked slightly familiar to Calie. "Could be," she said and smiled at him, "I guess I've seen you before".

Matt said, "It was a very big class but I would remember you anywhere."

Calie blushed at the compliment. She looked Matt over. Cute boyish face with nicely defined features, short brown hair, green eyes, big smile, about 5'10" she guessed. He had a slim physique, and when he walked away, a nice tush. Calie felt a small tingle between her legs as she imagined, one night soon, she might see parts of Matt that were currently not on display.

By now about 60 people had arrived and the club meeting was called to order. Virginia welcomed everyone. She mentioned the names of a few people that had recently left the club. Then Heather came forward, and introduced Calie to the group. She indicated that she had been friends with Calie since last year and she thought she would make a great addition to the club. Calie could feel every eye in the room on her, and she knew the boys were sizing her up. Next a new guy, Chris, was also introduced to the group, and it was Calie's turn to stare. This guy looked to be about 6 foot tall, with black hair and a nice build. He'd get my vote she thought.

Virginia asked Calie and Chris to leave the room. Heather had explained to Calie earlier, that after she was introduced to the club, the boys would "vote" whether to include her in the club. Every boy present at the meeting was required to enter "yes" or "no" on a piece of paper and drop it into a box. If, and only if, every boy voted "yes" would she be asked to join the club. While Calie was nervous about this, Heather reassured her that it was very unlikely that any boy would not vote in her favor.

Heather was right. Both she and the new boy Chris received unanimous votes of approval; Chris from the girls and Calie from the guys. A number of the gals came up and congratulated Calie and told her what a great time she was going to have being a member of the club.

Heather escorted Calie into another room where there was a large board up on the wall with columns for the days of the week. Heather explained to Calie that this was the "date" board she had told her about.

"You fill out one or two of these forms on the table with your name, the day of the week, time, your date type preference (i.e. diner, dance, show, movie etc..) and then where you want to go afterwards (your place or his)."

"Next you place your cards on the board under the day of the week you have chosen. After the girls are done, the boys are permitted to enter the room and select one or two date cards off the board. Next the boys hand the cards to Virginia. If she approves the match, she hands the card back to the boy with her initials on it. If she does not approve, the boy has to put the card back and get another one."

Calie asked Heather, "Why would the Virginia not approve a date card?"

"It doesn't happen often. Virginia tries to make sure that you don't get paired up with someone that she feels isn't a good match or it might be a boy you told her you don't care to date again. You will know who you are paired up with by tonight. The boy who selects your card will email you, and the two of you can work out a time and where to meet. It is very rare that all of the date cards on the board are not spoken for."

Calie's schedule was busy until Thursday so she filled in a card for Thursday. She only filled in one card, since she still wasn't fully sure what she was getting herself into. She placed it on the board. On her date card she indicated that she would like dinner, and marked 'her' place for afterwards, as she just felt more comfortable being at her dorm room.

As Calie and Heather walked back to campus, Heather asked Calie what she thought about the experience so far. Calie said, "Okay, but ask me after Thursday".

Calie checked her email at least 5 times that evening before the one she was waiting for finally arrived in her inbox at around 6:30 PM. While she had been introduced to most of people at the club, Calie realized that she probably wouldn't be able to put a face to the name of her Thursday date.

The email read:

Hey Calie,

it was great to meet you this afternoon. Heather is a great gal and if she invited you into the club, I know you must be someone special. I am looking forward to getting to know you better on Thursday. How does 6:00 PM at Antony's Italian Restaurant sound?

Matt S.

PS – I had to battle 6 other guys to get to your date card first.

Calie laughed, she liked this boy already. She emailed back that his time and restaurant suggestions sounded great. Though it was five days off Calie could feel that familiar tingle and dampness between her legs. "It's been over a year since I've been with a guy, but in 5 days I am going to have a naked boy lying in this bed next to me!"

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