tagFirst TimeSex Club for College Students Ch. 02

Sex Club for College Students Ch. 02


Calie felt that if her first date as a member of the sex club was in anyway typical, she was going to be an active member for the foreseeable future. She had only signed up for one date her first week, but as a result of it she was eagerly anticipating the next club meeting, which would give her the opportunity to sign up for more.

The day after her first date Calie spotted Heather in the cafeteria, the friend who had introduced her to the club. "Hey Heather," Susan called out as she came over to sit with her.

"Well, how did your first date go?" Heather asked, with a big smile on her face.

"Better than I'd hoped," Calie said. "Matt was a real gentleman and we had a real good time together."

"That's great," Heather replied, then snickered, "but I hope Matt wasn't too much of a gentleman. Do you think you'll give it another go next week"?

"Oh yes," Calie responded with a big grin on her face, "So, how was your date?"

"I had a scrumptious time, though we stayed up too late." Heather answered, "Fortunately, neither of us had any early morning classes. What was the best part of your date with Matt?"

Calie turned a little red, as she was not used to sharing the details of her sex-capades to her girlfriends, but went on to explain, "Since I hadn't been with a guy in over a year, it was so nice just being naked next to him and feeling his skin against mine." Calie lowered her voice to a whisper to make sure no one close by could eavesdrop, "This was the first time I ever had sex, where the guy wasn't wearing a condom. I could actually feel it when Matt came inside me. It felt very intimate, though I wasn't quite prepared for the little squishy mess it causes afterwards, but I dealt with it."

Heather laughed, "I like that feeling too."

"Matt is a really great guy and I have to admit I am a little disappointed that the rules don't allow us to date again for another two months." said Calie, "But, maybe I just feel that way because he's cute and he caused me to orgasm several times. I'll just have to wait and see if I feel that way about every guy I have a date with."

"Well, I've never dated Matt, so I can't comment on him specifically, but I often get caught up in the moment. When I am making love with someone," Heather went on, "I feel like I am with the best guy ever. I think your hormones just kick in and take over sometimes. Do you want to go to the meeting together on Sunday?"

"Yes, that would be great." replied Calie.


Sunday afternoon finally arrived and Heather and Calie met to walk over to the club meeting together. Once again Virginia, the club sponsor, was there to greet them at the front door.

"Hello Calie," as Virginia greeted her, "it's nice to see you back. I hope your first date with Matt went well."

Calie blushed, then replied, "Oh, yes. Matt and I had a great time, thank you."

Like the previous week the members milled around and greeted each other. Calie spotted her first club date, as he gave her a smile and a little wave from across the room. She also scanned the rest of the room checking out the other male members of the club. There were a few faces that she didn't remember from her first meeting. Then, a group of four girls came over and told her they were glad to see her back. One of the girls exclaimed, "But I'm sure the guys are even happier to see you back than we are."

Heather pulled her aside and said, "Calie, just so you know. While it's the guys who get to select the date cards off the date board, it's perfectly kosher to encourage a guy you find interesting to take one of your cards."

"I just wouldn't know who to ask." Calie exclaimed.

"Well I guess you could start with boys you find the most attractive." she suggested, "Or if there are some things in particular you like in a guy you could ask me or one of the other girls who they'd recommend."

The formal part of the club meeting was called to order. Then there was one new guy introduced, whose name was Allen. He was a junior, with dark straight hair and brown eyes. He was medium height, wore glasses and had somewhat of an Asian appearance about him. He also had that "studious" look that many of the guys in the club had in common. Calie decided she liked the sound of his voice, as he spoke the few words that were required for all potential new members to make before the club prior to voting them in.

Then Allen left the room and the girls grabbed the little sheets of paper used for voting. This was the first opportunity Calie had to vote on a new number, as just the week before her own entry into the club had been voted on.

One of the girls, whose name was Gail, spoke up, "I know Allen from our dorm. He is about the nicest guy on our floor. He will definitely get my vote."

"He's in my Astrophysics class," chimed in another girl, Ellen, "and he's really smart. I would take him for a 'lab partner' any day."

"Does anyone know about any of Allen's other qualities?" Heather asked with a grin, her face turning just the slightest red.

Virginia, the club sponsor spoke up, "All right ladies, its time to vote. Mark your paper and put it in the bowl."

Allen would receive a 'yes' vote from all the female members. Not because he was an Adonis, which he wasn't. But, he was a nice enough, as well as a decent looking typical college guy. The girls didn't want members who were in love with their own bodies, or thought themselves too gifted in their own abilities.

The voting was usually a formality, because no one came to the club that had not already been screened by two or more members. As Calie cast her vote she thought, 'If someone like Allen didn't rate high enough to be a member, then she probably shouldn't qualify to be a member either.'

After everyone congratulated Allen, Calie went to fill in her date cards with the other girls. Tuesday and Friday nights were both clear on her schedule, so she filled out cards for those two evenings. For Tuesday she specified a diner date and then her place. For Friday she specified a Dance Party, since there was one scheduled at the dorm that night, and her place for afterwards again.

After the meeting, she made her way home and worked on some laundry, so she would have clean clothes for the coming week. Midterms were scheduled at the end of this week and she was concerned about a couple of her classes. At around 6:30 she checked her email.

Hi Calie,
I selected your name for Tuesday. Do you like Chinese food? How does 6:00 at the Golden Dragon sound? Looking forward to meeting you.

Calie couldn't recall meeting a Peter at the club, so she really didn't know anything about him. She called Heather to see what she might know. She dialed Heathers cell.

Heather answered, "Hi Calie, did you find out who your next date would be with?"

"Yah!! That's why I'm calling, Duh." She said playfully, "Can you give me the 411 on a guy named Peter?"

"So, you got Peter, huh?" Heather exclaimed.

"You know him then." replied Calie.

"Oh yea, I know Peter." she answered.

"You know him, know him, or you just know who he is?" asked Calie.

"I've been on dates with Peter twice." Heather revealed.

"That sounds promising, so what can you tell me about him?" ask Calie.

"Well he's fairly tall, and has a nice body." Heather offered, "And, I think he did some sports in High School. He has curly hair and he's a junior. I know he has been a member of the club at least a year and both my dates with him turned out real nice, and I mean 'real' nice. I can personally guarantee you'll have a great time together."

"Thanks for the info, I was just a little bit nervous not knowing anything about him. Bye."

With a little more confidence, Calie replied to Peter's email accepting his time and dinner suggestions.

Tuesday, came around and Calie had three classes. Her first two went fine but her third, Psychology did not. Her professor asked her to see him after class.

"Calie, I'm sorry to have to tell you that the last paper you turned in, totally missed the mark and I'm going to have to give you an "F" on it. I don't know if you just didn't understand the material or weren't clear on the assignment, but the paper is just not acceptable work. I am however, going to give you an opportunity to rewrite the paper and turn it in to my office by Thursday. If the rewritten paper rates more than just acceptable, I will raise your grade for this assignment to a "C", otherwise the "F" will stand."

Calie was somewhat stunned. It was true that she hadn't felt great about this paper herself, but she never thought she'd get an "F" on it. She thanked her professor for the opportunity to redo the assignment and left the classroom.

As she walked back to her dorm, she thought, 'How am I going to get this paper redone by Thursday'? The paper was quite lengthy plus she obviously had some more research to do before she could even get started on it. She had two classes tomorrow and on top of that she had a "date" set up for tonight with Peter. As she made her way back to the dorm, it began to rain.

It was around 3:00 when she arrived back to her room. She took off her wet clothes, got in the shower, almost had a good cry, toweled off, and put on some dry clothes. 'What else could go wrong today,' she thought. She really wanted to just blow this off, put she could not afford to get an "F" on her paper if she had any hope of getting a good final grade in that class.

She got out her books and materials for her paper and began to go over them, reviewing the comments her professor had scribbled on her failed paper. She worked without interruption and was making some real progress but still had a long way to go.

Calie looked at the time and cursed under her breath. Having lost track of time working on the make up assignment she was already late for her date. She left the dorm and quickly walked the four blocks to the Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant where they had agreed to meet.

As she got within sight of the restaurant, she saw a young man standing outside looking somewhat hopeful and in her direction. She assumed it was probably Peter. The man was tall, she figured a little over 6 feet, and had a lean athletic look. His hair was light brown and very curly. He had on blue jeans and a collared dress shirt that he had left un-tucked. As she got closer she could see his wide smile, some cute dimples on his cheeks and now recognized him from the last club meeting, though she couldn't recollect having talked to him.

Peter stuck out his right hand and spoke first, "Hi I'm Peter. I wasn't sure if you would remember me from the club."

Shaking his hand, Calie responded, "It's nice to meet you Peter. I didn't know your name but I remember seeing you there. I'm sorry to be late, I was given a big make up assignment by one of my professors and lost track of time."

"Well is tonight not going to work out for you? I was really looking forward to our date, but we can just do it another time if you really need to go home and study."

"No, that's OK." she said, "I've been working all afternoon and I need to take a break anyway. Let's go in, I'm starving."

They were seated at a booth across from each other. It was not a fancy place and it featured an all you can eat dinner buffet. The student price was $8.95 in the evenings and included a drink. Calie had to really concentrate on her date, as she felt her mind wondering back to her classroom issues and the assignment.

They both talked about school and their favorite classes. She found that he had been on the varsity swim team in High School, and she indicated she loved swimming too and even had a pool in their backyard at home. Peter said he was working towards a degree in sports medicine and as a part of that, he helped with the university swim team.

They both made a couple of trips to the buffet line, but Calie was just picking at her food. She was getting a headache and was thinking again of her school work. He sensed that she was distracted and asked if she was feeling okay.

"I'll be fine, I just have a bit of a headache," she said unconvincingly.

"Well, please, just let me know if I can do anything to help." he volunteered.

"Thanks for the offer."

They talked a little longer as Peter finished up a few selections from the dessert bar.

"Have you had all you want Calie? Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm done," she said, though she wasn't really sure she was up for the next part of their date.

It was nice outside and the fresh air made Calie feel a little better. She took Peter's hand as they walked together by the shops and then through the campus on their way back to Calie's dorm.

As they entered her dorm room he could see evidence of Calie's school work strewn about the desk and floor.

With Peter standing behind her, she suddenly felt both his hands firmly on her shoulders and with a gentle firmness massaged her stressed muscles. Calie just stood there as she felt the first moments of relaxation she had felt all day. "Mmm," she sighed.

With his hands still on her shoulders Peter spoke softly, "Calie, you know I am studying and plan to work in sports medicine and therapy. If you'll let me, I think I can help you relax and get rid of some of your stress."

"Well if you really think it will help. I'm sorry but I don't really feel like I am very good company this evening."

"Well, if you will let me, I was going to start out by getting rid of some of this tension you have in your muscles. I want you to lie down on the bed so I can work out some of your tension."

"That sounds really good to me, if you really think it will help," she said, "What do you need me to do?"

Peter stated matter-of-factly, "I need to use the bathroom, so while I'm gone if you would take your clothes off, except your panties. Then get on the bed lying face down." Peter opened the door to the bathroom Calie shared with the adjacent dorm room and closed it.

Calie felt more like she was talking to a massage therapist then to her date. As she got undressed, she spotted the massage oil she had used on her date last week and set it on her night stand where Peter might see it. She removed most of her clothes as instructed and lay on the bed facing down, with her head on a pillow.

She heard him come out of the bathroom and turn off the overhead light in her room, leaving just the desk lamp on. Then he took a spot beside her on the edge of her bed. Peter leaned down and placed both hands near the top of her bare back and push into her tense muscles. She felt the pressure of his warm firm hands on her, and felt a connection through his touch that was both calming and reassuring. Calie sensed Peter's hands begin to travel slowly down the middle of her back. With a smooth constant pressure she could feel her sore muscles respond as his hands passed over them.

His downward stroke ended as he came to the top of her panties where once there, he reversed his course and started up the spine again. As his hands reached the top of her back she could feel him spread his fingers and felt them slowly running through her thick hair. As he lightly continued his upward stroke she could feel a tingle over the back of her scalp as her roots were gently teased. Her hair was released as the last of it flowed through his grasp.

Calie purred softly and thought to herself, 'Mmmmm, I wonder where he learned to do that, that feels wonderful.'

Peter brought his hands to her shoulders and kneaded them. He could detect the tightness Calie had complained about. As he worked on the knots in her shoulders he gazed over Calie's body. The skin on her back was wonderfully smooth. There was a beautiful curve to her panty covered bottom and her skin felt silky to his touch. She had a contented look on her face and her eyes were closed.

She felt him move his hands up to her neck muscles and used his finger tips to press into them. He then extended his stroke to her ears and his fingers circled and probed them feeling all the folds and crevices. For a moment his hands left her body and she missed the connection he had created when he first set his hands on her back.

Then, she felt a new sensation in the middle of her back. She quickly realized that he was taking advantage of the massage oil she had left out and was now pouring a generous amount of it directly onto her back. She smiled blissfully as she felt it begin to disperse across her skin from beyond his application, then he placed his palms in the pool that he had made and began to spread it all over her back. He slid his hands up and down her spine first and then separated them as he began to work towards the edges of her back and finally her sides. While his pressure was firm, the oil allowed his strokes to move smoothly over her skin.

Next Peter moved to the end of the bed. He poured more oil on his hands and began to massage her left foot. He ran both hands up and down her small foot applying a firm force on the different pressure points along the surface of her sole. He then took possession of her other foot and repeated the same process on it. Then she felt him start on her legs beginning with the calf muscles. Peter slowly worked up both calves and up to behind the knees.

He had succeeded in helping her sore muscles relax and her anxieties over the school day had diminish, and all but vanished. As he continued soothing her body, her thoughts began to turn to him. She gazed down at her obviously accomplished masseur and watched his long powerful arms stroke her legs. She closed her eyes again, took a deep breath and just concentrated on his firm and comforting touch. As he moved above the backs of her knees, Calie began to get the all familiar tingle between her legs. Her body just intuitively knew where this was heading.

As Peter slowly inched further up the backs of her legs, the anticipation of something yet to come was growing. Calie had no control over it as she could feel herself getting wet. As he edged on still further, she again could feel her body sending unsolicited signals to her brain willing her to spread her legs wider, so as not to constrain his progress.

Peter's pulse quickened as he felt Calie's legs move ever so slight apart and he too could feel an involuntary stirring between his own legs. He loved the feel of her soft inner thighs as he neared the top of her legs. Though it was almost inaudible, Peter could hear Calie begin to quietly moan. It was almost like she was purring.

Peter smiled to himself with satisfaction. A half hour ago Calie was stressed and did not seem very interested in being with him. Now she seemed totally relaxed and receptive to his touch. He supposed her pending school work had indeed caused the undue tress and tension that he was now skillfully working out of her body.

Once he reached the top of her legs she felt him linger there and softly caress the soft young skin he found there. He touched the inside of her legs and ran his fingers over her inner thighs. Calie loved the feel of his hands as he gently stroked her. Though she was expecting it, he didn't move any higher, and he never touched her panties.

Peter picked up his hands and sat back down on the edge of the bed again near her waist. Then he placed his hand on her lower back. He worked his hand through her lower back, on top of her panties and then down to her tail bone. Using the weight of his body he pressed his palms into her firm buttocks. Because of the pressure he exerted on her, Calie could feel her groin being pressed into the bed below her. She could feel herself tingling as he kneaded her ass and her pubic mound was ground into the bed. She felt Peter release his pressure and then apply it again. She almost felt like she was humping a pillow as the intense feeling spread between her legs. Again Calie was wondering to herself, 'Where does he get this from?'

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