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"Stand up with me," she said, and proceeded to take my shirt and undershirt off. Tossing them onto the growing pile of her clothes, she leaned in and flicked my nipple with her tongue, sending an electric shock through my body. She looked up at me, her eyes wide, her grin wider. "Okay?"

"Oh yeah, okay."

She knelt and unlaced my sneakers, pulled off my socks, and tongued each instep, sending a wave of pleasure up my legs. She looked up at me with her wide eyes and a huge grin. Then she stood. "Now you."

I knelt, pulled off her flats, and rolled her socks off, folding them and placing them in the shoes. As I started to stand, she "ah-hem"-ed and laid a directive hand on my shoulder. I hesitated, then remembered the tingling of my insteps. After the second one, I heard her "mmmmm" in an encouraging way.

I'd seen pictures of bare-chested women, of course. Margery's breasts rose and fell as she breathed, compact and perky on her light Mediterranean skin. Instinct guided me to take one of them and kiss it. She laid an encouraging hand on the back of my head and inhaled deeply.

When I broke off for breath, she flicked my nipple with her finger, only this time she'd wet it in her mouth. "You've got nice ones, too."

Moving a half step back, she reached for my belt and undid it, unhooked my pants, then pulled down the zipper as she slid before me, lowering my pants, not letting them fall. When she tapped each calf I knew to lift my feet up. She tickled each instep with her tongue again. I couldn't stifle a moan. Of pleasure.

She stood. "Me," she said.

Her rope belt had an awkward clasp, but I guessed right and got it open on the first try. I unzipped her first, then knelt and reached up for the button. She looked down and I did the big-eyes-wide-grin thing with her, and she giggled.

After delivering the tingle, I slowly rose, flowing my hands along the back of her calves and thighs, reaching her small ass, and pulled her to me. We kissed, our tongues colliding. I tried to fall onto the bed but she stopped me.

"Not yet. First I want to free your cock."

My jockeys showed my erection pretty plainly. The head of my cock was peeking out in eagerness. She casually hooked her fingers inside the elastic and pulled them down. I eagerly lifted each foot out.

She stood and I needed no instruction to reach for her white panties and to oh-so-slowly kneel and ease them down. Again I did the wide-eyes-and-grin thing and looked up at her. She giggled again and I was ecstatic that I had pleased her.

I'm naked with a nude woman. She has a tuft of reddish-brown hair between her legs. She has slim hips, perky breasts, smooth skin, and a great smile, which she was lavishing on me. I framed a close-up of her navel and thought of the shadows of her —

"Ah-hem," she said, and I started. I looked up and she crooked her finger. I stood, flustered, ready. For action. Whatever.

She pulled me to her and grabbed my ass. We kissed, hard, our tongues snaking into each other's mouth.

We eased onto the bed and lay beside each other. She rolled me onto my back and took my cock in her hand, squeezing it, the shaft, not the head. My pleasure moan was because I wanted this to continue. She fondled my balls with her free hand, then shifted her body so that her mouth was right at the top of my cock. I could feel her moist breath.

"I'm going to make you cum," she said.

"Are we going to make love? I really want to do it."

"We will, you bet we will! But first —" and gently she took my cock in her hand, then lowered her mouth onto the head. With her other hand she began to fondle my balls. First she sucked, then she swirled her tongue, then she pulled off with a "pop" and grinned that grin again. My contribution was several moans of encouragement.

She returned to sucking and soon I was humping her mouth. She increased her speed and took me deep inside. Then she slowed and just rimmed the head. I sensed she was watching my reaction carefully. I, on the other hand, could barely focus on the blur of her without my glasses. But it didn't matter.

"I'm gonna cum, watch out, don't —" and I blasted, but not before she had me deep inside her mouth again.

I was mortified and tried to pull away, even as I was pumping my cum into her. She had her arm around my butt and kept me in position as she sucked and swirled and tongued my cock. As I slowed my humping and resumed breathing, she slowed the sucking and eventually slid off and moved beside me. She swept the sweat from my face and kissed my fluttering eyelids. I reached for her and kissed her, tasting the aftermath of my own saltiness.

"That was wonderful, so wonderful, oh my, oh my god, it was so wonderful," I babbled.

"There's more to come," she said, and smiled when I giggled, having caught the double entendre.

Always after I'd masturbated, I'd felt finished but somehow incomplete. Now, as the air cooled my softening cock, I was being held by this woman who had brought me here. She was stroking my belly and pubic hair.

"Can we do more?" I asked.

"Yeah, but first you need to use the bathroom." She got up, unlocked the door, and we walked naked to my shared bath. I hesitated as she stood aside at the door.

"C'mon, you need to pee," she said.

My eyes begged for privacy for this intimate task.

"Need help? I'll hold it," and she reached for my soft cock.

I froze. 'Yes, I do need to pee, how does she know? This is an intimate act, not one to be shared, especially not with a girl. Still, she had an easy way with my cock. Now she's pointing it at the bowl. Oh the relief, I'm peeing.

When I was finished, I moved to leave, expecting her to close the door. And she did, behind us. We walked back to my room.

As I turned after locking the door, she was lying on her side. The tuft between her legs beckoned me and I lay down beside her and kissed her like I'd been doing it all my life. She kissed me back, softly. Slowly we drifted into more intense kissing. First she pulled my hips to hers and I felt the soft tuft. The she moved on top of me, pressing her breasts into my chest, nipple to nipple. My once-flaccid cock completed its magical return to life.

She sat up on my hips and took my cock in her hands, playing with it like she was steering a ship. She slapped it against her thighs, then rubbed it into her hairiness, then bent down and took the head into her mouth.

"No, please, I want to make love," I begged.

"You mean you want to fuck?" she said. I blushed.


"Say it."

"What? You mean 'fuck.' Okay, fuck."

"No. Tell me what you want to do."

"I want to fuck. You. Let's fuck."

"Me too," and she rolled off me. She opened her legs and motioned me between them. As I moved she slathered her saliva on her thumb and forefinger, then coated the head of my cock with it. The sensation was like nothing I'd ever thought of.

"You need to have your cock wet before you enter me," she tutored, then scooted herself forward so that my cockhead was at her opening.

"Push yourself into me," she said, softly, not commanding but inviting. I pushed my hips forward, missing high. I drew back, in confusion.

"That's okay, try again." As I did so she guided me into perfect position. One more push and I felt her warm pussy surround my cockhead. Two more thrusts and I was surrounded by the warmest, softest, wettest feeling I'd ever known.

"Slide out, then in, not fast, not very far." After a couple of too far's and not enough's, I got it right. Soon I was pushing in and sliding out just fine and I heard our bellies slapping against each other.

"Oh good, oh yes, yes, faster, do it faster, you're good, so good, oh yes," and more. I said some of this, and she did too. My tension built quickly and I knew I was going to cum.

"It's there, I'm cumming, oh here I cum, oh —" and for the second time this night I blasted into her. This time it was she who was humping me, thrusting herself up against me, holding me against her. We thrashed together and I finished.

Suddenly she erupted. "Oh boy, it's there, I'm cumming, stay inside oh yes, oh yes," and she swished her head around and humped against me, hard, over and over, her eyes unfocused and her mouth open.

Slowly she settled back onto the bed, sweat everywhere on us both, our faces flushed and our breathing laboring to be normal.

I realized my weight was pressing her too much, so I rolled to the side. As I began, she grabbed my hips with her thighs so that my cock stayed inside her as we settled together on our sides. The silence was soft, and so was she. I put my hand on her haunch and stroked the cheek, surprisingly aware of how easy it was, having this body beside me. I felt my cock softening and then it slid out. The slow wasting of the warmth was yet another new sensation.

"I loved that. You are an angel."

"And you are a hard man," she said, I smiled as she deadpanned "and a hard man is good to find."

I looked down and saw just how much cum I'd delivered. I started to be embarrassed at all of it, on her loins and mine as well as on the sheets.

"I love this scene," she said, as she saw my eyes. "Good fucking means a mess in bed. It's easy to clean up, just don't let it soak in." We went to the bathroom and I ran a facecloth in warm water and cleaned us both off. As I rinsed the cloth, she squatted on the toilet to pee.

We went back to clean up. She followed me and sat on the end of the bed as I swabbed the sheets. When I stood up I was struck by what was happening: I, naked, after fucking, face to face with my naked, just fucked, lover, my soft cock dangling between my legs, knowing that she was looking at my apparatus, wanting it.

By now it was almost midnight.

"When's your first class?" I asked.

"Nine," she said. "You?"

"Same time." I paused.

Then, "Will you stay here, tonight?"

"I'd love to. Thank you for asking."

"I don't have an extra toothbrush. I'm sorry."

"That's okay. I brought mine," she said, coyly.

We cuddled, then drifted off.

When I woke it was to the soft encouragement of Margery's mouth on my cock. I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:30.

I reached for her hair and stroked it.

"Oh, sorry to wake you," she said with that grin.

"I doubt it," I said. "And besides, I'm glad you did."

I was getting hard under her attention. I focused on the situation and moved to sit up, disrupting her bobbing.

"Ready for more?" she asked, almost with a question in her voice.

"I really do want to fuck some more. Yes, let's go."

She shifted herself into a kneeling position, then leaned forward so she was supporting herself on all fours.

"Get behind me, between my legs," she said.

I moved into position. Kneeling up against her, my rapidly-extending cock was banging against her pussy. She reached back and stroked it. "My hero," she said.

"Back up a little bit." As I did, she reached for her opening and pushed a finger inside. When she pulled it back out it glistened in the moonlight.

"Can I —" I started to speak.

"Oh yes, feel how wet I am. I'm ready for you, getting there fast," she said.

I put my middle finger into her pussy. The channel was wet and warm and tight against it. She wiggled her ass as I pulled out.

"Taste me," she said. When I hesitated, she said "Do it," in a tone that was meant to be obeyed.

"You're sweet."

"Like it?"

"Love it."


Now, though, I was intent on entering her. I slathered my cockhead and inched forward, and she shifted back toward me. I got lucky and my cock slid right in.

Oh the softness! The warmth! The clenching of her pussy on my cock! Her ass cheeks on my belly! Her hips and mine were hard against each other. I was in heaven.

And also in heat. At first I pulled out almost too far, then rushed back in, but by the third time we were in sync.

"Lord, you feel so big! You're so long, it's so good. Do it slowly, so slowly."

Gradually she upped the pace and soon there was that sweet sound of sweaty flesh slapping sweaty flesh. I found that I could inch back and hold her hips while still stroking, but that sound was gone. I was debating which I preferred when my rumination was interrupted by her bucking against me.

"Oh that feels sooooo good, sooooo good, fuck me, do it, push it in me," she said, or I said.

"I'm cumming," one of us said. "Me too, I'm cumming," the other replied. I know I blasted into her and felt her pussy clenching my cock.

I fell forward onto her and we collapsed on the bed. I kissed her shoulders and the part of her back that I could reach. I tried to keep my cock inside her as I moved off, but I couldn't, so we wound up face-to-face with my softness between us.

I pulled the sheet over us and we fell asleep.

By 6:30 the sun was rising and I woke to a naked woman sleeping beside me. She snored softly as she lay on her side, exposing that tuft of pussy hair. The cum was stale on me and all over her thighs. There was a cold puddle on the sheet. I crept to the bathroom and cleaned myself with the facecloth. Rinsing it, I returned to the bed and worked on the puddle, trying not to wake her.

As she woke, she rolled onto her back, exposing her glorious pussy completely to me. It was the first time I'd seen a fucked woman in the daylight. I washed her loins and she — grinned, of course.

"Hello, lover," she said.

"Who, me? I'm just —"

"You're just a great fuck, that's what you are."

I preened.

"Really? I am?"

"I'm a connoisseur, I know what I'm talking about," she said, then turned on the Lili von Shtupp accent. "I've had thousands of men, again and again," she chanted.

"Thousands?" My heart sank.

"Well, maybe not thousands, but enough to know what I like, and you've got it. And you gave it to me last night. I'm sore." She tried and failed for a grimace, but I lapped it up anyway.

"Can we be serious?" I said.

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

I took a deep breath. "You know last night was my first time, right?"

"A star was born," she said.

"Are you just saying that?"

"Why would I? Listen, I like to fuck. I like having a variety of guys. Each time I go to bed with someone new, it's a first time. I'm unsure, he's not certain. If he's any good, we both know what we want and we work it out.

"It's no different with you. I'm where you want to be. The blowjob was to slow you down, so we could slide into it. And it was nice, very nice. You could get to be a habit." There was that grin again.

We showered together, soaping and groping. As we rinsed off, I reached for her. She came willingly to me and we kissed, passionately, as equals. Without drying off, we raced back to the bed. She grabbed my cock and, assuring herself of its growing hardness, swung herself on top of me. I reached for her breasts and she brought them to me, pushing her chest out so I could rub them and flick the nipples.

But she had more in mind.

"Oh boy, are you hard! I really like the look of your cock from this angle," she said. First she stroked it, then dropped her mouth onto it and swirled her tongue around, popping off and flashing that grin.

"You're ready, and so am I," she said excitedly as she lifted herself up on her knees and positioned her pussy opening at the tip of my cock. I watched in fascination as she danced around the head, barely touching it with her pussy lips. I tried to time her dance and push up into her, but I missed and she laughed.

"Gotta do better than that, lover," she said gaily as she kept on dancing. The second time was worse than the first, but on the third try I caught her and she sank onto my shaft.

I kept up with her bouncing for a while, then she slowed and leaned toward me and kissed me while thrusting against my cock. She timed her thrusts to her tongue's in and out movement. My hands rushed from her shoulders to her hips to her breasts to her waist to her hips, then back and forth, searching for a place to be part of the action.

When she rose again and began furiously riding my cock, she was somewhere else. I fixed my eyes on the sight of my cock going in and out of her pussy, buried in the full bush of her.

My ejaculation caught me by surprise. By the time I formed the warning words I was pushing it into her.

"Oh yes, that's it, cum, cum, cum in me, I want it all!" she chanted. As suddenly as my ejaculation caught me, her orgasm rushed her and she rose to the very tip of my cock, then slid to the midpoint and swung her hips wildly. Gradually she subsided and fell onto my chest, panting as I had never heard a woman pant.

"God you make me feel good, that was wonderful," she said as she recovered.

I was overwhelmed. She had gone off into her own orgasmic world, one which needed me as a jumping off place but was hers alone. When its time was spent, she came back to me.

We returned to the bathroom and wash up. Then we dressed with each other. I watched in fascination as she put her bra on backward and upside down, then spun it around and pulled the straps over her breasts. I learned yet another secret about women.

We had breakfast at the student union. As we stood to leave, she kissed me, and smiled.

"I'm glad you joined the club.

"I'll spread the word."

Pete hooted as I reviewed of my evening. "Three fucks and a blowjob! Man, first times don't get any better than that!"

"Well, she —"

"No! It's about you, and getting laid, and getting a life. Man, you are launched!"

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A sex club for those not a part of the "in" crowd of cheerleaders and jocks. What a stupendous idea! And how well executed. The build up of the sexual desert set the stage for the arrival at the refreshingmore...

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