tagMind ControlSex, Drugs,Truth and Tell

Sex, Drugs,Truth and Tell


It all began with this strange website I found one day surfing the web. The pop-up blocker was set on medium, so not many were getting through. This one was different from the usual date sites or insurance scams.

It made a bold statement about hearts desires and targeted just what I was interested in; mind control of others. I had been doing an act where I would hypnotize members of an audience and make them do silly things or have feelings of cold and hot, you know the safe party type of hypnotism nothing like I really wanted to do.

I learned to put people under during my training in psychology. People wanted help with the normal things; dealing with addictions; whether it was weight, eating, phobias, smoking etc. I had more success than most of my peers and was soon in great demand by my friends for their parties or corporate meetings. After all it's a hoot making fun of the boss as long as he doesn't get hurt.

My personal desire was to have complete control of what a person would do. You see under hypnosis you won't do anything you don't want to do awake, generally speaking. Sometimes a person's deep desire to be an exhibitionist comes through and I have to be very careful. On occasion a woman has become, lets say, 'out of control', and they have to be brought out of their trance quickly before they embarrass them selves or me.

After ten years of this on only one occasion have I reaped the benefit of a young woman losing all her inhibitions and after the show she came to my room for a wild night of sex. She would do whatever I asked her to do, if I could have hypnotized another young girl it would have been even more memorable.

Well this web site pop-up got my attention. After reading the introduction I decided to check it out hoping my filters would save me. Upon opening it up it was almost anti-climatic the site was rather plain in appearance and only showed one picture and one short video along with the information about their product.

The picture flashed between pills and some kind of lotion or fluid of some kind. The price was not visible anywhere.

I read the whole description first which stated that the pills were absolutely safe with no side effects. The other bottle was a liquid version of the same thing, tasteless, odorless and colorless. It would affect a person's will and make them desire just what you told them. They would do anything to please you; they underlined the desire to please you, and tell the absolute truth.

Now I was extremely curious and clicked on the video. It opened with a man talking to an average looking young woman sitting at an outdoor restaurant. She excused herself to go to the restroom and the man looked at the camera smiled and put just a few drops in her water glass. No one could have seen him because of their location. The camera appeared to be held by a person at another table behind some plants.

It must have been in real time because several minutes had passed when a waiter came by and filled the bread bowl. When he turned I recognized him; I had been to this restaurant myself not three weeks ago.

The young lady came back smiled and sat down drinking from her glass she made no face change and didn't stop to look at it quizzically. She just continued the conversation with the gentleman.

He must have had a recorder because the sound started in mid sentence as she told him of her job and what she likes. How wonderful it was to finally meet him, blah, blah, blah.

There was a small stopwatch in the upper corner of the screen which showed almost five minutes had passed. He held his hand up and told her to stop.

She stopped in mid-word and just smiled at him. He asked her if she would like to leave and come back to his place and she responded, 'No, but I'll do whatever you want to do.' He dropped some money on the table and had to direct her towards the exit because she just stood there smiling like an empty vessel.

He told her to follow him and his friend to his apartment in her car, all she said was, 'ok.' The film cut to the man and the young woman coming into the apartment. He told her to go take a quick shower and then wrap a towel around her self and meet them in the living room, again all she said was, 'ok.' The camera followed her into the bathroom where she peed, took off her clothes and showered.

By now my cock was rock hard just seeing her in the nude. She had larger breasts than I thought and a smooth shaved vagina one of my favorites.

Stepping out she still had the smile on her face and acted like the camera wasn't even there. Wrapping the towel around her gorgeous body she walked into the living room.

There was some fumbling around with the camera making the picture jump and sway. Finally the picture settled down and it looked like the guy on the couch was waiting.

Around the side came the woman who was operating it, she was taller than the girl with even larger breasts covered by her tank top. She sat next to the girl on the couch after removing her jacket.

The man asked the girl if she would stand up and remove her towel so they could see her beautiful body. Nodding she stood and pulled the towel off. He told her to drop it which she did. The woman asked her to bend over in front of her so she could lick her asshole. The girl complied without any hesitation.

The older woman had her face buried between the girl's cheeks grunting and slurping on her ass. The man stood up and stripped out of his clothes revealing an average sized cock attached to an average body, no porn actor or even a sculpted body, just an average guy with about a six inch long dick.

He told her to suck his cock, which she did without any hesitation at all. She didn't deep throat him just held his cock with her hand sucked the head and about three inches of the shaft. It was obvious she had done it before but not a lot.

Then he told her to stop, she resumed her position bent over in front of the other woman. The guy gestured the woman licking her ass to stop and take her clothes off then told the girl to stand up straight. When she had, he started to squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples getting no reaction from her except her nipples got hard. He told her she enjoyed getting her tits squeezed and her nipples pulled then she groaned and said softly, 'yes, I do.'

Boy did they have my full attention now; I dropped my pants and started to stroke my dripping cock. I saw the bar and noticed the film was almost over.

The other woman had sat back on the couch with her legs spread and her fingers running in her cunt I could see how wet she was. The guy told the young girl to do what the woman asked her to do. The woman told her to get between her legs and lick her slit and run her tongue over her clit while the guy fucked her cunt from behind. The girl got down on all fours and buried her face in the woman's pussy doing exactly what she was told to do. The woman threw her head back and moaned telling her where to lick and how much. The guy got behind her and told her to finger herself getting ready for his cock. She stuck her finger in her slit until she could fit another then fucked her self while she waited on him.

Telling her to stop she dropped her hand onto the floor. Getting between her legs he rubbed his cock head over the lips of her cunt then slowly slid it in to the hilt. He told her she was almost ready to have an orgasm but couldn't until he told her too. She moaned into the other woman's pussy and humped her ass over his cock making him hold her hips to keep his cock in her jumping box.

The woman told the girl to use her fingers to fuck her with while she licked her clit until she came. This scene went on for over a minute when the woman had her orgasm telling the girl to drink her pussy juice in a loud voice. The woman must have been a squirter, because when she came her cunt shot out a long stream of cum gagging the girl as she tried to catch it all. She wasn't told to stop finger fucking her so she had a second orgasm and the girl didn't have any trouble drinking it all down. The woman was catching her breath and told the girl she loved the taste of pussy juice to which the girl said, 'yes, I do.'

The guy told her he wanted to cum in her mouth and she would swallow it, of course she said, 'ok.' Spinning around she held her mouth open as he jerked his cock into her mouth. It looked as if he had been saving up because his load coated her tongue like frosting. Telling her to swallow she gulped down his impressive load then licked the head getting the last drop off the head.

The girl stayed in the same position while the man and woman sat on the couch and he said, "This is what my formula can do for anybody who uses it. The results are always the same no matter who you give it too. It lasts for eight hours and has no side effects, the best part is you can put in the persons mind just what you want them to remember and that is all they remember. If you don't purchase it while the web site is open it will never open again, there are certain types of web sites which trigger this one being opened and you have been chosen. If this has gone to a person in law enforcement I'm sorry but my site is untraceable. Try it and I know you'll like it and the results," the woman on the couch started to stroke his cock, "My wife wants another round so let me say this in closing; no refunds, no returns, the only guarantee is my word and the proof of this video, good bye."

The video ended with his wife sucking the life back into his cock. Sitting back I contemplated what to do and decided that it was worth the price if it worked. Not being the kind of person to only do things a little at a time I purchased eight bottles of the pills and almost a gallon of the liquid. The total came to almost four hundred dollars including shipping. In the past several years I had made enough that even if it didn't work I wasn't going broke and wouldn't miss it.

I thought I had been tricked when I woke up one morning went to get the paper and almost tripped over a large box on my front porch. I thought to myself, 'Huh, probably full of sugar pills and bottles of water.' Taking it in I put it on the counter. Opening it the first thing I noticed there wasn't any return address and the shipping label said it came from another country by way of several others.

Inside it had just what I ordered according to the quantities on the packages. There was a business sized letter addressed to me. It said, 'Dear sir, Thanks for purchasing our product. There are a few things to warn about on the use of this product. First, no one must ingest it twice in one day. Second, don't forget to leave a command for the person you administer it too or they will think they blacked out. Third, don't get it on your fingers or you might ingest it yourself. Fourth, we recommend you don't share any with your friends or family members. Fifth, store in a cool dry place away from the sun or the chemical changes and will remove a persons memories forever. Sixth, one side effect of the drug is that any question asked of the subject will be answered with the absolute truth, and finally, we can't be reached or contacted in any way, but we will contact you in one year from the date of the order. Be very careful and have fun.'

There was no signature or name and I noticed the paper starting to break down in the light so I copied the instructions and by the time I finished it disappeared.

'Ok that's weird,' I thought.

Taking the material to the pantry I placed it on the top shelf and got rid of the shipping box and stuffing. Taking a few pills and some liquid with a dropper I transferred them into dark bottles. I planned my first trial run for the club where I normally hang out with my buddies once a month.

I spent a nervous afternoon reading e-mail and practicing using the dropper without being seen and surfing porn sites on the net priming myself for tonight. After eating dinner I dressed and called my friends Marty and Donald and told them I would meet them there.

The evening was a lot of fun but none of us were having any luck with the women in the club. We decided to call it a night and left.

Feeling a little let down I drove home a different way than normal. Usually I go around the lake to the main road but this time decided to go over the bridge and stop next to the picnic area. It was a cool night and the sky was filled with stars.

I sat there enjoying the quiet solitude until a car pulled in slid on the gravel to a stop. I could see two people waving their arms about and then the passenger door opened and a young woman jumped out and called her partner a son of a bitch then slammed the door. He slung gravel all over her pelting her legs and back with the stones making her scream and run towards me. He hit the road bed and with screaming tires sped away.

Crying she picked up a rock and hit the rear window of his car cracking it. "Good shot!" I said out loud so she wouldn't be startled.

Sniffling she laughed, "Thanks, four years of softball in school helps," she kept her distance and looked around and glanced at me occasionally, "You're not a park pervert are you?"

Laughing I said, "No I'm not, but wouldn't the park pervert say that anyway?"

Shrugging her shoulders she sighed and walked over to sit down, "Well if you are I've got mace in my purse and I'll use it!" Pulling out a spray bottle she held it up for me to see.

Holding my hands up I said, "I promise not to practice my perverted ways while you are here."

She laughed, "Ok I believe you. My names Marcy, what's yours?"

I stuck out my hand and said, "My names Dean. Marcy it's good to meet you."

She shook my hand and held it for just a moment, "Hey I saw you at my company Christmas party! You hypnotize people! Your act was a scream."

After we exchanged some personal information I guess she felt more comfortable around me because she moved a little closer.

Smiling at me she asked, "So Dean why are you out in the picnic area after dark anyway? Have a fight with your wife?"

I thought to myself, 'Subtle, This could be the first test run,' smiling back I said, "No, I'm not married. Just sitting here for a little while before I go home. Is your friend coming back?" something just didn't feel right about this.

She snorted then laughed, looking in the direction he left, "That was no friend just a guy that wanted more than I was willing to give him. He thought since he gave me a ride we should top off our evening with some sex in the park. If he hadn't been such an asshole he might have got lucky," looking at me she smiled, "Shock you?"

It was my turn to laugh, "Not shocked as much as he is I bet. Marcy let me ask you something," I stopped and she nodded, "I was going to go home but do you want to get a drink with me? I promise no funny business."

Smiling she stood up, "Sure, at least you act like a gentleman. I don't know any places out this far so lead on."

I had in mind a small discrete place not far from my apartment. We headed over and she told me a little bit about herself. Marcy was from a town not far from where I live and the office she worked in had the annual get together every year. I was only one of the acts they scheduled. She was single after a nasty divorce and looking for mister right like a lot of women her age, which I didn't ask. She looked to be about twenty five or so, about five feet tall with beautiful long black hair and I couldn't tell about her figure because of the clothes she wore.

The place was called 'Blonks' after the owner, Charlie Blonk. He and I went to college together but weren't really what you would call friends. His place was very quiet and subdued with a piano player and an occasional singer. The bar area lighting was kept down so people felt comfortable seeing 'friends' after work. It was a pretty good restaurant catering to local tastes and American food.

Marcy and I went inside, Charlie was at the front talking to someone so when he saw me he excused himself and shook my hand, "Dean! How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while."

"Hey Charlie, I'm fine thanks. This is a new friend Marcy. Marcy this is an old friend and the owner of this fine establishment Charlie Blonk."

He took her hand, "Marcy it's a pleasure to meet you. Follow me and I'll get you two a seat, the first round of drinks is on me."

We were led back along the wall to one of the booths. Marcy let me help her out of her jacket and sweater. When she turned to sit down I could see her nipples pushing against the fabric of her blouse and the way they swayed told me there wasn't any bra holding them up. Her breasts certainly filled out the shirt nicely. Charlie took our drink order and it was delivered in record time.

Making small talk we told each other about our lives, school, family, likes and dislikes. She liked to be spontaneous and looked forward to new experiences both every day things and with her love life.

After she said that Marcy smiled and patted my hand across the table, "After all Dean I wouldn't be here if I didn't like to be a little curious. I don't know if you feel it but I think we could be good friends and maybe a lot more, we'll see."

Feeling a little nervous I smiled and took her hand in mine, "Yeah I feel like we get along pretty good for just meeting each other."

There was a pause and while we tried to decide what to say Charlie brought over another round of drinks, "These you have to pay for Dean," smiling he laid some menu's on the table, "We're still serving dinner so if you want anything just wave at the waitress," patting my shoulder he turned away from Marcy and gave me a thumbs up and a wink.

Thanking him we opened the menu, I said, "I only had a little something several hours ago so I'm going to get a small steak and a salad. Did you want to eat? It's on me as a start for our new friendship."

Giggling she said, "I know it sounds so old fashion, but I was hoping you were hungry and I don't have very much money with me so I was also hoping you would buy. Am I too forward?"

Laughing at her raised eyebrows and turned down mouth I said, "It's the least I can do for a little lost wandering young woman who looks half starved. If I hadn't rescued her from the park she might be eating out of the trash can by now."

Making a face she said, "Ewww, gross. I was thinking more along the lines of the grilled salmon and a small salad. A girl can't be going to bed on a full stomach," she smiled and snickered at the look on my face. Holding the menu she looked at me over the top, "Too much food and I can't enjoy taking care of my date," her eyes gazed into mine while her foot rubbed my leg.

Swallowing hard I cleared my throat and looked down at the menu, "Maybe we should get it to go?" Although the whole meeting in the park and subsequent innuendoes she sent were a little staged I was so horny it didn't matter.

Marcy folded the menu set it on the table and placing her chin in her hand nodded, "That's just what I was thinking. Gee you must be a mind reader," she replied with a smirk.

Waving to the waitress we gave her our order to go. Turning to Marcy I smiled and said, "Absolutely, after all I am a professional."

I don't think we wanted to say much more because the sexual tension was building between us. She ran her fingers across my palm while I watched her hands. I ran my fingers up and down the back of her forearm until she had Goosebumps. I felt she was getting excited but I knew I was; my cock was like an iron rod straining to be out of my pants and in her cute sensuous mouth. My fantasy was broken when Charlie brought the boxes of food to our table.

Setting them down he said, "Here you go folks. Dean you and Marcy come back soon, it's always good to see you," shaking our hands he waved goodbye.

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