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An NSFW story about two old married people.

He has always gotten up when he wakes in the morning because his back hurts after any more than about 4 or 5 hours. He goes to bed around one or two o'clock in the middle of the night. He is a successful potter, painter, gardener, and a writer-editor. He has been retired for 9 years, is 75 and has had a stent on his heart to hold off death by heart attack since 2013.

She at age 74 always sleeps until at least 10 am and frequently later than noon. She too heads to bed about one or two o'clock or so. She has no hobbies or outside activities and has also been retired for 9 years.

They were both salespeople when they had careers, and now they live on a fixed income that is close to being in the red every month.

When he gets up, he sets up the house and feeds the dog, starts the coffee, gets the paper which she reads every day and he may glance at a couple of times each week. He then tours the gardens and yards, and after all of that, he goes into the office takes all of his clothes off because when he first started writing, in the Navy, in the early 1960's he was in the tropics where naked was the coolest way to feel whatever breeze may have been blowing.

Now he writes that way out of habit, and it helps sort his head into the nastiness that he enjoys writing.

He opens whatever story he is writing, and reads it from the beginning and rewrites and refines his work. He will on a good day of 8 or 9 hours, get two to four thousand words written, and edited through once.

He attempts to get it principally put on paper all at once with very little writing/editing and changing of the alignment of the sentences. However, the next step, the next morning hopefully will cut and paste and move words around until he has reviewed and read all of the previous days' creation.

He likes to write stories of fiction surrounding sexual fantasies or role-playing between people who have a sexual relationship.

She was originally married within months of graduating from high school. When she got through having three kids, she had to divorce her husband since he was a liar, cheat, unfaithful (a term from the 1960's era), an alcoholic and a credit criminal, all according to the courts and her repeated tellings of woe.

She had no marketable skills to support three kids, so she scrambled and networked until she found employment in the financial world. She took the stock market brokerage tests after attending brokers classes and training in NYC. She became a broker in Minneapolis where she lived for long enough for her kids to be independently pursuing their lives. She then left Minnesota to go to Anchorage.

She had had enough of as she called it, "Gambling with other peoples money." She found a sales position selling cell phones after she first arrived in Anchorage. She was selling cell phones in the store where he bought his first cell phone from a different saleswoman. They did not know or meet each other, however, their paths crossed there for sure.

A year or so of being in Alaska had proven to her that even though she was a beautiful, cougar of a single woman in a man-rich target environment in Alaska, she discovered a saying on a postcard sold by Eskimo Joe Advertising Specialties was prophetic. The card showed a pencil drawing of a bunch of scruffy, unshaven, dirty, raggedly clothed men depicted to be a gathering of Alaskan men. The caption caught the truth in a humorous light. The caption read:

'Alaska where the odds are good, but the goods are odd.'

As soon as she tired of all of the superficial and shallow politicians that her sister introduced her to, she realized that she hadn't yet fulfilled her need to see more of the land called 'The Last Frontier'. She started looking for a sales position or some work that would be traveling inside Alaska. There were no highways to most places, and flying, of course, was expensive. one day she said to herself that she would get a job selling and visiting as much and as varied a sampling of Alaska as she could before she left for the final time.

She found a traveling yellow page sales job that required her to be on the road more than half of the year. She was chosen from more candidates than there were openings available. She was sent to Dallas for sales training.

He had moved to Alaska about 15 years before she did. He had gone up from Orange County, California with a contract with GM to live in Anchorage and work from an office in Anchorage for three years.

He had done his time with GM, started his own businesses in Anchorage, and then resigned from GM to stay in Anchorage. When he was getting the divorce from the drunk his wife had become, the court expected health insurance for their minor daughter, so he closed his business and went to work selling on the road for the same company that she had. His new boss sent him to Dallas just as hers was doing and while waiting for the flight in Anchorage, the two bosses introduced the two of them. They were getting ready to spend the next three weeks working side by side and eventually spending the rest of their lives together.

These two were socially unaware of each other for almost a year when she invited him to go to Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holiday, allegedly platonically. They wound up lovers through a few funny incidents. They have lived together since. Now married for over 22 years, after being together since 1988. She has always been an excellent self-confident saleswoman, able to separate the selling from herself personally.

She was an eager and horny lover when they first came together in Hawaii in 1989, and they were in heavy lust for the trip starting when one of them (her) took a shower and didn't close the door when they had first arrived at their hotel in Honolulu from Anchorage. When they reported back to their sales office after the Hawaii trip, everyone around them guessed they had become a couple and celebrated their happiness and joy.

His divorce finally came through, at which time they had been living together for quite a while. She wanted to get married or separate, and he wasn't able to make a decision, so they picked a date and got married. They have survived a lot of wars, and they always came together in the end. When one of them needed support, there had consistently always been the other one providing.

They traveled the state for almost two years selling a high-paced high-pressure business to business intangible, and then he said he was going to find something easy to sell that made the customer happy. He'd had enough of any pressure selling.

They eventually bought a house before they married, and she had great fun and showed herself to be a beautiful home decorator. She capitalized on her southwest background combining it with the harsh realities of Alaska, drawing the iconic features of the two into agreement so their home was warm, classy, bright, and comfortable.

For years they had lots of sex everywhere, and frequently. At some point, he emotionally withdrew, and they almost drifted apart enough to disconnect. The world quickly changed and they moved to the Seattle area where she again had a corporate office job that she left at the first chance to return to being on the road. She would be gone from Sunday morning about 7 am from Seattle and return to Seattle on Friday night at 10 pm every week.

He found a job in a factory and became the indoor sales person and the repair and installation scheduler. He also learned how to drink a fifth of wine every night and then be at work the next morning at 6 am to start the factory crew. He started his pottery career in 1998 in Mukilteo.

They eventually moved one more time and at the age of 60 and 58 opened a new business in Albuquerque in 2002. They operated and managed the business for 7 years, sold the business and retired together on Halloween of 2009.

After they retired, for many summers they traveled and visited family and made a trip back to Alaska, then settled down for a year in Albuquerque. She had both of her knees replaced, he had a shoulder rebuilt. They lived quietly for a while and then it seems that they found each other again.

One day he came in with the mail. He stood at the kitchen island and ripped it all open without thinking a minute about to whom it might be addressed. He then sorted the trash from the mail. As he was sorting, he realized he had ripped open a soft-sided envelope, not from Amazon.

He looked, saw it was addressed to her and laid it on the pile of mail. He never looked in the envelope, since she got all kinds of stuff via the USPS all of the time.

He went about his day and was about to send her the images he found on his porn sites that morning when she walked into the office. She was naked and sleepy looking. She seemed kind of still asleep, so he ushered her to a soft chair and brought her the mail. He next brought her a fresh cup of coffee and two biscotti.

While she sat there in the sun, he attempted to draw her, but when she realized he was penciling her, she bolted from the chair and slid into one of his long-sleeved shirts before returning.

He then asked her, "Do you give me permission to draw you?"

She said, "Yes, of course. I don't mind. I suppose I should be flattered. How do you want me to look?"

He quickly and smoothly said, "Naked. How do you want you to look?"

She smiled, seemed to think of an answer and then said, "Naked? Photographs, I want photographs."

Ever to know when to close the sale, he said, "Well then, let's get started, shall we?"

He motioned for her to stand up and pirouette. She stood and he asked her to raise both arms fully extended toward the ceiling. As she was so positioned, he took a few photos. She began to see what he was up to and began to accent the slightest request with a smile, a sashay, a shimmy, or a shake and then be as sexy in her mind as she could think to be.

While he was setting a shutter speed or an f-stop, he saw her upside down through the viewfinder that looks through the lense. She pulled her nipples between her finger and thumb and twisted them repeatedly which caused them to stand proudly pointing forward like headlamps on an old Rolls Royce. She pushed the front of the shirt backward and up off her shoulders. The shirt piled up on the floor around her feet. She finished primping while I got set up. She was naked again and knowingly and actively involved in the planning and creation of his photographing her. She was about to pose as erotically if not pornographically as she had ever allowed herself.

They had come from being two highly successful high-pressure salespeople to being a retired couple. They were seventy-plus-year-old lusting, sexually curious and wanting to explore sex. They became open and conversational about themselves and their lives and fantasies, probabilities, and possibilities at the same time in each individual life at the same time in history in the safe place we call a marriage. It certainly has seemed unbelievable to both of them, as they both know it is a real shift in their lives. From deep down in their core they wonder as they accept that they are really living this great awakening together, happily and eagerly.

So, back to the mail. When she came to the opened soft-sided envelope addressed to her, she was surprised because they had seldom opened each other's personally addressed package mail, and usually it was due to an 'accidental insertion' of the letter opener. Nothing had ever mattered when it had happened in the past.

However, when she saw this envelope, she became cold and sweaty and concerned that he had seen the contents. She slid the envelope into the pile of mail that was going to her desk. She stuffed it near but not on the bottom of the pile.

When she got to her desk later she would deal with it. It seems that she saw an advertisement on the back cover of a magazine. She had called the 800 number and ordered a dozen 'How to' videos about sex in the latter years. She wanted to know more about sex and humans in the raunchy and nasty ways and actions and hoped she could learn by using these videos.

Her problem later became that she didn't remember how to use the DVD player since nearly everything was wireless these days. Later that evening while he was busy cleaning the kitchen she realized she couldn't figure it out and decided to ask him.

He, of course, was nosey so she had him load 'The Rose' in an attempt to fake him off the real videos, and it appeared to work. That is until he tried to use the TV with his tablet.

She was busy one evening, but when she quit the TV earlier, she left a DVD in the player. The DVD player booted when he turned on the TV with his tablet. That is when her secret became a stroke film.

The DVD auto-started and booted when he linked his tablet to the 72 inch curved, smart TV and it started. The opening scene was a middle-aged woman about her size, build, and color, who was about to place her mouth over the head of a black cock. She was white as ivory. The cock was shiny black and appeared rigid as steel.

He said slowly to himself, "What do we have here?"

He ejected the DVD to find the title, "How to Perform Oral Sex When in Your Later Years." The fine print on the DVD gave address etc. for the rest of the series. It also stated that this DVD was 58 minutes playing time. He takes a picture of the DVD information and scans the barcode icon.

What the barcode revealed was a whole list of categorized sex topics. She seems to have selected a series of 10 basic DVD's that are sold as a set if you buy a monthly subscription for a one year period, and pay in advance. Now she will receive another 15 DVDs throughout the next year.

He found the shipping envelope in the trash. Inside he found the invoice for the purchase. On the invoice was her membership number in the company files for the DVD order. He pulls up the website again and opens the catalog. He provides her customer number and finds that she had a list to choose from and she had to prioritize the list she chose.

He found her choices interesting, especially the first priority. The title of her first choice was "How to Masturbate" and the second choice was "Females Initiate Sex? Yes!"

He replaced everything the way he found it, except he couldn't set up the DVD to autostart.

That evening at dinner, they were at their favorite wine bar overlooking the Rio Grande River, enjoying a platter of cheeses and fruit, when he said, "I didn't mean to open your package, I was just ripping everything I guess."

He noticed that she looked stricken and she stuttered, "Oh, honey that's ok."

He said, "I also want to tell you that I know what was in the package, but I need to be allowed to tell you how that happened."

She said meekly, "Ok."

He went on, "I was using my tablet with the TV, and the DVD auto-started with a video of a beautiful ivory-skinned woman who resembled you sucking on a very black cock. To say I lost my thread with my tablet and the TV is an understatement. Can you tell me what is going on? Is there something I can learn or know that will answer a million questions easily and clearly?"

She held up her hand to ask for time before replying which was the years ago agreed upon signal between them to '...hold it, I am putting the words together to reply.'

She started slow and quiet which is a sure sign she is uncertain of her words to explain. She told him, "The DVD offer was something I had wanted to order for fifty years. Because I never had anyone have sex with me in a way that I was comfortable with. I never asked any questions or learned about sex for myself because I was embarrassed to have to ask. She further related that she had heard him loud and clear when he had said to her months ago that he was through doing things because other people expected it and not because he wanted to, even when he did not want to."

It had taken the occasion of seeing the DVD advertisement again that triggered something in her to decide at that instant that she was going to start living the same way. She impulsively ordered within ten minutes of first seeing the advertisement.

He asked her, "How did you choose which DVD's?"

She said, "I was now in this for me, so I picked the ones that I had burning questions about. Masturbation, anal sex, women loving women, multiple partners, exhibition, toys, and fantasy, just to name the first ones. I also signed up for fifteen more DVDs within the coming year. So, honey let's plan to party, ok?"

He replied, "Show me something you learned from your DVDs."

She left the room. And returned with a cotton sacking kitchen towel. She told him she couldn't show him what she had learned because she was going to blindfold him.

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by Anonymous09/18/18

I had no expectations.

Actually the odds of finding something well written and new style (to me ) are pretty low, so I was surprised.
I loved the style of writing the dry description of the relationship and the thorough setmore...

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by AlexanderT09/14/18


Great series premise

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