Sex Ed


All the boys and most of the girls were eager for today's Sex Ed Class.

"Today class. We're going to have a demonstration on sex. I will need two volunteers for this experiment," Miss Rice exclaimed to her class.

Every boy in the class through their hands up, while most of the girls was uncertain about this demonstration.

"ME, MISS RICE!" shouted Peter Shuman.

"Ok Peter. Now I need a girl?" Miss Rice said.

The girls, who had their hands up, quickly dropped them.

"Come on now ladies. You were to do it and now you don't want to?" Miss Rice commented.

Peter Shuman wasn't very attractive except to his own unattractive kind. He stood at 6'2, 220, shoulder-length dirty blond hair, and a thick beard the same color.

"Courtney Mathers! I saw your hand raised," Miss Rice shouted.

"It was but..." Courtney said before Miss Rice cut her off.

"But nothing. This is for a grade. Now get up here and help the class learn about the pleasures of having sex," Miss Rice said with a smile.

Courtney Mathers was the typical cheerleader blond. She had the face of an angel and the body of a goddess. Despite having 38DDD's jutting from her slim body, Courtney still manages to cheerlead with all her friends. Her overly large chest didn't embarrass her. She has used them to her advantage a few times. She was quite proud of her breasts and loved showing them off in low-cut shirts, tube tops, tank tops with no bras, and tight shirts with her nipples hard as rocks.

Today Courtney was wearing a pink tube top and strapless bra. Her gargantuan knockers were still spilling over the tops. She wore a pink mini-skirt and pink sandals, which showed off her pretty feet and pink-painted toenails.

Peter was in for a real treat. He didn't have much experience with girls. Especially one of the statue of Courtney Mathers.

"I presume, Courtney, that you have some experience with sex?" asked Miss Rice.

"Why do I have to be the one with experience?" Courtney questioned.

"Because you look like a slut now. Just answer the goddamn question," Miss Rice said.

"Yes ma'am. I've had a few sexual experiments...BUT! I've never had intercourse," Courtney answered.

"What about me Miss Rice?" Peter asked.

"Peter! I think you're not as experience as Courtney, but I could be wrong once the class and I see what you got," Miss Rice said. "Ok class! We're going to start with some kissing. Begin students."

Peter had his mustached-covered lips puckered up for a kiss. Courtney had a disgusted look on her face, but realized that if she didn't do it, she could fail Sex Ed and not graduate with her class. Courtney puckered up her lips and kissed Peter lightly.

Peter responded by grabbing Courtney's head and giving her a long, passionate kiss. Courtney wanted to remove her face from Peter but realized that Peter's tongue in her mouth was making her very hot. Courtney returned the French kiss and the two licked and sucked away at each other's tongues.

Some students were getting into the make-out session. Others turned their heads because the most popular girl in school is making-out with the grungiest guy in school.

"That's it Peter and Courtney. You guys do have some experience. Now Peter, move your hands to Courtney's chest and squeeze those large melons," Miss Rice instructed.

Peter had already beaten Miss Rice too it. He squeezed and fondled Courtney's massive breasts roughly through her tight tube top and strapless bra. Courtney had her hands all over the large man's back. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Peter was one hairy student. Dark hair completely covered his udder and middle back. His chest was covered in dark patches of hair as well. His biceps sagged like he had A-cup tits.

"Perhaps we should have left Peter's shirt on," Miss Rice said.

Peter grabbed the bottom of Courtney's tube top and pulled it up over her head. Every guy in the class had their eyes glued to Courtney's wobbling jugs, as they jiggled wildly in her huge bra cups.

"Good God Ol Mighty Courtney! Those have to be some of the largest breasts I've ever seen on an 18-year-old," Miss Rice commented.

"MISS RICE!!! Please let me fuck Courtney instead," shouted one of the dick-hard students.

"Settle down young man and just watch the show," Miss Rice said. "If you feel the need to jerk off and play with yourself in any manner, please feel free to do so."

A lot of the guys rubbed away at their crotches, as their cocks harden at the sight of Courtney Mathers in her bra. Every guy in school has been waiting and wanted to see her big tits.

"Ok Peter. Why don't you show some of the gentlemen in the class, how to suck a pair of big boobs?" Miss Rice suggested.

Peter licked and sucked away at the top of Courtney's chest. He traced his tongue over the tops of each jiggling tit, still encased in the massive brassiere. Courtney moaned with pleasure, as Peter tasted her skin.

Peter moved his hands behind Courtney and started unfastening all four of her bra straps. Once the straps were undone, Courtney dropped her arms to her side and let her bra fall from her chest. Her beautiful 38DDD's swayed and jiggled with her breathing. Peter's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight of Courtney's bare breasts. Her tits jutted from her chest like twin mountain peaks. Her tits had a golden tan to them and they were capped off with saucer sized pink areolas and toppled with gum-dropped size dark pink nipples.

"Oh my God! Those are so fucking beautiful. They look heavy and soft at the same time," moaned Miss Rice.

Miss Rice left her desk and picked up Courtney's large bra.

"38DDD's!" Miss Rice read in amazement. "I know Peter is going to have some fun with those."

All the guys in the class couldn't believe the sheer size of Courtney's jugs. It was harder to believe that Peter would be the one to have his way with them. And that's exactly what Peter did.

Peter's hands bounced and squeezed Courtney's tit flesh. He grounded her mammoth knockers like bread dough. The soft tit flesh soaked through his fingers. His thumbs rubbed up against Courtney's bullet hard nipples. Courtney moaned in delight at Peter's tit play.

"Ohhhhh Peter. That feels so good," moaned Courtney.

Peter couldn't believe how fluffy and heavy Courtney's monstrous titties were. He buried his head between her tits and kissed, sucked, and licked in between them. His large hands still aren't large enough to hold every inch of Courtney massive fluffy jugs, as he wrapped them around each big boob and squeezed them around his hairy head. Peter loved the soft texture of her breast flesh, squished and rubbed against his face.

"Oh my God class! Peter lost his head;" Miss Rice joked, as Courtney's giant breasts completely engulfed Peter's head.

After a few minutes of lubing her cleavage up with his saliva, Peter removed his head and sucked up a huge amount of Courtney's left tit. He held the left tit with both hands with his face squished against it, as he sucked and feasted upon it like a starving newborn. He released the massive tit from his mouth and swirled his tongue around her hard nipples and smooth areola. He used the tip of his tongue to flicker at her nipple. He then used the body of his tongue to press the nipple into her areola and dragged his tongue against both of them.

Courtney's panties were completely soaked, as Peter sucked and fondled just one breast. Half of the female students felt their pussies become moist from watching Peter suck on Courtney's tits.

Peter switched tits and started sucking on her right one the same way. After he finished giving that tit oral pleasure, he tried his best to hold both gigantic tits up and lashed his tongue out on both of them. He tasted his own saliva that covered her tits. Peter squeezed and continued to suck hard on Courtney's titanic fun bags.

Courtney felt her first orgasm and creamed in her thong. Peter continued his tit assault by biting, chewing, and nibbling her wet nipples.

The guys in the class pulled out their hard cocks and began jerking off to the tit pleasure. The girls had their legs spread out and rubbed at their clitorises. Courtney was doing the same thing, as Peter licked and sucked underneath her massive mounds, before dropping them and watching them slap and flop into one another.

"Oh my God! Peter sure do love him some titties," Miss Rice commented, as she pulled her large pink dildo out from her pussy. Miss Rice wanted to cum but she wanted to see more of Peter and Courtney...

Courtney's giant wet tits memorized Peter, as they swayed back and forth from his release.

"I bet every guy in this class envies you Peter," said Miss Rice. "Now Courtney, why don't you return the favor and suck on him for a while."

Peter sat up on the teacher's desk and Courtney stood in from of him, as she undid his belt straps and unzipped his jeans. Peter kicked off his dirty mountain boots and the stink of his sock-covered feet, could be smelt throughout the room.

"Gross Peter!" shouted a few girls.

The guys didn't mind the smell. The sides of Courtney's breasts memorized them, as they bobbed up and down with her movements. Peter's jeans and boxers were around his ankles. His 7-inch thick dick throbbed for Courtney's attention.

Courtney took the pulsing meat in her hands and began jerking it. Peter sat back on the desk and relaxed his body, as Courtney jerked and pulled on his member. She massaged his cockhead with her fingers and then ducked her head forward and scooped up his entire dick between her lips.

Peter's eyes rolled into the back of his head, as the warmth of Courtney's mouth surrounded his dick.

"Hmmm Courtney! You sure do know how too deep-throat a dick," commented Miss Rice.

Courtney thrusted her round ass up in the air for all the boys to see, as she sucked on Peter's dick. Courtney bobbed her head up and down in Peter's bushy patch of pubes. Her lips reached the base of Peter's cock, as she sucked harder and harder. She rubbed her chin up and down on Peter's heavy balls.

"Oh fuck! Oh Jesus!" moaned one male student, as he started cumming from Courtney's blowjob.

Courtney grabbed Peter's legs and rested them on her shoulders, as she sucked and slurped his meaty member. Her saliva poured down Peter's balls and thighs. Courtney released his cock and when to work on his balls. She traced her tongue around each heavy nut sack. Then she sucked one testicle and then the other into her mouth. She released each testicle with a popping sound.

Peter's crotch had a musty stink to it but Courtney didn't mind, as she resumed sucking his wet dick.

"I'm cumming!" moaned Peter.

Courtney bobbed her head faster and faster, as a gush of creamy thick cum, flowed down her throat. Some of Peter's cum leaked out from the sides of Courtney's juicy lips, but she managed to swallow his entire load.

"Oh Peter! Please tell me that wasn't the end of the experiment?" Miss Rice questioned.

"Maybe if he ate her pussy, he would rise again," mentioned one female student, as her legs were completely spread under her desk and a man student was eating her out.

"Excellent idea!" gasped Miss Rice. "Reserve roles now children."

Peter leaped off the desk and kicked his jeans and boxers off his feet. Courtney kicked off her sandals and pulled her mini-skirt off her waist and over her pretty feet. Her pink thong was soak in the middle and Peter immediately started kissing and licking her creamy thighs. He could taste her cum from earlier.

Peter kissed down Courtney's legs until he kissed down to her feet. He took both of her feet and pressed them together. He used his large tongue and began licking the wrinkle soles of her feet up and down.

"Ewww Miss Rice! Peter is sucking Courtney's feet," one female student complained.

Peter sucked on the heels of Courtney's soft feet. Then he moved his tongue between each toe and then began to suck on each toe. Peter sucked both of Courtney's big toes into his mouth and gave them mini-blowjobs.

"Ohhhhh Peter! I've never had another suck my feet before. Hmmmm! Feels so good!" moaned Courtney.

Peter alternated between sucking Courtney's toes and licking her soles. After five minutes, Courtney's feet were glistening in Peter's saliva. Peter's cock had grown hard from sucking her feet, but he still wanted to taste her pussy.

Peter pulled down Courtney's thong and revealed her bald juicy cunt. He tossed her thong over to some male students. They began to fight over who owned her thong.

"Settle down class or you won't be watching this performance anymore," Miss Rice demanded. "Continue on Peter and give Courtney's pussy a real good sucking."

Peter was already ahead of Miss Rice and sucked on Courtney's pussy. His tongue swirled up each of Courtney's moist pussy walls, while he sucked on her whole pussy with his lips.

"Ahhhhh! Eat me you bastard. Oh Fuck yes!" cried Courtney, as she wrapped her legs around Peter's head and arched her back.

Peter's beard tickled Courtney's thighs, as they rubbed up against the sides of his face. Peter had never tasted such a juicy pussy before. Today's experience was like a dream come true for Peter. Courtney was the hottest girl in the whole school district and here he is, having his way with her delicious body.

"Miss Rice? Can we get a closer look at what Peter is doing?" asked one of the horny male students.

"Sure gang. Move on up and see Peter eating Courtney's pussy," Miss Rice agreed.

All the male students and a few female students, moved up all around the desk. The male students had their cocks out and started jerking at the sight of Courtney, as she lied naked on Miss Rice's desk and her gigantic breasts spread out across her chest and trembled to Peter's intense pussy sucking.

The girls were amazed at Peter's tongue maneuvering. He wiggled his tongue deep in the core of Courtney's pussy, as her pussy became wetter and wetter. Peter's beard was drenched in Courtney's juices, as he wrapped his arms around her shivering thighs and prepared himself for her orgasm.

"OOHHHHHH! OH,OH,OH SHIT!" cried Courtney, as she came all over Peter's face.

"Holy Shit!" one of the male students's spoke, as he watched Peter lap up every drop of Courtney's sweet cum. He and a few other male students began to unload there cum, as Peter finished eating Courtney's cunt.

Peter stood up from between an exhausted Courtney's legs and licked his lips, as her cum dripped down his face. He stuck his middle finger up Courtney's pussy and started fingering her furiously. Courtney's body trembled and she started breathing heavy again.

"Ohhhhh Peter! Hmmmmm! Fuck me hard Peter!" cried Courtney.

Peter finger fucked Courtney hard and fast. His other hand grabbed onto one of her mammoth tits and squeezed it. His thumbed ran over her large, hard nipple, as he plunged and wiggled his finger deeper and harder inside her creamy pussy.

"Fuck that pussy Peter!" exclaimed Miss Rice, as her own fingers drilled in and out of her hairy snatch.

Peter dislodged his finger from Courtney's cunt and started spanking her thighs with his hard cock. He then rubbed his thick shaft up and down Courtney's pussy.

All the students watched as Peter slowly inserted his meat between Courtney's pussy folds. Her pussy juices squirted onto Peter's hairy pubes, as he shoved his cock all the way up her pussy. Courtney's legs were on Peter's hairy shoulders, as he began fucking her. His balls rubbed up against the desk and Courtney's pussy, as he pounded away.

The Sex Ed class watched in awe as Peter fucked the most popular girl in school. All the guys had their eyes glued to Courtney's flopping breasts, as they leaped up and down her chest and at Peter.

Peter took the invite and cupped both of her big boobs and held onto them for dear life, as he drilled her drenched cunt harder and faster.

"Ohhh Peter! That's a good way to fuck her. But turn her sideways and fuck her," suggested Miss Rice, as she had her own large tits hanging out of her dress and pinched he nipples.

Peter turned Courtney on her side and had one of her legs resting on his shoulders, while the other leg hung over Miss Rice's desk. Courtney's huge tits laid on top of each other as her body trembled and shook from the pounding Peter was giving her.

Peter licked his thumb and started rubbing Courtney's clitoris. Courtney trashed her head and body around. Her moans and cries could be heard throughout the school. Lucky for the Sex Ed class, it was an after school program.

After five minutes of fucking Courtney in that position, Courtney climbed up on Miss Rice's desk on all fours, with her sweaty and red face, facing the class and her humongous sweat-glistening knockers hanging over the teacher's desk.

Peter climbed up behind Courtney and lodged his cock back into her pussy. Peter wrapped his arms around Courtney's stomach and he could feel her enormous breasts beating against his arms, as they flopped forward from his thrusting.

"OH SHIT!" moaned one male student, as he came from watching Courtney's big titties flop and sway wildly underneath her.

One of the female students started cumming, as she dislodged her fingers from her cunt.

Peter grabbed both of Courtney's swinging jugs, as he fucked her hard doggy-style. Her juicy ass banged back and forth against his hairy crotch. Peter grabbed Courtney's head and started kissing her passionately. He moved his other hand to Courtney's wet pussy and started fingering her, as his cock thrusted faster in her pussy hole.

"Now that's how you fuck class. That's how you fuck," Miss Rice repeatedly said.

"Miss Rice! What about protection? I mean, we don't want Courtney getting pregnant, do we?" one of the female students asked.

"No we don't class," Miss Rice said.

Miss Rice reached into one of her drawers and pulled out a condom.

"Change position Peter and use this condom to finish her off," Miss Rice recommended.

Peter pulled his dick from Courtney's cunt, as she started cumming. The cum poured down her thighs and legs, and spilled onto Miss Rice's desk top, which now smelt and soiled in Peter and Courtney's juices.

Peter lied down on the soiled desk and Courtney lied down on top of Peter in a 69 position. Courtney engulfed Peter's juicy wet cock and could taste her own cum, as she sucked and slurped his manhood. Her huge tits squished against Peter's hairy stomach and thighs, as Peter was eating her pussy out again.

They ate and sucked each other for a few minutes before Courtney took the condom and wrapped it around Peter's swollen cock. Courtney lowered herself onto Peter's dick and started riding him.

"Oh fuck Courtney! Oh yes! You're pussy! You're huge tits! That ass! Oh fuck!" moaned Peter, as he squeezed Courtney's bouncing ass cheeks, as she rode his cock.

Her giant wet titties slid up and down Peter's chest, as she pounced herself down hard and fast on his dick. Peter cupped her tits and started sucking on them. He chewed and nibbled her big nipples, before sucking on them.

"Oh yeah! Suck my tits. Suck them baby! They're all yours!" moaned Courtney, as she locked her bare sweaty feet under Peter's hairy thighs and rode his cock harder and faster.

Peter lifted his ass up off the desk and thrust his cock furiously into Courtney. Both Courtney and Peter became overwhelmed by massive orgasms. They're breathing got heavier and their moans louder. Sweat dripped off both of their exhausted bodies and they cried as soon as they reach their final climax. Peter came inside the rubber condom, while Courtney came over it.

Courtney rested her weaken body on top of Peter's.

"OHHHHH CLASS!" cried out Miss Rice, as she came.

Half of the class started cumming too.

"Oh class! Class dismissed," Miss Rice announced, as she caught her breath and send her class on their way.

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