Sex Ed After Marriage/ Luke's View


Shortly after the birth of our first child, I had the worst case of blue balls in my life. I had gotten used to fantastic sex with Ruth, and for the last three-plus weeks she had been incapacitated. I had been as loving as possible, giving her foot rubs, back massages, getting up in the morning to take the late shift with the baby, etc. This isn't an excuse, just an explanation.

I was walking outside to get a quick lunch, bleary eyed from waking up in the middle of the night, when who should I run into on the street – Jill. Obviously I hadn't seen her see our excursion then about two years earlier.

"Hi, Ryan – hey, how are you doing?" Jill said giving me a big hug, which I returned.

"Jill – I can't believe just seeing you on the street like this. I'm doing great in life in general in no small part due to you, and my sex life with my wife is wonderful."

"I know," she laughed, "I read your questionnaire responses. Do you live or work nearby?'

"Yeah, I was just going to lunch. Do you have time to join me?"

"I sure do, I have lots of news."

"Well how about the Italian Deli around the corner? I'm buying."

We had a mirth filled lunch talking about many things, including that she had finished her PhD thesis. Most importantly I found out that she had been staying at a friend's apartment nearby for two nights, and the next afternoon was returning to New Zealand for good, and likely would never be back to our city. Also significantly, I reiterated how wonderful the sex with Ruth had been – never using her name – but how now I was spoiled because I knew what real sex was like, and had a horrible case of blue balls.

As we were leaving the Deli she asked "Do you need to get right back to work?"

"Actually, I'm pretty much my own boss now, answering only to the President of the company, so I can return whenever I want. Why?"

Looking at me very seductively and gently touching my arm she continued "Well there is one thing I didn't teach you during our wonderful excursion that might help you now."

"Gee, Jill, uh, well, I really don't want to cheat on my wife."

"Actually, since this is different, you can look at it as just an extension of your learning experience, not as cheating. It will take care of your problem too, I guarantee it."

She gave me a look that would make a eunuch hard, grabbed my hand, and said "Come on."

My brain said "No" but my dick said "Yes" and at that particular moment in time my dick had more blood in it, so as she dragged me along I called my secretary and told her something had come up and I wouldn't be back "For an hour," which I quickly changed to "make that two hours," when Jill grabbed my balls with one hand and held up two fingers with the other as an evil grin washed across her face.

When we got to her friend's apartment I asked about his/her whereabouts. "She won't be back until dinner time; don't worry about her just concentrate on what I'm going to teach you. First I need to make sure you're in the right mood."

With that she seductively removed her clothes, slowly took mine off while staring at me like a snake would a mouse, and then French kissed me while making sure that my hands were on her breasts, crotch, or butt and while rubbing my back and testicles.

I was so hot within minutes I was about to burst, but I had a second of clarity/guilt/conscious, whatever you want to call it.

"Jill, this doesn't look like something new. Something really sexy, but I really am so worried about...."

She stopped me in mid-sentence. "We never did anal, and I'll bet you never did with your wife, either."

That took me back. I had never done anal, and really knew almost nothing about it. Despite the fact that Ruth and I had now done what we both considered major sexual experimentation I'm not sure it ever even seriously crossed our minds.

"No, but I'm not sure..."

Again Jill stopped me in mid-sentence putting a finger to my lips. "You know I never did anything to lead you wrong during our learning excursion, and I'm telling you now that fucking my ass will rid you of your blue balls without any vaginal penetration or any oral activity, so you won't be doing anything you have done or will do with your wife. Many women hate it and will never do it – I love it and will make you enjoy it with me, no one else."

Since she was holding onto my dick when she said this, and all my blood was there so that my brain was starved, I stopped protesting and just followed her lead.

She started out clinically. She gave me a tube of lube, showed me the right amount to use first placing it on her rosebud, then on one finger inserted into her anus, then two, and then twisting them. As I was doing this, following her instructions, I could see her getting white hot. She started panting, moaning, and working one hand at her crotch. I bent over to confirm that she was energizing her clit. It seemed more than an instructional session when she moaned/yelled "Lube your cock and shove it into my asshole."

By then I was too sexually charged to do anything but follow her instructions. Even though my cock was well lubed it met resistance when first inserted, but then suddenly "popped" in, almost like when I had broken Ruth's hymen. Once that happened Jill groaned then yelled "Fuck the shit out of me!" which I assumed was just an expression and she was not really going to defecate as a result of it.

I did as instructed as she gyrated, pumped back, and bobbed her head up and down while furiously stroking her clit. I lost all control and ejaculated into her within the shortest period of time since I could remember; but it felt really, really good! I could tell she wasn't done yet, though, so I did my best to keep pumping until she finally screamed and collapsed.

As we lay next to each other cuddling, with one of my legs between hers, I felt a warm ooze. I looked down and saw my cum leaking out of her anus. I was really surprised by how much there was. To be honest, I really wasn't pleased with my spunk on my leg so I whispered to Jill I was going to clean us off, went and got a washcloth and returned to bed with her on her back and her legs in the air and her butt just above the sheets, laughing.

"I thought I'd get in position," she giggled.

After I cleaned us off she nuzzled up to me, kissed me, and said, "I'm sorry I lost control. I haven't had an ass fuck in months, and I needed that as much as you needed to bust a nut. Now that we've gotten quick relief let's do another, more proper, ass fuck."

"As horny as I was coming here I'm not sure I have another in me now," I replied.

"Leave that to me," she said, pulling a lozenge from her purse and handing it to me. "Dissolve this under your tongue while we shower."

Again I did as instructed, even though the lozenge (like the ones she had given me during our excursion) tasted horrible. She cleaned my cock and testicles off thoroughly, with her hands, soap, and water, in the shower. I cleaned her luscious thighs off, but tried to stay away from her breasts and crotch since I did not want to get so excited that I would want a pussy fuck. She realized that and simply said "Chicken." She did demand that I wash her rear end and anus fully, which I did.

About 45 minutes to an hour after I had fucked Jill's ass the first time, as we lay on the bed again she grabbed my dick and balls and started slowly at first, and then feverishly, stimulating them with her hands and mouth. She was as expert at this as I remembered, the only sex Ruth and I had engaged in where Ruth hadn't surpassed her. It wasn't long before I was rock hard, she got on her hands and knees, and handed me the tube of lube again. I guess I remembered all of the steps properly because all she said was "That's it, that's right," interspersed with moans of course.

As I started inserting my dick into her anus she said, "Stop for a while when you're fully buried." Again there was that resistance and pop as I penetrated her, and when I stopped after a complete insertion she started squeezing and releasing her sphincter muscles, giving my shaft a great massage. As she did this, she reached between her legs and instead of working on her clitoris she massaged my testicles.

WOW. I mean this really felt good! She was obviously enjoying it immensely too. When both of us could tell I was getting close with a low grunt she instructed me to start pounding. I did. By the 10th stroke we had massive simultaneous orgasms.

We both lay close to comatose when my dick popped out of her anus, sending shivers up our spines, but jolting us both back to reality.

I got dressed while staring at Jill's naked body as, totally ignored by Jill, my cum once again started leaking out of her asshole. Once I was dressed she pulled me down to her lips by my tie and I instinctively placed one of my hands on a breast. After she kissed me, removing her tongue from my mouth, she said "Sorry, I kind of used you; but I really needed a great fuck before my long trip, and you certainly came through. You were awesome."

"I still owe you big time," I replied, "and you certainly did really teach me something new." We kissed again, and I left.

The rest of the day every time I became aware of the lube still at my crotch and on my boxers I sighed – for three reasons. The first, it reminded me of my first anal fucks, and how good they felt. The second, I no longer had blue balls. The third; was I ever going to be able to make it up to Ruth since despite the uniqueness of the experience I had cheated.

They say confession is good for the soul. It is, but not for marriages. I've never told Ruth about the anal incident with Jill, and never will, but try every day to be the best husband I can. I know for sure that we both are completely fulfilled in every way, including sexually, and I don't ever want to rock that boat, and never will stray again.

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