tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Education Ch. 02

Sex Education Ch. 02


It was time for the Thanksgiving Formal at Barton Hills. I had spent the last four weeks trying to figure out a way to seduce Mim. My roadblock was that I didn't think Mim would fall for any cheap tricks. She was not only beautiful, but smart and sophisticated. In the end, I decided to just go and have a good time. Maybe karma would be with me. At the very least, I would spend an evening with Mim.

There are not many occasions that I can dress in formal Scottish attire. My great grandparents emigrated in the early part of the twentieth century. Along with their meager possessions, they brought a strong sense of their culture. My great grandfather worked hard, opened a small bank that soon became a big bank, catering to immigrants. My grandfather took over and he increased the family's prosperity, along with a sense of propriety. He instituted the tradition of a formal family dinner every Sunday. He would take the family to the local Episcopal Church and then back to his house for a splendid meal. He also insisted on formal Scottish attire.

Thus from an early age I learned how to wear a kilt. As I grew, I also developed a special kinship with the Scottish customs. I wore a kilt to my wedding and every other formal event. I loved proclaiming my heritage in such an obvious and stylish way.

I adjust my sporran while evaluating my reflection in the full length mirror. From the ghille brogues on my feet to the Prince Charlie jacket, I look the perfect Scottish gentleman. I hope Mim will find me well turned out, but maybe not a "perfect" gentleman.

Arriving at the Academy I park and head over to the main administration building for a small reception.

Ruthann greets me at the door.

"Wow, Mac," she gushes, "you look really cool. And handsome." She blushes a bit with that admission.

"And you, my bonnie lass, are a sight of beauty."

Ruthann blushes deeper. But it's true. She's wearing a cocktail dress of soft black crepe that reaches her knees. Standing in two inch pumps, she is as tall as I am. Her hair is braided into one long plait and rests over her shoulder. The dress accents her young curves and small breasts that do not appear to be encumbered by a bra and the shoes make her long legs even more appealing. Her make-up is not over-done and I wonder if Mim might have had a hand in it. My suspicions increase as I lean forward to kiss her cheek and inhale the same delicate scent that Mim wears.

"Thanks, Mac," she coos and kisses me back on my cheek. "Let me go and let Ms. Collins know you're here," she says and turns away.

I look around the formal entry hall and study the portraits of former Heads of School. They all look fairly stiff and quite formidable. I don't know the current head, but heard she is not as rigid as her predecessors. She understood that today's parents and students want order but not a stranglehold on their burgeoning daughters.

I sense movement and turn. I stop breathing.

Mim is crossing toward me. I did not think such beauty existed.

Mim is wearing a floor-length white soft silk gown with a tartan sash flowing from her right shoulder to her left hip, where it is knotted together. A brooch pins the sash to her shoulder. Her dress is slit halfway up her right side and a flash of leg appears with every step. The silk clings to her body, subtly defining her feminine figure. I can see her breasts move feely under the fabric and notice no visible break in the fall of the dress over her hips. I wonder if she too is naked under her clothing.

Her golden hair is piled high and pulled into a loose bun in the back. With her hair out of the way of her long, elegant neck, my gaze falls to the slightly scooped neckline. She has accented her green eyes with enough mascara to make them appear to be two emeralds set in ivory. Her lips are a deep pink to help highlight the blush on her cheekbones.

She seems to glide toward me. I look down to see a black patent leather pump appear as the slit that reaches half-way up her thigh exposes a shapely leg.

As with Ruthann, her shoes bring her to eye level with me. She rests her hand on my shoulder and leans in to kiss my cheek. I am not sure what swooning is, but I think I may have done so as her lips touch my skin.

Pulling back she smiles and then a cloud crosses her face.

"Mac, are you all right? It looks like you've seen a ghost."

Recovering, I try to make light, "A bit early in the evening for Macbeth, Mim."

She smiles but asks again.

"Seriously, are you feeling all right?"

I decide to go for it.

"Mim, I am feeling a bit weak in the knees."

She frowns and then I continue.

"I have never seen a more beautiful woman than the one before me."

She beams and slips her arm through mine.

"Thank you."

Guiding me toward the main hall, she adds, "And, I must add that I have never seen a Scottish gentleman look better."

We enter the hall and I swear there is a moment of silence as heads turn toward us. I catch Ruthann out of the corner of my eye and she silently applauds.

I wink and then feel Mim moving us forward. We begin the introductions.

After forty minutes of champagne and light conversation, the Head of School makes a few remarks thanking everyone, especially the generous patrons of the Academy. She then instructs us to head to the ballroom attached to the original mansion.

As we are moving along with the crowd, with Mim easily resting her hand on my arm, a different hand slips under my other arm. I turn to see my friend Jennifer.

"My God, Mac, you are beyond handsome tonight."

Mim peeks her head around and says, "Hell-o Jennifer. Nice to see you. Here with your husband?"

Hmm, I sense the beginning of a cat fight, or at least one feline marking her territory.

"Actually, Caroline and I are here together. The boys are off to Bermuda for golfing and whatever."

I notice Caroline, another mutual friend from my married days, standing alongside of Jennifer.

"Too bad," purrs Mim. "I understand the band is quite good."

Not to be pushed aside, "Well, maybe Mac can find a spot on his dance card for an old friend."

"Maybe," replies Mim, "but I think it just may be full."

"Well," says Jennifer as she squeezes my bicep, "we'll just have to see." She and Caroline move off. I think Jennifer is wiggling her ass a bit as she moves in front of us.

"You can retract your claws now," I say lightly.

Mim blushes then smiles. "That obvious?"

"No matter," I say. "I do feel a bit flattered."

"Why so?" she replies. "I do think your dance card may be full. I know I love to dance and I did promise Ruthann and Chrissy they each could have a turn or two. And, our dear Head of School whispered that she wouldn't mind a spin around the floor. So, your friendly flirtatious friend may just be shite out of luck."

I explode with her last statement and pat her hand resting on my forearm.

"I am your guest and am at your complete disposal."

"Complete! Hmm."

I leave that hanging as we enter the grand ballroom. There are round tables set along the perimeter and the middle left open for dancing. A five piece combo occupies one end of the room and is playing soft background music as we take our seats.

The table conversation is both spirited and entertaining. Each person contributes stories and observations. As the wait staff is clearing the dinner in preparation for dessert, a young woman rushes to our table and whispers into Mim's ear. She nods and the young woman leaves.

"I'm afraid you must excuse me for a bit. Seems one of the girls in my dorm has taken sick. I'll look in on her and see if she needs the nurse. Please enjoy yourselves and I'll be back as soon as I can."

She turns to me and says softly, "Sorry, Mac. I'll ask Ruthann and Chrissy to look after you. Save me a dance."

Mim stands and quickly leaves the ballroom. My eyes trail her as her bottom moves seductively under the silk.

We enjoy dessert and the band picks up the pace and the dancing begins.

Chrissy and Ruthann approach me.

"How about a dance?" Chrissy asks.

We make our way into the crowd. There's a slow ballad and I take the young blond in my arms.

She rests her head on my shoulder and we slowly move to the music. I am amazed at the womanly feel of her body. Her surprisingly full breasts press into me. She softly sighs and pushes into me. Our thighs rub and my hand rests on her muscled lower back.

The song ends and Chrissy whispers in my ear, "That was dreamy, Mac. Thanks."

"Thank you," I reply and lead her back to where Ruthann is waiting.

"Com'on, Mac," calls Ruthann as she grabs my hand and pulls me to the dance floor as the band revs up.

"I doubt if I'm any good at this type of dancing," I say.

"Hey, we're a bunch of white folks. Nobody is good at dancing."

The band makes its way through a couple covers of modern pop songs and then takes the tempo down with a slow tune.

"Now, this is something I can do," I say to Ruthann.

"I hope so, 'cause I suck at real dancing. I noticed Chrissy was doing great."

"It's not hard."

I slide my hand around her waist. She looks at me with doe eyes.

"Put your hand on my shoulder. I'll guide you and just slide your feet along with me."

She's athletic enough to be able to control her body and we manage to get through the dance. She smiles broadly at the end.

"Thanks, Mac. That was cool. I think we actually danced."

"We did, indeed. And no need for thanks. The pleasure is all mine."

"Mac, you're cool." She hugs me. I felt her young body tight against mine, her small breasts pushing into my chest. Alarm bells started going off and I step back.

The band starts another slow tune. Ruthann looks at me and smiles. She comes into my arms and we dance. After a minute, she moves her body close to mine and entwines her arms behind my neck. Her body conforms to mine. I feel her breasts push into my chest, sense her nipples digging in, her legs brush my thighs and her groin rubs against me.

Although she is just a young girl, I am just a man. I feel my body begin to react. She must feel my growing reaction and pushes slightly harder into my crotch. She sighs softly into my ear.

I gently unclasp her hands from my neck. Stepping back, I smile at her.

"I need a break."

She looks at me through half-closed eyes.

"This is so sweet, Mac. Do we hafta' stop?"

I then nod and stroke her cheek.

"I need something cool to drink."

"Yeah, me too," she sighs understanding that whatever was starting to happen was not going to continue. "Let's find Chrissy and get a drink."

We see her friend at the bar. The girls get diet colas and I order a beer.

"Let's go out on the terrace. I need to cool down," says Ruthann.

The night is cool, but not cold. We stand looking at the cloudless sky with its endless band of stars.

"You guys looked totally together in that slow dance," offers Chrissy.

"Mac, is smooth."

"Amen!" says Chrissy.

I lift my beer and the girls clink their glasses.

"Mac, you really are the man," Chrissy says.

"I guess you'd have to be to be in the sex ed class," adds Ruthann.

After a silence, she asks. "What was it like standing there naked?""

"Ruthann," hisses Chrissy, "that's not a nice thing to ask."

"Well, I don't know. I mean I don't think I could do that in front of a class of guys."

I laugh. "Yeah, not something I do every day."

"But you seemed relaxed," says Chrissy.

"Funny, I think those dark glasses probably help us more than they do the audience. By not being able to see all the girls, you feel like you're not on display. It sounds strange, but I never felt exposed."

"Well, you were," snorts Chrissy.

The three of us laugh.

"Anyway," adds Ruthann, "you were the only guy who didn't get, you know, like hard after it was over."


Ruthann chokes. "Shit, sorry, I mean I wasn't implying..."

"I'm only teasing you, Ruthann."

"Oh, yeah. But, Mac, when we were dancing, I think I felt something."

My stomach flips.

"Sorry, Ruthann, I'm embarrassed. I didn't mean for anything to happen."

"Wow, like you got hard, Mac?" asks Chrissy.

"Not totally. That's why I needed this break. Look, girls, I'm a guy and you are two beautiful young women. Sometimes, things happen. Don't think I'm some old perv."

They each snake an arm through mine.

"Mac, we don't think that way, honest," says Ruthann. "As far as I'm concerned, we never have to talk about it again."

She kisses my cheek and Chrissy kisses the other. We look at the stars for a while.

"You know," Ruthann says, "I never saw a guy naked before our class and certainly never saw a hard-on. It was totally weird seeing Robbie with an erection. I was shocked but also turned on a little."

"Yeah, me, too," says Chrissy. "I really liked feeling all those tight butts and then seeing the other guys hard. That was awesome."

"So, Ruthann, I guess you learned something," I ask. "How about you, Chrissy, also a first as far as seeing a naked guy or an erection?"

Chrissy remains silent, then softly says, "No, on both accounts."

"Do tell, girl," urges Ruthann.

"Well, my stepfather's son, Jason, is my age. When mom and I moved in with them last summer, I thought it would be kinda' weird. But, Jason is a decent guy and we hit it off. We like the same music and movies and started hanging out together. Our parents dug that and were happy we not causing them grief.

"Jason lives in a room over the garage. His father fixed up the space and put in a bathroom. Jason liked it because he said he could play his music loud, have friends over and mostly just have private space. At first, he never invited me up. I assumed he just wanted to keep it a special place. After a few weeks, however, I got curious and asked him about it. He said I could come up anytime. So, I started hanging out there. We would hang, watch TV or play video games. A lot of the time, we just chilled and enjoyed being together.'

Chrissy finishes her soda and sets the glass on the banister.

"Can we go in? I'm getting chilled," she asks.

Reentering the building, Ruthann leads us to a small library. We each take a seat in worn leather chairs and Chrissy takes up her tale.

"One day I get home late from a friend's house. My mom and stepdad are not around, so I go up to Jason's. I hear the music blasting and knock on his door, but get no answer. I open it and find Jason dancing around his room—totally naked.

"I sorta' freak. I don't know what to do. He hasn't seen me yet, so I'm thinking maybe I should just sneak back out. Just then, he turns and sees me. He's still dancing and his dick is like flopping around all over the place.

"He sees me and smiles. Not embarrassed or anything."

"Hey, Chrissy, wanna' dance?" he calls out.

"I figure what the fuck, oops, sorry, Mac. Anyway, I start dancing. Totally bizarre. After a while we are both tired and he turns the music down."

"You're a good dancer, Chrissy."

"Thanks. You're naked, Jason."

"He smiles and asks if I want a Coke."

"We're sitting on his bed like this is perfectly normal. Jason says he likes being naked. He explained that's why he was reluctant to invite me up to his room in the beginning. Then, he enjoyed hanging out with me, but he missed being able to be naked. He was going to tell me about it, but now that I was there, he doesn't have to.

"After that, he was nude a lot of the times I went up there. He never tried to get me to take my clothes off, although he said I could if I wanted. And, he never tried to hit on me or anything. He just liked walking around bare-assed. After a few times, I got used to it. He has a nice body and I had never seen a naked boy before. One day I came up and he was in his bed reading and he had an erection."

Chrissy looks at both of us and smiles. She is blushing and Ruthann gives her a sip from her glass.

"Anyway, he says hi like it's nothing. I get a little annoyed."

"Jason, you have a hard-on," I said.

"Yeah. I'm reading some really neat erotic lit. Actually, I was just going to beat-off. Would that freak you out?"

"I shrugged and he took that as a no and began rubbing it. I just watched and in a few minutes he was exploding all over his stomach. He asks me to get him some toilet paper from his bathroom. I do and he cleans himself up."

"I needed that," he says.

"I ask him what he's reading and he hands me a book by Anais Nin. I started reading and got turned on myself. She writes really neat erotic stuff. Anyway, from then on, Jason would continue to be nude, walk around with a hard-on and masturbate any time he felt like it. He said I could feel free to do the same, or not. I chose 'or not'—well not with him anyway. The only thing I ever did was help him masturbate. It was neat but since I didn't have any romantic feelings for him, it was just sorta' an experiment. The good thing is I got pretty good at it, at least according to Jason."

Ruthann pats her hand. "Wow, I never heard any of that."

"Well, there never seemed to be a good time to bring it up. Tonight, I guess was a good time."

"So, have you had any other times to practice this new skill," asked Ruthann.

"Unfortunately, no," says Chrissy. "Although after seeing the guys at our sex ed class, I was getting itchy palms."

We share a good laugh and fall into silence.

After a few moments, Ruthann asks me, "Hey, did Ms. Collins ask you about helping with The Sirens?"

"Sirens? No, she didn't mention anything about them. What do you use sirens for, emergency warning?"

Both girls giggle.

"What? Is there something wrong with them?"

They giggle some more and Ruthann says, "We should let Ms. Collins talk to you."

I'm about to push the subject, when we're interrupted.

"There you are. You naughty boy trying to hide from us."

I look up to see Jennifer and Caroline entering the room.

"Ruthann and Chrissy," she says, "why don't you two girls run along and rejoin the rest of the people. We want to talk with Mac in private."

I see the looks in the girl's eyes and hope they don't say what they obviously are thinking.

Ruthann pulls it together.

"Sure, Mrs. Condron," she says. "We'll leave you grown-ups alone."

She and Chrissy leave.

"Mac, we've been looking all over for you," purrs Jennifer.

"Well, you found me."

Jennifer walks toward me and I notice she is slightly unsteady.

"Had a couple champagnes?"

"Jus' a couple," she giggles. Caroline covers her mouth and joins in the giggling.

"Was there something special you wanted, Jennifer?"

"As a matter of fact there is," she says.

She pulls up a footstool in front of my chair and she and Caroline sit down.

"Actually, there are two things."

Her words are definitely slurring.

I wait but she just sits there smiling.

"And, they would be what?"

The two women look at each other and giggle some more. It's getting annoying.

"Well, they are related. You see, Mac, I was describing the sex ed class and how you were the star—the biggest star."

Caroline blushes and looks away.

"Yes, I told her Mandy certainly was most likely not exaggerating when she told us what a great fuck you were."

I stare at her.

"What?" she asks.

"Oh, come on, Mac. What do you think we girls talk about when you guys are out golfing or driving cars around in a circle? Huh?"

"I have no idea."

"S-E-X," she says. "Who's getting it and who's not. Which husband is a good screw. Which guys will go down on us and if they're any good. Sex, Mac, that's what we want to talk about.

"Mandy used to say you were the best fuck she'd ever had. And, that you could last for hours and had a great dick. We were all so jealous. Christ, Caroline and I have talked about it. Both our husbands are fat and fast."

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