tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Education Ch. 04

Sex Education Ch. 04


(This is a long section, but we are nearing the end. There is a Chapter 5 to follow shortly that concludes our education. I appreciate your attention to the story so far.)

The next few weeks are busy at the garage. My involvement with work helps to take my mind from completely dwelling on the web of relationships I find myself in.

I like things simple. My life at this point is anything but simple. After posing naked for an anatomy lesson put on by Mim for her senior class girls, then posing nude for a painting, I'm still on a minor exhibitionist high. When I add in being naked with my cousin's beautiful girlfriend, the artist's 19 year old daughter and Mim, the object of my erotic fantasies, I am seriously sexually wired. To top off everything, I had an incredible night of passion with Dede, the artist. I was trying to evaluate how to pursue a possible continuing relationship with her when she suggested I should be the one to introduce her daughter to sex.

While I'm sorting all this out—or trying to do so—Dede calls and says she is working from her photos of our modelling sessions and won't be scheduling another posing session before Christmas. I ask her if we could get together, but she is also working on an installation of one of her works in North Carolina and would be travelling.

I check back in with Dede when she returns. This is the week before Christmas and she tells me she's taking Ruthann to Aruba for Christmas. Chrissy and her mother are going along.

I begin to feel that maybe Dede and I will not pursue our relationship. What this means still is not clear to me.

I'm closing my shop late on a Thursday when the door opens and Mim enters.

She looks great with her cheeks rosy from the cold. She's wearing a deep green parka with a fur hood, jeans and calf length leather boots. Her hair is contained in a white wool ski hat.

"Greetings, Mac."

I step around the counter and kiss her cheek while I hug her.

"Nice surprise. What's up?"

"Just deposited a couple students at the bus depot and thought I'd pop in."

"Glad to see you. I'm just finishing up. Have time for a drink?"

"Sounds nice."

Mim slips off her jacket and sits in one of my waiting room chairs. She flips through an auto magazine while I complete my paperwork.

I grab my coat and lock the garage. I notice an older Range Rover in the lot. We decide on a local bar and Mim follows me in the Rover.

Seated at a booth near the open hearth, we order Scotch and a cheese plate and enjoy the warmth and smell of the wood fire.

"So, school's emptying out?"

Mim takes a long pull and smiles.

"Aye, the little darlings are scurrying back to their little nests."

"Don't seem too sorry to see them go."

Mim smiles. "I do enjoy them, but it is good to think of having a wee bit of time off."

"Plans for Christmas?"

Mim shakes her head. "I could run down to New York to see my auntie. But, I just may stay here."

"Like stay in the dorm?"

"Oh, it's not as bad as you might imagine."

"It's probably worse," I say.

Mim shrugs and takes a sip.

"You'll have Christmas with us. We go to my Aunt Sadie's, Sam's mother. She's a great cook and we will all have a blast."

"Oh, I couldn't."

"You can, and you will. The matter's settled, Mim. You can even sleep over at the house, there's lots of room. Sam and I usually stay. It's easier and we don't have to moderate our drinking."

"You're too kind, Mac. Thank you. I'm sure I will enjoy it."

"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"

Mim says she has no plans.

Even though I had been working on this plan for a while I try to sound casual as I tell her about the Christmas Walk in Marblehead. All the shops are decorated, put out treats, and there's lots of street entertainment. I suggest we go.

"Sounds like fun, Mac, but I'm not sure."

Mim has rebuked any attempt at a romantic relationship. I try to sell her on my idea.

"It's not a date, Mim. We can just have fun—like friends do. I know a great inn. I'll get us a couple rooms. We can enjoy the day, have a great dinner and then come back on Sunday. C'mon, we'll have fun."

"Sounds like an offer I can't refuse, but I'll pay my share."

"It's my treat. But you can buy an expensive wine for Christmas dinner."

"Ok, let's call it a fair deal."


We stay at the bar and enjoy a light supper. Mim and I go our separate ways. Although driving, I am riding on air.

We decide to take her Rover and Mim picks me up early Saturday morning.

I'm comfortable with her driving and we enjoy the ride up through Massachusetts. I ask about her Jag and she tells me she garages it at Dede's for the winter.

"Uncle Jacky gave it to me when I turned 21. He even paid to have it shipped her when I took the position at the Academy. He's such a dear man. I miss him."

Enjoying the ride and easy conversation, we arrive in Marblehead around noon.

Mim is immediately taken by the charm of the seaside town with its narrow streets and colonial architecture. The temp is in the mid-thirties accompanied by light snow. We stroll along from shop to shop, enjoying the variety of goods and the cheerfulness of the shop owners and fellow patrons. We grab a hot chocolate and stand along the harbor looking out at the dark water. There are few boats on the water. A lone two-master glides toward the yacht club.

"I always enjoyed looking out over the Firth of Forth," says Mim. "Of course, this is much smaller, but today the color of the water and the clouds remind me of home."

"Miss it much?"

"At times, yes, I miss it a lot. I suppose around the holidays my thoughts are with my family. In recent years, we'd gather at my Uncle Jackie's in England.

"I have a little cottage about an hour outside of Edinburgh, near Stirling. It was my father's retreat and he left it to me. Not much of a place, but it sits high on a hill. I can sit on a rock bench my father made and look over the countryside. A narrow road snakes its way up from the valley. I think I miss that little place more than anything else. I can always sort out things when I'm there."

I slip my arm around her shoulder. Mim initially tenses, but then slowly eases into me. I support her and we silently gaze at the harbor.

"No plans to go over?" I ask.

Mim takes a deep breath and I detect a slight catch in her throat. She stares at the small whitecaps and takes another breath.

"Not right now," she says. I can hear the strain in her voice. "Just not a good time."

I pull her closer.

"Thanks, Mac," Mim says softly after a few minutes. "Got caught up in a bit of melancholy. You're a good friend."

I wonder if I am, or if I'm just trying to get close to her for reasons other than friendship.

"Well, I think I have the perfect cure for the blues."

"What?" asks Mim.


Mim giggles and says, "You do know how to cheer a lass up."

We hit the stores hard. I pick up gifts for my Aunt and Sam. I also get something for my cousin Samantha's girlfriend, Crystal, since she will also join us for Christmas dinner.

Mim gets presents for Dede, Ruthann and Chrissy. She picks up a scented candle to bring to my Aunt. She also selects a decadently expensive bottle of wine for dinner. I add another to be sure we have enough.

Next we enter a small store with exquisite handmade woolen goods. Mim tries on a variety of hats and mugs for the mirror. She seems to have loosened up considerably and is enjoying herself. She's acting more like a twenty-nine year old woman and not the serious teacher that sometimes dominates her demeanor. She plucks wild designs from a rack and makes me try them on. We laugh looking at ourselves in the mirror. I see a scarf that would be perfect on Mim. I reach for it and hand it to her. She tries it on and I can tell she loves it. I want to buy it, but she objects.

"Mim, it's just a scarf. It doesn't mean that we are dating or involved. I really appreciate that you came with me today. Let me get this for you."

Mim turns toward the mirror, modeling the soft wool around her neck. She catches my eyes in the reflection and mouths, "Thank you."

I pay for the scarf and Mim decides to wear it. The clerk, a young girl, tells her it looks great on her. "You guys are a cute couple," she adds. "It looks like you're having a lot of fun."

I tense, but Mim just smiles and thanks her. We exit the store and the cold breeze hits us.

"Mim, don't let what she said..."

"Relax, Mac, it's nothing."

We spend another hour looking around and then head to the car. I navigate and Mim drives up the coast to the inn. We pull into a small courtyard in front of a stone cottage. There are about a half dozen other vehicles parked there.

I grab our bags and we enter into a cozy reception area. A young woman behind the counter greets us. I give her our names, indicating we have two reservations.

She taps at her computer, then frowns. She taps some more and then excuses herself to disappear into a room behind her. In a few moments, she returns accompanied by a middle-aged man. He taps on the keyboard, frowns and turns to us.

"Good afternoon, I'm Walter Hobbs, the owner. I'm sorry to say we have a bit of a problem."

"Oh," I say.

"It appears we only have one room available."

"I made two reservations," I say beginning to get a little angry. I am worrying that Mim may think I have done something on purpose to engineer us into the same room.

"Yes, we do have your initial request. But, it seems that one room was cancelled."

"I never cancelled anything," I insist.

Hobbs taps some more. His eyes widen and then taps again.

"I think I found the problem. We had your reservations. But, we also had a single reservation in the name of J. G. Collins. That was the one that was cancelled, but somehow our system cancelled both Collins. This is not supposed to happen and I apologize. The good news is that I can put you in our best room, if that works for you. It has a beautiful four-poster king-sized bed, a newly refurbished bath and a gas fireplace. I will offer you a substantial discount to make up for our mistake."

"Give us a minute," I say.

Mim and I step into the living room that serves as a sitting area for guests. We are alone at this moment.

"Mim, I'm sorry. Listen, we can try to find another place around here. Or, we can just pack it in and go home. I'll drive and you can snooze the whole way."

Mim looks around the room taking in the paneled walls, bookshelves, the oriental carpet, the tasteful antiques and a mini bar set up in the far corner.

"Mac, I doubt if we will find any place as charming as this."

I nod in agreement and add that if we are lucky we just might find a motel.

"At the risk of going against my Ice Princess image, I say let's give it a fling and stay here."

We both redden at her choice of words.

Laughing, Mim adds, "Well, not actually a fling. More of a promise that you'll stay on your side of the 'beautiful four-poster' bed."

"Are you sure?"

"Mac, this has been a lot of fun today. Mind you, this is not a date, but I would love to relax, have dinner and not have to drive back tonight."

"Great. And, Mim?"

She locks her eyes to mine.

"I promise to be a perfect gentleman."

"Unfortunately, I was counting on that," she responds with a wistful look.

I go back to the desk and book the room. I also confirm that we still had a reservation at the adjoining restaurant. Hobbs assures me we do and promises the best table in the house.

I return to the sitting room to find Mim pouring two tumblers of Lagavulin 16.

"Mac, they have a wonderful bar. Cheers."

We touch rims while our eyes meet.

"Cheers," I reply.

We sit in front of the log fire and enjoy the smoky Scotch.

"Sorry about the screw-up, Mim. I didn't..."

"Mac, I know you had nothing to do with it. Relax. We'll be fine. Just don't tell my Head of School."

"I'll never sully your reputation," I said and lifted my glass.

Mim lifted hers in recognition of our silent bond. She then glances at the bar table and I get the message. I refill our glasses, and drop a twenty in the honor bowl.

A few other guests wander in and soon we all are engaged in conversation, sharing stories of what we did during the day. Mim receives several compliments on the woolen scarf draped around her neck.

Around 5 we take our bags to our room. Although the inn messed up our reservations, Hobbs was right-on in describing our room. Mim actually squeals when we push the door open. She looks all around and then makes a bee line to the window. Although it was dark, we knew we were looking out over the Atlantic. Mim pushes up the window. Immediately the cold, salty air fills our lungs.

"Mac, this is wonderful."

Standing next to her, I agree. I love the atmosphere and the warmth of her body touching mine.

Mim breaks away and places her bag on the stand next to the large wardrobe that serves as our closet. I close the window.

She opens and takes out a smaller bag. Walking into the bathroom, I hear her cry out.

I stick my head in and see the large tub in the corner. Next to it is a separate glass shower.

"Mac, I am going to take a soak. Do you mind?"

"Not at all. I'll go see if I can get a menu so we can take a look before we eat. Take your time. Our reservations are not for another two hours."

I leave as Mim starts the water flowing.

I chat with the hostess at the restaurant and ask her about the specials. She is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She offers me a menu to take back to the room.

On my way back to the room I fix two more large Scotches.

In the room, I see the bathroom door cracked a few inches and hear Mim's voice as she sings softly.

"Back," I call out.


"I brought a couple more whiskys."

"God, you're magic. Bring them in."

My heartbeat increases as I cross to the door and nudge it open with my knee.

Mim is lying in the tub, steam curling around her face. Her hair is pulled up on top of her head, and her skin is pinkish.

She looks at me and smiles.

"Is this too decadent," she asks. "Soaking in this fabulous tub and having 16 year old whisky? The only thing missing is chocolate."

I place the tumblers on the marble counter top and go back into the bedroom. I return with a box of Harbor Sweets chocolates.

Mim's eyes widen. "What?"

"I bought these as a surprise when you went for a bathroom break today. I was saving them for later, but now seems like a good time."

"Mac, you are too much."

She rises up and in the process exposes her breasts. I hand her the drink and we toast. I stare at her pink breasts and dark nipples.

Mim follows my gaze. "You've seen them before."

"Yeah, but I don't think I could ever tire of the view. You are beautiful, Mim."

Again we toast and Mim says, "Now open those totally decadent goodies."

I pull the top off and Mim carefully selects a candy. She takes a bite, exams the contents, sighs and pops the rest in her mouth.

I sit on the edge of the tub. Mim motions for the box and chooses another morsel. She enjoys the sweet treat with her eyes closed. Swallowing, she opens her eyes and smiles at me. I hand her the menu and she considers it as she sips on her drink.

"What would think of splitting the Chateaubriand?" she asks.

I agree and tell her there are a couple spectacular cabernets on the wine list.

Handing me back the menu, she reclines in the tub. Her nipples break the surface. I also can see her lower half under the water. Mim has trimmed back her blond bush after our posing sessions. I detect a narrow strip between her legs.

Mim takes a long drink and hands me her glass. She undoes her hair, sinks back into the tub and submerges herself.

After a few seconds, she pops up. Her hair is now plastered down her back.

"Going to wash your hair?" I ask.


"I thought I could help."

Mim regards me for a bit, then nods.

She directs me to her cosmetic bag and I retrieve a bottle of shampoo. She slips under the water again, sits up and turns her back to me. I rub a palm-full of amber liquid into her blond hair and start working it in. I massage her scalp, enjoying the luxurious feel of her thick hair flowing through my fingers. For several minutes the only sounds are my hands moving through the suds and Mim's soft moans.

When I think of all the intimate things a man and woman can do with each other, I struggle to find anything more sensual than shampooing another's hair. Of course, there's sex and that certainly is intimate and sensual. A shampoo! Well, that just feels luxurious.

My hands glide over her head, feeling the contours of her scalp. Her thick strands slide through my fingers as I work in the suds. I reach around and wipe the foam from her eyes and let my hands cup her cheeks. I let them follow the contours of her face and lightly rub her neck, smooth with the thick liquid. I long to slip my hands down her chest to caress her breasts. Although just inches away, I understand that they are figuratively beyond my reach. I work my hands a few more times through her silky mane.

Mim thanks me and once more ducks under the water. Emerging she grabs the hand faucet on a hose, adjusts the water and rinses the remaining shampoo. She works in some conditioner and sips her scotch as she lets it soak into her hair.

She smiles at me and I offer a silent toast. Handing me her glass, she rises and using the hand-held, rinses her entire body.

"Just what I needed," she says. Mim opens the drain and motions to her towel resting on the sink.

I grab it and open it wide. Mim steps into it and wraps herself.

"I can dry my hair in the bedroom. The bathroom's all yours." She leans in and kisses my cheek.

"Thanks for a lovely afternoon, Mac. And, for being a fairly good gentleman."

"Fairly good?"

"Aye, you did come upon me unclothed and did not divert your gaze," she says with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I wanted to be sure you didn't accidently drown in that big tub. Sort of like a lifeguard."

"Ah, now I see. You took no pleasure in looking at me?"

"Just part of my job."

We grin at each other.

"Of course, I would not call it hazardous duty," I add.

"Well done, then," she says.

Mim re-wraps her towel around her, picks up her tumbler and exits.

I strip and take a hot shower. Through the glass of the stall, I notice Mim come in and out of the bathroom while I'm showering. She catches my eye and waves.

I dry off and wrap a towel around my waist. Entering the bedroom I see Mim standing naked in front of the gas fire, brushing her hair.

"Excuse me, miss," I say. "I'm looking for the Ice Princess."

Mim flexes her butt and says over her shoulder, "No sign of her here, sir. Sorry."

"No need to apologize. Absolutely no need whatsoever. I just thought you might be shy."

"Mac, we've been naked together for days. I like that we can be this free and not worry about if the other is mentally undressing one of us."

I sit on the bed and watch her body move as she brushes her hair. She bends at the waist and works the brush and dryer together.

I can see her sex lips and my towel begins to rise.

Mim straightens and runs her brush through her hair. I know there is really no perfect body, but to my eyes Mim is as close to perfection as I can imagine. Her legs are long, toned and shapely, with prominent calves and firm thighs. Her butt is round and tight. I can find no other description other than to call it "kissable."

Her muscle tone gives sensuous motion to her back. As she fluffs her hair, I glimpse her long, elegant neck. I know I could spend the better part of a night just nuzzling that special spot between her shoulders and chin.

Mim turns and smiles.

"Don't want to over-toast the front," she says, "Better give the bum a bit of warmth."

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