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My name is Nicola, I'm 23 and I'd been checking out adult contact sites on the Web for some months. The results had been astounding. I started doing this in the first place because I like sex very much indeed; I had recently finished with a boyfriend and didn't want another relationship right away. Now, for the very first time, I discovered the joys of casual sex. Having a series of hot sexual encounters with beautiful strangers was the most exciting experience I'd ever had. The great thing was that I made the choices. I could select from dozens of sexy hunks who were just lining up to be chosen. The sex was fantastic and the thrill of not knowing who would be next, and what they would be like, overwhelming.

I had lots of new experiences. I'd never done anal, but discovered its delights with one guy who taught me everything with real passion during one whole afternoon. He brought a friend the following day and I had my first DP with the two guys alternating. By doing it right, with lots of lube, the experience was fantastic for all three of us. Sometimes, at a weekend, I could have the most wonderful sex, morning, noon and night, with three or even more men. In short I had to face the fact that I had become a sex addict. I thought about sex all the time, I really couldn't get enough, all these lovely men just wanting me for my body and me just wanting them for theirs.

It was then that I saw the advertisement. It said:

Young women required. Sexually promiscuous young women with exhibitionist tendencies wanted. Must be willing to take part in practical sex education classes. £200 per day."

I couldn't believe my eyes. Could this be for real? Surely it must be some kind of joke. The advertisement had been placed in one of those shelf-top magazines found in sleazy newsagents. It was a block ad. Applicants where asked to contact an independent boy's school somewhere Hampshire. It even had the school crest in the ad. I called the contact number and spoke to a woman who confirmed that the ad was indeed authentic, and asked for an address so that particulars of the post could be sent.

They arrived in a large brown envelope the following day. It seemed that this boy's boarding school were carrying out an experiment to extend the education of some of their senior boys. It was considered desirable because the absence of female contact in the school has led to various questionable sexual practices among some of the older boys. This was affecting their academic work. The experiment was an attempt to refocus their activities by encouraging greater understanding of normal, heterosexual sex. The intention was that would lead towards improved academic results in the long term.

Applicants were required to be in robust health, between the ages of 20 and 25 and able to temporarily reside in the school for up to a week. The post would be offered to the candidate considered most suitable following their taking part in a trial teaching session to be arranged. I was offered the opportunity to attend a trial session the following Thursday. Travel expenses would be reimbursed.

Also inside the envelope was a list of clothing I was asked to wear or bring with me. This was mostly standard fetish stuff; stockings, suspender belts, high-heeled shoes and also a lightweight robe

The school, a long-established Victorian monument to academic exclusivity, was situated in the depths of the Hampshire countryside. Uniformed boys of all ages moved between the various buildings. I was expected, and was soon ushered into an anteroom where the master in charge of the sex-education class greeted me. He was dressed in a white t-shirt, black sweatpants and trainers. He explained that six boys would take part in the class all aged 18. He would conduct the session and all that was required of me would be explained as we proceeded. He asked me to undress down to my underwear, stockings and suspender belt, put on my robe and come into the class when I was ready.

The six boys were a well-built handsome bunch, dressed identically to their teacher. It seemed obvious that they were naked underneath their sweat-pants; a certain eagerness for what was to follow was evident from the bulges beneath. In the centre of the empty room was a bare double bed with a covered mattress. The teacher, a Mr. Hall, who the boys called sir, asked me to remove the robe and stand by the bed. He then spoke to the boys about fetish clothing and it's use to eroticise the female body, making the point that the body partially clothed was more erotic than nakedness, and that the process of removing each others clothing prior to sex was very stimulating.

He then released the clasp on my bra and removed it, revealing my tits. He went on a bit about women's erogenous zones whilst standing behind me, playing with my tits and pulling at my nipples. Each of the boys was then asked to come forward and do the same both from behind and in front. Whilst the last boy was doing this from behind, he asked the first to crouch and pull my knickers down and then kiss and lick my pubic area while holding and stroking my buttocks.

I found the mix of sexual activity and clinical instruction, with these gorgeous looking boys directing their attention fully on my body, very horny indeed. I was now really turned on by all this and getting very wet, as the dark stain on my knickers confirmed. So of course were the boys; this was evident from the very large bulges inside their pants.

The teacher then asked me to remove my knickers completely and sit on the side of the bed. He then briefly explained to the boys about fellatio, how it was very enjoyable and why. I was then asked to kneel, pull down each boy's sweatpants to his knees, and go down on each of the boys in turn while fondling his balls and stroking his buttocks. However, as the boys lined up I was quietly asked by the master not to stimulate their cocks too expertly, or for too long, for fear that their inexperience might make them cum too early in the lesson. I was quite good at this, but there was one mishap when one of the boys came as soon as I started sucking him. His cum shot all over my mouth and face, but the teacher wiped me off and we continued with the next boy.

After I'd finished with all six, the teacher asked me to suck the boy who'd cum once again so that he could use the experience to demonstrate to the boys how, with the right stimulus, it was possible for me to get him really stiff again. It took a little while to achieve this, but by stroking his bum with both hands and also licking and sucking his balls he soon got hard. The teacher and the boys then gave me a round of applause for my achievement.

Next, I was asked to lie on the edge of the bed with my legs wide open. The boys were then asked to gather round and the teacher sat next to me and used his fingers to explain every detail of my cunt, outer labia, inner labia – all that. This was pleasant, but a bit gynaecological until he slipped his fingers in and began to finger fuck me, explaining everything as he continued. This was now getting rather good, but got even better when got to the clit and started to rub it. Mr. Hall explained how sensitive it was and how it must be stimulated with care. He then explained the importance of cunnilingus. Each of the boys was asked to finger fuck me, to stimulate my clit, and then use their lips and tongue to do the same. Six boys! Imagine the effect on me!. I was sure that my cries, gasps and groans of orgasmic delight must be echoing round the school for all to hear, but they were simply commented upon by the teacher as evidence of the crucial importance of foreplay. And how mister!

To add to the fun, each boy waiting to go down on me next was asked to play with my tits and tease and suck my nipples before it came to his turn. Now we were into threesomes! The whole thing had turned into a crazy balletic orgy with me as the centrepiece. And I loved it!

Once each boy had had his turn, - and most seemed to stop with some reluctance - they were asked to remove their pants and just watch. The master explained that for purposes of demonstration he was going to be the first to fuck me. He took off his pants and I saw that his cock was formidable; this was sure to be something special. He teased my cunt for a bit, rubbing the head of his cock all around between my legs, he then entered me slowly. Then he gradually built up a rhythm, all the time telling the boys to gather round and watch. This was heaven. Here I was, being fucked by a great-looking man with a huge cock while six handsome boys looked on. It was an exhibitionist's dream come true.

After a while he pulled out and asked me to kneel on the bed with my buttocks raised. He did a bit of foreplay, spreading the cheeks of my arse and rimming my arsehole, all the time explaining what this was called and the effect it would have. He was so right! He then knelt behind me and fucked me doggie fashion, holding on to my hips and sometimes leaning onto me so that he could play with my tits as he fucked me. The pounding got faster and faster and I started to cum over and over. I knew when he was about to shoot his load and he pulled out at the last second. I felt the warm spray hit the back of my thighs and then finish on my arse. One of the boys came forward with a box of tissues and wiped me off. I was exhausted and fell forward onto the bed. Mr. Hall explained, after we'd both recovered somewhat, that he had pulled out so that the boys could see the amount of cum (he called it ejaculate) and made some reference to fertility and sperm penetrating ova, but I thought he was just looking for an excuse to justify fucking me himself.

After putting his pants back on, he told me to turn over onto my back because each of the boys was now going to fuck me in turn, front and back. Actually most of them never got very far with the first fuck, let alone the second. Everything that had happened before, and their excitement at fucking a woman for the first time was so intense that they'd cum within minutes. Only two got to do it doggie, and neither of them lasted very long.

It had been an experience like no other. I had been the object of desire, the sexual plaything, of seven guys for something getting on for two hours. I had had more orgasms and been fucked more times by more cocks than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. I did feel a bit wrecked. The boys thanked me and left. No doubt some wild tales would told around the school over the following days. Mr. Hall, looking red faced and noticeably covered in a fine layer of sweat like myself, sat next to me on the bed and handed me my knickers and bra. He was full of praise for the way I'd cooperated with the heavy demands of the job. He admitted that originally it had not been his intention to fuck me himself, but that he had found the enthusiasm I'd brought to everything was such a turn on, that he just couldn't resist. I told him I'd been only too happy to oblige. I put on my knickers and bra and he helped me on with the robe.

It seemed that there were two more candidates up for the job and they would be given trials over the following two days. However, he told that they would have to be spectacularly good to do any better than I had, and that he thought I was well suited for the job if I wanted it. I asked him what that would involve, and he said that it would be quite demanding; one two-hour sessions a day for five days with six boys in each session; which would be instructing thirty boys over the week that I resided there. That would be it. The fee for the week would be £1000. It wasn't too good a deal. Some escorts get that for one night's shagging. But I wasn't doing it for the money, this was to be an exhibitionist-sex-addicts' dream come true.

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