tagHumor & SatireSex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 02

Sex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 02


I lay on my back with pillows under my hips for the required fifteen minutes. During that time, Jim got redressed and got more wood for the fireplace. Once I was allowed to get up, I got dressed and we decided that we should go to the main cabin and actually spend time with our family.

My name is Anna by the way and I'm telling you how I tried to enjoy my Christmas holidays with twelve of my closest relatives. Jim had just fucked me and since we were trying to get pregnant, I had to make sure all his fertile sperm was swimming into my cervix.

We walked quickly from our small cabin to the main building. It was a short distance but it was still annoying. We entered and soon were immersed in the festivities. My aunts and mom were playing cards while my uncles and dad were chatting in the sunroom. The kids were playing board games although my oldest cousin was sitting with her nose in a book. We chatted with everyone and soon Christmas Eve dinner would be served.

Everyone had to help and we have to set up two additional tables to make sure all fourteen of us were sitting together. The tables took up the living room, dining room, and part of the sunroom. We ate, chatted and I was impressed my mother had not yet mentioned anything embarrassing.

As the last of the dishes were being cleaned, I snuck into the bathroom and did two things. The first was to take one of the ovulation tests. The line was light pink but nowhere near to the control line. I knew that meant that I was going to ovulate soon and so there was no question that we were going to have to have sex again tonight. I also searched through the drawers and found the thermometer. I would need it for tomorrow morning to take my temperature although I was a little worried that using a different one would affect my graph.

I stepped out of the bathroom and was approached by my mother. Now my mother is nice and everything but she drives me crazy. I'm an only child and so she tries to spend all her time helping me out.

"Anna! We have barely said hello. How are you doing?" My mom glanced down and saw that I was holding the thermometer in my hand. My heart was beating fast. "Why do you have the thermometer? Are you feeling all right? Do you need to go to bed?"

"No mom. I just need a thermometer." My voice was low, hoping that no one in the house could hear the conversation. This was not something I wanted other people to hear.

"But why? Are you sick? Tell me."

I rolled my eyes. I could never lie to my mother and I wish I could. I whispered under my breath. "I just need to take my temperature tomorrow morning, that's all."

My mom's facial expression went from concerned to confused. "What?"

"Jim and I are trying to get pregnant and I have to take my temperature in the morning to see if I have ovulated." I was practically mouthing the words. I could feel my face getting red and I was trying to look for Jim, or one of my aunts. I needed someone to rescue me from this insanity.

"That's fantastic. Listen everyone. Jim and Anna want to have a baby. That wonderful!" My mother had screeched in my ear and was now screaming at the top of her lungs. I wanted to sink into the floor and die. She dragged me to Jim and then hugged both of us tight. "I knew there was a reason I stuck the two of you in the guest cabin. Go have sex. We won't miss you."

I looked at Jim and both of us couldn't put our boots on fast enough. We practically ran to the cabin and slammed the door shut.

"She drives me crazy." I was so mad yet I knew we would need to have sex at least once before bed. Jim walked over to put more wood on the fire. That's when I noticed he was staggering a bit.

"How many beers did you have?" I was breathing so hard. I was getting increasingly angry by the minute and I knew exactly what he was going to tell me.

"Five. Six. Yeah." Jim was drunk. He was a fun drunk but the problem was that he rarely could get a hard on when he was intoxicated. I glared at him.

"I tested and the line was a light pink. We need to have sex. Get undressed and lie on the bed."

"I'm so tired. Can we just do it tomorrow morning?" Jim was whining but was still undressing. I knew he wasn't going to argue with me. He finally lay back naked on the bed, his cock half hard.

"Jerk off. I need you hard. I'll even ride you tonight." I was desperate and finally as he got somewhat hard I climbed on top and started riding him. His eyes were closed and so I slapped his chest to keep him awake.

"Don't you dare fall asleep until you cum." I was furious now but we had to do this. We had to have sex otherwise we might miss that small window of opportunity. Finally, he grunted and came. I barely felt my pussy flood with his cum but I was satisfied.

"Night." Jim pushed me off him and rolled over. I slid my legs together and then lay on my side as I fingered myself to an orgasm. I fell asleep hoping that his sperm had reached my awaiting egg.

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