tagHumor & SatireSex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 03

Sex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 03


I woke up and felt the familiar feeling of Jim's tongue on my pussy. I moaned and spread my legs wider. I didn't open my eyes, deciding instead to just lay back and enjoy. The room was a little cool but that meant my hard nipples just got harder.

"Morning" I whispered.

Jim looked up and smiled. "Good morning baby. Do you want your Christmas present now or later?"

"Oh fuck!" I screamed out and accidentally kicked him in the shoulder. "Temperature!" I sat up in bed and reached over to fumble for the thermometer that I had placed on the night table. I had to take my temperature before anything else and now the reading was probably going to be wrong.

By the way, my name is Anna and I'm trying to get pregnant. I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with fertility. I like to say that I have a healthy knowledge of how best to get pregnant. I stuck the thermometer in my mouth and watched as Jim rubbed his shoulder then sat on the bed. Thank goodness the thermometer was digital and within two minutes it beeped. I pulled it out of my mouth and saw the number.

"Good. I still haven't spiked. You may continue."

"Thanks. So do you want your Christmas present now or later?" Jim was smiling which meant that whatever he got me was good. I knew that the rest of my family was in the main cabin opening up presents and that after we exchanged our own presents we would get dressed and go over and open more gifts. I was at my parent's cottage for Christmas and since my lovely mother had invited so many family members, Jim and I were banished to the guest cabin. It wasn't that bad really. It was one room with a fireplace along one side. It could be very romantic and sensual if there was actually a bathroom.

"Later". I leaned over and kissed him softly. It was a sensual kiss and then I reached down to stroke his cock.

"Can you give me a blow job? It's Christmas."

"You know I can't. The saliva will kill the sperm. I promise the moment I'm pregnant I will suck your cock for days, weeks, the whole nine months if you want. Right now we need to have sex."

I watched as Jim rolled his eyes but then pushed me gently on my back and guided his cock inside me. He had a great cock. I remember the first time we had sex it hurt a bit. I was a virgin so I'm sure that didn't help things. H loved when I told him how great his cock felt inside me. It stretched me and I felt so full. He thrust in and out of me. I was close to cumming but needed to wait until he came.

"I think you might like your present now." Jim was grinning and so I nodded. I watched as he climbed off me and then went over to the dresser where two gift bags were. One was for him from me. The other was for me from him. The rest of the presents had been brought into the main cabin and were placed under the tree when we had arrived. He walked over and placed the bag next to me. He slid back inside. I loved the feeling of him inside me for the first time. It always felt so good so he did that a few times. He would slide his cock all the way out, tap the tip of his cock against my clit, then slid it back inside. I whimpered and watched as my juices coated his cock.

I watched as he began to gasp for breath. He gripped my hips and began to pound my pussy. I loved when he went hard so I just let him fuck me. He grunted and then came inside me. I smiled.

"Here's your present." Jim handed me the gift bag, his cock still deep inside me. I opened it up and then looked confused.

"Hat and mitts?" Inside was a pair of red gloves and a matching hat. I was so confused until I saw the look of complete fear on his face. The only other time I had seen that look was when I was eighteen and thought I was pregnant. I smiled now, thinking how ironic it was.

"Fuck!" Jim slid off me and I felt his fertile cum oozing out of me. I had not placed pillows under my hips yet but that was not my concern.

"That's your mother's present. I mixed them up."

"So?" I was so confused until he explained.

"I bought you a pink rabbit vibrator for Christmas."

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