tagNon-EroticSex-focused Smoothie

Sex-focused Smoothie


Chapter 1

On Day 4 of consecutively calling into the Coffee A-Go Bar for his 7.45 a.m. booster shot, necessary to rev into wide-awake mode, Darwin Goodman was leaving ready to sip from the cardboard cup while walking to the office. The only server aged beyond those in the lower twenties called, "Good morning, Darwin."

He stopped.

She was too old to be dating anyone of his age (28).

The customer she was serving moved off, coffee cup at her lips. Darwin walked over to the server who'd called him by name and said, "Do you know me, I've only just arrived in Melbourne?"

"I have no idea who you know. May I have your business card?"

Darwin fished one out of the inside pocket of his suit and said, "I'm puzzled how you know my name?"

"You signed up for our customer loyalty programme four days ago, and I noticed how your blond hair contrasted with your snappy dark Italian-cut suit. As you left, I heard the server who handed you the discount card say to another server that your name was Darwin, which was rather unusual."

"Her workmate said wasn't that Tarzan's family name? Your known Darwin, young people today know practically nothing apart from what they harvest from Social Media."

Darwin said, "The hero of fictional Tarzan was John Clayton II, Viscount Greystoke."

"Oh, clever you. At least I know Darwin was world-renown for his contributions to the expanding knowledge of the science of evolution."

"Good for you, why did ask for my business card?"

"One of my three daughters may be interested, especially when I provide a description of you."

"Not interested I'm afraid," Darwin smiled, flashing his teeth. "Your daughters will still be at primary school."

"Omigod, you're also an accomplished flatterer of older women as well," smiled Wendy Patton, proprietor of the coffee bar.

Darwin winked and left.

He reached the building housing on the 11th and 12 floors the offices of Marks & Partners, financial adviser consultants. Darwin was the latest recruit in the expanding corporate advisory department.

The founder of the company 22 years ago was the late Jacob Marks, his maternal grandfather, a notorious womaniser.

Waiting for the lift, Darwin grinned, attempting to anticipate how that woman at Coffee A-Go would puke while shredding his business card after learning he was the grandson of the salacious Jacob Marks, reputed to have had 10,000 sexual conquests of females

Well, she was free to unleash any guy onto her three spotty-faced and over-large daughters whose liking for cream cakes had them lacking for suitors. But no thanks, Mark Goodman would exclude himself from her unbelievable pick-a-bride contest.

Irma, an attractive young married woman who twice had sat in his office to chat and with embarrassment had pulled down her skirt when realising much of her upper thighs were exposed due to the sloping design of the seat of his non-standard lounge-type chairs the Supplies Department had begun to trial.

"Good morning Darwin, is that a leer brought on by you twice enjoying my involuntary panty shows?"

"No Irma, I didn't get to see panties but I saw enough to note that you have slender thighs. Frankly, I must admit I'm a titman."

"Oh, interesting," Irma said, immediately hold an arm up over her breasts as they were pushed in the lift by people behind them.

"Oh my, you two," said a female pushed up against. We don't have interesting conversations in our offices like you two workmates usual have."

Another female said, "If you are worried about men like this clown ogling your breasts, buy bras that flatten the way they look and men like him will look elsewhere."

"These lifts are great for overhearing interesting conversations," Darwin said, and people around them laughed or frowned.

There were smiles all around when he said, 'You people in this building are friendly."

"You're a real smoothie," said a woman aged about thirty, as she slapped his butt when being towed out of the lift by a guy acting ultra-possessively.

"Darwin, people seem to really like you for your openness, I believe," Irma said, taking his arm lightly but only for the short distance till they reached the entrance to their expensively decorated and furnished work premises.

"I appreciate being your workplace friend, Irma," he said, aware that the young woman was only recently married.

He had no intention of gaining even a tiny portion of his late grandfather's salacious reputation of being a womanizer.

However, he remained impressed that his maternal grandfather had been a workaholic. He'd changed to smoking cigars at the age of 66 when warned off smoking cigarettes by his doctor, having smoked between 35 and 50 cigarettes a day and was also a heavy drinker, favouring whisky and never exercised.

Granddad died at the age of 87 from heart failure, and had worked up to 60 hours a week until he be began easing off when turning 80. Was it that excessive appetite for sex that saved him from a much earlier grave? One would never know what determined his longevity.

Darwin found his 8.30 appointment Mrs Crosbie already in his office when he arrived at 8.15. They shook hands and introduced themselves.

"I apologize for not being here when you arrived," he said, knowing it was the right thing to say.

The stylish and good-looking Heather, in her late forties and dressed fashionably, said she'd arrived early to secure a main street parking space as most if not all were gone by 8.20.

He sat and immediately could see right up under her dress.

Darwin leaped to his feet and offered to pull her chair much closer to the desk.

"No, its fine Darwin. There's nothing wrong with my hearing and if you can see right up under my dress, lucky you, but I'm relaxed about that knowing I'm wearing panties."

Gee, what a sensible no-fuss attitude he thought and asked what advice was she seeking.

"My family owns a wholesale garden supply business, dealing only with retailers and institutions such as councils, hospitals and retirement villages. Crosbie's Garden Wholesale Supplies is located on the outskirts of the central business district..."

"Yes, I know it's location, in Palmer Avenue."

"Correct and as director of administration, I'm seeking a comprehensive report for our board of the merits, if any, of selling our huge warehouse to an investment company and leasing it back on a 5-year and a 10-year term, based on current market rates and what the future rates are likely to be as the family is in this multi-million dollar business for the long-term."

"Right, let's get down to work," Darwin said, standing and asking Heather would she mind if he took off his jacket.

"No, this is your office, do what you like."

"You are so kind," he oozed and turned to go further behind his desk after removing the garment to hang it up.

"Omigod, what a chest and flat belly. If you were 10 years older, in all probability you and I would be socialising privately for what purpose I rather not say."

"Wow, I am deeply disappointed Heather that on this occasion I'm not 10 years older. Do you make exceptions," he grinned?

"You have a smooth tongue Darwin, but it's not necessary with me because I've already decided to go with you and this firm known for its solid-performance and high level of customer satisfaction. Sign me up on an hourly basis now and let's get on with it."

Heather left 45 minutes later, kissing him good-bye modestly and saying she'd enjoyed their first encounter.

Darwin looked up Heather Crosbie on Google and found she was current chairman of the Australian Garden Centres and Suppliers Council, possessed a masters degree in marketing and a masters in accounting/business practice.


He looked up her appointment on the inhouse computer network and found Mrs Crosbie had been assigned to Darwin Goodman by the company's managing-director, Neville Sharpe.

In turn, he looked up Neville Sharpe on Google and found he was married to Heather Crosbie, a leading Melbourne business woman and they had two children, David and Veronica.

"It can't be," he gasped and looked up his former university student registration database, and there is was, Veronica Crosbie parents were listed as Neville Sharpe and Heather Crosbie-Sharpe also known as Mrs Heather Crosbie."

"God, wheels within wheels," Darwin muttered and looked up the updates to Veronica Sharpe file and found she'd married a Stewart Grant and they lived in Perth, Western Australia.

Struth, some families make it difficult for family historian researchers, Darwin thought.

What was his conclusion to all of that?

Easy, thought Darwin. Neville Sharpe was testing him out to decide Darwin's rating in his department. This would be the first of two, three or even more performances with clients to establish where he'd placed himself on monitored performances working in the corporate advisory department.

"If I'm right about this, they're cunning buggers," he chuckled.

Two weeks later a Mrs Patton called him direct.

"Oh, the owner of Coffee A-Go that I patronise."

"Yes, you've come here every morning since your first day of coming here, I believe."

"Correct, very workday morning."

"You have an excellent memory for names and occupations, Darwin. I had to look up the business card you handed me to remember your name."

"Wendy, in the business I'm in, remembering names and important business details about those individuals is just as important of earning fees from them."

"I'm calling on two matters," she continued. "First, I want to engage your firm to work out a stepped expansion plan for me including estimated development costs and then ongoing revenue and costs annually for five years for each outlet."

"No problem, we have the market researchers on staff here to assist with this project. May I ask who referred you to our firm?"

"One of my husband's business associates and initially I was vetted by a junior I guess and later referred to a more senior person."

"May I ask who that senior person was?"

"Actually, I was asked not to divulge that person's name."

"Just a yes or no will be sufficient. Was that person Neville Sharpe.


"Thanks love, if I may so bold to use that endearment."

"You are very welcome. Now the other thing is will you come to my family home for dinner on Friday night?

"I guess the purpose of which is to parade me before your three daughters?"

"Yes, although not parading. My eldest arrived home from Europe yesterday after being away for five years and so all three will be available on Friday night, plus Evan my husband."

"Does Even think this is a good idea?"

"He'll decide that when he sees you."

"Good man, obviously he has a well-working brain. Um, perhaps none of your daughters may wish to date me nor I may not wish to date any of them."

"Darwin, my daughters think I've gone loco over this but have agreed to front up. I can't predict how they will react, but one thought was they may all wish to ravage you on the floor of the dining room, possibly all at the same time."

"Wow Wendy, great thought. You should be writing fiction."

"Thanks for that favourable comment Darwin and thanks for agreeing to participate with my little plan that could turn into complete disaster with biting and scratching."

"Rest easy, Wendy. I don't bite or scratch when confronted by any situation I have difficulties with."

"That's a relief to hear. I'll ask my daughters to act normally, with their usual good behaviour.

Darwin asked, honestly, what chance for him being group-ravaged, predicted on a scale of l being most unlikely to 100 as being absolutely likely.

Wendy aid, conservatively speaking, she would think 0.1 percent out of 100.

"Excellent, then I'll wear good clothes instead of jeans and an old tee-shirt."

Laughing, Wendy said she would text him the time and address.

* * *

On Friday night, Darwin arrived at the Patton family home and parked his Midnight Blue Porsche 911Coupe, given to him new by his parents seven years ago on his 21st birthday. It was in original condition together with the dents and scratches to its bodywork from envious fellow students during his university years, and from passing mindless street louts and their girlfriends.

He heard a young female cry, "He's here and looks unbelievably dishy."

"Stop wasting your time looking; put on your bra and top and do your hair," another female called.

Darwin strode up to the front door and knocked confidently.

Wendy opened the door, looking great in resplendent full make-up and wearing a gown, cried faltering, at the sight of the blond in a power-blue hugging suit and red leather shoes.

"Omigod," she practically swooned. "Where were you in my courting days?"

"At first-year kindergarten school?"

"Or newly in the womb, if even that," she sighed.

"This is my husband Evan," she said as a guy appeared at her side. "Evan, this is our dinner guest, Darwin Goodman."

"Hi Darwin, did you have a rush to the blood in agreeing to this absurd arrangement?"

"I think not. Unless one takes risks, they are destined for a pretty average and largely boring life."

"Are you attempting to downgrade my carefully considered opinion?"

"Yes, Evan. Why don't you take a swing at me and see where that gets you?"

Wendy stepped between then and said, "Boys, boys. Enough of this pretend aggression so early in the evening. Come through Darwin and meet the girls and you pour the drinks and hand out finger food, love."

Darwin saw the three girls dressed up at if they were about to attender one of their grandmother's 65th birthday party and felt his tongue was hanging out part way to the floor.

They were all tall, slender with curves quite prominent in the right places and were rather beautiful.

He was introduced all three from Davina, the oldest to Vicki and the youngster Kennedy.

Darwin had experienced a mind flip when meeting the three of them at arm's length and now fancied being ravaged on the dining room floor by all three Australian beauties. Wendy would be welcomed to join them.

Then he heard the tallest and oldest sister whisper, "You two will have your ovaries removed by my hand if you come between me and Mr Handsome."

The two younger sisters stepped away from their arrogant sister, turning pale.

Kennedy complained, "That intimidation is not fair, Davina."

"Girls, girls no squabbling please," called their mother. "This could be a momentous evening for one of you. Just let it energy naturally."

The younger sisters were left ruing what it might have been, eyeing the floor.

Darwin misinterpreted that thinking they were about to pounce and take him to the floor and burying him amid a "abundance of tit meat, sweaty bared thighs and having hot pussy juice dripping all over him. What an experience to remember for the rest of his life.

But alas, the only thing that seemed to happen for a moment was Evan handing him a beer and half a filled hamburger bun.

Then the girls rushed to the plate of plain rice biscuits and drank filtered water.

Christ, at that rate they'd probably get ham sandwiches for dinner.

Darwin and Evan clinked their second bottles of beer together in a toast and once the bottles were emptied, Wendy invited everyone to choose a seat at the table.

A beautiful roasted duck with Asian-style cooked vegetables followed and Darwin led comments of congratulation to the chef, with Wendy lowering her head modestly but acknowledging each comment with a wave. Obviously, she was delighted with the meal herself and with the response.

An hour later, Darwin rose to leave and there were kisses all round and a handshake with Evan.

"What is there between you and my daughters?"

"Nothing but you guys have parented three lovely young ladies."

Wendy said quietly, "Davina, please accompany our guest to his car and wave him off."

"Why not me?" Vicki complained while Kennedy made everyone's back straighten when she practically spat, "Because mother has made her choice."

Darwin left the room, almost running. Davina hastening to catch up.

"Sorry about that, my younger sisters can be tiresome at times."

"I understand. Why do you think your mother chose you to receive the goodnight kiss?"

In the hallway, Darwin saw Davina pout and she said because her mother had seen that his interest obviously was in the oldest sister."

"How could you tell that?"

"You had more intensity in your glances at me and then when I adjusted my bra after picking up my napkin that had slid to the floor, the expression of lust in your eyes was so hot that your eyes were practically smoking."


"I agree, that comment was heavily over-exaggerated but the truth is my nipples began to stiffen. I've never had anyone affect me like that, honestly."

"And your panties became damp?"

"I bet you'd like me to confirm that but no, honestly."

They stepped out on to the patio and spotting the car, Davina practically gurgled and said excitedly, "Omigod, you have a real sportscar."

"Yeah, my parents gave it to me for my 21st birthday seven years ago, a new car."

"Omigod, I'd like to ride in it one day soon."

He suggested they go on a picnic next Saturday.

"Or better still go somewhere distant for a dirty weekend."

He looked at her and she said sounding half-horrified, "Oh no, did I say that?"

"Who knows?" he said gallantly. "Perhaps a picnic would be the best option and we are only beginning to get to know one another."

She said yes, and sounding drained of excitement said that was the proper and most cautious approach.

Sensing the depth of her disappointment, Darwin said smoothly, perhaps they could add the spontaneous weekend away suggestion as a backstop in case rain put an end to their planned picnic on Saturday.

She asked doubtfully, "Had we actually planned a picnic?"

"Sort of."

"I agree," she said, taking his hand and squeezing it gently.

He decided to lob a curly question.

"Davina, how is it you had premeditated spending a dirty weekend away with me?"

"When I saw you for this evening for the first time and being so gentlemanly with my mother and her three daughters, I thought what a smoothie. I bet he's the type to charm a mother and vow never lay a finger on her daughter sexually before marriage. An hour later he'd wander off with the daughter, divert to the nearest bedroom and within seconds have her on her back, ripping off her panties and spreading her knees apart and she mewing like a kitten."

Impressed, Darwin said, "Wow, what a hero."

She said primly, "Aren't you confused; don't you mean what an arsehole?"

They laughed, he pulled her around and they kissed sweetly.

She almost mewing said, "I need to have sex. It's been such a long time since my last session."

"Then sweet one, let's think passionately that it will rain on Saturday."

"Good one Darwin, I like the way you think. Don't forget to bring protection Saturday, whatever the weather."

After one more kiss, he drove off saying aloud, "I like the way you think too, baby."

The next day, Darwin entered the Coffee A-Go bar and Wendy, behind the counter, began compiling his regular order.

"Lovely evening last night," he said, keeping his voice low.

"You may thing so," she hissed. "I can't believe you are taking Davina away for a weekend without a chaperone."

"What!" he explained. "That arrangement died in the middle of last century."

"A chaperone for your protection."


"Davina will eat you alive if she gets going. She's such an energised slut."

Astounded by thinking he shouldn't say 'Eh?' again to expose his naivety, Darwin resorted to the safety of the acknowledge backstop of, "Is that so?"

"Yes, you fool."

"Any other choice would had started a riot among the sisters. My two younger daughters fear Davina because she's such a bitch, and she would have really cut loose had she not been selected to see you off the property."

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