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I helped Scott recall and write a story of our second Tahoe trip a few years ago. This was a really wild week in our life and my husband often recalls it with our friends. Donna


It all started when my wife and I were on our way to Tahoe for a little mini-week vacation away from the kids. Now don't get me wrong, we love our kids, we just needed some time to rekindle the flame in our relationship. It had been six months since the last time we had a threesome due to all the running around with work, kid's activities and so on. Needless to say we were both very horny. Friday came, and as I drove up in the driveway, I noticed that our Bronco wasn't home. On the table was a note that she was bringing the children to my parent's and that she would be ready to go when she returned. On the table there were two 6-packs of Jacks Tennessee Whiskey lemonade with two bottles already empty. Now knowing Donna, I'm sure she was already feeling the affects of the alcohol. My wife isn't the hard core drinker, so when she has a little, I know she's getting horny.

I jumped in the shower to get cleaned up and had an awfully hard time not to blow my load right there in the shower. My mind was starting to shift into high gear with thoughts of fucking my beautiful wife and the naughty games we would play along the way. A few minutes after I got out of the shower my wife showed up, walked in and kissed me full on the lips; me tasting the alcohol. I knew this was going to be good! She was dressed in a short white skirt, cut about 4 inches above her thigh, white sneakers and little white socks [always a turn on to me and she knows it] with a button down blue sleeveless blouse. Our first hour on Interstate 10 was pretty uneventful, just chatting about the week in general. Then once we were about 5 miles outside of Tonopah, my wife was looking outside the window and suddenly yelped that a trucker was trying to look at her tits while staying along the side of us.

My first instinct was to be really pissed off, but I could see she was excited, not upset about the looks coming down though the window. I thought maybe we could have some fun with this. Now, although I always thought Donna's ass was her greatest feature, her tits are very firm and just beg to be sucked. Just as I realized what was going on, he turned off the interstate. I put my hand on her thigh and told her maybe you'll have better luck with the next one. She laughed and said teasingly,"Yea right, in your dreams!" Donna has always been the uninhibited type, very open and sexy in public, yet can be a real exhibitionist. Donna already had a buzz, I could tell, and now I was getting hornier than I'd felt in months, so I decided to see how far this could go. I started rubbing her leg while driving down the highway, and Donna just sat there drinking another Jack.

I started to push up her skirt and she looked at me, turned with a naughty grin, and told me that I'd better know what I was getting into. Well, the only thing I wanted to get into at this point was her skirt, so I reached up to feel her pussy and found one soaking-wet panty-less pussy with a fresh shave; now I was really getting hot. From the moment I started rubbing her, her pussy started making those beautiful squishing sounds that say "Please Fuck Me". Donna then reclined her seat, spread her legs and closed her eyes. By now I had a hard-on that was just about hitting the steering wheel. With us having a fairly large vehicle, I was confident that not just anyone could see her, but now the trucker experience was stuck in my mind. I ended up passing probably 10 trucks before I noticed one guy looking in his mirrors to see what was coming up on the left side of him.

I slowly pulled up alongside his door all while my wife's sweet pussy was on display for him. When I got there, he was looking straight down into our truck! All of a sudden, my wife started to soak my hand. She was looking out of the corner of her eyes!!!!! This guy drove on the side of us probably for ten minutes, all the while Donna was actually soaking her seat! Unfortunately, this guy ended up turning off the highway, but not before waving to me and giving us the thumbs up sign. She then looked over at me and smiled saying, "I hope you plan on spending a lot of time in the room this weekend, because right now I need some serious loving in my pussy!"

By the time we got to the Arizona/California border rest area, it was getting dark. I told my wife that I had to relieve myself and started to pull in, she then started to pull on her skirt and cover up. I quickly stopped her saying, "We're among only strangers here, no one's going to judge you tomorrow if you let yourself go tonight." Again she turned with a grin, saying, "You want me naked here?" I then moved the Bronco to the end of the parking lot and told her not to worry about it. I went in to the bathroom and thinking to myself, "Okay what next?" When I came out, the answer was right in front of me. A big rig had pulled in right on the side of us and two guys in their late 30's were walking towards the bathroom. I stopped one of them and asked him for directions to Highway 395. He started to tell me and I stopped him and I asked him to tell my wife when they got out, since she was navigating and I wasn't good with directions.

When I got in the Bronco, my wife asked what I was doing. I told her, "Setting up a wild weekend, I hope!" She looked at me and asked if I was sure I wanted this to happen. I told her that, "Whatever happens, I'll never hold any of this against you, and I love you!" She then kissed me deep and said, "You better stay with me if anything happens!" Right about that time, the two guys started approaching the truck and came up to my window. I rolled it down, and when they looked in, they got the shock of there lives! Donna took another big gulp of her drink then very nervously said, "Hello!" The two of them looked at me and asked what this was all about. I told them it was there lucky day. We were on vacation and looking to explore some wild experiences before we went home. He then asked what I had in mind.

His buddy said that it looked obvious and walked over to Donna's side, reached in her now open window, and immediately started playing with my very willing wife's pussy. The tension in the air was absolutely incredible! There in a crowded rest area was my horny wife willingly spreading her legs for a complete stranger; and I was loving it! The other guy then climbed in the back seat to watch behind me. Donna then put her seat back again and closed her eyes, letting out a huge moan in the process. The guy in the back then started rubbing her tits and opening her bra-less blouse. She then reached over and started rubbing his cock though his jeans. He the looked at me and asked if this was what I wanted for my wife. I looked at him and swallowed the lump in my throat saying, "Yes!" In a flash he had his cock out of his pants; and in one swift move, grabbed the back of my wife's head and shoved his cock right in her mouth!

She let out a soft groan. My wife came right there on the spot. I still couldn't believe this was actually happening! After her orgasm subsided, she looked at me and said that she needed some serious attention. Just then I realized that I was going to watch both these guys fuck my wife right there. Donna then opened the door to let her new friend in and rolled over to me for a second to let him inside, kissing me and telling me how hot she was. I looked her right in the eyes and said, "Show me!" Donna then reached back, undid his pants, and pulled out an absolutely huge cock! Now with the way her pussy had been all day, the last thing she needed was lubrication. He climbed up on top of her and rubbed his monster cock on her pussy. She put the seat all the way back and was exposed in all her little glory.

I couldn't take this and whipped out my own cock, beat it furiously for about two minutes and came all over myself. She began sucking the other guys cock, as he face fucked her nice and slow. The guy in her mouth said he was about to cum and she tried to pull away. Instead, he grabbed her head again and fucked with complete abandonment, cumming in her mouth. She really shocked him by swallowing all of it! The guy mounting her rammed his hard cock deep into her with one thrust, not waiting any longer. My wife moaned out very loud... "Ohhh, Ahh, ohh god it hurts!... Ohh fuck it hurts! Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh.... Fuck it hurts! Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh." He put her legs around his shoulders so that he could get deeper penetration on my small wife's little frame. Her face was a mask of pain, as her eyebrows came together in delightful suffering.

She moaned fast and loud, in little gasps, as she tried to breathe. I just sat there and watched as this guy fucked the living hell out of my small framed wife. Her nice DD-cup tits were bouncing back and forth from the fury of this guys pounding, and her nipples were sticking straight up a full 1/2 inch. She closed her eyes shut tightly from the pain of his monster cock as she said in little short breathes... "I'm... Cumm...ming!... Ohh...goddddd...i'm cumming!" Hearing this, the guy rammed her even faster than before, and deeper than ever, and harder than anything I've ever seen in my life. My wife whimpered, and cried, and moaned, and groaned. "Ohhh, Ahhh, Ohhh, Ahhh, Ohh god, Ohh god, Ffffuuukkk meee! Ughh, Ughhh, Ugghh, Ugghh, Ohhh, Uggghh, Ugghh!" My wife was grunting in rhythm with his deepest thrusts.

It was like the '4th of July' when the other guy came. To see that big cock pound her small pussy was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. When he finally came, he spurted load after load into my wife's small pussy. Her pussy actually made a popping sound when he pulled out, and what looked like a quart of come hit the carpet to leave a big stain. As the two of them were putting their clothes back on, they said that this was the wildest trip that they'd ever been on. My wife looked at me and said, "That goes for us also"! Looking back at that weekend, I realize I love my wife more than I ever did and we've never been closer. I can't wait to get some time off again!

I pulled off the freeway and into a gas station near Indio. I told Donna to button up her shirt a little and go in and pay. With the shirt buttoned up slightly, anyone could still see right through it and see her nipples. I saw the guy at the register looking as if he had never seen 36DD tits before. When she came out, I told her to lift up her skirt. Of course she didn't have any panties on as she showed me her shaved pussy. A guy that was pumping gas in front me also saw her. He looked at Donna and then at me and gave a slight smile.

We continued on our long drive with Donna nursing one Jack Whiskey Lemonade after another. She played with my cock most of the way and was completely naked and almost asleep by the time we reached Ridgecrest. I left her in the front seat and went inside a motel to get us a room. The night manager walked out to the Bronco to write down my license plate for the registration and he spotted my naked wife. "Damn mister, you sure have a lovely wife!" I told the guy we were on our honeymoon and started early. He stood at the office doorway and watched me park and then assist my drunk, nude bride into our room. Donna said she was too tired and sore for the earlier fucking from the two truck drivers and wanted to sleep. She coyly smiled and said we could get up early and drive to Bridgeport and soak in the hot springs with our morning coffee. We had done the same thing about five years earlier and had met a young couple and swapped partners at the springs.

That was the same year we had driven to her brother's house and she had met and fucked her brother's brother-in-law after he gave her a massage (Harry's Massage story). In fact, that was the reason we were going to Tahoe. Harry is a professional physical therapist and was attending a seminar that week in Tahoe with his associates. The wives would not be there this time, so Donna and I had booked a 2 bedroom timeshare in Tahoe and told Harry we would meet him there. He had bragged to some of his male associates about his brother-in-law's horny sister and her open marriage lifestyle and his associates were eager to meet my wife of course. Anyway, the weekend had been planned for Donna to couple up with her fuck-buddy, Harry, and maybe some of his friends.

The next morning we rose early and filled a thermos with coffee and made the long drive to Bridgeport in the dark so we could be near the hot-springs by sunrise. Travertine hot-springs are only a mile off Highway 395 on a dirt road. We pulled the Bronco up near the concrete tub and I lowered the tailgate and we stripped out of our clothes and lay them on the tailgate. We grabbed our coffee and entered the tub up to our waists and sipped our coffee. The view of the Sierras was beautiful and we saw snow on the peaks as the sun rose in the sky. After sitting there about thirty minutes, we heard another vehicle on the trail and saw a tan Jeep Wrangler driving towards the boulders near the tub. It stopped near our Bronco and we could clearly see two young men in the front seats. The vehicle's window and bumper were covered with military decals and I assumed they were service guys. They stared at my wife's bare chest, then the driver started the engine and they began to back up.

Donna was disappointed and thought maybe they were afraid to disturb us, so she stood up in the tub, showing her complete nude body to the occupants and gestured at them to join us. The driver pulled back forward and turned off the motor. Two young men exited the jeep and approached my nude wife who was still standing and asked if they were intruding. Donna immediately spoke up and replied, "No, we were hoping to have company this morning. Won't you join us, please!" The guys wasted no time in getting out of their clothes and joining us in the tub. The tub is not that large, so we really were all sitting on the concrete edges, exposing most of our nude bodies. The men couldn't take their eyes off my nude wife's tits. They explained that they were returning from a skiing trip on their days off and decided to soak in the tub before returning to the China Lake Naval Base for duty. They both commented on what a gorgeous body Donna had and that they couldn't believe she was 35 years old and had three children.

The guys introduced themselves as John and Rob, two Marines from the base near Ridgecrest. John was married and Rob was living with a local girl, but neither woman had joined them on the trip. They joked and said that their women were to shy to sit nude with the other's man in a pool or hot tub, and applauded Donna for being so uninhibited. Donna then boldly spoke up and said, "My husband likes to show me off and allows me to swing with other men!" Rob poked John in the ribs as he understood what my wife was saying. Both men began to grin when Donna slid closer to sit between them in all her glory. Donna's labia were still swollen from the previous nights fucking, but she eagerly showed the guys she was ready to take them on. She nestled John's cock against her pussy opening and I saw the most incredibly sized cock lying at the entrance of her gaping lips.

She was at first amazed by the size of it. It must have been twice the length of mine and two times the diameter, much bigger than her largest dildo. She felt its weight even just resting inside her vagina. She looked behind her to see John smiling at her and brandishing the large implement in his hand. "Don't worry I won't hurt you, can I just put the head inside?" She just nodded and watched with wonder as she saw the massive cockhead slowly begin to disappear inside her pussy. She said the feeling inside her belly as the cock inched inside was incredible as her lips slowly swallowed the cock ensuring that any juices required for lubrication were instantly secreted. John had paused after about four inches of cockhead was lodged inside the stretched entrance. It was Donna that suddenly thrust herself backwards impaling herself on John's cock.

Donna gasped as the cockhead hit the entrance to her cervix, a sensation that always triggered her orgasms. She cried out in anguish, "Oh God I'm coming! Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me! Oh God, Oh God, ooooooh! As Donna had pushed backwards, John's cock had effortlessly slipped inside the secreting pussy, but the muscles around her entrance were stretched to the limit and the friction had produced an incredible sensation for John from the look on his face. Donna was screaming in gibberish encouragement for him to fuck her and he began to pound into her, no longer gently. He knew he would be unable to prevent himself from coming for very long. Not that it mattered to Donna, who was now in a world of her own, the only part of her body that was not paralyzed in orgasm were the muscles around the entrance to her pussy that were gripping the shaft of John's cock and almost milking it.

John knowing that his orgasm was close gasped out, asking if he could come inside her. Even in the mists of semi-consciousness, Donna registered his words and knowing told him to cum inside her. She shouted, "Yes come in me; fill me with your cum." He looked over at me and I nodded my head in the affirmative that it was okay to cum inside her pussy. John ejaculated in ten or twelve mighty thrusts, each time screaming out in his release. The power of the first thrust had caused Donna's arms to collapse and her face rested on the cold concrete edge of the tub, requiring John to support her, gripping her hips and pulling her onto him with increased force. By now she was delirious, and it was several minutes before she realized that John's cock had left her pussy and had been replaced by John's tongue which was licking away the intermingled semen and juices that had leaked from between her blood engorged lips.

It seemed incredible, but only half an hour had passed and already Donna was exhausted. John lay on the rock bench, the head of which was raised so he was in a semi-sitting position. His cock was enormous, almost the size of her own small forearm. I was amazed that this huge weapon had managed to get inside her. Donna was asked to straddle it, and placing herself over the rampant cock she lowered herself onto it. With her legs on either side of the John's and on tiptoe, the cock rested at the entrance to her pussy. Bending down, Donna pulled her lips open and began to slide herself downwards until she was on the flats of her feet and about four inches of the cockhead was lodged inside her. My wife luxuriated in the sensation of being filled so completely as the knobby shaft rubbed against her slippery vaginal walls.

Her muscles gripped the shaft tightly, but when John suddenly launched himself upwards and his cockhead butted up against her cervix, she cried out at the sudden invasion and made herself relax, allowing the ripples of pleasure float over her as he began his rhythmical thrust upwards into her. John pulled her towards him, making her stumble and causing her weight to completely impale her on the cock, which still had two or three more inches to go before it would disappear inside her. She cried out in pain, unable to take any further length, but John ignored her and began to nuzzle her breasts, sucking a nipple into his mouth while he mauled the other roughly with his fingers. Suddenly she sensed Rob behind her, opening the cheeks of her ass. He had coated his fingers with saliva and was rubbing it around the edge of her anus, before gently pushing a finger inside.

Feeling both of her lower orifices penetrated was great, but the difference in the size of a finger and Rob's impressive cock made her a little frightened about her ability to accept him. "Please don't hurt me," pleaded Donna. Rob smeared more saliva over his cockhead and shaft and pressed it against the puckered hole. Donna looked over at me grinning as the cock stretched her. For a second nothing seemed to happen other than her feeling of discomfort, when all of a sudden her muscles gave and the head of the cock slipped inside. She screamed at the pain and Rob started to withdraw, but Donna stopped him saying, "No Rob, leave it there for a few seconds and let me get used to it" Slowly the pain eased. "Give me another inch or two, gently please."

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