Sex Gone Horribly Wrong


Once the hooded third assassin was almost out of the building he removed his hood and Brigadier J. Smith, head of the department that had employed Coleman, went off to the annual meeting of the Gay Club where he was due to be installed as the new president.

Days later newspapers revealed four decaying bodies had been discovered in a London flat involving a sex party that apparently had gone horribly wrong. The three males, two of them hooded, had been shot by the female with diplomatic immunity, the unnamed wife of an unnamed ambassador, who'd then shot herself, possibly in distress over an argument about who should possess her first. The two hooded men were identified as John Bull (30), unemployed, of no fixed abode and Tim Murphy, unemployed of no fixed abode. Also killed was Coleman Banks, London, a specialist who worked for the Department of Work and Pensions as an investigation officer into misuse of Government welfare payments. Banks had the unusual nickname of Eighth Pint Coleman.

As soon as police investigations were completed and the coroner ruled the deaths were 'the result of misadventure', Ambassador Dmitry Komsomolsk was recalled home and replaced as Ambassador to the UK. He went on to achieve distinction by becoming president of the Gay Club International and married a guy called Poxy Shuvalov.


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