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Emma was determined that the wards should be clean, and all staff members were carrying out their duties with diligence and determination. In a hospital for acute sexual needs, efficiency was essential.

Red haired, thin and just over 5 foot tall, Emma was full of energy. Her freckled face would redden slightly and her eyes had electric power at the thought of sex. She smelt clean, skirt swishing as she busied around the hospital. This duty manager took her role very professionally, but also had great job satisfaction.

It was only an hour since the last check up, but she felt it was time to check the female ward again. All seemed well, as she walked round the Victorian style room, which had high ceilings and a stained glass roof. Women of all ages were relaxing in or on beds. The intoxicating smell of female arousal was the only difference from the NHS hospital where Emma had trained.

Each patient had a row of buttons to the side of their pillows, marked "male assistance", "female assistance", and "joint assistance". In normal cases of sexual frustration, one member of staff could dispense the required relief, sometimes in more serious cases, two or more could administer sweet assistance.


The buzzer for Bed number 25, at the end of the ward, is sounding for "female assistance". Emma knew that "Bed 25", Zoe, was a highly sexed and deeply frustrated young woman. Nurse Mandy was running to assist; Emma said she would join her, as this patient needed much attention. Mandy tall and ebony skinned, had lips that loved to kiss and be kissed.

Zoe was lying on top of the bed, her nightie open, large firm breasts with nipples hard, and her hand trying to sooth her uncovered and damp pussy lips, the deep pink clit exposed. Her head tossed long blond hair on the pillow in her desperate arousal. Mandy and Emma closed the curtains around the patient's bed.

As Mandy put her soothing lips to the beautiful cunt of the desperate woman, Emma suckled the magnificent breasts. Zoe moaned in delight, but also desperation for fulfilment.

But this patient needed more! Emma left the full breast for a moment and fetched the strap on for Mandy. Emma strapped it onto the black woman, who was still sucking, biting and teasing Zoe's clit.

As Mandy readied herself with the strap on, Emma shook of her skirt, so her white crisp jacket just covered her bum. Zoe saw that famous, to all staff and patients, blue garter on Emma's left calf. Zoe begged to taste the duty manager, and Emma thrust her black panty covered pussy into Zoe's face in response. Em groaned as the eager tongue started it's beautiful, wicked work. Soon the panties were off.

Gently Mandy eased the strap on dildo into Zoe's soaking slit. Maintaining a steady and then building rhythm Mandy fucked the patient to blissful, ecstasy. Zoe writhed in beautiful agony, as the orgasm raged on and on. On hearing Zoe's bliss, Emma's cunt gushed onto the blonde's pretty face.

"Here Patient 25, keep my panties, I'll collect my skirt later." Emma said as she left the curtained area, stopping to gently pat Mandy's arse.

Men's Ward

As she headed to check the other ward, Emma felt the air on her pussy and bum, her white coat crisp, but only partially covering her: the blue garter showing as her symbol of readiness to serve and be served.

All was quiet in the men's ward, just gentle sighs as the patients saw Emma. She was about to leave, when buzzer at Bed 17 went off for joint assistance. Ah, Ben, bisexual and likes a woman to be on top, while he plays with a hard cock. Leaving the curtains round the bed open, he liked to be watched, Emma climbed on top of the naked Ben, feeding his hard rod into her still wet pussy. Nurse Phil arrived, undid his flies, and pushed his hardening cock into Ben's grateful mouth. The intoxicating smell and taste of Phil's manhood filled Ben's senses.

Emma rode Ben, still wearing her gown, but arse and blue garter seen at each thrust. As she milked Ben, she heard Phil's cries as he drenched the patient's face with spunk. Ben cried out in unison with Emma as they came to a wonderful peak together.

Later Emma relaxed in her office with Mandy fucking her gently, strap on deep inside her. She owed so much to her sister she thought, as young women they had learnt about sex together. Her sister, Jen, runs a sex hotel: but that is for another story ....

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